How to Get More Social Shares by Creating Engaging Content??

How to Get More Social Shares by Creating Engaging Content?

Arif Chowdhury
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Last Updated on December 22, 2022 by Arif Chowdhury

Shares on social media are highly sought after for online businesses nowadays. But most online marketers do not know how to create engaging content for social media.

It is because the most popular articles, advertisements, and photographs get shared the most.

While without a great content strategy, you might not receive many shares from audiences.

Because most social users usually receive a massive amount of information from many sources, it’s challenging to get social media shares these days.

Your material may not be receiving the attention you believe it deserves. Then you have to learn how to ask someone to share a post.

Hence, we outlined seven simple strategies to boost your share count.

Why is social sharing a vital metric of success?

To understand how vital social sharing is, let’s first look at why it is so crucial.

Keeping tabs on the number of interactions directly connected to engagement is crucial for likes, shares, and comments.

There is no need to be surprised that 48 percent of online marketers use share counts as a vital metric of social campaign performance.

According to some, social media “likes” are just a sign of shallowness.

Many of the criticisms leveled are not without foundation. The quality of a post doesn’t necessarily correlate with the amount of attention it receives. Social sharing psychology is the most potent factor. Observe the most popular tweets about celebrities or corporations then you will understand. It is one of the most creative examples of social media posts examples.

Popular celebrity Taylor Swift's social media account.

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Seven innovative and proven ways: How to get more social shares?

Be aware that algorithms of different social media might change at any time. Therefore, no one can give you a specific solution or strategy for obtaining social shares.

Focus on adopting the best practices and developing solid marketing tactics for social media content. You may use any of the following methods regardless of your industry.

Method #1: Visual content is perfect for engagement.

One of the most popular and efficient forms of social media has traditionally been visual content.

A recent survey found that videos are twice effective as any other content type for social purposes. Yet, at the same time, images are the second-best option.

TikTok and Instagram’s success shows how popular short videos are.

Online marketers introduced viral videos to describe the widespread popularity of the media. With videos, you can keep your audience riveted to your content, whether it’s a commercial video or not.

How to get more social shares? Use video marketing tactics.

On the other hand, data presented with Infographics are more likely than other forms of material to be shared on social media.

It is easier to comprehend and share an infographic than a lengthy blog article since it doesn’t require the viewer to spend much time reading.

Be on the lookout for “do you know?” and “breaking news” stories on social media. When all else fails, breaking news or releasing new accounts is a guaranteed bet to raise a company’s share price.

Quick Note: Nowadays, video and image rule the content marketing strategy. Look at this guide; how many photos have I used to demonstrate my point?

Method #2: Relevant and exciting captions.

Captions are essential to score more engagements and receive more organic exposure.

It is a particular technique to narrow the audience for your work in the long term. For example, you won’t receive the attention you need to attract people to read and share your stuff if you post only a link to your content on social media.

Using relevant and attractive keywords in hashtags is the key to getting more social shares.

Here are some pointers on how to get your social media captions noticed:

  • You may use hashtags on Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites. Using hashtags has boosted a post’s visibility, as recent research shows.
  • You may urge readers to take action by using terms like “retweet this” and “share this” in your material.
  • Beware character restrictions in your communications on LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter when including searchable phrases.
  • You may use exciting and relevant hashtags to boost the probability of your Instagram photos being retweeted and shared.
  • Regarding social media sites like Pinterest, appropriate tags and relevant descriptions are as important as the content itself.
  • In your captions, make them useful, and avoid using keywords at all costs. Do not feel obligated in any way. There are different limits of characters on social networking sites. You should know what they are to prepare a strategy for them.

Quick Note: Small businesses can quickly and cheaply get viral on social media using UGC (user-generated content). They won’t have to worry about new post ideas as their customers will produce content for them. It will also help them increase their brand awareness without spending ad budget.

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Method #3: Social media is crowded with mobile users.

Mobile devices account for the bulk of social media traffic.

Social networks take care of a lot of the work for mobile SEO. However, if you want to make sure that your post is mobile-friendly, then you can:

  • The picture previews should provide readable, zoomable, and uncropped visuals. As a consequence, Twitter may give you trouble in this case.
  • Make sure your social media captions don’t turn into an unreadable wall of text using short paragraphs.
  • Include subtitles in your social media videos to make them available to everybody, regardless of whether or not they have access to the Internet.
Social media now has more mobile users than desktop or laptop users.

Quick Note: Remember, people are less interested in reading text on social media than seeing images or videos. Thus, when using captions, try to make them as short and meaningful as possible.

Method #4: Timing is essential when posting content.

Make sure you upload your material at the right moment for your followers. I know this seems apparent.

True, there isn’t a single way to get people to post more often on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platform.

If you want to bring maximum exposure to your content, then post your content during the peak time on the social media platforms.

You can practice and test different content posting times to find the optimal time. But unfortunately, we cannot help you with that, as the diverse audience has different time zones. So instead, you can read our social media content calendar guide to learn more about it.

Sending material to your audience when they are most interested will get you the most significant exposure.

Method #5: Tag your post with relevant trendy content.

Similar to how social media continually changes, myriad trends make up the landscape.

Even if you’re only utilizing the most current memes or hashtags, this is an innovative and proven approach for receiving more organic reach.

Social media tagging is a powerful tactic to reach more organic and targeted audiences.

A low-effort strategy like this may help your company get noticed and show off its distinctness. Use comedy or current events-based content only when necessary.

Method #6: Frequently post polls and exciting quizzes.

Getting people to share your content on social media relies on getting them to speak about it.

Use polls on social media to increase engagement with your audiences.

It explains why entries that begin with “I have a question” receive more audience engagement. For example, if you want new individuals to join in on the topic, you might ask them questions or conduct polls.

It’s easier to write question-based articles since they don’t take much imagination and can be completed quickly, unlike other posts.

As a result, the number of shares your post gets will grow due to your audience’s increased sense of belonging.

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Method #7: Make social sharing easy.

It’s a breeze to share. It’s as easy as pie.

At the very least, this is how things should be.

When it’s time to spread your material, your goal should be to reduce the number of processes required.

Thus, no more handwriting or copy-pasting will be necessary. In a perfect world, someone can like or share your work by just clicking or swiping your fingers.

Use the social sharing button on your website so your visitors can share your content on social media with a single click.

Your audience can easily follow you on social media, so make it simple for them to do so.

You may achieve it by including social sharing buttons or embeddable tweets in your blog content.

Suppose you want to convert your enthusiastic subscribers into long-term loyal customers or followers. In that case, you need to include social sharing buttons in your email footer and on your website or blog.

If you produce valuable and engaging content, do not hesitate to ask for shares. YouTube’s “subscribe us” mantra encourages people to engage with the video, which is positive. And, to be honest, it works.


Before I wrap up this guide, I hope you get the idea of getting more social shares. As you can see, most businesses want to see more of their content shared on social media.

Following these guidelines has helped a lot of individuals succeed. However, what works and what doesn’t in terms of content should be open to experimentation by companies.

Your loyal followers may get used to your content approach over time.

Thus, practice and learn about today’s social media algorithms if you want to know how to improve your business presence.