10 Best Email Marketing Software for 2021 (Review)

Best email marketing software
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Last Updated on March 9, 2021 by Arif Chowdhury

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What is an Email Marketing software?

When someone visits your website and subscribe to your email marketing newsletter. They are exclusively permitting you to send them more valuable content directly to their email address. In this way, you will get a chance to pursue your clients more personally & this is the work of an email marketing software.

According to a recent survey, the organization increases its ROI (Return of Investment) by 4,400% that means 44 times increased revenue.

How to Get Started with Email Marketing Software?

First of all, there is a huge collection of email marketing software available in the market. But, each of them has its strength and weakness. Some might not suit your needs.

As an example, if your website solely based on sales then Constant Contact might be your best bet. While in other cases, if you are a blogger and most of your content is text-based. Then ConvertKit would be the best pick.

Read this email marketing guide. I have written down all my experience in a single article for you. So it might save your time and money.

Handpicked Best Email Marketing Software

Though the best email marketing software depends on specific desires, yet I handpicked them based on the most common marketing needs.

Some must have common features:

  • Pre-designed email templates.
  • Easy drag and drop features to build and edit.
  • Personalization features.
  • Security & flexibility.
  • Integration with most third-party applications.

Anyway, let’s get started to see what up ahead?

1. Constant Contact

Powerful Email Marketing Tool – You can try Free

Constant Contact is a Powerful Email Marketing Tool – You can try Free

Just type your email address and start to use it without any credit card. Sound simple and easy.

Things you can do with Constant Contact:

  • You can choose from 100+ mobile-friendly email templates.
  • Collect email address from your website or even from social media channels.
  • Pre-designed stunning email crafting software – easy to use.
  • Real time analytics report of your email campaign.

Drag and drop features with unlimited customization

Drag and drop features with unlimited customization email campaign builder

You won’t have to search for appropriate images for your email campaign. Constant Contact has a free image store for you to choose even you to get access to stock photos for free.

With drag and drop features even an inexperienced user can craft powerful email within minutes. Constant Contact also offers you a great survey tool that you can include in your email campaign to get more valuable insight from your customer.

Professional Email Templates, 100+ for you to choose

Professional Email Templates, 100+ for you to choose

There are verities email templates available, holidays, announcements, sales promotions, thank you email many more. Another beautiful yet innovative feature is the automation of email marketing. These features automatically detect new potential leads on your website and send them a pre-written highly engaging welcoming email.

Then automation system will track new leads continuously based on their interest. And reactions on emails and send them more progressive emails, this is called “Drip Campaign”.

Automatically Generate & Nurture Your Leads

Automatically Generate & Nurture Your Leads

Finally, Constant Contact has both email marketing and website building solution, all in a single platform. You can get a complete full package solution by using their platform. It can seamlessly integrate with third parties application like Facebook, WordPress, Shopify etc.

For the email campaign, Constant Contact has 2 subscription plans. Email & Email Plus, $20 & $45 per month. And, the website builder has only one plan and it will cost you only $10 per month.

In the end, if you are not sure, just give it a try with their Free 14-days trial.

Constant contact subscription plan

2. Sendinblue

All-in-One Email Marketing Solution & It’s Free

All-in-One Marketing Solution & It’s Free

Why all in one solution? Because Sendinblue has following great features in its platform:

  • Email Marketing Software.
  • SMS Marketing Software.
  • Live Chat Software.
  • CRM Software.
  • Marketing Automation Tools.
  • Various Marketing Forms Social Media Advertising Tools.

Drag and drop Email Marketing Software make it easy

Drag and drop Email Marketing Software make it easy

You can design your email like professional with their pre-designed email templates. Personalize the email with your business logos, images, dynamic text, coupons, discount offers, and many more features.

After completing your email crafting, you can even start an email campaign in complete automation with detailed analytics tools with the A/B testing feature.

Workflows Automation – Do more with Fewer Workloads

Workflows Automation – Do more with Fewer Workloads

Sendinblue has 4 subscription plans, 1st one is a Free plan with $0 cost. And other plans ranging from $25 to $66 per month. There is another plan that exists for the enterprise but you need to contact them directly for a custom rate.

If you want to test their service without risking your money, then go for their Free plan.

Sendinblue pricing plans

3. HubSpot

One of the Greatest Email Marketing Tool – And It’s Free to Start

One of the Greatest Marketing Tool – And It’s Free to Start

HubSpot is way beyond popular, almost every internet marketer knows about them. They are offering you a powerful email marketing tool for you to get started and it’s completely Free.

The first thing is – You don’t need to be an expert for building a stunning email campaign. With the help of HubSpot email marketing software, you can do it easily and quickly.

There are hundreds of pre-designed email templates available for you. And with drag & drop facility anyone can create a powerful and engaging email campaign.

Easy block system to craft email campaign

Easy block system to craft email campaign

Finally, it is an All-in-one tool not just for email marketing but also you can do so many other things that will maximize your overall revenue. Including blogging, building landing pages, marketing automation with lead management, Dashboard with analytics insight, Social media marketing, and SEO optimization.

HubSpot has only 2 subscription plans. 1st one is Free and 2nd one is Marketing Hub and will cost you $800 per month. With Marketing Hub, you don’t have to search for another supporting tool for your overall marketing. And that’s why they call is “Marketing Hub”.

So, if you can’t decide which one you should pick, then go for a Free plan, and test by yourself.

Hubspot email marketing subscription plans

4. GetResponse

Intuitive Email Marketing Software – Start with 30-days Free trial

Intuitive Email Marketing Platform – Start with 30-days Free trial

GetResponse offers its marketer with an intuitive suite of email marketing tool that designed to deliver tailor-made promotional email to potential and existing clients.

It is a simple yet powerful tool that enables you to do many great things:

  • Newsletters: Send one-time announcement or promotional event-oriented offer to your customer.
  • Auto-responders: Built-in autoresponders will take care of huge workloads.
  • Automation Process: Email can be sent to your customer by pre-defined rules & automatically.
  • Automate Blog Feeds: Send a new post from your blogs directly to the customer’s inbox.

Professional Email Format with Drag and Drop feature

Professional Email Format with Drag and Drop feature

There are hundreds of beautiful and fully customizable email templates available at your fingertips. All of them are pre-designed by experts so you won’t have to worry about professional email building hassle.

On top of that, GetResponse offering its valuable customers 5,000 licensed stock images from shutter stocks for Free. You can use them to make your promotional email even more professional looking.

create beautiful and responsive emails in minutes

You will get a dashboard for your email campaign analysis with all details for you to track the overall performance of email marketing.

With GetResponse you can do split testing that also known A/B testing to understand the behavior of customers. So you can get a maximum result from your hard work.

Experiment with A/B testing to get effective result

Experiment with A/B testing to get effective email marketing result

You don’t have to worry about third-party integration. GetResponse has a seamlessly integrated option with PayPal, Stripe, WordPress, and nearly all other well-known application.

Lastly, GetResponse has 4 subscription plans, starting from $12.30 to $81 per month, however, the price may vary based on the contact list size. And, if your contact list size is bigger than 100,000 then you may select Enterprise plan.

You should try any plan you like, as a 30-days Free trial doesn’t require any credit card trouble.

GetResponse pricing model

5. Benchmark Email

Feature Rich & Easy to use – Unlimited Free Account

Benchmark email has 100+ prebuilt email templates. Just pick one whichever suites your needs.

One of the oldest email marketing services since 2004. Offering you an unlimited free account with some basic features. If you are a beginner or have some budget issues then it is a perfect solution for you, as you can send up to 250 emails per month with the free account.

Benchmark email is relatively cheap compared to other email marketing services, as for 10,000 contacts you have to pay only $76 per month with no sending limitation whatsoever.

Another good news is – if you have no idea how to craft a professional-looking email, then you can use their pre made email templates. Just edit some text, upload your logo & you are good to go. There are hundreds of premade templates to choose from.

No need to have any Photo editing Software

No need to have any photo editor software, Benchmark email has built-in photo editing software that capable of doing all sorts of photo editing

As for images, it’s so obvious, not everyone has expensive photoshop software. In that case, no worries, Benchmark email has a built-in photo editor. It’s capable of doing all sorts of photo editing your email marketing campaign ever needs.

If you have some prior knowledge & want to craft your email template in that case, they have a drag & drop easy email builder. It’s so easy even a 7-year kid can do it.

However, if you are a veteran & need a complex editing solution, you can use an HTML editor for more complex customization.

Perhaps, split or A/B testing is one of the most wanted features for your email campaign performance. You can easily discover which type of email performed better than the other.

A/B Testing is a perfect solution to determine best strategy

A/B testing is a perfect way to find out the best email marketing strategy

Finally, let me show you their subscription model. Like I said earlier, their free account has no trial period. You can use it as long as you like with basic features & 250 email sending limitations.

Apart from it, they have a Pro & Enterprise account. If you just started then it’s best to try out their free account. Then go for their Pro account. If you have a small business then a Pro account might be all you need.

However, for a large organization “Enterprise” should be a perfect choice. As email white labeling & dedicated IP are only available in this account.

Benchmark email pricing model

6. Moosend

All-in-One Email Campaign – and Its Free Forever

All-in-One Email Campaign – and Its Free Forever

If you are running a small business or shortfall in funds, then you should try Moosend. Why you should choose Moosend over all other marketing platforms?

Because, it is not offering you a Free trial. Instead it offering you a fully featured powerful without any troublesome limitation at all.

It’s offering you all premium features in one platform. Size doesn’t matter as it can handle from small to large organizations with ease.

It has powerful tools to make things easier, Drag, and drop features to edit and build stunning email within a minute. And, it has an A/B testing feature just like other paid platforms along with a detailed analysis dashboard for your performance tracking.

Marketing Automation – Let it sell itself

Marketing Automation – Let it sell itself

Even a few years ago email marketing click-through rate was low to moderate only because of lacking in personalization. It’s so obviously not everyone will get excited about the same topic or even the same style of writing.

And, here come’s “Next-generation Personalize Email Features”, it does not just name or address it’s about changing the whole theme based on personal individual interest.

Google ads doing exactly that, but now you can do that innovative marketing inside your email campaign. Sounds wonderful right?

Next-generation Advanced Personalization in Email Marketing

Next-generation Advanced Personalization in Email Marketing

You can easily integrate with other third party application for example, WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce, etc. whether it is eCommerce, website or CRM platform you can do it without any HTML coding.

Moosend has completely different types of subscription plans. It based on your contact list size, the bigger list gets a bigger price. For example, from 1,500 subscribers plan to start with only $8 per month, while for 6,000 subscribers it will cost you $32 monthly.

And finally, if you are a large organization and your subscribers are more than 200K then you might consider looking at Enterprise plan, as you will get a custom rate by calling them directly.

moosend pricing model
moosend start with free plan

7. Pabbly

Let’s get started with a Free account with No trial period

Let’s get started with a Free account with No trial period

No risk and no hassle, just start a free account and test it out. Pabbly is one of the best self-hosted email delivery platform known for its competitive and affordable price than any other platform in the market.

There are so many tools in the Pabbly platform that can boost your email marketing campaign performance. First of all, it has an in-built SMTP email delivery engine with a 98% delivery chance. Farther more, for the additional advantage, you might even want to connect with other SMTP email delivery services like Amazon SES, MailGun, SendGrid, and more.

It has a Drag and drops email builder feature for the beginner or advanced user. You will get an enhanced lead capture tool to collect emails from your website directly.

Connect with nearly all other SMTPs providers

Connect with nearly all other SMTPs providers

Pabbly outlasts other email marketing platforms differently, and that is – Affordable plans to save customers money in a smart way.

The more your business grows, your subscriber base will grow along with it and so your marketing budget will reduce accordingly compared with other email marketing platforms out there.

For instance, with 5,000 subscribers you may reduce your marketing budget by $600 annually, or even $11,000 can be saved with 200K subscribers. More your subscription base more you can save in the long run.

Pabbly email marketing 70% save on long term plan

The most amazing part I like about Pabbly that you can even customize the automation process down to the bits. And there is no restriction on any type of subscription plan from a free plan to Enterprise plan all can do the same.

It’s like a flow chart, all you have to do is make a simple plan from the beginning of a potential lead until it’s last day. That’s it, now sit back and watch how things are done in automation.

Automation flow-chart to customize everything from your end

Automation flow-chart to customize everything from your end

So that’s it, Pabbly has lots of feature like all other email marketing platform, let’s not talk about this any farther, let’s see their subscription plan.

Pabbly has 4 subscription plans just like other platforms, but as you know by now they are much cheaper in the long run. Except for the free plan, 3 other plans are ranging from $29 to $99 per month. However, Advance plan cost per month can be changed per contact list size increasing, i.e. if you have 400K subscribers then cost will be $649 per month.

In any case, let’s start your journey with Free plan $0 cost and it’s not going to hurt you at all.

Pabbly subscription plans

8. ConvertKit

Simple & Powerful Email Marketing Platform – Start for Free

Simple & Powerful Email Marketing Platform – Start for Free

You are the creator of contents but with the help of ConvertKit, you can make it even better. Transforming your exiting idea to a live landing page to capture more leads and followers, isn’t it perfect?

To succeed in online business, you need readers and they must come back to see more. With ConvertKit landing pages and lead capture forms, you can give them subscribing options to stay in touch with you. And, how about making things a lot easier from your end?

Landing page and lead capture forms are crucial from your part, more stunning it is more you can attract new subscribers and your revenue will grow exponentially.

Excellent & Simple Lead Capturing Form to Get Started

Excellent & Simple Lead Capturing Form to Get Started

This is a landing page along with a nice lead capturing form, enough beautiful for your readers to check this out. Surely they will subscribe to you using this form and become one of the valuable potential lead. And, here comes the email marketing platform.

Email marketing is crucial as you can’t spam your valuable leads with thousands of emails. Therefore, sending them the exact information that they are opting to look for is the right course of action. And, it has to be done with limited info as well. As you can’t send them a 20 pages’ article with a huge chunk of info, obviously it won’t be effective at all.

Professional Pre-designed Email Marketing Templates

Professional Pre-designed Email Marketing Templates

With excellent drag and drop features you can easily edit or even make your email template, without having any prior knowledge about coding at all.

Humans are inevitable to attract beautiful and visual things, and this is exactly what you are going to do, your email template going to be short, simple, visual, and beautiful all at once.

Now the final part is – follow-ups with your potential leads, whether they read your emails, whether they are interested or not, do you need to send another email or follow up with previous one, is it right time to send promotional offers or direct purchase offer? So many tasks and if your subscriber list size is 1,000+ you are done with it.

The solution is – you need an assistant and here comes the automation system from ConvertKit. It is very simple and has a powerful feature, you can visually plan and set it, and automation system will continue to do so even when you sleep.

Marketing Automation makes it easy & fun

Marketing Automation makes it easy & fun

ConvertKit offering you 2 simple subscription plans to use all of their stunning tools. 1st one is Free forever with $0 cost. And 2nd one is Premium Plan with $29 per month, though based on your contact list size cost may increase.

But, no need to take panic, why not start with the Free plan with $0 cost, you have nothing to lose.

Convert Kit pricing plans

9. ActiveCampaign

All-in-One Solution for your Business – Start a Free trial

All-in-One Solution for your Business – Start a Free trial

That’s right, no credit card hassles no trouble from your side, type your email address and you are good to go.

ActiveCampaign is an all-in-one solution because it provides you all the tools you need to automate your whole business process including CRM software.

When it comes to email marketing you need lots of tools and the good thing is ActiveCampaign provides it all. You need to broadcast your newsletter to all of your subscribers at once, you need triggered email option when someone subscribes a welcome email will dispatch, you need to send personalized email to a specific group, you need an autoresponder, you need to schedule your emails, and the list goes on.

A command center to handle hundreds of marketing campaign

A command center to handle hundreds of marketing campaign

First, you will need a beautiful but powerful subscription form that will be embedded in your website. ActiveCampaign offering you an easy to use drag and drop tool, so you can design like professional.

This subscription form will trigger based on your customers’ behavior i.e. if they interact with your content, or just before they are leaving your website. At the right time, a pop-up will open and offer them something valuable. If they want to subscribe they will be listed within your contact.

There are 4 types of subscription form available, Inline form, floating box, modal pop-up, floating bar. Choose wisely according to your audience type.

4 types of subscription forms to choose

When it comes to automation ActiveCampaign shines well. Remember how are Google ads working? They are showing exactly what you are looking for based on your past search history on Google or visit history on other sites. In this way always useful advertise comes in front of you no matter where you go.  

With the ActiveCampaign automation process, you can do the same thing for your customers.

Smart marketing with behavior analysis

And finally, you don’t have to be an expert in the marketing field or coding field. With just a few clicks and drag-drop, even an inexperienced user can craft a powerful engaging email.

Moreover, they have 25+ pre-designed email templates ready for you to use. You don’t even have to edit those as your subscriber’s name, address, and all other personalization can be done automatically.

Choose pre-designed email templates and ready to use

Choose pre-designed email templates and ready to use

With seamless integration with third party application makes it just plug and play without having any knowledge of coding at all. For example, PayPal, Stripe, WooCommerce, Shopify, Facebool, etc.

Lastly, let’s talk about subscription plans for ActiveCampaign. They have 4 types of plans available ranging from $9 to $229 per month. 1st one is the lite plan cost you $9 and the last one is Enterprise plan costs you $229 per month.

However, the price may vary depending on your subscriber size list. For example: If your subscriber size is 5,000 then the Lite plan costs you $69 per month, while the Enterprise plan budget will be $359 per month.

Let just say, before you decide which plan you going to take, it always a safe bet to test out first with a Free trial of 14-days, no hassle, and no risk.

ActiveCampaign subscription plans

10. Omnisend

Email & SMS Marketing – Start with a Free trial

Email & SMS Marketing – Start with a Free trial

Omnisend is another email marketing platform that not just providing you the option to do email marketing but it also offering you SMS marketing as well to add more arsenal in your campaign.

On top of that – It offers a Free trial without needing any credit card at all.

To start your email marketing campaign, first, you need an “email list” from customers. Omnisend offering you usual as well as an innovative new type of form to attract new customers or even make them surprise.

Not just attracting but also surprising your visitors with a new tool

Not just attracting but also surprising your visitors with a new tool

It’s so obvious, people always like to test their luck in a quick attempt. And for you, it is a completely innovative way to collect more leads by offering them coupons, discount offers, event tickets, etc. No spamming & Happy customer.

Now, what about after collecting potential leads? You have to send the newsletter, promotional emails, announcements, etc. Omnisend offers you not just an email marketing template but a more innovative way to encourage your potential leads to act right away when your email landed on their inbox.

Bring the store right at their inbox – another surprise

Bring the store right at their inbox – another surprise

All these pieces of stuff are hard to make? Not at all, simple drag and drop feature enables even the most inexperienced user most innovative.

Collect leads, design templates, getting orders, following ups with potential leads, pursuing abandoned customers all that work is time-consuming and stressful. You will be needed a full-house marketing team for that to control effectively.

Nope, Omnisend marketing automation A.I allows you to design the full automation workflows according to your style and choice, and after that, everything will be in full automatic.

If you don’t want to design workflows by yourself then, there are pre-designed workflows in there, so you can pick that suits your need and it’s good to go.

Fully Automated Visual Workflows – Let it run your business

Fully Automated Visual Workflows – Let it run your business

Now let’s talk about the subscription plan, they have 4 different plans from Free to Enterprise ranging from $0 to $99 per month. Enterprise plan has custom rate thus you have to contact them directly.

Price may differ based on your contact size i.e. for 5,000 subscribers you have to count $60 in Standard plan. While Pro plan will cost you $120 per month.

But in the end, there is always a good way to start anything new and that is a Free trial for 14-days, no credit card needed no hassle.

Omnisend subscription plans

Executive Summary

I have written down a collection of email marketing software based on my personal experience. For me, affordable should be the first factor when ranking software, 2nd factor is feature-rich. It must have to be facilitated with enough features and updated.

Email marketing software has been changed and updated a lot since 2010, now it has automation process to make it less complex and faster.

What do you think about email marketing software? Which one is best for you? If you want to learn more about email marketing software then do not hesitate to ask me in the comments section below. I will try my best to solve your problem.

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