10 Best Marketing Strategies for Online Business in 2021

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Last Updated on December 12, 2021 by Arif Chowdhury

Nowadays online business are booming more than any existed physical business. It’s mainly because of digital technology advancement & innovative marketing strategies. People are used to stay active online more than they stay active in any other physical events. They feel comfortable to surf online for example, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. It’s much better and comfortable to join in a webinar session rather than seminar. You can meet with your entire team from your bedroom while having a cup of coffee or passing time with your family.

Not only comfort though, faster & accuracy is another reason people are moving from physical to digital platform. Handling sales and marketing task with hundreds of employees is hard to control & also expensive. While same task can easily be done with CRM software with little efforts & cost. It became much faster and accurate while easy to control the quality. People can be dishonest, however a computerized system will never do that.

As you can see, because of thousands of reasons like these digital is becoming much popular than physical. And of course the recent outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic crisis which forced people to keep social distance that inevitably hammer the physical business. While at the same time online business booming at alarming rate. As people started to purchase from online stores more than ever.

So, in this guide, I will walk you through how to market your online business effectively and efficiently. There are many methods people use however, I am going to teach you the 10 most effective marketing strategies those are very popular among big brands.

So, let’s get started.

What is an Online Marketing Strategy?

Online marketing means driving more traffics (visitors) to your website from verities of sources. Here quality is everything because, internet is vast & without proper strategy, you will not only waste huge amount of dollars for advertising budget but also jeopardize your marketing campaign.

Therefore, proper marketing strategy must have to implement to get the most benefit out of it. Also keep this in mind that, not only you are doing online business. Nowadays almost all businesses around the globe realizing the importance of online business and rushing to take control the online market. Therefore, competition is off the chart.

brand awareness is a major component in marketing strategy

Now let me describe the major components of online marketing campaign:

  • Brand Awareness: by using advertisement, your target is to let the audience know about your brand. For example, Walmart, Amazon uses brand awareness and now globally everyone knows their brand name.
  • Website Growth: increase popularity of your website domain name & reach a point where you will receive millions of visitors every month without doing any advertisements.
  • Lead Generation: your audience subscribe to your newsletter or products update by signing up with their primary email. And you can send them important news, offers, discount, etc. through email.
  • Lead Conversion: convince your leads and make them paying customers by utilizing different marketing tactics. More leads you can convert more sales you can make.

These are the four major components of an online marketing campaign. We will discuss broadly later in this guide.

What types of Online Marketing Strategies are there?

There are many online marketing strategies exist however, I am going to show you 10 best strategies those are authentic and useful in long term.

Quick Note: In your online marketing journey, you may encounter many forms of strategies those seems like very promising and easy. Giving you hopes to achieve your desire success within 10 days to 30 days. A word of warning, never fall into those traps. Remember, there is no easy & quick success in online marketing. It will take a reasonable amount of time to get your desire success.

Here is the list of top 10 online marketing strategies you can use to drive more traffic in your website, grow it, increase your brand awareness and finally make more sales.

1. Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC (Pay Per Click) is one of the most oldest & renown form of advertising in the online marketing history. The name declare itself, you pay when someone clicked on your ad. That’s it. Simple and clear. It’s an advertising format generally used in Google ads since the beginning. When someone search in Google & find your ad, if they click on it only then you will be charge. No cost for impression whatsoever. This is however, very cost effective as you only paying when someone actually seeing your ad by clicking it.

PPC (Pay Per Click) is one of the most popular & expensive form of online marketing method

Though there is a bid system in Google advertisement. It’s simple, highest bid ad will place on top & so on. However, in depth there is more. If your website is not performing well then even with the highest bid it won’t get the top spot. It’s Google advertising policy, Google want’s to show highest quality website at the top.

Now let me tell you how to use PPC advertisement in your online marketing campaign.

It is best to use only Google advertisement for your PPC campaign. Though there are many other advertisement service out there all over the internet. However, in my personal experience if you want 100% legit & honest service then Google is the best.

There are three types of advertisement option in Google.

Search Ads: It’s common search type as we all know. When you type a keyword in Google search box and hit the search button a SERP (Search Engine Result Page) shows up with 10 search results per page.

search ads on Google at front page

Display Ads: Whenever you visit a website, you may have seen some banner ads on the sidebar or footer area. This is display ads.

an example of Google display ads

Video Ads: Whenever you watch a YouTube video, a video ad appear for 15 second, this is call video ads.

you can use YouTube video ad for your brand promotion

Now the question is, which form of ad you should use? Well, it depends on your advertising campaign needs. However, in my personal opinion if you are looking for serious audience who going to buy your products right away then “Search Ads” should be a perfect choice.

And if your target is to collect leads as much as possible then “Display Ads” would be great. And video ads is for showcasing your products/brand in YouTube.

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2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The most lucrative and hardest online marketing method. Every business in the world from smallest to largest are racing for it. Why everyone is so excited about it?

Well, you may use Google ads (PPC) and get your desire results. However, it is very expensive. In search ads for every click, you may have to spend from $0.10 to $10 depending on your target market. Though it is very effective yet very expensive. You may use display ads, it is less expensive however, not free. And most business usually spend around $9,000 per month for their Google advertising campaign.

But, what if I tell you that you will get thousands or even millions of visitors to your website from Google. But do not have to spend a single penny for it. Yes, this is the sweetest thing you ever heard. By doing SEO your website will get millions of visitors without spending any dollar to advertising, which in turn will increase your profit margin significantly.

Okay so it’s very lucrative opportunity, however it’s not that easy. SEO itself is very complicated work that normal computer user won’t able to do it properly unless they have an extensive prior knowledge in SEO. Most of the time big organization have their own employees who deal with SEO in full time job.

If you do not have any budgeting issue then I suggest you to hire SEO expert to handle it for your website. However, if you want to do it by yourself then embrace yourself. You have to spend a lot of time reading, learning & practicing.

Here are some major components of SEO you should know:

  • High quality & unique content
  • Consistent publishing frequency (fresh content)
  • Regular updating old contents
  • Keyword optimization (don’t do keyword stuffing)
  • Article optimization (slug, title, headings, snippet, etc.)

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3. Social Media Marketing

We all know about social media nowadays. Every one of us has a Facebook account, some of us even have 2-3 accounts. In a recent study, it has found that there are 2.7 billion active users per month. And, Twitter has 330 million users. Overall there are 3.2 billion audience spend every day in social media. As you can see there are lot’s of audiences in social media. And for that reason whenever we scroll the news feed we see lot’s of sponsored post in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Social media already become a gold mine for business. It’s easy to catch attention of audience and without doing annoying advertisement. We all feel annoyed when we see too many ads in a website, that is call banner ads (display ads). However, we do not mind if we see many sponsored post in news feed or even in messenger. Yes, this is the beauty of social media. Here, people are relaxing and the advertising format is smartly coping with the social media environment.

Not only that, a business can easily open an official page in social media and people can follow them. After that showing them product news, promotional offers, discounts, coupons, event news is just easy as a piece of cake. No more annoying ads blocking, your audience will happily read what you sent to them.

Let me show you some fundamental components of social media marketing:

  • Highly engaging content (image & video)
  • Regular publishing frequency
  • Interaction with audience (as much as possible)
  • Contest, giveaway & promotions
  • Regular events

Now let me tell you, how you should use social media for your marketing campaign.

Facebook: build a business page & start promoting it to your target audience. If you have service, food, technology, clothes related products then Facebook would be great solution.

Twitter: build a business profile & start promoting your business. It is best for corporate related business & communication. Regular products like food, clothes won’t get much benefit here.

Twitter is a powerful social media marketing platform

Instagram: build a business profile & start promoting it. Image & video related products will be a perfect suite for this platform. For example, clothes, furniture, food, etc.

Instagram is perfect for furniture related product promotion

LinkedIn: build a company profile and start building awareness. Best for corporate task like virtual meeting, documents sharing, conference, employee recruitment, etc.

LinkedIn is the next generation business hub

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4. Email Marketing

Email is one of the oldest form of marketing before even invention of computer or internet. Organization used to send newsletter, magazine to their audiences. And now it become even more digitalized & professional than before. Though it is oldest form of marketing however, without proper strategy your marketing could be jeopardize.

When your audience visit your website, they can subscribe to your newsletter by giving their email address and agreed to receive emails from you. After that, your automated email sender will send them regular newsletter right into their inbox. However, it’s not as easy as it’s sounds. Average email open rate is 17.8% & CTR (Click-through Rate) is 2.6%. Which means if you send email newsletter to your 100 subscribers. Then only 18 person will open your newsletter and read while rest 82 person won’t open it. And only 3 person will actually become interested about your newsletter and will click on links.

This is the average rate from professional organization those are master of email marketing. If you do not know how to create a professional looking email and send them on right time of the day. Then your campaign result could be much less effective than this. To make it effective & efficient you have to know your audience from top to bottom.

For an example, In the last year 2019, Norway’s largest bank DNB automated 50% of all incoming customer inquiries with A.I including phone calls, emails & chats. This not only helps them to make the process faster but also helps them to reduce overall cost significantly.

email marketing example

Some major component of email marketing campaign:

  • Promotional offers, discount, coupon
  • Regular products update (newsletter)
  • Bring entire shop/product page to email (direct shopping from email)

You shouldn’t send raw email to your audience with simple text and image. As those are very old format and your business competitors probably already using advance email marketing templates. Thus, I suggest you to choose a professional email marketing service for your campaign.

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5. Ecommerce Platform

As this is a digital era people of earth found a new way to shop from their home. That is online shop or ecommerce platform. You do not need to visit brick & mortar store to collect grocery, shop clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, etc. Just visit an online store and order them with your credit/debit card. That’s it, within an hour or two a delivery man will bring your products right in front of your doorstep.

This is a lucrative business option for all types of business. And ecommerce business booming every year. In 2014 total global sales were made by ecommerce business was $1.3 trillion. In 2020, it reaches to $4.2 trillion and expert predicting that it will hit $6.5 trillion mark by the end of 2023.

And in the recent COVID19 pandemic crisis people are tend to stay home. However, this social distancing simply devastate all types of physical business. However, opposite things happen in ecommerce business as it simply rising in an alarming rate. According to U.S Census Bureau, in Q2 2020 U.S ecommerce sales increases up to 31.8% from the first quarter & 44.5% year over year.

This is just the beginning experts believe ecommerce will take over in the post pandemic world. This is the time, you should move in to ecommerce business, if you haven’t yet. If your business is physical then convert it to a digital soon as possible.

ecommerce platform is the next generation revolution in business

How should you convert your physical business in ecommerce?

  • Choose an ecommerce platform that suited your business most
  • Choose a dedicated server from renowned hosting service
  • Add all products in ecommerce website with details
  • Optimize for SEO
  • Setup all available payment options
  • Start promoting by PPC ads, SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, etc.

Do not choose a shared hosting service as an ecommerce platform requires reasonable amount of resource which a shared hosting won’t able to provide. And, try to optimize your site SEO as soon as possible & also use PPC, social media marketing. Remember, ecommerce business do not require huge amount of traffic to make consistent profit.   

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6. Interactive Contents Marketing

This is a smart way of content marketing to increase audience engagements. It’s so obvious if you create contents that only have wall of text and few images. However, no bullet points, no quotes, no interesting facts, no tips, no guidelines, then it will be a dull experience for your audience. Your target should be to keep them entertaining by providing useful & interesting facts, information, videos so they will keep coming back.

ebooks can be a perfect example of interactive content marketing

Here are some vital component of interactive contents:

  • Bullet points (short out vital points)
  • Quotes (from famous people)
  • Facts (with source link)
  • Quizzes (to challenge them)
  • Infographic (visual information)
  • Ebooks (handy pdf guide)
  • Various tools (i.e. broken link finder, keyword rank checker, etc)

For example, I have used various bullet points in this guide to make it more interesting and visually appealing to you (audience). I have placed few tips in form of quotes in the middle of article. So it will be helpful to my audience and they won’t get bore. I have also give you some facts about ecommerce business with source link. So you can justify my logic and why I strongly suggesting you to start this business.

Though, I didn’t put any infographic in this article, however, in my other blog post I have. And in near future, I am planning to make a nice infographic for this blog post too. Finally, in every section of this blog post, I recommending you to read a guide that could be tremendously helpful for you. And some of my audience may feel grateful for this & share this blog post to their friends & colleagues.

You see, how an interactive content marketing can make a huge difference.

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7. Live Streaming

You should call it an already emerged new trend in digital era. May you have already noticed in Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter almost in every social media people are tend to do live streaming rather than broadcasting pre-recorded video. It’s because live streaming is becoming more popular day by day.

Gamers are no longer broadcasting gameplay video rather playing it live & streaming it on everywhere. Live webinar becoming more popular & every organization (online business) broadcasting live webinar every week. Expert predicted that, almost 82% of all internet traffic will be pulled by live streaming video by the end of 2020.

Why live streaming becoming popular? It’s simple, audience can interact live. And most importantly it is far easy to watch rather than read. Beside, reading consumes a reasonable amount of time & concentration while a person can watch and relax at the same time. Just like a movie.

Though, it does not mean that traditional article, blog post, website content will lose their audience. Because, words can be documented and later read & research while a live video cannot. Therefore, in my opinion you could use this live streaming marketing technique for you campaign to pull more visitors to your website.

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8. Content Marketing

Content is the King. Perhaps you already heard it many times over. Nevertheless, what is content in digital marketing? Well, content is everything from article to video. It is a piece of information that can be describe in many ways i.e. words, audio, image & video. This blog post is a piece of content consisting words, images & links. By using this content, I am giving you information.

No matter where you look, everywhere is content. If you watched a video then that is a video content. If you purchased a magazine then it is a content. Even if you buy an Xbox game DVD then that game is a content. Everyone is giving, selling & buying content.

Now what is content marketing? When you become a blogger, you are writing blog content and making profits from your audience. You start an ecommerce business then you are selling product contents to your customer & making profit. You become a podcaster, you produce audio episode content and making profit from subscription. As you can see, every time you are providing some value to your audience that is useful to them. And this is how you are making profit.

So, we can say that, Content marketing is selling value to your audience.

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9. Influencer Marketing

If you are a YouTuber and have 10,000 subscribers & getting 20K views per months then you are an influencer. It not necessarily have to have that much subscribers or views. But when you have a mass of audience who are following you, that makes you an influencer. You may be a podcaster, YouTuber, Game streamer, blogger, singer, etc.

Let’s say Bethesda published a new game & they want’s to promote it worldwide. They will give you an offer to play their game and stream it live. Let’s say you have 1 million subscribers. If you live stream Bethesda’s new game then it will get at least 1 million views from your audience. And this is call influencer marketing method.

If you have a product and want’s to showcase it to millions of audience worldwide then search for an influencer related to your niche. Possibility is that, you will get millions of audience within the 1st month of start. It’s very effective marketing method. Because, audience usually do not trust 3rd party advertisements. Rather listening to their favorite star is way more sweeter and trustworthy to them.

influencer marketing is very smart way to build brand awareness

For example, if Tom Cruise advertise your brand, obviously millions of people will trust your brand before they even try it by themselves. It’s because they trust the influencer who marketing your brand.

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10. User-Generated Content

When someone give a comment on blog or website, write a product review, write a guest post, etc. These are all user/audience generated content. It is very useful to gain trust among the audience. Why? Simple, we all seeking for a positive review when downloading a new app from Google App store. Or, when purchasing a product from Amazon.

You see, we usually do not trust the product/brand & that’s why we always looking for audience thought. Unless we already know about that product/brand. For example, iPhone. Though most of the case, audience thought always win over reputation.

If you have an ecommerce business and have hundreds of positive reviews in most of your products. Then consider it already a winning game. As your user-generated content will win the heart of new audiences. And your conversion rate will increase significantly. However, opposite thing may happen if you get negative reviews from your customers.

Some vital component of User/audience generated content:

  • Comments
  • Reviews
  • Article/blog post written & published by audience (broad reviews)
  • Video created & broadcast by audience (broad reviews)
  • Conversation in social media using #hashtags

Smartly utilize your audience content for your own advantage.

Executive Summary

There are many forms of online marketing strategies nowadays. I have discussed the top 10, which are the best among the big brands. It will take time and efforts to get result, however, I am saying again “Do not fall into traps” as you may find many lucrative opportunities to grow your business overnight. For example, buying backlinks and get rank #1 in Google SERP within just 7 days or 30 days or 60 days. Impossible, you will not only lose your hard-earned money, but also permanently blacklisted your precious business website.

Remember, there is no shortcut to get success. Every big brands had their history of suffering & struggle. If you follow their footstep then sooner or later you will grow your business. Always be honest in your way, thus success will come eventually.

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