11 Instagram Tips and Tricks for Business Growth (Practical Guide)

11 Instagram Tips and Tricks for Business Growth (Practical Guide)

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The Instagram social media platform is a fantastic branding option for most small businesses. But on the other side, building a large and loyal fan following will require considerable time and effort. The 11 Instagram tips and tricks for business can assist you in growing your small organization’s Instagram profile quickly and effortlessly, resulting in a large and profitable loyal customer.

Moreover, one billion individuals use Instagram each month, with about 90% of users engaging at least one brand.

Instagram has progressed from a simple image-sharing site to a business center in over ten years. Instagram stories are now very popular among the audience, and the most prominent brand utilizes this feature to promote their products and services.

Organizations will utilize Instagram Live broadcasts to conduct fundraisers, operate physical stores using Instagram pages, and enable consumers to make bookings straight from their pages. In addition, new commercial features, services, and advice are constantly added to the program.

Tracking everything may be challenging, primarily if operating an Instagram business page or business profile is one aspect of your job. So to help you in your quest, we have gathered our research data in this guide.

Why Does Your Business Need an Instagram Platform for Marketing?

Do you know you can promote your business on Instagram for free? Not just Instagram, all social media offer this incredible feature.

What’s next once you’ve registered for an Instagram account? Instagram has overtaken Facebook as the most visited social media platform. It would be best if you put it to good use in your company. What is the purpose of this?

It is a fantastic way to boost the company’s exposure and products. Leveraging Instagram user-generated content (UGC) to develop your identity can assist you in taking your business to the next level. Discover the best 11 Instagram strategies for business growth that can aid your social media marketing campaign.

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Hack #1: There is no alternative to high-quality, engaging content.

Every other is built on top of quality content. Instagram has a user base of more than 400 million worldwide. You must find out how to distinguish your brand from the rest. You must also learn when it is the right time to post content on Instagram feeds, stories, or reels.

Not only should the product you offer be visually appealing, but you must also match it to your target demographic. Beautiful photos of something your target audience isn’t interested in cannot obtain the engagement or response you’re looking for.

The Instagram account of Foundr Magazine is an excellent example of the most acceptable content mix for a particular audience.

Instagram tips and tricks for business. Quality of content is everything.

Foundr magazine grew its Instagram page to 10,000 subscribers in two weeks by posting inspirational and encouraging quotations targeted at its target audience of existing and prospective entrepreneurs.

You may attain similar outcomes by studying what kinds of social posts work best for your target group. First, examine the content of pages with comparable demographics to discover what they’re utilizing, and then create even better content for your audience.

Quick Note: Do you know? There are around 995 images published on Instagram every second. Thus, create visually attractive content for maximum exposure. Utilize Instagram analytics to understand how your contents and Instagram ads are performing. Apart from ads, you may utilize Influencer marketing to reach a more targeted audience.

Hack #2: Utilize hashtags properly to receive a boost.

Even though hashtags may seem small and bothersome, they are an essential component of the Instagram environment.

Hashtags bring your page to the attention of thousands of individuals who didn’t see your post yet. Websta will assist you in identifying relevant hashtags for your company and incorporating those into your posts.

Instagram hashtags are a powerful and effective way to boost brand awareness.

You may utilize up to 30 hashtags for every post on Instagram. Power users may be able to utilize a high number of hashtags.

On the other hand, the most popular postings utilize an average of 11 hashtags per image. So do your research and select a handful of hashtags to grow your page.

There are nine categories of Instagram hashtags:

  1. So, for example, if your post is about a product and service, try to include #device and #luggage, which are simple terms describing the product or service.
  2. For particular emphasis, if you want to focus your content more specifically, like #SEO or #blogger, it is a little more personal, showing your position in the business.
  3. Instagram community hashtags for a company. If you want to join Instagram communities, then these hashtags can help you find and join them. For example, try the hashtags #instagramgardeners and #instagramcrafters.
  4. There is a specific event, or seasonal hashtags exist. These may be applied to refer to particular events or seasons, like #christmas, or special day celebrations, for instance, #independenceday or #blackfriday.
  5. Adding a hashtag related to your places, like #newyork or #london, may be helpful, although if you use geotag in your Instagram picture.
  6. You can use daily hashtags as well. Such as #MondayBlues, each day gets its unique range of hashtags.
  7. To generate relevant hashtags, combine characteristics of product hashtags, specialized hashtags, and cultural hashtags. For example, people use hashtags like #amwriting to connect with existing audiences in a subtle insider manner on Instagram.
  8. Another popular hashtag is Throwback Thursday. The hashtags #OOTD, #FBF, and #YOLO stand for the costume of a day, flashback Friday, and you only live once.
  9. You may also use Emoji hashtags. These may be emojis in and of themselves, like #????, or phrases or sentences that include emojis like #sunglasses.

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Hack #3: Attract followers to your profile.

It would be best to gain your rivals’ audience to rapidly grow your Instagram popularity for your small business.

Hacking fans is an excellent strategy since it removes the need to guess your audience’s interest in your content. After all, people already subscribe to pages that are relevant to them.

Check your competitor's profile and try to grab their followers. It is one of the best creative Instagram marketing ideas.

You’ll receive the best of your work if you use a like, comment, follow strategy. For example, you might observe a user like their image and then attract them by commenting on that image or other post instead of just following them or liking their postings.

One business owner boosted his followers while utilizing the above engagement method.

Quick Note: Though it is a temporary solution to identify a specific audience for your business niche, acquiring these audiences will require you to provide even greater quality content than your competitors; otherwise, your social media marketing strategy won’t work.

Hack #4: Post regularly and consistently.

Post regularly to rapidly grow your Instagram audience. Based on research done by Quintly, they surveyed 5,000 Instagram profiles.

They found the most prominent accounts to publish 2-3 times each day. Typical Instagram accounts weren’t lazy when posting; the average account uploaded a new photo once every day.

Why is posting consistency important?

If you post more frequently on Instagram, you’ll gain more fans. More postings will spark people’s attention and assist you in acquiring more fans more quickly.

If you wish to grow your website, write frequently and consistently to keep your devoted audience engaged while promoting your business.

In previous years, Instagram’s organic reach algorithm has experienced significant modifications. As a result, freshness and genuine engagement with your followers are now more critical than ever.

Thus, several businesses have tried everything from publishing weekly to multiple times a day to remedy this lack of exposure.

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How frequently should you publish content?

Try to post on Instagram 2-3 times each day. On average, big companies publish 1.5 times each day, so you should be OK if you follow the rule.

While this is an excellent rule to follow, you might have better choices. For example, user engagement will diminish if you begin by publishing many times per day and eventually reduce it to just a few times per week.

11 Instagram Tips and Tricks for Business Growth (Practical Guide) (Infographic)

While it is ideal for publishing often, keeping a consistent amount of posts is also necessary. If you believe posting content daily will be impossible for you, limit yourself to a few and stay disciplined.

Hack #5: Utilize CTA smartly.

Each image you post should contain a CTA. It’s also as simple as telling consumers what you need them to do. For example, two famous Instagram CTA for small companies encourage followers to “double-tap” if they like content or tag a friend in the comments.

You might also persuade fans to sign up for your email list or purchase your goods. A CTA reminds your audience that they need to do more than look at your content and use it. It is also effective regarding engagement and the number of individuals who view the content.

Why do you need CTA in your post?

Many companies include a “click here” or “Buy now” CTA in their advertisements and think this would be enough to drive conversions.

They use considerable time, effort, and money in their commercial, social media, writing, and email marketing campaigns to have an incomplete CTA. But, unfortunately, most of the time, their efforts go in vain.

Implement CTA smartly in your Instagram post.

You don’t simply want any CTA; you need one that convinces people to act.

A CTA has two objectives, it informs people about their options and encourages them to act.

Many individuals recall informing somebody what they need to do, but they fail to do so. Without it, you won’t be able to achieve the desired success.

Although the CTA may respond to this question in certain instances, it may not work like this on other events. However, if it does, a summary reinforces the urge to act.

Quick Note: Remember this fast fact about Instagram. The majority of audiences on Instagram are female. And also, there are 33.1% of users whose age range is around 25-34. So, develop your Instagram marketing strategy based on that. 

Hack #6: Through an event to get massive exposure.

Contests are an excellent method to get people interested in Instagram. A successful contest will bring in hundreds of new with minimal work on your part. You may conduct several contests on Instagram.

Use a contest or special event for your audience. It is a powerful way to boost your followers.

The cost of admission may be a combination of a post, following you, tagging a friend, or any other action that will expose your page to a broader audience and increase engagement, despite the contest type.

Hack #7: Invoke the power of Instagram shout-outs.

When someone cites your Instagram page in a post or on a picture in one of their posts, it’s known as an Instagram shout-out. Instagram shout-outs are the quickest and most efficient methods to grow your following.

It makes your page visible to millions of additional individuals who would otherwise not be aware of it.

How to promote your business on Instagram for free? Use the shout-out feature.

To discover the most delicate profiles for shout-outs, go for the most prominent Instagram pages in your industry to see who has a comparable following and a lot of engagement based on the number of views and comments their pictures get.

Then send them an email asking if they’d like to shout out to you and what the cost will be the cost for it.

Hack #8: Maintain a steady flow of scheduling.

As a small company owner, you likely don’t have the opportunity to manage your Instagram page daily.

Consistency is another vital metric for success in the Instagram platform.

Planning a schedule is essential for developing your Instagram page while enabling you to focus on other aspects of your business. You may use several popular scheduling applications online to make it easy to schedule your articles, ensuring that you always have enough content.

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Hack #9: Get extra benefits from third-party applications.

The majority of popular Instagram pages have a dark secret. They utilize applications to track their views, followers, and comments. Kicksta, for instance, may interact with other Instagram profiles based on your preferences.

You may use 3rd party application for your Instagram follower growth. Though it is not legal within the platform.

These techniques are very successful at quickly boosting your small business’s Instagram followers. But unfortunately, they also violate Instagram’s rules of service, resulting in your account’s permanent suspension.

The good news is that your profile won’t be banned if you don’t abuse the service by connecting with too many people too quickly, and you will reap the benefits of Instagram promotion on autopilot.

Hack #10: Ask interactive questions to your audience.

You may inspire your fans to contribute their views and ideas on almost any topic by providing feedback. These audience insights will come in handy when developing new ideas in the future.

Asking an interactive question to your community is an excellent and intelligent way to increase engagement.

They may also help you create fresh product ideas if you ask the right questions.

If you operate sports coaching business, you may ask, “What sort of issue are you experiencing in a gym?” The feedback you get from your fans helps you produce fresh content, such as new products, Instagram posts, and more.

Hack #11: How-to and tutorial content are excellent.

Great digital marketing offers visitors and consumers valuable and engaging information. That’s why “how-to” and different tutorials are so popular on social media.

Provide meaningful and informative content to your audience to build a loyal customer base.

You may use Instagram to give quick advice on virtually any topic. For example, in the following post, @thechriscoulson instructs his followers how to exercise.

Tutorial such as food recipe is famous on the Instagram platform.

Nearly every single food Instagram account, including @foodminimalist, uses this concept. She offers beautiful recipes with each letter and a lovely photograph of the meal.


In this guide, I have talked about creative Instagram marketing ideas; however, it will only bring the desired result if you practice these well in your marketing campaign. Furthermore, reading a guide is just the beginning. You must customize these tips and tricks to suit your business needs.