11 Content Creation Hacks that Convert Visitors to Paid Customers

Content Creation Hacks that Convert Visitors to Paid Customers
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Content is the King & there is no doubt about it. To gain advantage you need to know how to use content creation hacks. Every website around the world is constantly creating content for their site. 

Nowadays almost 95% of websites have a blog section. However, before 2005 only a blogger would have such a section. A business website wouldn’t even bother to write anything except their product & about page.

But, things have changed since then. Without a blog section, a website surely will fail to get on the top of SERP (search engine result page). Though, blogging or constantly creating content won’t let you go anywhere unless you know the secrets of content creation.

You may think that creating content is not that hard or there is no secret. But, this is where you are wrong. Do you know why? Because it is a highly competitive era. Every day around 7 million blog posts are published worldwide. So, if you do not know how to create content that stands above the crowd, certainly your site will get lost in the noise.

And this is exactly why you need to know the secret of content creation that can convert your visitors to a paid customer. This is the reason you create a business website in the first place, don’t you?

Okay, let’s get started. In this guide, I am about to tell you some secrets or hacks of content creation and if you can properly implement those on your site. I can guarantee that you will get results within a few weeks. So, why waste time, let’s dig in.

How content creation hacks can convert visitors?

Before I answer this question, ask yourself why people search for reviews before purchasing a product? The reason is simple. They need to convince themselves first whether this product has the quality and reliability.

Ask yourself how many times you have changed your decision while reading reviews? Yes, now you get it. Content has the power to convince visitor’s minds. When you write a product review in your blog & people read it. If it is well written, detailed & engaging then there is a good chance that your readers will purchase that product.

Now, what about spreading your content like wildfire? Remember, this is a digital era, people spend their time on social media more than they spend with their loved ones. If anything is interesting, they can’t wait to share it on their profile. Did you get my point?

Yes, if you can create engaging content then it will go viral and spread like wildfire. This is called “word of mouth”. Your audience will promote your content for free.

But for that, you have to come up with something that will convince them in the first place. Don’t you think?

Hack #1: Innovative idea that will go viral

Though it is not something easy to come up with, yet it is something you have to do to stand above the crowd. This is the very first hack you should do. Without an innovative idea, your content is just like a regular one. You may receive regular visitors as you always do. But, if you want growth like wildfire and want to stand above the crowd then innovation is a must.

An excellent mind numbing innovative content creation hacks from Coca Cola.

Now, which type of content usually has more chances to go viral than others? If you have seen the above picture, you may notice that the Coca-Cola company has changed their bottle with a different person’s name. It was a marketing campaign called “Share A Coke”.

This idea was simple. They have launched this campaign with 250 common generic names on the label. So people get shocked when they have found it common with their friends, relatives or even loved one’s names. What do you think they did, when they found a common name? They purchased it & shared it with that person.

It’s not ended there, people share it on social media, email, forums, chats and almost everywhere on the internet. Do you see? This is called an innovative idea that goes viral.

Resource Box: Use “Buzzsumo” to find out current viral content that is spreading like wildfire in social media.

Hack #2: Use eye catchy headline to attract the audience

The headline is the very first text your audience will see before they decide to read further and this is one of the best content creation hacks. If it can’t convince them then chances are your audience will leave from there.

Quick Note: Do you know, around 80% of your audience will never pass the headline? Only 20% read your article. It’s because your headline is not convincing enough.

Your article headline is like a face. If it is not attractive enough, people are not going to read any further. Thus, you are not going to make any profit at all. As you can see, your conversion rate is entirely dependent on how attractive your article headline is.

Your article headline is everything, always remember it.

So you have learned that first, you need to brainstorm to get an innovative content idea, and second, you have to write an attractive headline to catch the eye of your audience.

Here are some sample headline ideas you may use:

  • Apply These [6] Secret Techniques to Improve [Content Marketing]
  • How [6] Things Will Change the Way You Approach [Content Marketing]
  • Master The Art of [Content Marketing] With These [6] Tips
  • Knowing These [6] Secrets Will Make Your [Content Marketing] Perfect
  • [Content Marketing] Doesn’t Have to Be Hard. Read These [6] Tips

Remember, you have to write your headline unique to make it stand above the crowd. For best results, try to write 3-4 headlines then show it to your friends & family members to get the vote. This way you will get an idea of how the general public will think about it.

Resource Box: You may use this “headline analyzer tool” to get an idea of how to write a powerful headline for your content.

Hack #3: Craft in-depth content, go deeper

Now we are in the body of the article, up until now you had to think about content ideas & headlines. But now we will talk about writing the article itself. But before we begin, do you know most online marketer skip this content creation hacks?

There are many debates all around the web among different writers and bloggers about how many words or how much longer should be optimal for an article. Some experts think it’s roughly 1,700 words (7-min reading time). Others believe it is 2,450 words. If you search in Google, you will find many debates like this.

Article length is highly related to SERP ranking position. Try to write at least 2,000 words article.

You may see the above word count against the top 10 rankings in SERP. They said, most of the content that is above 2,000 words usually ranks higher in SERP and then shorter articles gradually decline in ranking.

I agree with it, if you want to write an in-depth article about a particular topic then you have to write a bigger article, as the short article does not have enough space to elaborate everything in detail.

However, what about if your topic is not that elaborative. What if it doesn’t need to write 2,000+ words, instead only a 700 words article should be enough to tell everything in detail. Well, in that case, you don’t need to write a bigger article.

Quick Note: In the end, all you should care about is your audience. If you can help your audience with a short 300 word article, then it will go viral and eventually will rank on the top 1 in SERP. It doesn’t matter how much longer it is, as long as it is helpful to the audience.

Hack #4: Make your content more visual than plain text

Human brains are naturally attracted to visual things more than text. Just look at yourself, whenever you read anything whether it is a book, magazine, newspaper, or website content, which type of content drags your attention more. Obviously when you see a picture.

According to science, 50% of our brain is involved in visual processing. This means we are naturally attracted to seeing things rather than reading. It takes years for bloggers & webmasters to understand this simple mechanism of our brains & that’s why since 2007 the use of visualization has increased by a massive 9,900% in web content.

So, what have you learned from here? Do not just explain everything in plain text, rather try to visualize something in images or videos. It will increase your engagement rate many fold. For example, in this blog post, I have used images frequently to attract your brain, so you won’t get bored easily.

Quick Note: Do you know on average a person reads only 20% of your entire article? Most of the time your visitors simply just skim to get the overall idea.

Infographic: Our brain is designed to catch visual things more than simple text. Remember this for your next time content creation.

Hack #5: Smartly implement the CTA button

What is your primary target when you write content in your blog? Do you want your visitor to read and then leave your site? Of course not. You want to convert this visitor into a paid customer, don’t you? But, how are you supposed to do it? Here comes the CTA (Call-to-action) button which can attract your visitor to click and take action.

For example, when you search and read a product review from an article they encourage you frequently to take action by placing a CTA button in the top, middle, or bottom of the article.

Use CTA button at the beginning of your article to catch the attention of your 80% leaving audience.

Take a look at the above example, they have put a CTA button at the beginning of the article right after the headline. Like I said before, only 20% of your visitors will pass the headline while most of them will simply leave after reading it. And that’s why it is a good idea to place your CTA button right after the headline. So, chances are that they will click on the link before they leave your site, therefore it will increase your click-through rate significantly.

Offer your visitor something useful in exchange of their email & name.

And this CTA has been placed at the very bottom of the article. For the rest, 20% of visitors who will go through down of your article this CTA is for them. After finishing your article when they are about to leave, you present them with something useful.

As you can see, the placement of your CTA is a crucial thing. It depends on the reader’s mentality. You should pick a CTA at the top of your article for 80% of readers who will not read your article and place another CTA at the bottom of your article who will finish it. You can also place CTA in the middle of your article.

However, do not overdo it. As it will do more harm than good to your site.

Hack #6: Highlight notes frequently to catch the attention

This is perhaps the smartest content marketing strategy out there. You are going to utilize “colorful highlights” to catch the attention of your audience. Why do you need to do that? Simple, like I said before, around 80% of your audience just skim your entire content then leave. They never actually read line by line text.

What are they looking for? Bold text, colorful text, images, videos, headlines, etc. So, what do you think? If you do not use the colorful highlight, then the possibility is they will simply leave within just 5-10 sec. Because in your content there are no eye-catching things to catch their attention.

Hence, to capture the attention of this 80 % audience you need to highlight some notes, and resources frequently, therefore, when they skim they will catch these highlighted texts.

Let me give you an example. Look at this article, I have used colorful “Quick note”, “Recommended reading”, “Resource box” frequently so I can catch 80% of my audience as well as the rest 20% of those who read all the text.

You see, the best practice should be to put some important information on this highlighted text so none of your audience will miss anything.

Quick Note: your content will grab the attention of 20% of readers and your highlighted text will grab the rest of 80% of readers. Who said you are losing 80% of the audience?

Hack #7: Grab leads in the middle of your content

Lead is the gold mine of any business. Every business around the world is racing to grab potential leads as much as possible. And this is how email marketing was invented. Not only email marketing though, but web push notifications are also doing great nowadays.

These marketing tools are very powerful to convert your regular visitors to paying customers. According to experts, 79% of your visitors will never return.

Do you know why is that?

Only a few of your visitors will remember your website address other will simply use Google again.

It’s because most of the time people usually do Google search for content. Even if they return to your site next time, they will do it through Google search. Only a handful of them will bookmark your site or memorize your domain name or may use browser history to find.

Besides whenever you publish new content how will they know about it? Yes, exactly for this reason you need to collect their information so you can send them a notification by using email or web push.

Try to grab your audience as much as possible. However, do it smartly otherwise it will harm more than good.

The best practice is – use your lead grabber CTA in the middle of your content, so your audience will see it while reading your content. Try to avoid pop-ups as much as possible. Most of the time people simply ignore it or use a pop-up blocker. Try to offer something useful & free in exchange for the audience name & email.

You may offer below free resource to your audience:

  • free eBook
  • tutorial video
  • cheat sheet
  • statistical report
  • survey report
  • checklist

As long as your resource is useful and free, chances are your audience will grab it by giving their personal information. However, when you start an email marketing campaign do not overdo it. Otherwise, your hard-earned leads may unsubscribe or mark your email as spam.

Just ask yourself, how many times do you unsubscribe or mark emails as spam?

Resource Box: Use Icegram” to create stunningly beautiful email subscriber forms and pop-ups. Its free account should be enough for your basic needs.

Hack #8: Utilize you’re above the fold content space

Remember what I said before, 80% of your audience will only read the headline of your content. Yes, that location of your site is called “above the fold” space. Slightly confusing right? Okay, let me clear it for you?

When you first open a website it doesn’t load the entire page, only the first few spaces. Most of the visitors stay there & read only the headlines & few lines beneath it. It’s mostly because they do not want to scroll more unless they feel it is interesting to check out.

Utilize above the fold space of your website to grab the attention of 80% audience.

Let me give you an example. Look above the Neil Patel website. I just opened a blog post, and I didn’t scroll it down. What do you see here?

  1. Highlighted box to grab leads
  2. The headline of the blog post
  3. Offering tool to grab more leads
  4. Offering the same tool to grab leads

So as you can see, in this “above the fold” area, how smartly did he implement 4 eye-catching elements including the content headline?

Now ask yourself, what about your above the fold area? Is it only containing a headline and a few texts? Or is there something more to attract your 80% audience who are about to leave your site from here?

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Hack #9: Leverage guest blogging opportunity

Okay, when it comes to guest blogging you are about to achieve two major successes.

  1. Natural backlinks
  2. Brand awareness

If you do not know what guest blogging is, then let me tell you. When you publish an article to another website that is called guest blogging. Now the question is why you should do it? Well, the answer is simple, to spread your message to other website audiences, increase your brand awareness and receive natural backlinks to your site.

Leverage guest blogging to gain more exposure for your brand.

For example, I have published a guest post in seoblog, along with an author profile at the bottom of the post. In this way, I can spread my message to their audience as well. They have more than 50,000 visitors per month. So, what do you think? I can reach an extra 50,000 audiences by doing a guest blog.

If I continue to publish a different guest blog on different sites, my audience reach will surely increase by manifold. Though, not only audience reach but also building a powerful backlink profile for my site.

Just think for a moment. If you can publish 10 guest blogs in 10 high authority sites you are about to receive thousands of new audiences along with 10 backlinks from high authority sites.

These new audiences may bring you more revenue for your business. And 10 new backlinks will increase your site authority. Therefore, you will receive more organic traffic from search engines.

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Hack #10: Build a resource page

This is rather a new method you should focus on. Showcasing your favorite tools, resources, tutorials, books, reports, etc. on one page called “resource page” and highlight this page in your site menu. So, your audience will visit and grab it and you will receive potential leads and revenue for your business.

Resource page can be your treasure cave. Learn how to utilize it to gain additional exposure.

Take a look at the above example from the Adam Enfroy website. He displayed his affiliate products i.e. web hosting, CRM software, etc. on this resource page. So people can visit here and check out.

By building a resource page you can showcase many types of useful resources in one single page, thus your audience can check all of it without visiting different pages. Most of the time your audience will bookmark this page as it contains many tools in one place. They will visit over and over again. Chances are you will gain potential leads as well as the customer from this resource page.

Not only that, the resource page has a very high chance of sharing on social media, blogs and websites. Thus you will receive many valuable backlinks as well.

Quick Note: try to list all of your affiliate products on the resource page. Also, provide a link to your review article, so your audience can check details.

Hack #11: Upgrade your old content

You may wonder why we even need to update old content? Well, if you just started a blog or website you may not notice yet, however, after 1-2 years later you will realize it. Just think this way, if you publish content every week then within 1 year your site will have a total of 36 blog posts.

If it is 2 years then you have 72 blog posts already published. Now ask yourself how many times and efforts you have invested to write each one of them? If you have written by yourself then it’s one thing but if you hire content writers for this, then use a calculator to sum-up how much dollars you have spent to craft these 72 contents?

Let me help you a bit. On average a blog post is about 1,000 words. The standard rate is $0.10 per word which means you had to spend roughly $100 for each piece of these contents. So, 72 blog posts worth is at least $7,200.

Revive your old content to gain more audience.

Do you want to waste this huge investment? Or want to reuse them?

Well, if you can update your old content properly then it will even outperform the new one. Do you know why? Because, old content already established itself using many shares, backlinks, comments, etc. While new content is completely fresh. Just like a University freshman.

So, what do you need to do to update your old content?

  • Read the whole content from top to bottom.
  • Pinpoint which part is outdated.
  • Research like you do for new content.
  • Make a draft for those outdated parts.
  • Try to use new images, videos and references for the whole content.
  • Check every internal and external link, if needed update those as well.
  • Do keyword research to revamp the whole content.
  • Don’t forget to do some promotions as you do for new content.


Like I said before, content is the king and content creation hacks are the smart technique. However, to get the best out of your content you must have to utilize some tricks. The days have long gone when people simply write content & win the hearts of their audience. Things have changed a lot. Nowadays, competitors are everywhere. Because of technological advancement.

Before 2005 many people did not even have their personal computer, nor a proper internet connection. Very few bloggers exist at that time. In 1999, only 23 blogs were listed on the whole internet. But in 2006 it grew to a mind-numbing 50 million. And now 4.4 million blog posts are published every single day.

Did you get my point? Blogging and content marketing is no longer a chicken race. Only the elite can survive and stand above the crowd while the rest of them simply fade away in the noise.

Hopefully, you can stand among the elite, only if you can smartly implement the tricks I have shown in this guide. However, a piece of advice, in the end, do not overdo it. Whatever you do, keep your audience in mind. If you can please them, you already win the race.