How to use Hashtags to boost your organic reach in Social Media?

How to use Hashtags to boost your organic reach in Social Media?

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Last Updated on December 23, 2022 by Arif Chowdhury

Your firm may benefit from using hashtags in its marketing campaign in social media, regardless of whatever platform it uses, i.e., Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. However, a new marketer may not know how to use hashtags on Instagram to gain followers or on other social media to gain the most organic reach.

As long as you’re browsing famous and often-used Twitter or Instagram hashtags and don’t know what to do with them, you don’t have to worry about it. With our guidance, there’s so much more you can do.

This guide explains how to utilize hashtags on social platforms efficiently and why it’s vital for success.

Definition: What is a hashtag in social media?

Usually, a hashtag starts with this symbol, “#,” which denotes a word.

For a social media audience, it indicates whether or not a piece of material is related to a given subject or is part of a specific category.

Hashtags make it simpler for material to be discovered by a broader audience on social media platforms.

History of social media hashtag evolution.

The fundamentals of utilizing hashtags in social media.

  • You cannot use any spaces inside of a hashtag or any punctuation.
  • If your profile is not public, then using hashtags is useless. As even if you tag your content with hashtags, non-followers won’t be able to see it.
  • Attempt to avoid cramming many words into a single paragraph. As a rule of thumb, short and memorable hashtags are among the finest.
  • Use hashtags that are relevant and distinctive to the topic at hand. Social media users will have difficulty finding or using it if it is meaningless.
  • Avoid using more than a handful of tags at a time. More isn’t always better, as a rule. There is a good chance social algorithms will see your content as spam.

Quick Note: Hashtags are a powerful tool to boost your brand visibility. However, you should not use many hashtags; instead, try to utilize a few branded hashtags, as it will increase your organic reach even more.

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Six innovative methods to identify the best relevant hashtags.

You’ll need to research to identify hashtags pertinent to your industry, target audience, and niche.

Method #1: Spy on your competitors and social media influencers.

Spying on your competitor’s social media profile is recommended as a first step. Next, research your competition and the key players in your sector to understand better where you stand.

Use Buzzsumo social media tools to spy on your competitor’s marketing strategy.

It’s essential to keep track of the most popular hashtags and how frequently they are used in each post. Using this strategy, you may learn more about your rivals’ interactions with your target clients and the phrases they often employ.

Method #2: Hashtag finders can be your best friend. is best for identifying the most useful and relevant Twitter and Instagram social media hashtags. Use this hashtag generator to find your targeted social media platforms’ most relevant and trending hashtags.

How to use hashtags? Use hashtag finder tools to quickly identify the most relevant and effective hashtags for your brand and content.

It will show you how popular a specific hashtag is. By searching for the hashtag, you may find total popularity, recent popularity, and monthly and weekly trends.

You may also include a caption for social networking sites like Twitter and Instagram. In addition, Twitter will also provide a list of hashtags related to your search.

Quick Note: You may find hashtags ideas by manually searching social media pages and profiles. However, a more informed and organized way is to use an app like the one I provided above.

Method #3: Identify trending hashtags relevant to your content.

Using RiteTag, you may put your social network description in the next section and then upload a picture to accompany it.

How to use hashtags on Instagram to gain followers? RiteTag is a powerful social media tool to identify appropriate hashtags for your content.

According to what you’ve supplied, RiteTag provides currently popular hashtags. However, the finest hashtags for Instagram sharing are those that you may use for short-term and long-term publicity.

A comprehensive analysis of the hashtags shown may be seen by clicking “Get Report.”

Method #4: Utilize social media tools.

Using search streams in Hootsuite, your company may look for hashtags relevant to each social platform.

You can determine relevant and popular hashtags for your business niche by looking through the search results.

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Method #5: Useful keywords as hashtags.

If you have time to manually search and analyze hashtags to find the most effective hashtags for your organization, then do it. Use these hashtags, which are a bit more specialized than the most common ones, to narrow down your target demographic.

You have to combine keywords and hashtags tactics to build a robust marketing strategy.

In Instagram’s Explore section, the relevant hashtags appear on the top and recent tab.

If you use the LinkedIn platform, you may be shown a list of other hashtags when you click on a hashtag. Once you’ve picked the ellipsis, click on the “Discover” buttons.

Method #6: Monitor and identify successful hashtags.

Monitor the hashtags you’ve used previously in your postings. Examine which postings have attracted the most attention, then establish those hashtags as a trend.

Use various tools to identify the best hashtags for your marketing campaign.

After carefully analyzing your successful post, if you see that one hashtag performs best, why not use it frequently in another post?


Why do you need hashtags?

Encourage them to interact with you more often to gain more feedback from your audience.

Your postings should include hashtags to highlight that you’re participating in the topic on a social media site. As a result, your contributions to the conversation will be more apparent.

Consequently, your organization may see an increase in likes, comments, and social media followers.

Establish brand hashtags for your business.

Creating a unique hashtag to advertise your company and get people to talk about it might be a good idea.

NBA champions Raptor copyrighted the hashtag #WetheNorth on their successful 2019 season. It also became trendy in the first six months of 2019.

NBA champions establish their brand hashtag.

#Forza this game franchise establishes its game title as a trendy hashtag. Thus, their potential and existing clients can easily find them on popular social media platforms but using the name.

Forza franchise uses their brand name as a hashtag in social media.

Utilize social support hashtags.

If you use a hashtag related to a cause or problem that isn’t tied to your brand, people will rally behind it.

Such as, #COVID19 is the recent global pandemic, and this hashtag can be used by anyone worldwide, regardless of individual or organization.

Use covid-19 hashtag to receive extra exposure in your content.

Many small to large organizations use this social support hashtag to provide the latest medical news and spread their brand name among the target audiences.

Clever use of hashtags.

There isn’t much room for a caption on Twitter. Two hundred eighty characters are at your disposal.

Extended captions on Instagram aren’t always the best bet. With networks like Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, and the like, less may be more of the time.

Use a hashtag if you don’t want to waste precious characters or provide redundant information.

For instance, the #Metaverse hashtag presents the recent upcoming virtual universe of the internet, and many organizations are talking about it using this trendy hashtag. Though it’s a supporting hashtag yet, it is niche-related.

This is another example of trendy hashtags in social media.

Not every organization, such as food or real estate businesses, can use it; they cannot take advantage of this hashtag. However, an online marketing-related niche can use it to broadcast the latest news about Metaverse and its brand name.

The hashtag is a navigator for your audience.

Instagram and LinkedIn users may now follow hashtags and other users. Using a few well-known hashtags may help new clients locate your business.

Anyone following a specific hashtag, like #streetfood, will discover your most recent Instagram post. You may get a few new followers as a result of this.

Hashtags for a sponsored post.

Many brands and organizations use influencer marketing strategies to build their brand name.

The marketer must communicate an influencer-sponsored piece of content to its audience. In addition, on January 1, 2019, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) published explicit instructions for social media influencers regarding advertising disclosure requirements.

If a partnership between influencers and a brand doesn’t follow the guidelines, they might face significant fines.

When an influencer posts a sponsored picture or video, they should add the appropriate hashtags to indicate that the post was paid for.

When assessing and incorporating influencer material, brands should keep an eye out for these hashtags.


After reading this guide, I hope you realize how to use hashtags in your social media marketing campaign.

Though they were initially developed for use on the internet, a marketer may still use hashtags to lead people in the right direction in the real world.

Add hashtags on relevant posts, such as images or videos, to encourage others to look them up on Twitter or other social media networks.