An Ultimate 6 Steps Guide to Become Successful in Email Marketing

An Ultimate 6 Steps Guide to Become Successful in Email Marketing
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Last Updated on February 6, 2021 by Arif Chowdhury

Do you know when the first email marketing campaign was launched? It was 1978, and they made sales of $13 million in total. Since then it has become one of the most popular marketing methods in history. Though nowadays social media instant messaging option between customer & brand is far better than old email marketing. However, it still holds a large portion of customers around the world & still one of the most powerful & effective ways of online marketing.

Yet, because of some spammer, email marketing has become questionable. As for me, I am still getting hundreds of spam emails every single day in my primary email. Because of this, customers do not want to give their personal information anymore unless it is highly authentic & trustworthy. But, if you can manage to build a targeted email list it will be your gold mine, only if you can properly use the email marketing method in your campaign.

One thing you should remember, email is one of the most powerful tools to build a relationship with your customers & if used wrongly then it will do the complete opposite. Think of as email marketing not just about your product selling but to build a relationship by providing something valuable to your readers. Only then, they will become loyal to you, and making a profit will be easier than before.

Step 1: Definition of Email Marketing & How it works

In simple terms, it is a process of communicating with your audience more personally by first collecting their email. Send them a useful newsletter that is valuable to them. Through this, build a good relationship and become trustworthy. Finally, send them emails about your product to make sales.

Why You Should Implement an Email Marketing Campaign?

There are endless possibilities of email marketing, however, let me discuss the major benefits.

email marketing is one of the oldest form of marketing strategy used by all big brands across the globe
  • Build a relationship: one of the most vital reasons for your business growth. Every big brand struggles to build a good relationship with its customers, when they succeed they climb to the top. Remember, without a good relationship with your customers all of your efforts will go in vain.
  • Mass Awareness: grow your business with mass awareness. Do you know that approximately 302 billion emails are sent every day in 2020? It was 293 billion, in the last year 2019. And also according to a recent statistic, almost 70-80% of the audience usually abandon your website and never return. To make them stay & engaged, you need to send them a newsletter so they will come back to read more.
  • Boost Visibility: it’s a good practice to send your newly published content as a newsletter to your subscribers. It will boost your content visibility. As I said before, 70-80% of your audience will never return, therefore, sending them an email with your latest useful blog post will encourage them to come back.
  • Generate Leads: email marketing is probably the best way to generate potential leads for your business. When an audience subscribes to your newsletter it means they are interested in your website content & want to learn more about it. This makes them a potential lead. Your next task is to make them happy by sending them useful content that they are looking for through email.
use simple subscription form to collect potential leads for your email marketing campaign
  • Nurture Leads: By continuing to send them valuable content through emails will make them happy & they will start to trust you. This is called nurturing leads. Do not promote your products right away in the first email. Wait until you send them at least 4-5 emails. And if they respond to those with a positive vibe then it is time to promote your products to them.
  • Sales Products: Finally, after 1-2 months (depends on your performance) a potential lead may become loyal to you by receiving valuable content from your emails. Afterward, they may visit your website to purchase your products or service. Or, you offer them your service or products. And this is how you make a sale through an email marketing campaign.

What Benefits You will get by Utilizing an Email Marketing Campaign?

There are some simple & shocking facts about the email I am going to present here.

  • Do you know there are approximately 3.8 billion email users around the globe including Gmail, Yahoo mail? If you do not plan for an email campaign then think again, how many potential customers you left behind.
  • Email marketing has a very high ROI (Return on Investment) ratio. Approximately, it has 3,800% ROI. Which is tremendously beneficial for a business. If you spend $100 on an email campaign chances are you will make $3,800 sales. 
  • Email subscribers have several levels. Around 66% of your subscribers will purchase your products when they become loyal to your brand.
  • Only 15-20% of subscribers may respond positively to your sales newsletter if you offer them your products on day 1, without giving them valuable content to build trust.
  • Email is still the best when it comes to customer acquisition. It’s even better than Facebook & Twitter combined. Simply, because email platforms are considered as formal business communication while social media for customer service.
  • Perhaps, freedom is another reason email marketing can be a top choice. When you use social media or other communication channels you have bindings to their rules while email marketing is solely your channel, thus no limitation on how you are going to nurture your leads.

How Email Marketing Method Can be Beneficial based on Different Industry?

Whether it is B2B (Business to Business), B2C (Business to Consumer) email marketing has a successful history. Let me show you some data, which may encourage you to move on.

Email Marketing based on B2B Industry

  • With the latest technology email marketing software, you can perform a 3X better marketing campaign if your business is B2B category. Email marketing software has a powerful A.I system to utilize machine learning technology to understand when & how to send which email is based on individual client behavior to maximize the performance.
  • 86% of professional communication within the B2B industry is conducted by email. This is a great opportunity for an email marketer.
  • B2B email marketing campaigns have a 47% higher CTR than the B2C industry. It’s so obvious, every business by default uses email for their primary communication which in turn increases the CTR ratio significantly.

Email Marketing based on B2C Industry

  • It may shock you but the truth is around 78% of consumers simply unsubscribe from email newsletters because businesses send them too many emails. Here the problem is not spam emails, but too many emails. As you can see, you must have to help them by sending valuable content rather than sending products right away.
  • The consumer email checking rate is slightly better than business. As businesses may receive hundreds to thousands of emails every day which hamper them to go through & read every email. Thus, email marketing CTR is better for the B2C industry than B2B.
  • The B2C industry has a unique benefit that you may get from other industries, which is passive marketing (word of mouth from social media). When they become loyal to you, they will start to discuss your products on their social media platforms with their friends & family. This will eventually help you to reach new consumers, without spending anything. Also, it helps your brand to build mass awareness among the public.

Step 2: How You Should Start an Email Marketing Campaign?

Though email marketing has endless possibilities, however, it is also overwhelming when you first started. In this section, I will guide you on how you can build a perfect email campaign to drive a massive amount of targeted traffic to your website & make sales.

How to Build a Perfect Email Marketing Strategy that Works?

Before we start, remember one thing. You are not the only one sending emails to your audience. They probably already receive hundreds of emails every day. In that case, if you do not develop an effective email marketing strategy that will be different from others. Then chances are your email-opening rate will be very low as it is lost in the crowd.

1. Identify Your Audience

This is the beginning of your email marketing campaign. First, you have to identify your customer base. If you do wrong here, then all your effort will go in vain. Thus, invest time & efforts to determine your target audience. Identify their needs and build a marketing campaign based on that.

identifying your target audience is the first & most important step of all

2. Determine Your Objective in Written Format

Just thinking about an objective or goal is not enough. You must have to prepare a goal & write it down. Think about your all-available options. How are you going to approach? What do you want to achieve through this marketing campaign? Do you have the right targeted audience for your business goals? What about your marketing budget? How much ROI you are targeting for this campaign? If this goal cannot achieve what else objective do you have in mind.

Finding these answers surely will help you to determine a long-term goal for the marketing campaign. Discuss it with your entire team & finalize before you start to do anything.

always make a document of your strategy. Properly written & planned strategy is the half way towards success

3. Build a simple yet smart landing page for subscribers

You have to be very smart in this part. Most of the time webmasters failed to catch subscribers only because they became too greedy. Remember, you have to be patient. Build a simple landing page that will show up in front of your audience after 2-3 minutes. Or, when they are about to leave your site. 

Do not simply create a pop-up that will show up right in front of their nose when they just landed on your website. Give them time & when they are about to leave, show them a landing page that tells them something interesting. For example, “do not leave empty-handed, I think this eBook will help you a lot. Just write your name & email address, we will send it to your inbox”.

landing page is essential for lead capturing purpose. Try to make a simple, informative & attractive landing page

4. Decide Your Email Marketing Style

This could be overwhelming for the first time. Because there are many styles out there. Some say sending out a daily newsletter is very effective, some say a weekly newsletter will optimize your opening rate, some even say the time of day is all that matters. 

Honestly speaking, when you should send a newsletter & how frequently you should send it completely depends on your business needs. It’s a best practice to test out by yourself which method suited you best.

5. Schedule Your Email & follow it

Scheduling is everything, otherwise, you cannot maintain consistency. And remember, without consistency not only email marketing campaigns but also your website won’t survive much longer. 

First, determine how frequently you want to send a newsletter to your audience. Do not grant this only because you think it will be a great idea. Size up your available resource and determine will you be able to keep up with the plan. If not, then choose a plan that you can keep up with for the long-term. Write down the plan & make a schedule for at least for the next 1 month. 

Create all the content you are going to send through an email newsletter & then keep following it. Do not change the frequency, otherwise, you won’t be able to build trust among your audience.

scheduling email is a great way to maintain a drip email campaign

6. Calculate Your Performance & Tweak Strategy

Finally, you must have to measure your email marketing campaign to judge how well they performed. This is a crucial task, don’t ever ignore it. Your job here to determine how many emails you have sent. How many emails are opened by your audience? How many of them clicked. And how many of them said thanks in reply.

If you can find out this information then it will be easy for you to judge the performance of the marketing campaign. The good news is, if you use email-marketing software then it will be complete automation. You do not have to measure the performance, instead, the software will show you a full campaign report with all the details you ever need. 

Measure the performance & based on the result tweak your existing campaign strategy. It’s a trial & error process, it could take a while but trust me, your marketing campaign will improve.

Step 3: How You Should Build a Targeted Email List?

Now we arrive at the battlefield. This is the hardest part of all. You may use your beautiful landing page and get thousands of email lists within 1 week. However, if you do not narrow your funnel then you may receive many unnecessary emails that are not relevant to your email marketing campaign goal.

In that case, it will be a total failure before you even begin. Remember, you have to focus on quality, not quantity. And also one quick note, do not ever bother to purchase an opt-in email list from a third-party agency. Trust me, those all are either fake or useless. You will just waste your money & time on that. Instead, focus on your strategy on how to collect targeted email leads.

There are many ways you can collect an email list. But, in this section, I will show you some major parts so you can focus on narrowing down your funnel to get the most targeted emails.

1. Offer Something Valuable to Attract Leads

It’s so obvious why people want to give away their personal information to you unless they receive something valuable in exchange. Additionally, nowadays spamming has increased at an alarming rate which prevents people from sharing their information with an unknown source. You could steal their credit card information. Or, hack their primary email account that is connected to their other valuable source.

So what’s the solution here? Simple, gain their trust by giving away something valuable they are looking for. For example, if your blog is about SEO service then offer them a free eBook that contains valuable insight about SEO. By doing so, you gain their trust & they will share their personal information (email, name, age, etc.) with you.

it is best to offer something valuable to your audience to get more potential subscribers for your email marketing

Here are some sample ideas for you to attract your audience:

  • eBook
  • Research Insight
  • A list of a valuable resource
  • Free templates (website, email, etc.)
  • Webinar
  • Free course
  • Free tools
  • Whitepapers

2. Make Subscription Form as Simple as Possible

Don’t try to be over smart. Don’t make a subscription form with an excessive marketing tone. For example, Get rank#1 in Google within 7 days. Subscribe to us & download the eBook. As you can see, people are becoming smarter day by day because of the increasing spammers.

So, make it as simple as possible & only say what you are going to give them. If your service & content is to help to get rank in Google then say in the subscription form. Like this: “Read our SEO Guide & Get rank in Google faster”. You see, there is nothing excessive here. You said what you can do for them.

try to make a simple subscription form so your audience can easily subscribe to you without much hassle

Also, don’t ask for too much information in the subscription form. Just ask them to drop their name & email address. That’s it. If you ask for too much information like age, country, phone no, etc. then they will be annoyed & probably will leave your free offer.

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Step 4: How You Supposed to Send Emails to Subscribers?

I assume that you have built a list of emails that are ready to be used by the marketing campaign. No matter how big or small this list, it doesn’t matter. We have to focus on quality over quantity. 

Now the question is, how you are going to send an email to your let’s say, 500+ subscribers. Do not think that you can use Gmail or yahoo or even your default cPanel email account. Because those are not designed for mass email campaigns. And also probability is that if you use those platforms your email may end up in their spam folder. And they never will notice it.

So, how you should do it. Simple, you have to use a professional email marketing service. Let me give you a proper direction about it.

1. Choose a Professional Email Marketing Service

If you want to start a business, then you have to act like a professional. Choose a renowned email marketing service for your campaign.

choose a professional email marketing service when your subscriber base is more than 1,000+

Here are some best email marketing services you can try out:

  • Constant Contact
  • Sendinblue
  • Hubspot
  • Getresponse

I just gave you some examples of a renowned email marketing service out there. You should choose them based on your business appetite. They have powerful marketing features like pre-designed email templates, automatic follow-ups email, event trigger system, automatic analytic report, optimal email sending time, etc.

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2. Utilize Powerful Metrics to Increase Performance

Just collecting thousands of email lists using sweet magnetic marketing words won’t let you go anywhere. You have to be smart in your marketing strategy. Most of the time, if your 1st email is not attractive enough your subscribers will throw it in the spam folder or unsubscribe from your list. Therefore, getting lots of emails is not enough. Try to be smart when sending emails to them. 

Here are some useful metrics you should focus on to increase the performance.

Email copy: Don’t send them 1,000 words email or only 50 words. Both are too much or too little to be attractive. Try to focus on 100-250 words. Be specific & use an eye-catching headline. Whatever you want to tell them, say it within 100-250 words. Don’t make it boring.

Images: Add images whenever possible. Remember, humans are prone to attract visual things. If you use pre-designed email templates then it’s even better. Those are designed by professional email marketers, thus your chance of making a powerful email will increase.

visually attractive email template will increase your conversion rate by at least 200%

CTA: Call-to-action button is mandatory in email marketing. Try to place this CTA at the end, or the beginning of your email copy. Make it easily recognizable. Don’t overdo it, I mean don’t use flashing or use excessive color to make it attractive. Try to make it simple yet noticeable.

Timing: Optimal timing is necessary but not a game-winning component. If you can find out at which time, your subscribers check their email then it is an optimal time. But there is a problem if you have 500+ subscribers then how you are supposed to send them on their individual time. 

The good news is, email-marketing software has an auto optimal time finder option. It will send emails at the most optimal time as possible based on your subscriber’s behavior.

3. Utilize Personalization in Your Email Copy

There is one simple fact about email marketing & that is, you have to make it personalized for each & every person you are sending emails to. Why is that? Because people like to be acknowledged by their name rather than only “Hi”.

For example, it’s much better to say “Hi Mr. Smith How’s Your Day?” rather than “Hi, We have an excellent service…”

You see, in your email, if you mentioned them by their name then, it will be more personalized and an effective way to start a communication.

personalize your email campaign as much as possible thus it will increase your conversion rate

Here are some simple personalization strategies I have included below:

  • First, at the beginning mention the individual name.
  • Add region-related information if applicable to make it more personalized.
  • When following up an email try to be specific on the previous email conversation.
  • Send birthday wishes with special birthday discounts & other special events based on religion or region.
  • End your email with a person’s name for example your name as a CEO & founder of Company X rather than the only company name.

4. Use Powerful Automation Process

I already talked about automation procedures for email marketing software earlier in this article. Let me elaborate on it now. 

This is not just a regular email auto-responder. It is completely a new thing. An email autoresponder simply responds to an email with received notification. Like, “We have received your email, thank you very much”.

However, what I am talking about is not a simple auto-responder. An email automation procedure is a complete A.I powered system, which will act as a virtual assistant to manage all of your email campaigns. It has a powerful visual workflow system that can customize according to your business needs.

A.I powered automation system can make an email marketing easy even if you have more than 10 million subscribers

Take a look at the example above. It is a complete lifecycle of your subscribers from the beginning to the end. Once set up the system, you won’t have to touch it, as it will continue to send pre-designed emails to an individual subscriber according to their behavior.

Step 5: Beware of Email Regulation Policy

Now let’s enter the terms & regulation part. If you are a business professional, then you must have to follow this regulation below to survive in the field.

1. CAN-SPAM Compliance

It’s a law to protect the audience from receiving unwanted pornography & marketing content. It was passed in 2003 and applied to commercial business emails. That is, subscribers will only be supposed to receive what they have asked for. Before you dispatch your emails make sure it is compliant with regulation.

Here are some pieces of advice before you start the email campaign:

  • Make sure you included business name & address in every email you sent
  • Add an unsubscribe link at the end of the email copy
  • Do not use masking in the email address, it will automatically count as spam
  • Use proper an email subject that is relevant to email copy

2. GDPR Compliance

GDPR means “General Data Protection Regulation”. This law is based on the EU (European Union) business. Its main purpose is to build a long-lasting relationship with subscribers. As when you comply with this law you only send emails to those who want it. No tricks or illegal approach. And if you do not follow its guidelines then the consequence will be a significant fine to your organization.

Here is some advice so you can properly adhere to GDPR:

  • Mention very clearly why & what information about subscriber you are going to store in your business database
  • Clearly state this in your website privacy policy section as well
  • Collect subscriber data only that is necessary for your business
  • If requested by authentic subscriber, then delete all data immediately
  • Make sure your subscriber can easily unsubscribe from you with only a click of a button within your email

Step 6: Utilize A.I Powered Next-Generation Analytics System

In the previous steps, I talked about A.I powered automation procedures where you won’t have to email by yourself manually, instead the system will do that for you in complete automation. 

How about an A.I powered the analytic report as well. Where you won’t have to calculate all the metrics by yourself, instead the system will produce it automatically for you with 100% error-free.

Apart from the analytic report, you have the following benefits from it.

1. A/B Test Marketing Email

When you send emails to thousands of people not everyone will act the same way. Some may like your design, some may like your email content, some may not like images, some like many images, etc. There are various ways people will act on your emails. Now the problem is you cannot make everyone happy.

You have to select a majority of people who like the same style. Therefore, your email campaign performance will be at an optimal level.

If you use email marketing software for your marketing campaign, then you may get access to A/B testing features depending on your service provider & account type. 

A/B testing is very useful to determine which marketing campaign is doing better than others

Here are some steps I have written down to help you out if you are new:

  • Use verities metric to test out your campaign, however, try to change one metric at a time i.e. change images, write a different title, offer different products, use a different type of CTA, etc.
  • Always keep a record of the performance to measure later
  • Send emails simultaneously for a specific period to see the difference in opening rate
  • After sending 5-6 email batches keep only that performed better than all others
  • Repeat the cycle continues to improve overall campaign performance

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2. Focus on Four Major KPIs

There are 4 major KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that determine the fate of your email marketing campaign.

powerful analytics is very useful to understand your email marketing campaign performance

Deliverability: let’s say you have sent 5,000 emails in a batch. If it reaches 4,500 people that means your deliverability success percentage is 90%. This indicator will tell you how many emails successfully landed in your subscriber’s inbox.

Opening-rate: this is the second indicator. Sending thousands of emails to thousands of subscribers means nothing if they do not open it. Let’s say among the 4,500 emails only 2,000 emails opened by your recipient. In that case, this indicator will show you a 44.4% open rate. By checking this indicator you will know how many of them actually saw your email newsletters.

CTR: Click-through rate is another but most effective indicator. It’s telling you how many people are actually interested in your email topic & clicked on your given link embedded on the email copy. This way you will know how many people actually visited your sales page for example. Let’s say among 2,000 people only 500 clicked on your link which means your CTR is 25%.

Unsubscribe: this is the last metric. It tells you how much people unsubscribe from your newsletter. This is how you will know how effective your overall email marketing campaign is.


At the end of this guide, I will encourage you to start your email marketing campaign as soon as you can digest what I have said in this guide. Do not bother yourself to become perfect, no need for that. Just start the process & stick to the plan you have created at the beginning of your marketing campaign.

Do not ever change it unless you found a way to improve it through various analytic reports. Stick to the plan and maintain consistency. Try to improve it based on the performance report. Remember, success does not come on the first day, it’s a long way to go through hundreds of trials & errors. But if you can acknowledge your mistake and improve your existing plan, only then you will be able to get success.