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6 Best Webinar Platform for Education and Business (Reviewed)

Arif Chowdhury
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Last Updated on July 22, 2022 by Arif Chowdhury

In simple terms, webinar software allows users to connect with a group of people for live communication and online meetings and collaborate on their works within a secure channel. This way, you are not only communicating live but also your channel is safe; all of you can share files. It is more like a digital live seminar.

Millions of webinars are running worldwide; almost all businesses are trying to benefit from it by doing live webinars among their clients, for example, online coaching, tutorial, course, or seminars.

Difference between a real-life seminar & virtual webinar.

Though there are so many benefits of the webinar, as it is not a physical seminar, we frequently get disconnected from a webinar channel or disrupted because of poor internet connections.

It is inevitable, maybe you are hosting a webinar, and you have taken precautions for all malfunctions, but your audience didn’t. So this will happen unless you have taken some other steps like automatic recording your webinar & later, you can broadcast it or host it for an indefinite period like a YouTube video so your audience can come back later and watch it again. 

Which software is best for a webinar?

Now there are many webinar software out there, some are free & some are paid & all of them claim that they are the best. Now best is a term that is meant to be very subjective, best always depends on a person’s needs, maybe money is not an issue to me therefore so many features with high cost won’t affect me & I will call it best. However, some people might have budget issues; the exact product might not be best for them.

Therefore, this guide will show you a collection of the best webinar platform for education and business that are relatively affordable, well-featured, and high-end performance software.

Okay, let’s get started to check out the best webinar software.

1. WebinarJam.

One of the best webinar software platforms for small businesses – risk-free trial of 30-days.

Simple & robust webinar platform – risk-free 30-days.

WebinarJam is one of the tops & high-end webinar platforms that can host up to 5,000 audiences & 6 presenters without breaking a sweat.

It has a 30-day risk-free money-back guarantee and enough time for you to test out its platform.

It is ideal for people who want to start their online coaching or seminar alone or within a group; in any case, WebinarJam can satisfy your demand. It offers you high definition, 30 FPS videos, and a high-quality audio broadcasting feature for your audience. And no problem accessing other devices like Android, tablets, or smartphones. You can also offer pre-recorded webinars videos for your audience who missed them.

You only need a stable internet connection and a home computer to host a webinar. No matter which platform you use, such as Facebook Live or YouTube, you can use Webinarjam.

No limit on devices – gather your audience globally.

No limit on devices – gather your audience globally.

Not just a live seminar, WebinarJam also offers you so many other features like Live Chat with your audience while the live webinar is running to get the most engagement with your audience. You can start a group chat, can send private comments, highlight comments, sticky announcements, and more on the list.

Then you have a recording option for your webinar, the platform will automatically record the webinar, and it can share among the audience with a “replica replay feature,” which can mimic all the actions that happen in live a webinar.

Scheduling a webinar is easy as managing a Facebook account with a dashboard feature. One single click can start your live webinar or schedule a later date.

Aside from the webinar hosting feature, they also provide a platform to build a stunningly looked & professionally designed responsive website for your webinar audience. Become flexible with audience registration & membership subscription. Screen sharing is an excellent tool when you live streaming tutorials or interviews.

You can send promotional emails and SMS notifications to your loyal audience, remind them about your upcoming webinars, and more.

Quick Note: Webinarjam offers a high-quality real-time video conferencing option just like Zoho meeting. You may also create landing pages to invite the audience to your live events or live video. They have numerous business-level webinar features include with affordable prices, thus whether you have a small or large business you can benefit from it.

Run your webinar the way you want.

Run your webinar the way you want.

There are three subscription plans available; if you have less than 500 audiences and only two presenters, then the Basic plan should be great for you; it will cost you $499 per year. However, you can host an unlimited number of webinars, with only 2 hours maximum duration each. When you need more than an essential feature, look for a Professional or Enterprise plan. For example, hosting up to 5,000 audiences and six multiple presenters with a 4-hour maximum duration can be suitable for a large seminar.

Some features are not available in the Basic plan, i.e., the Panic button is handy for the professional webinar only available in the Professional & Enterprise plan. So, why wait? Visit their registration pages and select a plan right away.

WebinarJam subscription plan.

2. Demio.

One of the best webinar platforms for education and business – a 14-day free trial.

Feature-rich & high-end webinar platform – free 14-days.

Demio has a powerful feature to establish engagement with your audience by building a stunning-looking page, collecting registrations, reminding them about the webinar, engaging them in the webinar through a web browser, recording your webinar, and hosting for on-demand later view.

Get a test for a straight 14-day with a risk-free money-back guarantee.

To get started, you need a landing page to collect registrations for webinars; Demio offers you their beautifully easy-to-use landing page builder. Use it and build within a minute and start capturing registration from your audience.

The Demio webinar tool can access any device and browser without downloading.

Flexible automation recording in HD.

Flexible automation recording in HD.

Their webinar is entirely HD quality, and the system automatically records it for later download in MP4 format; you can reschedule it for a later view. Within web conferencing, the audience can interact with each other with a built-in chat system or private group chat room. Send files, images, or documents within sec without needing any third-party application.

They also offer other essential marketing tools such as creating polls and surveys to get votes or learn what your audience thinks about a particular topic before the webinar starts. Then, your audience can stay in the waiting room where you can share your documents or manuals so they can read while waiting.

Send reminders through email or SMS directly to their phone about your following webinars. It will help you to pursue them. You can also set up automated webinars for your audience in the future times. It is a flexible way to maintain consistency.

Finally, you have a powerful insight dashboard for analytics of all your webinars activities like how many watched, active, downloaded, shared, or disconnected from webinars. Also as they offer cloud based webinar service thus you won’t have to worry about losing any data.

Powerful marketing feature makes it easy.

Powerful marketing feature makes it easy.

Demio offers you more webinar duration than other platforms; however, your room attendee can be fewer. For example, the basic plan offers only 50 audiences with a 3-hour maximum webinar duration. At the same time, the Business plan provides a maximum of 500 audiences and 8-hour durations. Therefore, if you need room for more audiences like 1000+, then you should head for WebinarJam as they offer up to 5,000 audiences.

In other cases, Demio offers more webinar duration than WebinarJam, a maximum of 8 hours from Demio. But, the cost might be a little bit higher as the Business plan cost a total of $163 per month means almost $2,000 per year. However, if you need a long duration with a limited audience, then Demio would be a perfect suit for you.

Demio subscription plan.

3. Webinarninja.

World-leading webinar platform – risk-free 14-days trial.

The best webinar platforms for small business – risk-free 14-days trial.

NY Times bestselling author Michael Port said they had to dump all other webinar software platforms until they met WebinarNinja, which is brilliant.

You have a risk-free 14-days trial period to test out their service before making any decision.

They have taken webinar solutions to a new level; now, it is an all-in-one solution; whatever you need right from the beginning, they are already proving that in the easiest and fastest way possible.

There is nothing for you to download nor your audience; all everything is hosted in clouds, safe & secure.

Within just 10-sec, you can create a powerful and beautiful, easy-to-register and join landing page; their platform is doing all the hassle behind the scene; type all the information, and you’re done, ready to set go.

Blazing fast webinar creation – no lagging.

Blazing fast webinar creation – no lagging.

Just like I said, whatever you want, they are providing it. When you need a cloud-based live streaming webinar with direct interaction with your audience, you can do that with a few clicks of your mouse button. Your audience can register and join through their browsers within a minute: no downloading, no hassle. You have options to send them files, pdf, or other format documents right within this platform without needing any third party.

You have the option to share slides and share your computer screen. Then, cast a live pool to get votes about particular topics or to make your audience more active in the webinar.

You have a dedicated Q&A area only for a question and answer part and many more on the list.

The live webinar is only the beginning; this platform has a function to automatically record your webinar with everything within it, whatever happens from chatting to sharing to banning manner less audience with a feature called “replica replay” thus you can later broadcast to your audience those aren’t able to present in schedule time.

The built-in email marketing feature makes it automatic.

Built-in email marketing feature makes it automatic.

WebinarNinja has four subscription plans; the starter plan only offers 100 attendees for live webinars, though, for prerecorded webinars, there is no limitation of attendees. If you need more live attendees, you should look for the Plus or Power plan, as you can host up to 1000 attendees within a live webinar.

But, for a prerecorded webinar, you do not have any limitation of attendees. Therefore, you can take this feature to your advantage and offer a scheduled prerecorded webinar for your audience, and you have no headache with numbers.

All of their plans, from Starter to Power, has full training & tutorial feature available for you to get started if you are new. And, if you are unsure about your plans, create a trial for 14-days and see for yourself.

Webinarninja pricing plan.

4. GoToWebinar.

Affordable & powerful webinar platform – free 7-days.

Best webinar platform for education and business – free 7-days.

GoToWebinar is a powerful and feature-rich platform for hosting webinars. More than 2.7 million webinars are hosted every year around the globe, a hassle-free hosting option leaving you to focus on your audience. 

Isn’t it always the best way to test service without paying anything? Yes, here, you can try their platform for straight 7-days without presenting any of your credit cards.

Now let’s focus on what we want & what they are offering? First thing, hosting and broadcasting a webinar is not an easy task; there are so many boundaries and obstacles to overcome. But, with GoToWebinar, you will only focus on your audience’s needs and the rest they will take care of.

Flexible & easy way to create & plan webinars.

Flexible & easy way to create & plan webinar.

With an easy drag and drop feature, you can create a webinar event by clicking a few buttons on your mouse; that’s it. They already have pre-designed templates for your webinar, so your audience can easily register and get updated information. You don’t need to have any knowledge about page building or coding. They also have a browser-based webinar option.

You don’t even have to be an expert in event management; it’s a built-in feature. All you have to do is plan a schedule, and everything else will be set up automatically.

After registration, your audience won’t forget about your event, and you don’t even have to call each one to remind them. In addition, the webinar hosting platform has auto email and SMS marketing features; thus audience will be notified directly to their smartphone about your webinar’s recent news and updates. These are powerful options for lead generation for your business.

Quick Note: Just like YouTube live you may find lots of features in many webinar tools. All of your virtual events can easily take place on these platforms. They also have lots of engagement features with your target audiences that are not present on YouTube.

Stunningly powerful back-office feature.

Stunningly powerful back-office feature.

They have a simple subscription plan, starting with a basic plan called “Lite,” only able to host 100 participants & will cost you $49 per month; if billed yearly, a 17% discount will be automatically added. However, many influential and needed features are not accessible from the Lite plan; for example, you won’t get access to their marketplace while other plans have it, offering you to reach millions of new audiences for your webinar.

The Lite plan is for a primary purpose, not for business purposes; thus, for a real business, focus on the Pro or Enterprise plan, where you can host up to 3,000 participants and get almost all features.

Lastly, for an exceptional online event where you need more hosting capacity, contact them directly for hosting up to 100K audience.

GoToWebinar subscription plan.

5. Livestorm.

High-end performance webinar platform – forever free.

Which software is best for a webinar? Check Livestrom it is forever free.

Livestorm is a highly flexible and easy-to-use webinar platform; with their all-in-one feature, you can skip all the hassle of getting ready because it is already prepared to go; just hit the button and begin your webinar from hour zero.

Getting a chance of a 30-day money-back guarantee is one thing, but receiving an offer to get it permanently free is just another league. So yes, they offer you a free plan with basic features; use it as long as you want.

First of all, no downloads whatsoever. Your audience can join by using their normal browser with any device, with no limitation on anything.

You can create an unlimited number of webinars, meetings, and on-demand webinars; this feature is available in all of their subscription plans from free to premium.

Powerful, user-friendly webinar solution.

Powerful, user-friendly webinar solution.

Whatever the reason you want to host a webinar from online coaching, tutorial, product overview, reviews of services, official conferences, or meetings, you can do it all with maximum efficiency. While running a webinar, you can interact with your audience like in real life with live chat features or start a group chat. Share files and pdf documents through the webinar platform; there is no need to use other third-party applications.

No need to be concerned about your video quality. All you have to do to confirm that you have a stable internet connection and the rest will take care of them, all your videos will be in HD quality, and you will be able to share your screen whenever you want.

Their platform has an automated feature to record your webinar behind the scene without you or the audience noticing. And later, you can rebroadcast the entire webinar to other audiences, those who came later or missed it. You can also automate whole scheduling things—all you have to do this fix a date for that.

Built-in webpage & online marketing feature.

Built-in webpage & online marketing feature.

They are not holding you back, not even in a free plan for attendee registration or how many webinars you can create. The essential feature is always available in all plans. The only difference is in the number of participants who can attend a webinar or how many presents can present.

The free plan is enough for demonstration purposes and basic needs, i.e., only for four presenters, ten attendees, and one meeting room. Duration is also limited to 20 minutes per webinar. While other paid plans, for example, “Meet Premium,” have no limitation in time whatsoever, only the number of attendees can vary.

Up to 12 presenters can present in the Meet Premium plan. Webinar Premium plan has a customizable option for the number of attendees; in default, it has a 100 attendees capacity; however, you can increase it up to 1,000 though the price will increase based on the custom feature.

Lastly, if you need more features for your large organization’s needs, call them for an Enterprise plan with a custom rate.

Livestorm subscription plan.

6. Clickmeeting.

Limitless possibilities & flexible platform – free 30-days.

Limitless possibilities & flexible platform – free 30-days.

One of my favorite and highly customizable webinar platforms with limitless possibilities with few clicks & hassle-free.

It allows you to try out their platform for 30-days risk-free without needing any credit card.

ClickMeeting is an all-in-one platform for your webinar needs; almost all features have, from a live webinar room to automation and social media live conference option.

No matter what your desire is, you can do it. For example, you can showcase your products in the live room to give your audience live reviews, or you may want to teach in an online course or tutorials; perhaps your official conference can take place from home with HD quality video and high-quality audio. Sharing files and documents directly from the live room is also a fantastic feature.

Professional webinar with limitless customization.

Professional webinar with limitless customization.

Creating a webinar with ClickMeeting is just as easy as 1-2-3. With a few clicks, anyone can do it. They have detailed video training if you are entirely new in the webinar field. For your business purpose, you can offer a paid webinar with your exclusive content; payment can be made through PayPal directly from the webinar registration page.

You can create a professional-looking webinar page with a registration option without knowing about building a website or coding. Then, with a simple drag and drop, the easy builder, even a kid, can create a beautiful landing page.

An automated webinar is another stunning feature, as you do not have to be live; prepare a webinar and give a schedule, and the platform will do the rest in full automation. Later you can collect your survey data or comments from the audience, pool results, or even make payment from them.

Do you have a YouTube channel or Facebook page? Just connect it with the webinar platform and broaden your audience to social media to get millions of audience and leads.

Reach a broader audience globally from social media.

Reach a broader audience globally from social media.

Apart from a 30-day complete free plan, they have three other paid subscription plans—Live, Automated, and Enterprise. Based on your audience’s size, the cost can vary; for example, the Live plan cost will be $60 per month if your attendees are 100 & 500 attendees cost will be $139 per month if billed annually as you will receive a flat 20% discount for annual payment.

Some other exclusive features can also vary from Paid plans like Live plan webinar recording time is a maximum of 6 hours while the Automated plan has 10 hours duration. HD quality also increases based on paid plans ladder.

Call them directly if you need a larger audience size and other features, as they have an Enterprise plan with custom features based on your needs.

Clickmeeting subscription plan.

Executive Summary.

Technology has changed everything from A to Z. Our grandfathers would shock if they could be able to see what we are doing today. We talk over the phone no matter where we are; we can see each other live faces while talking using video calls. Instantly can send files, documents, images, and videos.

We shop online, play online, communicate online, hang out with each other online, read news online, do business online, do jobs online & even no longer need to go to school or college; we can do it too online. Did I miss anything else?

So what is left to become a science fiction movie?

Anyway, I hope you get the answer to your question: Which software is best for a webinar?

Thus, after reading this guide, which one have you chosen for your task or school, college, or university works? Do let us know in below comments section. Others might even get benefited from it. And we can discuss it.

Further readings: as you have read this guide about webinar software, I guess you might need this as well – “Best Scheduling Software for Small Business (Reviewed),” & it also has a connection to your line of work – “Best Photo Editing Software,” am I right or wrong? Do enjoy and leave a comment.