10 Secrets to Increase ROI in Facebook Marketing Campaign

10 Secrets to Increase ROI in Facebook Marketing Campaign

Arif Chowdhury
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Last Updated on November 14, 2022 by Arif Chowdhury

To boost your sales through social media marketing campaigns, you must know how to increase ROI in Facebook marketing.

Regarding social media marketing campaigns, Facebook will come up to the top. Why? Simple, because it will have more than 2.60 billion active users worldwide in 2021. And the current world population is roughly 7.8 billion. So it means precisely 33.33% of the world’s population has a Facebook account.

Amazing right? You can say Facebook is the 2nd best platform for online marketing, while Google is the first. But, in social media marketing, Facebook is the predecessor & still on top of other social media platforms, i.e., Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. However, we are not going to talk about those in this article. So, let’s focus only on Facebook marketing right now.

In this guide, I will walk you through 10 powerful secrets you must consider to increase your ROI in Facebook marketing campaigns. So, let’s get started.

Facts before you start a Facebook marketing campaign.

Though Facebook has almost one-third of the world’s population in its user base, some lack of qualities exists within it. For example, there are lots of fake Facebook accounts nowadays. Ask yourself how many Facebook accounts you have. Or, how many accounts do your friends have? Then, consider those numbers and judge for yourself.

According to Statista, there are around 16% of fake Facebook accounts, which means roughly 416 million fake accounts on Facebook.

Though, you shouldn’t worry about it. Facebook uses its AI-powered technology to filter those accounts when a marketing campaign launches to reduce the waste of money on fake account impressions.

It is estimated that around 16% of all Facebook accounts are fake or duplicate. That's why you need to know how to increase ROI in Facebook marketing?

Apart from fake account issues, there is another problem you may encounter. That is – they have the only CPM marketing method available right now. If you do not know about CPM, let me describe it. In a CPM (Cost per Impression) based marketing, you will pay $ per 1,000 views. Facebook will generally charge you around $1-3 per 1,000 views. Remember, optimize your Facebook ads; otherwise, you won’t get optimal results.

Now, take note. It is not about clicking on your ad but instead only viewing it. Facebook has both CPM & CPC (Cost per Click) methods available. Though, most of the Facebook marketers said they didn’t find any quality issues within it. You will get roughly the same result, whether a CPM or CPC. Therefore, to maximize your marketing campaign, you must calculate and target an average ROI of Facebook ads.

Quick Note: Using a landing page to promote your products and services is best. It will significantly reduce your Facebook average ad cost if you craft an eye-catching and informative landing page. Also, a landing page is excellent for lead generation. Besides, intelligent social media advertising can increase conversion rates and brand awareness.

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Benefits you will get from a Facebook marketing campaign.

Unlike Google, you will receive passive free impressions for your advertisement on Facebook. How is that? Simple, it is called “word of mouth.” Whenever you liked or commented on a post, it showed to some friends. And if you share it, it will stick on your profile feed, and almost all of your friends will see it.

Now think about it, if your ad receives 1,000 likes & 50 comments in a marketing campaign, how many extra impressions will you receive?

This type of benefit you will never receive from Google advertisements. Besides, if your business page has millions of active followers, you should receive at least 200K to 300K impressions per post for free.

Let me show you some secrets to increase your marketing ROI effectively.

Quick Note: Social media word of mouth is the best free and passive feature you won’t find anywhere on the internet. It will reduce your average CPC cost as well as increase efficiency. If you have a small business and marketing budget limitation, then utilize social media word of mouth to get free exposure for your brand.

Secret 1: Try to get as many engagements as possible.

The first secret of any social media marketing campaign is getting engagement from your audience. Engagement is all about marketing effectiveness. If you spend $100 on an advertising campaign, however, only very few people click on your ad. Thus it indicates that your ad campaign is a total failure.

However, in a social media marketing campaign, especially on Facebook, you also get passive free impressions which will drive more sales. To get this passive-free impression, you still need lots of engagement from your target audience.

Also, remember that engagement is not only clicking on your ad but also liking, commenting & sharing it with others. Let me give you an example.

Optimize Facebook ads as soon as possible because it will increase your ads engagement rates.

Look at the above example of Facebook ads. It received more than 8,500 likes, 108 comments & 343 shares. If this ad received 100K impressions from its ad campaign, it received another 15K free impressions from social media word of mouth.

As you can see, engagement is a powerful tool to receive different views & sales from your ad. Also, it can indicate how famous your brand is among the target audience. People generally trust an ad that receives lots of positive feedback (likes, comments & shares).

So, my advice is – to try to make your ad copy as interesting & attractive as possible. Then, you will increase its effectiveness and receive lots of free impressions & brand reputation among the target audiences.

Facebook ads manager offers lots of analytics and monitoring features; thus, it is one of the best dashboards for your digital marketing.

Quick Note: Do you know? Facebook’s organic reach has declined recently. So you will get little organic exposure even with millions of active followers. My advice, use Twitter & Pinterest for your organic campaign, as they don’t have such issues.

Secret 2: Catch the eye of the audience & be straightforward.

Facebook and other social media are wild places for the audience. Just ask yourself how many posts you usually see when scrolling the news feed on Facebook.

  • Do you actively see each one of those?
  • How many seconds do you usually spend seeing each of those posts?
  • Do you read all the text of a post? Or skim?

Most people do not even look thoroughly; they keep scrolling for a while & if it can attract their eyes within the first few seconds; only then do they stop scrolling & read that post.

Do you get my point? Only if your post can attract their attention. How many seconds did you have to draw them? Merely a few seconds!

Yes, if you cannot utilize these few seconds to attract your target audience, then they will not only leave your post, but also you will lose that impression. Remember, Facebook will charge you per impression.

Therefore, your job is to make the ad copy very attractive to catch the eye of the running audience.

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Now, one more thing. Only an attractive post cannot do the job here. You have to make that post very straightforward. Refrain from bothering to write hundreds of texts. No one will read it. Just use 10-15 words to describe it.

Try to make short & simple ad copy as possible. Don't write hundreds of words. Nobody will read it.

Look at the above example—simple 3-line text with a simple image to describe the post.

So, my advice is – try to make it attractive & make it short. Be straightforward.

Secret 3: Optimize the ad placement to make it more efficient.

Just writing an ad copy & spending hundreds of dollars per month can do the job. However, it will not bring any efficiency. If you want to increase your ROI in an ad campaign, then you have to optimize the placement of ads.

Proper ad placement is vital to increase your average ROI of Facebook ads.
Source: socialmediaexaminer.com

There are several places to run an ad on Facebook. For example, the news feed, messenger, Facebook marketplace, suggested videos, etc. You may select all the places, but if you want to increase your ROI, I recommend you test each.

Of course, if your ad copy is a video, you better choose suggested videos. Unfortunately, there are no specific tips on the best placement for your ad. It is something you have to find by yourself by running an ad campaign.

My advice is – to launch a small budget campaign, i.e., $10, to find out which place is best suited for your ad.

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Secret 4: Personalize your ad copy to make it unique.

Personalization is a compelling advertising method. You may see it everywhere. From social media to email marketing as well. Now, what exactly does personalization mean? When you mention a person’s name in your email, that is an example of a personalized email.

Ad copy personalization improves the overall performance by at least 200%.

Look at the example; here, they mentioned their customer name & craft a very personalized email to catch the attention. Instead of running a cold email campaign, this type of customized email proved 100% more effective & efficient.

But how are we supposed to personalize a social media ad copy?

You can do it easily in your Facebook page messenger by using settings. However, you cannot do it in your ad copy. There is no such mechanism nowadays. Yet, you can personalize it differently to make it stand above the crowd.

Customizing & personalize your ad is the key to increasing ROI in Facebook marketing.

Make the ad copy as if you are talking with a particular audience. Hence, it will provide value to your audience & you will receive more engagement.

Secret 5: Utilize the power of videos to impress your audience.

Sometimes a short 30-sec video can tell more than thousands of words. Besides, gradually audiences are more attracted to video rather than text. It’s because reading usually takes a lot of time & effort rather than watching a video.

You won’t have to read anything in a video. Just watch. Also, you can describe more efficiently in a video than in text. For example, if it is a tutorial on how to build a WordPress website, then a video can easily show everything. At the same time, an article has to use images frequently to describe.

For example, look at the above video ad from Neil Patel. This video length is under 5-min & within this short time, he describes quickly & smartly how to use six innovative tools & strategies to beat your competitors in Facebook ads.

You must have to understand this significant fact. Facebook audiences do not actively search for anything while they scroll their news feeds. However, audiences actively search for a specific thing using keywords in Google search. Therefore, these two audiences are entirely different from each other.

You have to do it quickly & smartly to describe what you are proposing. As I said, you have only a few seconds to do it. And this is precisely why a video is a perfect match in a Facebook ad rather than text.

Secret 6: Smartly inject questions into your audience’s mind.

Another powerful method is – forcing them to think while seeing your ad. This method is simple, do not show your regular audience things; instead, show them something unusual. Thus, it will shock them, catch their attention & force them to think, what is this all about?

An example of smart advertisement. Shock your visitor & force them to recheck & rethink.

Just take a look at the above video ad from Facebook. It could be a perfect example. Dropps is a cleaning product manufacturing company. Just watch how smartly they catch the attention of their audiences.

This way, they forced their audiences to watch the whole video & read the text to understand what was happening here.

In most cases, people engage more in these kinds of shocking & hilarious ads. The result is – getting more free exposures from word of mouth, more leads & more sales.

Secret 7: Optimal timing & maintaining a frequency.

Timing & frequency is something that you have to do everywhere, not just in Facebook ads. Though timing in Facebook posts entirely depends on your target market. If you have a local business, you need to focus on a specific time when your audiences are most active on Facebook. However, if your audiences are global, do not bother with timing.

Maintaining consistency in posting on a Facebook page is something you always have to do, regardless of your audience. Therefore, I suggest you use Facebook’s built-in scheduling feature to plan for future posts. Hence it will be easy for you to maintain the frequency. Besides, if you use 3rd party scheduling software, you may get even more advanced options.

For example, you can choose a pool of content for future publication. And the software will automatically select posts from that pool & make a schedule based on your audience behavior. As you can see, you won’t have to find an optimal time for posting; the software will do it using its unique machine-learning techniques.

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Secret 8: Implement CTA smartly to increase your click-through rate.

CTA (Call-to-action) is a powerful tool to increase your click rate. I suggest my client make the CTA button visible as much as possible because your audience is always looking for something interesting to click on.

For example, when you see an exciting post & want to learn more about it, you will look for a visible link. Here take a look at the example below.

Do not just place a link. Try to make it easily visible to your audience.

Though in this post, they have given a visible link, this is not enough for your audience. I already said on Facebook your audience is always in a rush; they do not have time to search & find a link to click. They will skim your post for a few seconds & if it is not interesting, they will leave.

So you have to make your CTA button more visible than just a simple link. Here is another example for you.

A perfect example of a CTA button in a Facebook ad campaign will help you increase ROI in Facebook marketing.

In the middle of the post, you see, they have shown their CTA using a green button. It is far better than the previous example. You can increase your click rate by at least 200% using a CTA button like this.

Secret 9: Experiment with an A/B testing method to optimize the ad.

A/B test or split test is an experimenting method. To test out which type of ad performs the best. For example, you may set two different titles, descriptions & images for two other ads & run them simultaneously to see the difference in their performance.

Invoke the power of the A/B testing feature in Facebook. You can easily find the best-performed ad.

This way, you can quickly determine the context most appealing to your target audience. For example, sometimes, a slight variation in the title or image can make a big difference in click rate. Thus, split testing can help you to pinpoint that exact location.

Quick Note: Remember, you cannot just increase ROI in Facebook marketing campaigns by learning. You must keep testing with different content to find out which works best for your business.

Secret 10: Use Facebook pixel to gauge the performance.

Finally, after all you have done correctly, how will you know whether these efforts are paying off? You will need a tracker to spy on your visitors from Facebook ads to answer that question.

Facebook pixel is a valuable tool to track your visitors on your website.

Facebook pixel is a small piece of code that you have to inject into your site’s HTML. Upon doing it, it will track every single visitor from your Facebook ad campaign. As a result, you can see their activities on your site.

For example, let’s say your ad is about selling an eBook. After clicking the ad, what do your visitors do when they arrive on your site? Do they directly click on the purchase button or roam around your site?

It’s like having a CC camera in your shop to find out what your visitors are doing. Then, like A/B testing, you can tweak your site structure based on your visitor’s activities. For example, if it takes your visitors more time to find the purchase button, consider moving it from the bottom to the top of the sales page. This way, you can effectively increase your sales as well.


Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms with almost all types of audiences, from poor to rich & from ages 7 to 100. Also, because of mass audiences, it is a highly competitive platform for advertising. If you are not careful, you may spend most of your ad budget on receiving likes & comments, maybe a few clicks, but no one will purchase anything.

I have said it several times in this guide, in social media, people are not actively looking to buy anything. Most of the time, they are here to take a break. While in Google, people are actively searching for buying or learning. Therefore, to succeed in a social media environment, you must be extra careful when launching an ad campaign.

Be patient, and do not spend a huge chunk of dollars initially. Thus, you better test for a while using a small budget to familiarize yourself with the result. Use all the secrets I have shown you in this guide. I am sure you will get successful & can maximize your ROI in Facebook advertising campaigns. If you still need further help, then don’t hesitate to contact me. I am always here to help.