8 Best Video Editor Software for Personal/Business in 2021 (Review)

Best Video Editing Software
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Last Updated on March 9, 2021 by Arif Chowdhury

What is Video Editor Software?

In simple terms, you use video editor application to edit a motion picture the way you want. Including giving a special effect like Hollywood movies. You can edit a video for many purposes, maybe for personal reasons or fun, or perhaps for professional needs. Either way video editing software is essential for any type of video editor from a fun purpose to a professional need.

Why You Need Video Editor Software for Business?

No matter which type of marketer you are, certainly you will need video editor software to market your promotional materials. Nowadays, video promotion is an uprising trend for online marketing. And YouTube already become 2nd largest search channel worldwide. From small to large organizations rushing towards video marketing to keep up with the new era of digital marketing. If you host webinar for your employees or clients you will need it, if you run an ecommerce site then to make your product to more appealing to your customer you must have it.

What is the Best Video Editor Software?

Therefore, for online business or physical business video editor software is essential. Now, there are many video editing software out there all over the internet. Just type in Google and you will find almost hundreds of paid and free software.

However, not all of them are “diamond in the rock”. Even you may find some of them are garbage and waste of time.

And, here comes my guide of “Best Video Editor Software of 2020”. I have handpicked several of my favorite video editing software that is financially affordable as well as feature-rich.

Okay, let’s get started.

1. Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Legendary Video Editor Software – Free 7-days Trial

Legendary Video Editor Software – Free 7-days Trial

Legendary brand presenting advanced video editing software by giving you the option to limitless editing features from 8K to virtual reality.

If you want to test their boundless editing feature then join for 7-days Free trial.

Adobe Premiere Pro is an industry-leading video editing software. Mainly design for the advance purpose of TV and film editing works. It can easily integrate seamlessly with other apps and services, opening for you the gate of limitless editing options.

On top of every amazing editing feature, they are proving, one innovative feature that outlasts them all.

Adobe Sensei – a powerful A.I designed to learn by itself to adapt to customer needs. That would be an otherwise complex and complicated task to deliver a perfect result.

Boundless Editing Possibilities to Virtual Reality

Boundless Editing Possibilities to Virtual Reality

With powerful A.I, it has machine learning capabilities to understand each customer’s needs. By adapting to their specific behavior and able to deliver one-to-one customer experience at scale.

Not only for your creative video editing purpose but also for other needs, like marketing, data analysis, and business professionals.

If you choose to purchase Above Premier Pro you will also get access to their latest features and updates as soon as they released. Also, get 100GB of cloud storage for your most precious documents and videos.

This product includes other apps like Premiere Rush, Adobe Portfolio, Fonts, and Sparks.

Across all platforms and devices – from small to large

Across all platforms and devices – from small to large

If you want to get your hands on Premiere Pro, then start to count from $20.99 per month to $239.88 per year, whichever plan you choose. For the annual plan, you will get a discount.

And, don’t forget to use their 7-days trial plan, if you are not sure about paid plans.

Premiere Pro Payment method

2. Final Cut Pro X

Advance Video Editor for Mac – Free 90-days Run

Advance Video Editor for Mac – Free 90-days Run

Final Cut Pro X is the best video editing software for Mac. Designed to take control of your post-production for movies, films, or professional videos.

You can try out this software for 90-days free if you have used their previous version before.

With modern Metal Engines, receive next-generation performance for complex projects. And large frames with higher frame rates, more effects, and blazing fast speed.

The metal engine effectively accelerates the graphics task like rendering & real-time effects. Thus giving you up to 20% faster when editing with iMac pro.

High End & Faster Video Editing Experience

High End & Faster Video Editing Experience

Video editor with a magnetic timeline can give you access to easily move video clips and images throughout the story line. Without having any problem with synchronization or collision.

Can easily organize your entire video project resource using Metadata to a single clip. Or a category to make it easily manageable or you may use a smart collection tool to collect content automatically based on your search criteria.

Leverage the power of motion graphics. Create a 2D or 3D motion title for your movie clips. Or use built-in Chroma key to give high-end green or blue screen effects.

One of the most effective and powerful features perhaps is a 360-degree video editing feature. You will get access to edit your videos from a 360-degree angle to give life in virtual reality.

Now let’s get to know it’s price. Final cut pro X is compatible with macOS 10.14.6 or later version (64-bit). It will cost you $299.99 and size about 2.9GB.

Final Cut Pro X pricing model

3. EaseUS Video Editor

Simple & Powerful Video Editor – Instant Free Trial

Simple & Powerful Video Editor – Instant Free Trial

EaseUS Video Editors is a very simple and powerful video editing software for everyone from a kid to a grown-up, If you are not a professional movie maker yet you can make a great video.

It has an instant download free trial version with some limitation though, but enough for you to try out.

It provides you an easy drag and drops feature to handle all complex tasks to edit and giving a range of special effects in a video like professionals. Your imagination is your limitation. Just take a breath and do whatever you imagined doing, cut, merge, rotate, split, and apply various built-in special effects to make it stunningly beautiful.

It provides you more than 50 visual and transition effects to test out. And you can even record your narrations with a simple click of the mouse button.

No Advance Knowledge Required – Editors for Everyone

No Advance Knowledge Required – Video Editors for Everyone

Add video filters and overlay effects instantly in real-time to compare which one would be a great effect. Apply sketch, zoom out, and other verities effect, perhaps you can create slideshow from your image clips effortlessly add some music in the background.

And, when it comes to converting files from one format to another, you don’t even have to look for 3rd party converter, it has a built-in converter for MP4, WMV, AVI, etc.

Importing from other devices is also easy like your android mobile, camcorders, DV cameras, DVDs, etc.

If you are a YouTuber, then you may find it handier than other video editors, as editing and uploading to YouTube, Facebook and Twitter is just a matter of one click directly from the software.

Apply Effects & Compare in real-time

Apply special effect & compare it in real time

When it comes to pricing, EaseUS video editors are very comfortable with its customers. The monthly subscription fee is only $17.97 (40% off limited-time promotional offers) or perhaps buy it permanently with only $79.95 whichever works for you.

And off course, you can try it out instantly just click on a free trial and download it. No risk only gain.

EaseUS Video Editor pricing model

4. Adobe Premiere Elements 2020

Intelligent Auto-Creation Technology, 7-days Free Trial

Intelligent Auto-Creation Technology, 7-days Free Trial Video Editor

If you are a complete newbie in the video editing field and never edited a single image or video before, Premiere Elements will guide you like a mentor and make you a master.

Try out their 7-days Free trial to get a test of the amazing power of creations.

Easy things first, every beginner start with images rather than videos, because it is comparatively easy to get along. Create stunningly beautiful slideshows and collages with your images, if you get stuck then visit the home page and learn from a series of guides and all are free.

Become a Master with the help of Advanced Technology

Become a Master with the help of Advanced Technology

There are 23 guided edits built-in within Premiere Elements to make it a piece of cake for you and feel like a master right from the beginning. No matter what it is, from stacks of images to time-lapse video, you can create next-generation video from it.

Let’s talk about other case, let’s say you have taken some great pictures but in low lights? No problem, it happens most of the times and that is why we use video editors to make it right. Just use drag and drop feature, and reduce those noise effects and make it stunning within a sec.

When it comes to thousands of images and videos stack up in your computer and you need almost a week to organize them or sometimes even impossible to short them out, no worries – effortless organization effectively cut the clutters and intelligently recognize people’s faces, to tag them and categorized for you.

Adobe Premiere Elements 2020 got Editor Choice Award

Now it’s time to see product prices. If you plan to purchase “Premiere Elements 2020” it will cost you $99.99. And If you choose both “Photoshop Elements 2020 & Premiere Elements 2020”, then total cost will be $149.99. This bundle will save you $50.

The choice is yours, however, do not forget to try out 7-days free trial, as there is nothing to lose from your end.

Adobe Premiere Elements Pricing Model

5. Apple iMovie

Become a Master Movie Maker – Free Forever

Apple iMovie Maker

Create your own Hollywood style movies from your Mac, iPhone, or iPad, using simple and powerful interface easy drag and drop feature, let this software do the heavy lifting for you.

The best part is – It’s completely Free, yes no trial & no limitation. Just hit the download button and let’s go.

Build studio quality movies with beautifully animated titles at the beginning and credits at the end. Get access to a library with hundreds of pre-designed collections for you to choose from.

Slow down or speeding up special effects will make your action video more exciting to watch and add some high-end fidelity filters to your videos to give it a more cinematic touch.

No holding back to make you a Hollywood like a movie

Create a hollywood movie at home

What about your soundtrack? Why worries, you can choose to have more than 80 soundtracks on iOS that can intelligently adjust themselves into your video based on its length.

Or record your sound effect and voice to give a more personal touch according to your style. Perhaps add built-in sound effects to reduce some workloads.

Want to create a movie throughout the world? You can do this just like Hollywood movies from earth to moon or even in another galaxy, just use green-screen effects to erase the background and reappear in the other world.  

Leverage the power of automation and make great things

Leverage the power of automation in Video editor

There is no subscription fee, as it has no such page! Yes, it is completely free to use. Just click on the download link and get ready to make movies.

6. PowerDirector 365

Professional Choice for Video Makers – Free Download

PowerDirector 365 Instant Free download Video editor

If you are a YouTuber or Instagram user then PowerDirector 365 can be your best friend until the end of time, is specially designed for the type of video marketers like you, so let’s get started.

Free download option lets you have a test of its creative power with some limitations though.

Just like I said before, a YouTuber can leverage the editing features that are specially designed for video marketing promotion, like using a wide range of text bubbles to give a professional touch into your videos starting or end screen with “Subscribe now” or “Receive free offer”.

Perfect features for YouTubers & Instagram users

Perfect video editor for youtube and Instagram user

Use the power of motion graphics by using a simple drag-drop feature of PowerDirector 365, do not even have to have 10 years of movie-making experience to create a stunningly beautiful video.

YouTube videos always win with first 5 seconds impressions and off course must have to have amazing thumbnails to catch the eyes of your hungry audience. Use title mask reveals feature to create your animated text line and make it appears right where it should be.

Easily make 1:1 squire videos with ease and publish to your Instagram and YouTube channel.

Do you need Hollywood style editing with green screen effects? No worries, no need to purchase thousands of dollar software and read thousands of page manuals to do & learn it. Use multi-key sampling Chroma key editing feature to edit your background and appear anywhere you want.

Make it Simple & Make it Professional

Use title reveal mask in your youtube video as easy as 1-2-3

Now, what about their pricing plans? They have 2 options for you, lifetime license and monthly or annual subscription plans. If you choose the PowerDirector 365 annual subscription plan then you will receive a flat 25% discount automatically and the total cost would be $51.99 per year. Alternatively, you may purchase a lifetime license with only $99.99 for PowerDirector 18 Ultra and $129.99 for PowerDirector 18 Ultimate.

Though there is some limitation in a standalone version. Like you would have unlimited access to their CyberLink premium plugins and unlimited access to background music and sound clips.

PowerDirector 365 pricing model

7. HitFilm Express

Forever Free with Power of Next-Generation

HitFilm Express Next Generation Video Editor for Hollywood movies

Sometime Freebies are not always good and well-featured, however, it doesn’t apply on HitFilm Express, they are fully loaded with all types of professional grade VFX tools to make Hollywood movies or gaming videos, the choice is yours.

Forever Free, just hit the download button and start making a film or whatever you like.

There are over 5.3 million content creators & filmmakers worldwide using HitFilm software to create films or awesome videos, with professional-grade video editors, full 2D & 3D compositing features along with more than 410 pre-designed formats and effects.

Learn from the Master & Become Expert in Filming

Learn video editing completely free from industry experts

You are now in the film industry. No worries, they are proving you full-featured Masterclass editing & VFX tutorials to get you started.

The first tutorial will provide you the basics of creating 3D models while 2nd tutorial is Express basics will let you learn the fundamentals of editing audio, text, and visual effects in your films.

All features are unlocked, nothing holding back

Completely free video editor

8. MAGIX Movie Edit Pro

Award-Winning Movie Editors for Professionals

Magix Movie Edit Pro create better video fast

Movie Edit Pro is one of the most flexible and world-class movie editing software for both beginners and professionals.

You have the option to test their software before you purchase for Free.

Powerful drag and drop wizard giving you the option of a wide range of special effects to support your workflows. Now let’s introduce you to their new INFUSION Engine with an ultra-fast feature to save your time and efforts with better quality than before.

You can begin your movie making the journey with a DSLR, video camera, or even from smartphones by importing media files to Movie Edit Pro and let’s get started.

Advance features for beginners & professionals both

Advance video editor unlocked all premium features

Sometimes it happens that a great capture of images or videos is ruined because of a lack of lighting in those events. With the noise reduction feature, you can easily rescue those great moments and can return to their glory.

You have a powerful and simple wizard mode in your arsenal. Just start with a simple storyboard view to get used to it, if you are a complete beginner or switched back to timeline view to get a flexible work area.

Then you have “Pro Stabilization Solution” in your hand, some videos might get shaky because of unexpected winds, you have nothing to worry about, use this feature to remove those shaky views like a professional.

You need to change the background and be somewhere you wanted to be? Got it, they are covering the feature called “Chroma Keying”, add some green screen effect and remove the background and be somewhere you meant to go.

Your imagination is your ultimate limitations

A video editor with limitless possibilities

What about the pricing option? They have Movie Editing Pro, Plus and Premium version started from $69.99 to $129. If you choose their Premium version then you will receive all features unlocked, including Multi-cam & 360-degree editing for virtual reality editing. Though this feature also available in the Plus version.

In any other case, do not forget to start using their trial version, you have nothing to lose just hit the download button and get it.

Magix Movie Edit Pro pricing model

Executive Summary

Thanks to these next-generation video editing technology, we can witness awesome graphics and special effects in Hollywood movies nowadays. Think back of 1990 movies, from that era video editing technology has changed a lot. Surprisingly what a producer of Hollywood movies could do back then in 1990 by investing thousands of dollars, a today’s kid can do the same thing or even more from their home with a personal computer.

And this is call evolution in technology. What our grandchild will able to do in their time is impossible for us now to even imagine.

Anyway, I hope you do like my guide of video editing software. I will expand this guide with more valuable information from time to time. And that’s why I need your valuable idea, thoughts & comments. Please if you need to know anything more about photo editing software just do a comment below. Let’s talk about it.

Recommended reading on Cliobra: if you haven’t read my other guide about photo editing, then do so now – “Best Photo Editor Software Review for 2020” & I think social media management tool might be useful for your line of work – “Best Social Media Management Tools for 2020” I hope you will like these, enjoy.