How to Attract Customers with Words with Examples (Practical Guide)

How to Attract Customers with Words with Examples (Practical Guide)
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So, you want to know how to attract customers with words? You need to know which words to use in your digital marketing campaigns to make the most effective.

You’ll find more than 25+ of the most potent marketing terms (both positive and negative).

If you want consumers to come into your business, you need compelling content and attractive language.

Copywriters often use these words since they are sure to grab the interest of prospective consumers. As a result of using these terms, consumers’ desires become necessities.

Your ad content will stand out from the crowd and attract new clients if you can smartly use the below power phrase and words.

Power phrases to attract your customers

Always remember, your customer will purchase using their emotions, not logic. Thus, you will win more leads and make more sales from your sales funnel if you invoke the power of inspirational words and phrases rather than wasting time on making logic.

Phrase #1: It’s simple and beautiful

A lack of complication is a sign of outstanding customer service from consumers’ perspectives. Customers may have a better experience if you keep things simple.

Phrase #2: Creativity is our/your core

You have an eye for the dramatic with this remark. Your clients will be impressed by your forward-thinking approach. 

Always bear in mind that aesthetics often takes precedence over functionality.

Phrase #3: Improve your lifestyle

To improve their quality of life, customers always search for new products and services. 

When referring to a new and enhanced product, say “upgraded and improved” words. It will catch their attention.

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Phrase #4: Your beauty will grow inevitably

Your job as a clothing shop is to make your clients feel and look their best. 

It’s often possible to get around with these phrases by making customers feel better about themselves.

Phrase #5: Boost your confidence with us

The purpose of this phrase is to express gratitude to the customer for an action they have taken or will take. 

When customers are confident in their purchase, they are more likely to make another one.

Phrase #6: Surpass everyone and be a paragon

It indicates “new and better,” which is all it needs to be. 

By using this phrase, you encourage them to believe in themselves and also make them confident. And by doing so, you earn a soft corner in the customer’s heart. 

It’s a tricky emotional phrase to get one step closer to your customers.

Quick Note: Remember, your task is to ignite the sleeping emotion of your customer. If you can do that, then the rest will happen automatically. Emotionally affecting your customer is a mighty feat for any marketer.

Phrase #7: Simple and attractive 

No complexity yet profound and attractive is the fundamental language of this phrase. 

Adding the word “simple,” which also conjures up images of simplicity, transforms this into a strong statement.

Phrase #8: Everlasting perfection

Using this phrase validates that you have a good eye for detail. It’s critical to maintain a feeling of cohesion, but be careful not to overdo it. 

To use this word, every aspect of your company must be faultless, from the design to the products themselves.

A new brand should not use it, as a customer won’t believe it, and instead of doing good, it may harm your reputation.

Phrase #9: Notice by the world

Both you and the customer benefit from this phrase. 

This statement employs a broad reach for both you and your business partner to convince clients that the items are worth their time and attention.

Phrase #10: Your/our value is priceless

No one has ever been able to articulate what it means to have “value.” Instead, consumers’ perception of value is influenced by the word “exceptional.”

By using this phrase, you are telling that no price can be equal to the value of your products or services.

Phrase #11: Pride is our core

Luxury goods such as Rolex exude a feeling of accomplishment and amazement in their owners. 

You’ll need to employ this type of catchphrase if you want to build a good name for yourself. In addition, you may strengthen this connection via the use of graphics and signage at your place of business.

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Phrase #12: Our reputation surpasses our predecessors

In other words, “People like and trust our products; hence we have come this far.” 

It establishes your status as a well-known business.

Phrase #13: Perfect choice

Customers needed to know that they had made the right decision. 

Customers that choose to buy your items are making an informed choice.

Phrase #14: The moment of glory

You may accomplish word-of-mouth marketing by providing your customers with a remarkable experience that they will talk about with their friends.

Inspire them and find a way to attach your brand products with their success.

Phrase #15: Enjoy your life

Many companies have utilized marketing to improve the lives of their customers. 

Customers will see how much time they have spent with your products by looking back in time.

For example, a loyal customer may use the Toyota car for 20 years.

Phrase #16: Become confident and successful

Companies who sell sportswear and equipment should use this tagline. 

Invoking awe and a desire to improve the customer’s life is the goal of this approach.

Phrase #17: We invent the quality

It establishes you as a reliable and trustworthy source of knowledge. 

You confidently tell your customer that your brand invents quality. It’s a very artistic and stylish way to express your words.

Phrase #18: We stand on the top

You claim that your brand products and services are among the top quality. In your advertisement content, you proudly express this by using the phrase.

Phrase #19: Worth the try

You are encouraging your customer to test out the new products or services.

Based on our findings, modest promotional words work better than over promotion.

Phrase #20: Get the result right now

Most people have an inner demand for quick results. 

Reassuring the consumer to get the result quickly will encourage them to check on your products.  

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Power words to attract your customers

Words, unlike phrases, have a different and more frequent function. Therefore, you can quickly attract and convert customers by using different keywords. 

It is, however, dependent on the type of business you operate and the type of customer you serve. 

Word #1: Mention your client with “You.”

Your name is the most potent marketing tool in the world.

Numerous individuals have dubbed “Gary Halbert” a marketing genius. To him, there’s something particularly appealing about the word “you.” It adds a personal touch to your discourse.

Using the “You” word makes it seem like this product has been built just for you. Big brand billboard commercial features the term “you” prominently.

Word #2: Use the emotional keyword “Trust.”

Marketers betrayed people’s faith in the past. As a result, people find it difficult to regain their confidence. People need to trust you before they decide to purchase your products or services.

Customers won’t purchase from you if they don’t trust you. An excellent place to start is defining “trust” and building on that foundation. This tactic demonstrates that you’re aware of their concerns and eager to assist.

Because of the following reasons, potential customers should put their faith in you. First, you may attract their attention by using the term “trust” in your explanations.

Quick Note: Customer loyalty is entirely based on trust. Even with some dissatisfaction regardless of recent quality or other issues they won’t turn their back on you if they trust you. For instance, customers always trust big brands such as Microsoft, Google, Amazon, etc.

Word #3: Pique your client’s interest by using “Discover.”

Customers are searching because they would like to learn more about the world around them. Customers read your sales material to understand your product better and benefit them.

They’ve started on a voyage in quest of information. For this reason, the expression has become so influential.

Word #4: Show your brand confidence by using “Powerful.”

You’re more inclined to desire something if it has much power. Specific words in content, for example, may pique your curiosity. As a result, copywriters have long used “power phrases” to entice a broad spectrum of customers to buy.

As a result, you’re curious to learn more. Your primary priority is to rise to a position of authority. When you casually utilize this term, it’s simple to draw attention to yourself.

Word #5: Guarantee fast delivery by “Immediately.”

There is a good chance you’ve seen this term in many sales literature. The explanation is straightforward: it works. Many individuals share the attribute of being impatient. They’ll do whatever it takes to acquire what they want quickly.

They’re more inclined to act on your website if you promise it and utilize this term.

Word #6: Simple yet powerful word “More.”

Many people are dissatisfied with the current state of things. Nothing will satisfy them. Only a tiny percentage of the population opts to lead a simple lifestyle. A majority of individuals cannot keep up with their financial obligations because of this fact.

An extensive range of high-quality items is readily available. Customers are looking forward to every one of them. If you utilize the word “more,” you can be sure that your audience will be interested.

Clients can’t wait to get their hands on the items and more information about them. So let’s say that you are an Amazon dealer for the sake of argument. The title that follows will pique your interest.

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Word #7: Another word for fast delivery is “Today.”

What’s the purpose of even bringing it up? Today’s word conveys that purchasers who choose to purchase a product or service at any moment will receive it today as well.

At times, it may feel as if tomorrow is an eternity away.

Is it true that you’ve ever had trouble sleeping the night before a big event due to your excitement over it? 

It seems that the majority of the population agrees with this sentiment. For example, Amazon has “Today’s offer” prominently displayed on its homepage.

Word #8: A question always begins with “How to.”

The internet is awash with how-to guides. As a result, search engine users often seek “how-to” information. For instance, I have published a lot of principles using this word.

Users of the Internet are keen to learn new things. Use this statement if you need to get the point across quickly.


I have written this guide to make you understand how to attract customers with words? I have given ample examples as well.

Attracting customers to your business and convincing them to purchase is only the first phase. If your products or services are not good enough, all of your marketing efforts will go in vain. 

Thus, you need to prepare for both marketing and the value you want to deliver. Only by combining both will bring you to succeed.