How to Become a Social Media Manager with No Experience?

How to Become a Social Media Manager with No Experience?

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Last Updated on January 18, 2023 by Arif Chowdhury

Many people ask: is it easy to become a social media manager? Fortunately, it is easy; however, you must have some basic skill sets.

Corporations hire social media managers to represent them on various social media platforms, manage their digital marketing efforts, and create fresh content. Additionally, they are accountable for community management, responding to clients’ queries, and so on.

Keeping up with social media may be challenging since it’s constantly evolving. In addition, the current events that social media marketers are aware of may influence the content they post.

Several years ago, this may not have been a possible scenario. But, since social media platforms were still in their infancy, many organization managers thought they didn’t have to become full-time engaged.

Is it possible to deny that they were duped? Social media directly impacts a company’s marketing activities and client engagement.

How necessary is an academic certificate or previous working experience for a company’s success? To become a social media manager, what are the initial steps to take in the process?

Is experience necessary for a social media manager job?

While a degree in this field isn’t required, certain employers favor those with a marketing and content creation background who have developed marketing skills.

Either a college diploma or some work experience might serve as proof that you’ve finished your education and know the ropes when it comes to working in an office.

You do not need the experience to become a social media manager.

A college degree is optional for a career in social media management. However, it is essential to have a solid understanding of the industry, social media strategy, and the ability to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing.

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What is the task a social media manager must do?

They must undertake many duties during a typical day, requiring specialized skills. Therefore, it is impossible to overestimate the value of efficient communication, networking, and public relation.

It is a perfect example of how important it is to stay in touch while dealing with social media. Attention to detail and a unique viewpoint are necessary for social media posts. For example, when you’re working as a representative for a company, you must stay in touch.

The responsibilities of a social media manager.

To succeed, you must think beyond the box. As a result, companies are eager to hire those who can use enticing images and words to entice customers with graphic design skills.

Social media marketing strategy development and testing require understanding current industry trends and staying up to date with online courses and social listening.

Specific jobs may need to deal with clients. For example, growing a business might benefit from social media to keep customers satisfied and hopeful.

For social media managers, computer skills are also a need. Since you’ll be spending a lot of time online, it’s essential to keep up with the advanced knowledge of information technology.

You can’t execute this job correctly if you don’t know how to use a computer or the internet.

Quick Note: It is easy to gather practical experience and knowledge for the social media manager position. Watch some YouTube videos, read some guides to learn, create a social media page, raise your followers to at least 1,000, and effectively manage it.

How can you win a social media manager job without having any experience?

A bachelor’s degree is often required for the social media manager job. Not only that, prior job experience is essential.

The ability to communicate effectively and creatively on the internet requires many talents. If you’ve never worked as a social media manager or do not have any working experience, you may consider reassessing your educational options.

Getting your foot in the door as a future social media manager is easier with an internship and clear guidelines.

An academic certificate in online marketing or a related field may boost your credibility as a candidate if you like the more conventional learning methods.

A social media manager certificate may boost your credibility.

However, a basic education certificate is still required by certain firms looking for social media managers. More significantly, you must have been exposed to this kind of environment.

Self-starting is an excellent approach to learning more about social media marketing if you have no prior expertise. Improve your designs and communication using the knowledge you’ve gained from reading books and tutorials and working on your social media page.

It’s possible to learn more about marketing via online programs. However, the best way to present your ever-evolving skills is to create your website and update it regularly.

Having your official website on the internet may help you take advantage of the ever-changing web environment.

Many schools and institutions now provide degrees in online social media marketing in response to the increased need for social media managers. An interactive marketing certificate or a certificate in social media marketing will help you better understand the subject matter.

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How much can you earn as a social media manager?

You can earn a starting salary of $50,000 per year. However, your earning potential may vary based on your education and experience.

Social media manager salary range.

Any self-starter who prefers to work alone should look into small business circulars. However, even if you’re a novice, handling small business social media pages won’t be much of a challenge.

Why is a freelance social media manager even better?

Unlike full-time social media managers, freelancers don’t work for anyone, a business, or an organization. An independent contractor is a freelancer who does contract work for another person.

Hire social media manager from freelance sites.

Working for yourself allows you to set your schedule and decide how much work you take on. In addition, companies may post job listings for social media management positions on sites like

Social media manager course may help you prepare from home.

As a newbie social media manager, I suggest you enroll in introductory social media management courses to help you get up and running. Teachers and students alike benefit from these courses.

Although you may not have a college degree, these courses will help you learn from a well-known specialist in social media management.

Upon completing this program, you will be well-prepared to start your own business. As a bonus, you’ll get access to a professional online community and real-time Q&A.

You can run your business part-time while continuing to work your full-time job until you have enough customers to become full-time on your business.

Quick Note: There are hundreds of social media management courses available online, both free and paid. However, if you are serious, you should focus on paid courses to provide you with a valid certificate.

Why do organizations prefer freelance social media managers?

A social media manager is a no-brainer for a firm to hire. So why would they go out and employ a freelancer for this project?

Because they need more financial means, many firms hire full-time social media workers until the later phases of their social media adoption. They want to pay by the hour rather than paying a weekly salary.

Specialization in social media is also an option. However, employers prefer to go with a tried-and-true expert with a demonstrated track record of success in a particular field. In this case, you need to show a track record of your previous work as a social media manager.

An academic certificate boosts your credibility.

As a full-time employee for a corporation, having a certificate in social media may be beneficial.

Nowadays those who want a career in social media management, having a bachelor’s degree will help you stand out from the competition. However, knowing other abilities that aren’t taught in standard college classes is also essential.

The first and most crucial thing to remember while utilizing social media has clear communication skills.

Obtaining a college credential necessitates completing four years of college curriculum, during which time you must have produced several reports and shown your knowledge appropriately. You may also present College-level reading and writing in this way.

A four-year college degree proves that you are a dedicated student who puts in the effort to finish your education. The characteristics of perseverance and challenging endeavor that you’ve shown throughout your academic career can only be emphasized by having a degree on your CV.

Internships are often a requirement for graduation from many colleges and institutions. In addition, it demonstrates that you’ve previously achieved success.

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What academic course should you pursue?

It could not be enjoyable if you do not have a degree in social media management. However, in the social media management sector, there are a lot of programs that might help you get started.

There is a wide variety of choices for social media management because of the importance of communication and customer handling skills.

Businesses frequently recommend that social media managers should have a degree in marketing. However, even if you’re not interested in a career in advertising, web design, journalism, or business administration, there are many other possibilities.

Academic certificate for social media manager.

Getting a career in social media management is possible if you have an undergraduate degree or above.

Most employers prefer prior experience in online marketing or another related field. An internship may be an option if you’re a college student looking to get this experience. A social media manager may discover new research paths due to this.

To succeed in this industry, you must be skilled in communication, writing understanding, and computer technology with an eye for aesthetics.

A college education is required to learn these abilities and get the necessary experience and competence for the social media manager position.

Quick Note: Though a certificate is not mandatory, most organizations prefer to have an academic degree before considering reviewing your CV for the social media manager position.

What skills will you require as a social media manager?

You don’t need a particular degree or amount of experience to work as a social media manager. However, managing social media takes a specific set of talents.

1. Communicate with the audience.

Communication skills are one of the most important to establish yourself as a social media manager. Your goal is to communicate effectively and resonate with your consumers.

2. Must have creative skills.

As a creative, you’ll need to think beyond the box. You will always get an advantage on the internet due to the quick rate of change. So think beyond the box with your thoughts.

3. Quick at decision-making.

Because social media moves so quickly, you need to make quick decisions. Your goal is to provide the most exemplary customer support possible as soon as possible, and a post or remark may appear on your social media page within a few seconds.

4. Advanced knowledge of technology.

Being proficient in the internet and other contemporary technology is essential to succeeding as a social media manager.

In this sector, you’ll inevitably use content, ad copy, and other creative tools in your internet marketing efforts. To succeed as a social media manager, you must have a working knowledge of information technology.

5. Good at handling teams.

Social media managers require a foundation of knowledge and abilities, just like everyone else in the office.

You’ll also need to learn how to manage your time effectively, operate in a collaborative team, and do research.


By reading this guide, you should have learned what a social media manager does and how to become one.

In some instances, education and experience may work together to help you succeed. Employers can ascertain your main capabilities if you have particular qualifications.

You may also show off your abilities and competence at work. All you have to do is show that you’ve managed a social media management position successfully in the past.

Everywhere you begin, you have the potential to be a social media manager if you have success records from the past. Your individuality, passion, communication skills, and grit are best shown by yourself.