from computer to cyberworld

Hi, I am Arif Chowdhury founder of cliobra.

I am an online & offline marketer, blogger, former forex trader & PC gamer.

My Story: Begin with Computer & End with Cyberworld

December 1998 – Birth of a Warrior

What should I say to begin? Okay, let’s start with how I met Computer first. It was back then 1998 December I started my journey with the computer, learned from my mentor with only MS Word, Excel & PowerPoint. However, this didn’t flame on within me, but games did. I liked computer gaming more than anything I ever liked before. My first game was DOOM II.

I remember used to play with my mentor & from there it begins my journey to the world of Computer. I bought my first computer in 1999 (most probably in February or December) can’t member the exact month though.

I remember, I didn’t even know how to configure & set up a computer, didn’t even know which plug insert where! It’s like a huge, ugly, complex rig to me.

Anyway, first it was so much complex to me but I enjoy playing games, DOOM II, Prince of Persia 2, Descent & many more couldn’t even remember those names. Then one day when “Age of Empires II: The Conquerors” released in August 2000, I suddenly realized that I couldn’t able to play that game. Before that, I was playing “Age of Empires”. I thought my computer can run any game. Then my mentor told me that my PC configuration is not enough to play that game, cause it needs a minimum of 32MB RAM while I had 32MB of memory however 4MB memory shared with my graphics therefore, my usable RAM is only 28MB.

I remember to get shocked and realized that only playing games won’t let me go anywhere; I need to know what is inside that PC.

And this is where my 2nd chapter begins with the computer in August 2000.

August 2000 – Path of a Warrior

My mentor didn’t give me a solution back then, just told me my PC specs is not enough, that’s it. But I didn’t stop there, I tried to look for a way to play Age of Empires II, but how? That time I didn’t even have an internet connection. And even if I had in 2000, there was no such thing as today that I could find a solution just by using Google.

I can’t remember how? I changed the RAM setup of my PC from BIOS & shared only 1 or 2MB RAM with graphics & that left 31 or 30MB RAM to play games. And it worked. I was just stunned with my discovery & played that game thinking I am a genius.

And from there it goes on with more & more discoveries every day.

A breakthrough was when my PC crashed and needed another fresh Windows setup. It was probably in 2005. At that critical moment, I forced to learn how to install Windows & not just that, learned how to configure a PC.

And this is another leap towards the last chapter.

2008 – Enter the Cyberworld

In 2008 I first met the Internet, the vast and enormous network of computers. I introduced with websites & blogs in 2008, June or July, probably. And from there the last chapter begins.

Time to time I tried to learn what is a website & how it works. Then tried to build my first blog using “Google Blogger” & it was a piece of cake. But didn’t realize that making a blog or website just 0.0001% of the entire journey.

Didn’t have a single clue about SEO & Online marketing. The result was total collapse or silent in dark.

My last website based on Forex Trading & it was in 2018. I designed a professional-looking eCommerce website but still didn’t have enough knowledge to market it online without a Google Ad solution. I optimized it perfectly but didn’t know SEO optimization only does 3% of the work. You need to have powerful back links.

Only because of that lacking I failed again. However, If I advertise using Google ads & spend $500 per month on advertising then the story would be different though. But didn’t want to spend that much on advertising. I tried to get organic traffic through various means I learned from the internet, though those methods are all garbage or I didn’t realize those facts correctly. Anyway, I failed to get success in that business.

July 2020 – Path to become a legend

And finally, before I start this blog learned few organic tricks from several online marketers. Thanks to them finally, I realize the lacking of knowledge.

Honestly, I just started & when I get success in blogging I will start teaching others how to blog & make money from it.

Because of my previous experience, I am not facing any problem making a blog. It’s only a matter of time I will make my dream comes true.

This story will continue like a journal. Stay with me & feel the thrill.