9 Steps How to Improve Social Media Marketing? (Beginner’s Guide)

9 Steps How to Improve Social Media Marketing? (Beginner's Guide)
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What defines how to improve social media marketing?

Social media marketing success is defined as a comprehensive plan that takes you through everything from entertaining fans to attracting potential customers by planning and analyzing, with the ultimate aim of generating revenue from your followers. So naturally, the more loyal paying customers you can make, the more profit you will generate.

So, if you’ve not already begun utilizing social media platforms, now is the moment. But does this ever crossed your mind why social media has become so essential to businesses?

Because, nowadays, everyone has access to social media.

Around the world, there are 3.96 billion people who use social media. As a result, you must be visible on various social media platforms to build and establish strong interactions with your consumers and prospects.

Why is social media the best option for your brand marketing?

Let’s look at some numbers that demonstrate the value of social networking in international marketing.

Five thousand social media marketers took part in Social Media Examiner’s poll to share their essential findings.

Based on the study, 92% of advertisers strongly feel that social advertising is an essential part of their marketing plan.

How to improve social media marketing? Read this guide to learn more about it.

Around 85% of advertisers have seen a boost in their company’s visibility and awareness due to social media.

According to 78 percent of advertisers, social media has increased their traffic.

These figures show that social media advertising has a lot more potential for business growth than traditional marketing.

Therefore, you should be prepared to take that step.

In this guide, I have outlined the most efficient strategies to improve your social marketing results.

Step 1. Decide which social media platform is best for your brand

There are numerous platforms for social media marketing to choose from, but what is ideal for social advertising?

Well, when you choose the appropriate social network to work with, you may easily forget yourself. Therefore, selecting a platform depending on where your potential clients pass their maximum time is often feasible.

It requires some study to figure out which social channel your target group is most involved with.

According to the Pew Research Center research, the Facebook user base contains a significant proportion of individuals from kids to old age range. And now, in 2021, there are over 2.79 billion monthly active Facebook users. Thus, Facebook is an appropriate starting point for all companies.

Which social media platform has the most user base world wide?

To enhance brand recognition or to create leads, Facebook is excellent for you. While Twitter and LinkedIn are powerful tools for networking, thus to grow your community of influencers and experts, these platforms are a good choice.

Let’s take a look below at KFC’s social media ad.

How to improve social media marketing? This is a perfect example of smart social media marketing from KFC.

This way, you should advertise your service or products to your targeted audience. But, you have to remember, do not make your post like an ad, rather entertain them, educate them and try to merge with them. And this is the most innovative social media strategy ever.

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Step 2. Utilize the live video feature to interact with your audience

Brands are increasingly making use of live videos to connect with their customers. According to Livestream, 80% of people would rather watch a live video stream from a brand’s channel than read a blog post on the site.

Afterward, 67% of the people who saw live videos seem to be more likely to acquire event tickets as a result.

Social media marketing initiatives should include the use of live video in your marketing strategy. By live-streaming social events related to the brand, interviews with loyal customers, and other exciting footage, you can boost the number of people who connect with your business. In addition, the usage of video creation software makes video-making easier.

Social media live is a new trend to interact with your target audience.

Step 3. Utilize social media to build a brand story

Your brand’s messaging and how you can utilize it may significantly influence how your customers perceive your brand. It means that excellent content marketing is essential to your company’s marketing strategy.

A well-written story may help your business create a close emotional connection with your target customers.

How your brand tells its story is as essential as how you are going to express it. Using social media, your brand can share stories and interact with people.

For better understanding, I’ve taken the example of Intel’s unique stories.

How to improve social media marketing? You do not always have to advertise your product instead try to educate your audience.

It entertains as well as educates your audience about the history of your brand. Remember, your social media post doesn’t always have to be a product selling ad. Instead, focus on storytelling to engage with them and bring them a little closer.

Step 4. Don’t forget to focus on user-generated content

The most robust approach to market your products or services is by using user-generated content (UGC). We place more faith in our friends than in tricks or branding claims by the company.

It enables your potential customers to receive accurate consumer feedback instead of relying on your brand’s promises. Social proof is a kind of persuasion that reinforces your brand’s trustworthiness.

UGC (user generated content) is the best way to promote your service or product.

Loyal customer reviews and recommendations also influence customers’ purchase decisions. For example, survey report 2016 conducted by Consumer Trust, led by Olapic, shows that 47% of Generation Y want to see user-generated photos while browsing before purchasing.

For whatever reason, customer-created photos or recommendations are seen to be more reliable than other types of content. In addition, almost half of the participants said that content created by customers is more effective and influential than images or films produced by the company itself.

Bragging about purchases is, thus, always provided as a means for consumers to advertise their products on the Internet. As a result, loyal followers and consumers will adore your brand because they will have an easier time sharing their experiences with the world.

Step 5. Use lots of attractive and informative images

While it might be challenging to locate social media posts without photos, this was not always the case. A staggering 74% of social media marketers utilize pictures in their marketing approach, based on the 2016 research data.

To combat this issue, buyers are becoming more discerning and are turning down the usage of stock photos. While you do not have any design skills, how can you make unique and creative photos by yourself? Because it is not practical to recruit an expensive designer for a new business, entrepreneurs may outsource their graphic design work. However, you may use the free application Canva to fix this issue.

Canva is a visual design application that enables you to design infographics and other creative images. It provides over 100 infographic templates. Your degree of experience determines the templates you may choose.

Canva is a powerful free tool to create visual content including high quality infographic.

It would be best if you tried making your infographics, pictures and discovering how visual imagery may help you get more people’s attention.

Step 6. Utilize Instagram for brand advertising

A hugely popular social network for selling is Instagram. It has over 1 billion active users worldwide. Instagram is a solid social media platform because it has a large and diversified online community.

Instagram interaction is more significant than Twitter and Facebook engagement. It’s estimated that the average engagement rate for the most prominent companies is 4.21 percent for each of their followers. As a result, they failed to interact with many prospective customers if an organization is not utilizing Instagram advertisements.

If your organization hasn’t started using it, I suggest you do it now. To guarantee that your advertising is booming, make sure they are aesthetically attractive, informative, and solely targeted to the correct demographic.

When the end of the year rolled around, Food-related products such as pizza, KFC, and other brands get massive amounts of publicity and exposure to their products by using Instagram.

Instagram is a perfect social media platform to promote food related products.

Thus, why don’t we give it a go-to launching Instagram ad campaign and create mass awareness among the general public on Instagram?

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Step 7. Focus on relevant hashtags

Inbound marketing and hashtags are lovely methods to increase brand visibility. However, to discover the best hashtags relevant to your business, you’ll need to search through major social media platforms.

It would be best if you used relevant hashtags to increase your audience’s exposure. Specific hashtags are more likely to target your followers than broad hashtags. Increased visibility and increased engagement rates are also possible outcomes of this.

Ensure to include many versions of hashtags and a general tag that you may use in combination with other particular tags. Doing the same thing every time gets you the same result every time. To ensure consistency on all social networks, provide the same set of hashtags. Using these hashtags will allow you to find your targeted audience and keep track of your remarks.

If you ever dreamed that a popular hashtag would lead to positive results for your company, here’s your wish granted.

Take a look at how KFC has adopted the current hashtag as a way to market its business.

KFC benefited from a popular hashtag known as #NationalFriedChickenDay since it enabled them to capture the attention of their target community.

No matter who you are, you should take advantage of the most popular hashtags; be sure to pick a hashtag appropriate to your business and help you grow your audience.

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Step 8. Your employee is another goldmine

To improve brand recognition on different social media channels, including your employees, you should use employee advocacy. Your personnel have social media accounts on which they have followers, too. Therefore, your staff is the only group of people who can support you most.

Also, please encourage them to provide testimonials about your goods on your business page. Or with their friends and family and increase interest in your brand.

While celebrities are in the public eye, employees are of more relevance. Compared to other, less accessible sources, they have been more trustworthy in providing buyer leads.

In Edelman’s Trust Barometer survey, customers put more faith in staff to assist with their purchasing decisions than they do famous people.

Take a look at this example below.

take care of your employee as their recommendation can bring value to your business.

Step 9. Manage your timing and frequency consistently

The best practice is to publish your social media content at the appropriate moment for maximum effort. Timing and consistency is a critical aspect, even if your content is excellent. It doesn’t matter. You will not obtain the results you want if you fail to submit your content when they are most relevant.

For a social media marketer, managing several social media channels may be a challenge. This work will be more accessible if you schedule content for your different social networks. The schedule option will let you upload the content, even when you are offline, at the optimal moment for your audience.

Source: phlearn.com

The whole application presents insightful information about your most engaged followers and aids you in identifying the most appropriate moment to publish content. In addition, by utilizing these applications, you can use the schedule option on multiple social media sites all at once. Even better, this tool lets you identify areas in which you may improve your articles.

Let’s see if we can get it done today.


Before I wrap up this guide, I hope you got the idea of how to improve social media marketing?

One of the most productive and sustainable strategies for increasing sales through social media is described above. To ensure that your brand’s products and offerings are easily noticeable to your target customers, you must make sure they are prominent in all areas where potential customers congregate.

You will achieve success by using content that keeps customers interested and captivated.

Suppose you have any helpful ideas to contribute, feel free to do so. Or are there any queries concerning the methods stated above? If you need to learn more then, please post them in the comments area below.