10 Effective Methods to Get More Valuable Subscribers for Your Blog

10 Effective Methods to Get More Valuable Subscribers for Your Blog

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The issue that keeps coming up for me is, what are the methods to get more valuable subscribers for the blog?

The solution is straightforward: I place a higher value on subscribers than any other metric of blog performance, such as website hits or total traffic. Subscribers, in my view, are the heart of a great blog; to get more, I need to provide more value in my content.

Remember, creating a brand network around your blog is an excellent strategy to boost website traffic.

Personalized newsletters are an excellent approach to create a brand community.

“But audiences are overwhelmed with subscription options these days!” You may argue, but it is true.

What are the methods of getting subscribers?

While this is true, the statistics show that people usually want to hear from their favorite brands.

While 37% of those who responded to our recent survey said their conversion rate is around 1-4% from the blog subscription option, and the rest, 43%, said their conversion rate is above 10%.

Okay, that was a little hazy.

So, here are ten practical methods to get more valuable subscribers for your blog.

Method #1: Easy subscription process along with great reasons

An essential aspect is reducing the difficulty after creating your subscription option, a visible part of your design. Cut down the steps as much as possible and reduce the data required to finish the subscription procedure. 

As a result, you’ll find that fewer individuals will quit the process or get sidetracked because of annoyance.

Make your subscription process as easy as possible, only name and email address should be sufficient. It is one of the best methods to get valuable subscribers.

For a free newsletter, MarketingExperiments tested subscription route optimization. As a result, the regular subscription rate increased 711 percent by decreasing the number of signup stages and limiting data gathering to only name and email address.

Marketing Experiments also did something else to increase subscriptions: they provided an exclusive tutorial eBook as a reward. However, that subject merits its article, which will be published soon.

One of the benefits of using the Feedburner subscription option is the decrease in steps and effort. Thus this subscription option offers plenty of other valuable features (subscriber statistics are essential), the feed landing page is the most important. 

It displays feed reader choices and allows for a one-click subscription procedure. Alternatively, imagine stumbling across a jumbled XML page, sharing the feed URL, go to your feed reader, and locating the “add feed” button.

I hope you got the idea here.

Quick Note: Just think about yourself; what do you do when you find something useful from a website yet hard to collect? In most cases, we left and searched on another website. This is precisely why you need to make things easy for your audiences. 

Method #2: Be honest and transparent

Make sure you’re concentrating only on one subject, and the more focused that subject is, the better.

It’s also essential to take a step backward and assess if your selected niche has enough potential audiences. It’s preferable to be truthful with oneself than to make false statements and be dissatisfied.

We can’t be everything to everyone, whether we want it or not. Yet, many of us want to satisfy everyone in the hopes of being acknowledged, recognized, liked, or loved. What motivates us to strive to please others at the expense of our boundaries and wants.

We have a propensity to do this in the company as human beings operating businesses. But, unfortunately, too many business owners want to seize every chance and reach out to as many people as possible. 

Organizations and their executives are under pressure to develop unique products or services that cater to audiences that aren’t aligned with their strategic objectives or critical strengths. 

Therefore, it’s vital to have a clear picture of your consumers and identify what they like and offer them if you want to succeed.

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Method #3: Offer valuable and valuable incentives

Rest assured, nothing is against the law. It’s a legal reward in the shape of a valuable resource such as an eBook, research paper, guide, tutorial, etc. Usually, this only applies with email subscriptions linked to autoresponders since you want to restrict the distribution of the incentive on subscribed users.

Using RSS, on the other hand, is a snap.

Use the free FeedWordPress plugin on your WordPress blog to refer to the landing page for your giveaway. Unfortunately, there will be no way for non-feed subscribers to view the link or benefit from the bonus since it appears only in the feed but not in the regular post.

Method #4: Make your offer unique and rare

It is estimated that the typical individual receives about 88 emails from subscription channels such as blogs per day.

Most of your audience usually receive hundreds of promotional emails every day, and most of the time, they skip those.

To what use would it serve if they added your blog subscription to the list?

To motivate individuals to provide their email addresses, we suggest using incentives.

The pop-ups must provide a helpful tool or cheat sheet for the current article being read. In addition, they should encourage further reading with an incentive: checklist, eBook, and tutorial, all related to the article’s content.

Though not the only one, he’s also pushing for incentives. As an incentive for signing up, we provide our customers the following:

  • Exclusive discounts
  • Bonus feature with regular offer
  • Special tutorials eBook
  • Free research data

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Method #5: Build a custom made landing page for lead capture

Landing pages are a vital component of any promotional strategy. They aim for potential leads, provide relevant product data and acquire helpful contact details.

However, if you are new to the advertising strategy on the landing page, you may wonder why lead capturing pages are so crucial. You can’t utilize your webpage, after all? Don’t jump to conclusions.

Try to make a custom made and attractive landing page for your free offer.

To achieve valuable blog subscribers, you have to utilize a custom-made and eye-catching lead page. However, deciding whether or not to build a lead capturing page for your blog could be a difficult decision, so to help you out, I recommend you investigate your competitor’s landing pages to see what they’re doing.

Find an opportunity to get a subscription by creating a page for the sole purpose of obtaining one, and then use it to attract more visitors to your blog, Google AdWords, or other marketing efforts. For example, you can create a unique URL with attractive offers and use it to drive additional signups.

Method #6: Build your brand by contributing to guest blogging

Gaining publicity for your brand and building your subscriber base may seem insane, but providing information to someone else’s blog is a sound approach. Communicate with competitors within your niche that you want a short byline and a link to your site after the article. 

Don’t reuse your blog material, and ensure it’s your fantastic stuff, not anything copied from somewhere.

One of the perks of guest blogging is that it gives businesses many advantages. By contributing your knowledge to other businesses’ websites, you may develop your reputation in your industry and forge valuable professional connections with other industry leaders.

Guest blogging is a perfect way to promote your brand. However, the process is challenging and needs lots of patience.

Another good way to get different views and fresh material for your readers is to include guest articles on your site.

Your viewers may be bored of the identical old content, so it’s a fantastic way to keep them engaged and interested by having guest bloggers write their articles for you. The guest-post feature also offers an excellent method to improve your search engine rankings and increase your follower count.

Quick Note: Do not just rush into a website and start guest blogging. You should select a high authority website with a high amount of organic traffic; only then your guest blogging campaign will begin to see positive results.

Method #7: Utilize the power of podcasting

Consider creating a podcast that is relevant to your field of study. Then submit your show to podcast directories such as iTunes and TuneIn. Keep bringing up your blog, and highlight the advantages of subscribing in every episode, and seek out relevant conversations with key influencers in your field.

Establishing a new marketing channel isn’t the only benefit of using an ethical reward promotion to attract new subscribers. You’ll also be generating more material that you can utilize along with your ethical reward promotion for new subscribers.

Podcast is an excellent method to get more valuable subscribers for your blog.

Similar to developing an audience on a blog, you can establish your brand image for your podcast. The more successful your podcast becomes, the larger your audience grows. 

Even if just a small percentage of listeners choose to return after the first time, those who have the same taste and style as you will become long-term fans.

When they’re done, they’ll strongly encourage people to tune in to your next episode, and as a result, you’ll have a loyal following ready to hear what you have to say next.

Having your podcast hosted on iTunes or other podcast channels will make your program more discoverable to those who use these platforms to seek subjects they are interested in.

The best way to entice people interested in finding your program but searching for something else is to get it into the organic search for that particular term.

Method #8: Use the niche-specific forums to build an audience

Active participation in online discussions such as forums and social media channels significant in your field is an established strategy from the Internet’s early days. You’ll be giving yourself away with your blog, and others will notice. As a result, they will become more interested in seeing what more you have to offer.

Without expertise, those who want to spam the forum links will have an easy time doing so.

Forum posting is also a great way to build audiences. However, the podcast is one of the most spamming ways as well.

So, why should you post in forums, and why is it essential to establish trust and brand recognition.

As a member of the forum, you have the opportunity to interact and form relationships with other forum users. In addition, it shows that you are an expert in a particular field.

By participating in conversations, you may offer visitors solutions. You may follow the topic or start a new one.

Method #9: Build your network with influencers

This is probably the most underappreciated method of increasing traffic and subscriptions. Don’t bother hounding other blogs for links; it seldom works anymore.

Use social media influencers to promote your brand and products. It is one of the most powerful and safe ways to build an audience.

Figure a technique to assist them with anything, and then develop that immediate generosity into a business connection, if not a friendship. Finally, actual people run these blogs and react to charity in the same way physically.

Method #10: Form an alliance with other brands

Here’s another more excellent method to utilize the FeedWordPress WordPress plugin.

Identify a blogger who writes about comparable but non-competitive topics. Figure out an agreement where you both use FeedWordPress to advertise blog content through RSS. Figure out a ratio arrangement if your business partner blog has a lot more readers than yours.

Because FeedWordPress enables you to promote up to six spinning links, the smaller site would continually share the other blog. 

In contrast, the more extensive blog would set aside one spot for their business partner site and utilize the remaining spaces for additional cross-promotion offers, advertising links, or sponsor advertisements.


Readers will ultimately subscribe to your blog if you can offer value to them. You don’t need to use any complicated methods; the reality is that nothing will work in the end.

As a result, instead of wasting time on gimmicks, focus on creating valuable and engaging content for your visitors. That’s all; you’ll notice sound effects in no time.