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8 Best Social Media Management Tools for Freelancers (Reviewed)

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Last Updated on July 22, 2022 by Arif Chowdhury

Social media is becoming a more lucrative marketing platform for all types of businesses, from food, medicine, clothes, cosmetics, and many more within this list. More than 3.5 billion people are using social media actively, while 1.49 billion active users can be found on Facebook alone.

This vast customer base is becoming a gold mine daily social media channels. However, if a business only focuses on search engines or websites, it might lose a large customer base and a large chunk of annual revenue.

Apart from listing your company on Google my business, you should also focus on opening official pages on different social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

This guide will showcase our favorite and tested best social media management tools for freelancers, agencies, and businesses.

Use social media management tools in your marketing as much as possible to make it easy.

Peoples tend to stay active on social media to connect to their family and friends, to get updates on their favorite pages, and daily news. And an intelligent marketer should focus on this opportunity as they can show relevant product offers in front of them. Sometimes you can do it with social media built-in advertisement, or a business can open a page and get followers to show customers product offers passively.

This is a very effective method, as your customer won’t get annoyed by unexpected product offers instead, they are actively following your social media posts to get up to date.

There are many social media management tools out there you can use to effectively manage social media profiles or pages with a single click or in complete automation.

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What are the benefits of the social media management tool?  

First, you can easily manage multiple social media accounts from a single dashboard; you can publish posts and see statistics of customer engagement for that specific post as well.

You do not even have to search for relevant content all over the internet. This tool will automatically search content within your selected keywords, and you can curate and share it with your audience with just a few clicks.

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Article curation.

Easily curate various articles from various sources using tools.

For example, article curation would be an excellent tool if you wanted to post something relevant to Hollywood movies. Just enter keywords based on your favorite topics, and they will automatically suggest to you some best article content from all over the internet; now click the share button, and you are done. Easy, flexible, and time-saving features.

Automatically get curate suggestion from social media management tools.

Scheduling your post and publish automatically.

You nor your social media managers can stay in front of your laptop or desktop all 24 hours and publish beautiful stunning content at the appropriate time. Thus, it would be best if you had an assistant; here come the schedule posts feature that can automatically publish your post at your selected time.

Quickly schedule your small business post using this tool.

All inbox management in one place.

Another fantastic feature is managing all of your social media inboxes from one single place. You do not have to log in to every social media account, i.e., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., to receive a message from your customers; instead, you will use just one inbox to manage them all.

Handle multiple social media inboxes using this tool.

And, what about replying to all of them at once. Yes, you can do that too from a single platform.

When your social media pages or profiles grow exponentially, you will receive a massive response in inbox messages. However, replying to all these messages will be impossible unless you have an automation process that can respond to your customers the way you want. 

With the Social Media management tool, you will have the option as well to manage all your inboxes in one place as well as reply to them automatically.

Social media team management.

You can easily manage your multiple social profiles and pages with a team. However, managing a team is another hassle; there should always be a control base where a leader will focus on driving them all by collaborating on their work and assigning a new task.

What about a beautiful and powerful all-in-one dashboard where you can see everything happening right now across all your social media pages.

The dashboard is handy for a large team or agency to manage multiple social media accounts with several team members.

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Flexible to manage several social media accounts.

You can see who is moderating which pages, comments, or social media accounts in real-time. Thus maintaining all members of your customer support team in a single place would become easy, flexible, and less time-consuming.

With all those excellent features, there are many social media tools, but finding the right one to suit your specific needs might be time-consuming. In addition, some have unique features but are costly, while others may have fewer features with a cheap subscription option.

In this guide, I have selected some of the best social media management tools for the small businesses I have used and tested personally in my online marketing business. I hope this list will save you a lot of time, and you will be able to pick which is suitable for you.

Okay, now let’s get started.

1. Crowdfire.

Simple social media management tool – free forever.

Crowfire is one of the best social media management tools for small business.

What is so special about Crowdfire?

It is a simple social media management tool with a free plan available with no trial period.

What can I do with this application?

There are four main sections that you can manage with this application.

1. Content curation.

  • You can curate articles, news, social media content, and other blog posts from all over the internet with a single click.
  • Follow any RSS feed to curate content from there automatically.
  • Ability to curate and share stunning images.
  • Find relevant articles with just a few keywords automatically.
  • Share content automatically from your other blogs or website.

2. Publish content.

  • Publish a post to all your social media accounts from a single place.
  • Set a schedule to publish a post to that date automatically.
  • Automatic tailored post for each social media account.
  • Recommendation for the best time to publish content.
  • Innovative Queue meter to become active all over the week.

3. Get analytics.

  • Receive a fully customizable and sharable analytics report.
  • Measure and track ROI for your social media marketing budget.
  • Add any amount of social media accounts to get an analytics report.
  • Ability to use custom templates for your report.
  • Choose which metric is best for you to analyze and create a report.
  • Download social media analytics report in PPT or PDF format.
  • Schedule weekly/monthly export of report directly to an email. 
  • Maximize your online marketing efforts by assessing these metrics.

4. Mass communication.

  • Never miss another inbox or comment reply.
  • Instantly communicate across all social media followers from one place.
  • Collaborate with your entire team members easily.

What about their pricing option?

They have three subscriptions plan apart from the free plan. Plus, Premium and VIP plans start from $7.48 to $74.98 per month if you choose to be billed annually, as you will receive an instant discount. In addition, in a free account, you will be able to link only one social media account, while in VIP, you will be able to connect 20 accounts.

Crowdfire subscription option.

I have taken some screenshots of Crowdfire hope you might like these.

2. Agorapulse.

One of the best social media management tools for freelancers and businesses.

Agorapulse to manage all social social media accounts.

What is so special about Agorapulse?

They provide you with some free and valuable social media marketing tools, i.e., Ads Report, Easy Employee Advocacy, Facebook page barometer & Twitter report card.

What can I do with this application?

They have several unique and valuable features that you can use on your social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

1. Engagement.

  • One inbox that combines all social media inboxes in one place.
  • Track all comments and messages from a single place.
  • Automated Inbox assistant to filter spam messages.
  • A computerized assistant can even reply on behalf of you 24/7.
  • Track important clients separately by labeling them.
  • Innovative feature to track comments on Facebook or Instagram ads.

2. Publication.

  • Manage all types of publication procedures from one platform.
  • Social media scheduling, queue post, categorized post, bulk uploading.
  • Innovative schedule feature with the schedule once, republish regularly, and more.
  • Queue contents to publish at a specific time or continuously during a particular month.
  • Categorized your queue post by coloring them.
  • Approve bulk posts all at once in case of team publication.

3. Branding & listening.

  • Setup to receive your brand-related search results and conversation.
  • Use filters to find an exact match for your brand.
  • Monitor to find out relevant trending tags to match with your post.
  • With unlimited saved search, you can track a brand-related conversation.

4. Collaboration.

  • Managing a large team from an organization is more accessible than before.
  • Live tracking option to check who is moderating which post or comments.
  • Assign tasks and roles for different team members in various social networks.
  • Able to see records of team members’ task history.

5. Analytic reports.

  • Powerful dashboard with analytics insight about social media performance.
  • Download analytics report in PDF format.

6. Audience monitoring.

  • Powerful CRM featured audience-monitoring capabilities.
  • Identify important clients to pursue them with exclusive offers.

What about their pricing option?

They have four subscription plans to choose from, Medium, Large, X-Large, and Enterprise, ranging from $79 to $399 per month if you prefer to be billed annually for a flat 20% discount. However, you may start a 28-day trial without needing any credit card.

Agorapulse subscription plan

3. Buffer.

One of the best social media management tools for small businesses makes it easy.

One of the best social media management tools for freelancers and individuals makes it easy.

What is so special about Buffer?

They are giving you the option to learn how to become successful in online and social media marketing from their expert for free. 

What can I do with this application?

Buffer has two types of products, one is Publication, and another one is Analyze. For a new or expert marketer, both can be extremely beneficial.


  • Beautiful Craft post for all of your social media platforms from a single place.
  • Build a brand on Instagram with your team members.
  • Scheduling post with automation procedure 24/7.
  • Ability to include the first comment in your Instagram post.
  • Get reminder notifications to plan and publish.
  • Visual planner option for next post or schedule post.
  • Collaboration within a team by drafting and approving a post, finally stay synchronized.


  • Track performance of all social media from a single dashboard.
  • Powerful analytics report with different metrics to get a visual performance report.
  • Identify and categorize post that receives more engagement.
  • Ability to download reports in PDF format or even white-label for customers.

What about their pricing option?

They have three subscriptions plan for Publication product and two subscriptions plan for Analyze products. Ranging from $15 to $99 if billed annually to get an automatic 20% discount.

You may also try out their 14-day free trial option without needing any credit card information at all.

Buffer subscription option.

4. Sendible.

One of the top social media management tools.

Sendible most affordable social media tool.

What is so special about Sendible?

Powerful social media management software along with expert-written handbook manuals and webinars for new online marketers.

What can I do with this application?

You can easily integrate Sendible to nearly all online platforms, i.e., Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WordPress, Instagram, Pinterest, and many more in this list.

1. Unique dashboard.

  • With one single dashboard, you can read, reply, track, monitor, and engage.
  • No need to jump from one social media to others; get all in one platform.
  • Track brand awareness by seeing what other people are saying in their posts.
  • Automatic sentiment analysis will notify you about specific posts or comments that might be helpful or harmful to your brand.
  • Track ROI for social media marketing campaign to get a performance analysis.
  • While label features enable you to present a custom report for your clients.

2. Publication from a single platform.

  • Simplify social media publishing to all platforms from a single place.
  • Save time by crafting one unique post, then share it on all social media with a single click.
  • Scheduling posts in bulk format and Sendible automatically tailored them based on specific social media formats to save your time and efforts.
  • Keep your client’s content flowing 24/7 with queues.
  • Get a visual overview of your scheduling and queuing content all over your social media accounts.

3. Collaboration with a large team.

  • Easily manage a large number of team members in social media moderation.
  • Assign and approve posts from different team members.

4. Powerful analytics report.

  • Get access to an influential analytics report for your social media advertisement performance.
  • Turn your social media engagement into a powerful metric to understand customers’ behavior.
  • Download a PDF report or even publish a white label analytics report for your clients.

5. Innovative fast response.

  • Social media fast response is an effective way to get more engagement and sales; by using the Sendible platform, you can easily track and respond to your valued customers.
  • Analyze hashtag keywords to get ahead of competitors and ride with the correct trend.

What about their pricing option?

They have four subscription plans from Base to Large, ranging from $16 to $254 per month if billed annually to receive a 15% flat discount. Another option is to test their service for the free 14-day trial; no credit card is needed.

Sendible pricing plan.

5. Hootsuite.

Popular & advanced social media management platform.

Hootsuite is free social media management tool.

What is so special about Hootsuite?

They have been one of the most popular social media management platforms since 2008. Provingfree and paid certificate course specially designed for social media marketing.

What can I do with this application?

With Hootsuite, you can easily create, publish, and manage all of your social media account from a single platform.

1. Publish content.

  • Using a built-in planner, you can quickly get an overview of your published and scheduled content across all social media networks.
  • You can do mapping of your social media campaigns and fill out the content gaps all in real-time and visually.
  • Ability to create engaging content with rich media by accessing asset library, stock media, and advanced video publishing tools.
  • Save your time and use the scheduling feature to stay active on social media.

2. Engage with the audience.

  • Monitor current trends by using a hashtags tracker and your post-performance.
  • Get notifications of every comment and message inbox and respond to it from a single platform.
  • Easily manage thousands of inbox messages by filtering out the most important ones to stay ahead of schedule.

3. Advertise with social media.

  • Not just raw advertisement, Hootsuite can monitor each post by tracking their organic reach and engagement and then suggest you boost that specific post to get a maximum impact.
  • Get suggestions for advertisement location, devices, bids, age, and user interest to reduce your workload.

4. Monitor performance.

  • Easily get in the conversation by creating a stream of workflows, so whenever a perfect conversation arises, you can jump in.
  • Get access to powerful conversation insight to understand the perception of your brand among the audience.

5. Analyze the report.

  • Ability to see a 360-degree view of your total social media performance at a glance.
  • You can set a performance benchmark and easily download a full analytics report in PDF format.

What about their pricing option?

They offer you four subscription plans Professionals, Team, Business, and Enterprise. Prices range from $29 per month to $599 per month. And, there is a custom solution for a large organization; you have to contact them directly for a custom rate.

All plans are subject to a 30-days free trial.

Hootsuite subscription plan.

6. Sprout Social.

Perfect social media management solution.

Perfect social media management solution.

What is so special about Sprout Social?

They have a flexible and powerful social media management tool that contains all the necessary items you might be needed, along with a learning section for new marketers.

What can I do with this application?

Sprout Social management tool has four powerful built-in sections to manage your social media accounts easily.

1. Publishing post.

  • Easily manage multiple social media accounts publishing content with a few clicks of your mouse button
  • Erase the embarrassment of login into every social platform by connecting all accounts in one single platform and publishing or scheduling content according to your specified time.

2. Engaging with the audience.

  • Increase engagements with an audience by streamlining all comments and inboxes in one place
  • Apply the different filters to remove unnecessary clutters and engage with the most valuable customers

3. Listening to the whispers.

  • Easily listen to the whispers of an audience and overcome your competitors
  • Integrate effortlessly with other social media platforms you may not need; listening to those audiences may give you powerful insight into your marketing approach.

4. Measure the performance.

Powerful ROI analysis for your marketing campaign to understand the performance of the current advertisement or post boosting.

What about their pricing option?

They have three different subscription plans Standard, Professionals, and Advanced ranging from $99 per month to $249 per month. All plans have a 30-days trial option included with no credit card required.

Sprout Social subscription plan.

7. SocialPilot.

Cost-effective and powerful social media management tool.

SocialPilot has lots of social media management features.

What is so special about SocialPilot?

It is one of the most cost-effective social media management tools compared with other brands. They have a resource section with a collection of e-books and free webinars for you to get started.

What can I do with this application?

SocialPilot is an all-in-one tool that can collaborate all your resources in one platform to stay synchronized and minimize workloads effectively.

1. Publishing and scheduling.

  • Ability to publish and schedule highly engaging posts with just a few clicks.
  • Connect all your social media account from a single platform, i.e., Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc., and publish content all at once.
  • RSS Feed automation can reduce your workload by getting active 24/7.

2. Collaboration.

  • Assign and manage the entire team from a control center to make it more efficient and accurate with minimal workloads from your end.
  • Tight and controlled workflows have visual features. Thus no content will ever go unchecked; increase accuracy in a systematic way.

3. Social Inbox.

Receive a unique social inbox that will hold all the messages across all your social media networks, so you can easily engage promptly

4. Advertisement.

Get a virtual manager for your social media advertisement, use powerful custom suggestions to boost your existing post, or convert it to a new ad.

5. Analytics.

Built-in social media analytic tools for your organic and paid boosting to track engagements in real-time; it’s even better than social media built-in analytics reports.

What about their pricing option?

SocialPilot has four subscription plans, Agency, Small Team, and Professional ranging from $25 to $83.33 per month if they bill you annually, as you will receive a flat discount automatically. In addition, their Enterprise plan has a white-label setup and custom plan option for large organizations; call them for custom pricing.

In any case, you have the option to test their service for a 14-day free trial without needing any credit card. However, this option is not valid for the Enterprise plan.

SocialPilot subscription plan.

8. Meet Edgar.

Social media management platform with 30-days free.

Social media management platform with 30-days free

What is so special about Meet Edgar?

They exclusively offer you a 30-days free month to test out their excellent all-in-one social media management platform without needing any credit card.

What can I do with this application?

Meet Edgar provides powerful automation tools and collaboration with all your social media networks in one place.

1. Automation magic.

  • There is an entirely new powerful feature called “Auto-variations” it can easily collect quotes from your selected blogs or website post and can publish them on social media; all these processes are in full automation.
  • A powerful browser extension can also do the same; for example, while reading an article, click on the extension & it will generate up to 5 pre-written posts for your social media.

2. Scheduling.

  • You can schedule a post at a specific time, and it will publish to all your connected social media networks, thus saving a lot of time and workload.
  • Leverage the unlimited content library, add any amount of content stored in a library, and it will automatically select from a content poll and publish within a selected period.

3. Powerful management.

  • Ability to test out different posts using a powerful A/B testing feature to see which types of posts get the most engagements.
  • Receive a weekly email with an analytics report based on your social media pages’ performance.
  • Built-in link shortens and links tracking ability.

What about their pricing option?

They have only two different subscription plans, “Edgar Lite” and “Edgar,” ranging from $19 to $49 per month. And, of course, your first month is entirely free, and you may cancel the subscription plan any time you want.

Meet Eager subscription plan.

Executive Summary.

The social media management tool is almost like a virtual assistant; you to handle daily routine tasks 24/7. For personal social media, you don’t need this; however, this tool is essential for a business page or celebrity page.

There is another problem for several social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. maintaining all of these on time is impossible for a business unless they hire staff only to maintain their social media profile. This is insane, and that is why you need Social media management tools to make it automated without paying a huge salary.

And, of course, humans tend to make mistakes, and they can’t do it 24/7, while your virtual assistant can do it tirelessly & without making any mistakes.

So, tell me, what do you think about it? Did you like my guide? & which tool do you think is best for you? So, let’s talk about it; if you have any questions, just let me know in the comment section below.

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