What are the Six Strategies to Attract Customers? (Practical Guide)

What are the Six Strategies to Attract Customers (Practical Guide)
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A product or service is introduced to a target audience to generate interest is called marketing. However, for marketing efficiency, you need to know what are the six strategies to attract customers.

Finding out who will buy a company’s goods and then sell to those people is the goal of marketing,

In this guide, we’ll cover six strategies along with three bonuses for attracting and retaining consumers.

How do organizations use marketing strategies?

A firm must have a defined strategy to generate sales, build a brand or a product’s value proposition.

Getting people interested in knowing more about a company or its goods is the purpose of a marketing plan.

If a firm doesn’t know its customers and shop, it won’t attract them.

A corporation can develop a reliable strategy to achieve a specific objective. However, if you want to get the desired result, you must follow a set of actions.

How does the AIDAR model help to improve marketing strategy?

  • Awareness: The technique of promoting a product or service using various means. The first step is bringing the products or services to targeted customers.
  • Interest: Curiosity-sparking is a marketing tactic that aims to pique the interest of potential consumers and encourage them to learn more.
  • Desire: Attach emotions when selling a product; thus, the product will become more attractive or pleasant in an inevitable way.
  • Action: Potential customers decide whether or not to take a brochure in hand, call, or buy anything at this stage.
  • Retention: Customer retention is when a customer keeps coming back to purchase more. Usually, it is more profitable when a company cares for existing customers than acquiring a new one. Also, loyal customers boost sales passively as they refer the brand to their peers.

A list of marketing strategies to attract customers

Organizations employ six key marketing tactics (additional three bonuses) to grow their client base, stimulate repeat purchases, and strengthen consumer loyalty.

  • Utilize social media marketing
  • Create a blog
  • Use SEO to receive organic reach
  • Proper use of CTA
  • Email marketing
  • Offer incentives
  • Utilize webinars
  • Invoke the power of affiliate program
  • Directly chat with customers

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Strategy#1: Utilize social media marketing

Connecting with clients via social media is an excellent alternative. For example, a company may publish photographs and videos of its items and communicate with its customers via messages and comments. 

Facebook marketing is very cost-effective.

Customers may discover more about a company or its market sector through social media. In addition, customer engagement improves customer service and strengthens brand loyalty by allowing customers to become involved.

Would you like to read one of our social media marketing guides? I suggest you read it before you plan your marketing campaign.

Example: On the first day, an advertisement of the new pizza is presented, and on the next day, the corporation announces a unique flavor and invites customers to sample it.

Every Friday, the brand runs an online poll to measure client reaction to the newest product.

Quick Note: Do you know? Social media marketing is even a better option than PPC advertising. As in social media, you can grow a follower base; hence your overall marketing cost will reduce while there is no such thing in the PPC ad platform.

Strategy#2: Create a blog

A blog may be an excellent resource for customers attempting to make their ultimate decision before purchasing or when researching a product or service.

Regular updates are excellent, and the postings should ideally offer value and generate authority as part of the strategy’s implementation.

Adding a blog section within your site will be very effective to draw organic traffic from search engines and also this is one of the six strategies to attract customers.

When it comes to the value they supply, some organizations may have guest bloggers to educate their consumers. 

Promoting blog postings on sites like social media and other online communities increases the number of people who may become customers and expands the blog’s audience.

If you want to start blogging, I suggest you read our blogging guide from scratch. Trust me; it will help you a lot.

Example: A health institute will be using a new set of treatment approaches. Every week, the doctor writes a blog post for her patients in which she explains the plan in great detail.

Institute publishes the blogs of well-known psychologists once a month to give a wide variety of perspectives and stimulate reader involvement.

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Strategy#3: Use SEO to receive organic reach

People may use Google to find the information they’re looking for by searching for specific keywords or phrases.

You can use different browsers to browse the web and search for specific keywords or phrases using search engines.

Doing SEO will boost your organic reach, hence, you will receive more targeted free visitors from search engines.

Additionally, SEO may help a firm target and segment-specific categories of clients in addition to allowing it to receive thousands of free and organic traffic.

Customers are drawn in by high-quality products and services if presented appealingly.

Example: A software brand can promote their products using different standard search terms generally used by their targeted consumer.

The brand conducts keyword and phrase research to find the most often used software-related keywords and phrases.

Possible keywords for software sales:

  • Buy software online
  • Where to buy software
  • Where to purchase software
  • Software sales
  • Purchase software with discounts

Quick Note: Use Google and do some research to understand the competition and your customer search intent. For best approach is – find low competitive keywords and produce content around those to get the best result.

Strategy#4: Proper use of CTA

Advertising that includes a CTA button is more likely to result in purchases.

If you want to attract your customer then you need to learn how to use CTA in a proper way.

An offer of advice or urgency may be used as a CTA in the same sentence.

Read our interactive guide about the Call-to-action button.


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Strategy#5: Email marketing

If a firm wants to reward clients or persuade them to keep coming back, they may use a mailing list to do it.

Email marketing allows companies to stay in front of their clients while segmenting their lists to focus their sales efforts better.

Email marketing is one of the best six strategies to attract customers.

A sports goods business may segment its targeted clients to a group of the young generation with the release of the newest in-line skates.

You can provide your consumers something of value in exchange for their time using email automation.

As a result, customers are informed of special offers and promotions, product usage instructions, and industry expertise.

Offer eBooks in exchange for their email.

For example, offer something that may interest them in exchange for their email:

  • Download our free report
  • Signup and get a free download
  • 10% discount for registered users

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Strategy#6: Offer incentives

It’s common for customer service professionals to think that it is impossible to encourage a customer to come back when they are displeased with the goods they purchased.

For the most part, however, this is inaccurate. To maintain a consumer, you need to provide him more reasons to buy your goods and keep coming back for more.


Incentivize your product’s usage by creating a reward system. Each time the consumer utilizes the product, points or money are accrued in a digital wallet.

Customer will redeem their loyalty point for rewards.

The organization may address customer dissatisfaction via the use of this incentive scheme.

A client of your credit card firm was dissatisfied since a representative from customer service could not assist with a payment problem.

Customer reward system is better than discount offers.

Is there anything you’re going to do to get your former client back? Let him know that if he accepts your offer, you’ll credit his credit card with an additional reward point—finally, a satisfied customer.

Quick Note: Do not think that offering enough incentives will boost your sale. First, you have to make sure that your products or services meet the customer demands, then an adequate incentive may increase your overall revenue in the long run.

Bonus Strategies

Strategy#7: Utilize webinars

This video converter is instructional and informative sessions that take place online. Using webinars as part of the onboarding process for new workers or customers might help relieve their concerns about working with your company.

What are the six strategies to attract customers? Webinar is one of the best options.

They’re great for a single concept to be shown in many media. For example, questions and answers or a CTA may be part of a webinar’s content.

If you think it is the best time to launch a webinar, I suggest you read our guide about the best webinar platform.


A firm that regularly hosts webinars is promoting its new products.

The first session will describe how this device would simplify gardening, while the second and third webinars show consumers utilizing the equipment.

A voucher provided in each webinar saves the participant 15% off the tool’s retail price.

Strategy#8: Invoke the power of the affiliate program

Influencers and affiliate networks enable third parties to promote your products for a commission.

Customers who make purchases or provide suggestions to businesses through their websites, social media platforms, or other similar platforms are compensated with commissions for the services rendered.

Affiliate program is highly cost-efficient to generate sales.

The affiliates of a firm help spread the word about their goods and services to a broader audience.


The brand can launch an affiliate program for its products or services aimed towards bloggers and social media influencers.

The company may offer samples of the products and links to the brand sale page to affiliates in exchange for reviews or recommendations.

Both company and affiliates will benefit when a client clicks on the unique affiliate link and purchases a product.

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Strategy#9: Directly chat with customers

With a live chat option, it’s simple to respond to consumer queries and concerns.

Direct chat with clients and resolve a problem, or find out when an item will be delivered; customers may speak with customer support representatives.

Directly chatting with customers can easily solve many lengthy problems.

This chat option allows the customer to talk with the company representative without visiting the company website. For instance, from Facebook messenger or WhatsApp, they can directly communicate with their favorite brand on the fly.


When a consumer needs immediate help with their new purchase product, the first place they turn for help is on the company’s website.

The consumer finds an online chat option and can speak with a technical person from the company.

The customer was thrilled when the office staff advised her of the necessary information immediately on the fly.

Because of the excellent customer service, the company resolved the client’s issue quickly and successfully.


I hope, by studying this guide, you have learned what are the six strategies to attract customers?

It would be best if you grasped all the ways to target new clients for your company before you even begin.

Finally, put yourself in the customer’s shoes and see things from their point of view. Think about what you want from a brand, and then take a step back.

After reading this, you’ll know more about how to get people interested in your company.