8 Reasons Why You Should Consider Using an Online Learning Platform

8 Reasons Why You Should Consider Using an Online Learning Platform

Arif Chowdhury
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Last Updated on September 1, 2022 by Arif Chowdhury

First of all, this is the digital era. People are no longer using old ways to communicate with each other. We operate email for instant formal communication. You can use social media like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to connect with people all around the globe, no matter where they are. We no longer send mail through the post office; that would take around days to weeks to send a message.

As this system is not new to us, why not use this technology in a learning institute? Probably this current pandemic crisis scenario is the best example I can give. Almost all countries around the globe are relying on online communication platforms to maintain social distancing.

Schools, Colleges, and Universities advise students to use online communication platforms to keep their regular teaching. Thus, student education won’t be hampered. Thanks to online communication systems like Social media, Google hangout, Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom, etc., people can continue their social distancing & simultaneously keep learning from their institute.

However, those are not designed for online learning but only for communication purposes. In this guide, I will talk about 8 reasons why you should consider using an online learning platform.

Reason 1: Freedom of learning from anywhere.

Though you can learn advanced skills from various courses through a physical institute, learning from different institutes worldwide is impossible for general people. For example, you live in Mexico and know whatever you can from your country’s University.

But there is a problem; even if you want to learn something from the different institutes from other countries like the UK or France, you cannot afford the education cost there because of financial limitations.

Why you should consider using an online learning platform? Because you can learn from home comfort through an online learning platform.

The good news is that there is no such limitation in online learning. You can choose to learn from your home just like you browse through websites. All information can be found on the learning platforms; thus, it will be fast and flexible. Especially those at work can still learn from their preferred time, as this virtual educational platform allows job holders to learn even from the work environment.

Quick Note: Online education has the best learning management system, as students can learn flexibly. They don’t require to travel from their home or office. Also, they don’t experience a lengthy semester system. Students have the ability to create their schedules and select specific programs they want to learn from various on-demand online courses.

Reason 2: Learn various sets of skills from home.

If you want to become professionally appealing to your company, you must have several distinct sets of skills & certificates related to your subject area. Additionally, these skill sets will make you unique & different from the usual employees.

We know that various types of skills & certificates could be our trump card of success. However, sometimes you may find that your institute does not provide this lucrative opportunity & you have to visit elsewhere to gather those skillsets & certificates.

Here again, an online learning platform could be your best bet. No need to visit a different country, not even have to leave your home to learn. Join an online institute & learn whatever you dream of & collect your certificate online.

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Reason 3: Flexible learning hour makes it easy to accomplish.

The incredible feature of the online learning platform is “flexible hours.” Think about it, if you register in an institute for a certificate course, you must visit there from time to time every week. Though it won’t be a problem for College or University students, it will be pretty challenging to manage the time if you are a regular employee.

Again, online learning can be your best friend here—no need to worry about time management. You can learn at your own pace. After registration, they will provide you with all the lecture sheets, slides, videos, and tools. Teachers are also available online. You can contact them whenever you want to consult for your study issues.

Reason 4: Get an advantage in this high-tech era.

Our world is advancing every day. Your task is to become advanced as well as to keep up. Otherwise, it will be tough for you to survive in this competitive era. Even ten years ago, a CV/Resume was necessary for a recruitment process. But now, with the LinkedIn social media platform, companies are hiring by watching your LinkedIn profile career history. It’s like a live resume of your entire career.

LinkedIn is the perfect alternative to old fashioned CV/Resume.

Within this LinkedIn profile, around the world employees & even owners of companies can connect. People can endorse your skills to make it verified & recommend you to other companies. Having various skills from online learning platforms will be an added advantage for you on LinkedIn, as people favor e-learning more than traditional studies.

Reason 5: Reduce your learning cost.

Online learning is becoming popular every day & because of this, competition is also increasing daily, which causes them to reduce the overall cost of education. Good for us.

I just wanted to let you know that a single course at the University of Chicago would cost you an average of $4,489. At the same time, a four-year degree would cost you a total of $188,556. You may have already known that, but the reason for this tremendous cost is the University building, accommodation, classroom space, furniture, lighting, campus, etc. These are the overhead costs that are also included in the total amount.

However, the beauty of the online learning platform is that they do not have these extra costs. Thus, effectively reducing the overhead cost from the total. For example, see the below cost structure of Eastern Kentucky University.

Traditional learning institute cost vs. online learning cost comparison.

Reason 6: Broaden your outreach & enlarge the networks.

In a traditional school, college, or University campus, you do not get the chance to broaden your outreach to enlarge the network. Because you are exposed to the same people unless you visit another country’s University, if you roam from University to University & try to connect with various people around the world, then the story will be different. However, the cost will be unnecessarily huge for you to afford it.

Why waste time on travel & spend massive money on this? You can meet with people all around the globe from your laptop sitting in front of your study desk through various social media & online learning platforms.

Reason 7: Learn at your own pace.

In a traditional educational institute, there is a problem with classroom management. For example, if there are 40 students in a class & 10 students are exceptionally talented, they cannot advance to the next level of their own will as management will decide when to take exams & allow them to move on to the next level.

It is a throttled system for talented students. Forcing them to move at a regular speed. Even if they can finish the course within two months, they must wait eight months to finish it. Therefore, the fast learning method doesn’t work in this traditional classroom system.

The online learning platform is the opposite of this system. Any time or group of people does not bind you. If you have the skill, you can complete an eight months course within one month as the exams are on an on-demand basis. Therefore, no need to wait for the entire class to finish it.

Reason 8: Perfect for concentration on your study.

As you do not have to move to the campus for learning, thus no more stress for the journey to the campus or getting distracted by annoying crowds. You can study at home in comfort with your laptop or desktop.

Sometimes a home environment can be a perfect place for learning. You can change it as necessary according to your own will. On top of that, all education resources you can get quickly with one click from an online platform, i.e., books, lecture sheets, videos, and communication with teachers & other students in the online forum.


As you can see, through an online platform, you can learn anywhere you want & whenever you want. You need a laptop or desktop computer to get access. You can download all necessary study materials online. If you face any trouble, you can contact your faculty or study partners directly through an online forum or discussion board.

Therefore, the ultimate decision is yours. Do you want to study according to your own will? And want to take your exam whenever you want? Then it would be best if you enrolled in an online course. If you pass, they will reward you with online certification that can be downloaded & printed on paper & also can display on the LinkedIn networking platform worldwide.

It not only gives you the ultimate freedom of learning but also opens a gate for you with unlimited opportunities to bring success to your career.