8 Best VPN Service to Secure Online Presence for 2021 (Review)

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Last Updated on February 28, 2022 by Arif Chowdhury

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What is a VPN Service?

VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network” in simple terms – when you use a VPN service to surf the internet your location i.e. IP address changes thus no one can trace your location.

Why You Should Use a VPN Service?

Now, in general, a person doesn’t need to change their location. However, when it comes to security purposes where your identity might compromise. Then you need to hide your location by any means necessary.

According to the “Threat Report of Q2 2018” (DDoS), Denial of Service Attack has been increased by more than 500%

It not only compromises your security but it can take down your company’s whole server. Break the firewall, and theft your priceless information.

How does a VPN Service Change Virtual Location & Identity?

Now, by using a VPN what will happen? It will simply change your location. For example, if you use a chrome browser and surf the internet from London city. In general, a third party would be able to find your exact location. By tracing your London city internet provider IP address. However, when you use VPN, it will change your IP address based on their random server. And now it will show New York City IP address.

Benefits You Will Get From a VPN Service

By doing so you finally have secured your location from third-party attackers. And, VPN not only changes your location but also gives you a military-grade encrypted connection. Therefore it will be impossible for a third party to read any emails or messages. Or even files you send through the VPN server.

Apart from major benefits, you may use VPN for other purposes as well,

  • Access to your favorite Netflix or other networks from anywhere in the world regardless of country restrictions
  • Able to get access to a business network while you are outside
  • Download an unlimited number of torrent files securely

Now in this guide, I will show you several VPN services I have used for many years. Though you may search for a VPN service using Google search engine. Nevertheless, there are hundreds of services out there, and finding the right one can be tough. Unless you already have some knowledge about it.

1. IPVanish VPN

Safe & Secure VPN Service with 30-days Money Back

Safe & Secure VPN Service with 30-days Money Back

IPVanish VPN service powered by NETPROTECT. It is an ultra-fast and highly secured VPN service to protect your identity and surf the internet anonymously.

It has a 30-days money-back guarantee for you to test their service risk-free.

First of all, you can access your regular internet and surf the web as usual. However this time more securely and anonymously. Your IP address completely changes from one country to another. Therefore, finding your location for a third party will be impossible.

On top of that, their zero-logs policy will preserve your privacy security even from the VPN server as well. As no history or records of your surf information will be kept on their server.

Surf the web anonymously like a ghost, no trace, nothing

Surf the web anonymously with best VPN service like a ghost, no trace, nothing

Now another problem you may have already faced before. For example, country restriction. Which doesn’t allow you to access some of the most amazing web applications you may like. Netflix, for example, cannot be accessed from some countries. Even some of their net series are restricted based on country.

Using VPN service, you will get limitless access from limitless locations. As IPVanish has 1,400+ anonymous servers from different locations all over the world.

Another feature is military-grade end-to-end encryption; therefore, no third party can read your data and theft your information. You will also get 250GB online storage secured with SugerSync© encryption for backing up your classified files.

Get access to a military-grade secured online storage

Get access to a military-grade secured online storage

IPVanish gives you access to more than 40,000-shared IP addresses along with 1,400 random servers with military-grade security. Now, what about their pricing?

Well, they have 3 subscription plans. If you choose a yearly plan then it will give you a 46% flat discount. And the total cost will be $77.99 annually ($6.49 monthly). While using their monthly plan will cost you a solid $10 per month. A limited-time discount offer would save you 17% per month.

And, finally, if you are not sure about purchasing anything, then my suggestion is to try their risk-free 30-days trial.

IPVanish VPN service subscription plans

2. CyberGhost VPN

One of the most trusted VPN with 2 months Free

One of the most trusted VPN with 2 months Free

Powerful and secure anonymous VPN service with a one-click server switching option, what more you can expect?

Yes, one more thing – Get 2 months free with 3 years subscription plan & a 45-days money-back guarantee included.

CyberGhost is a well-renowned VPN service certified by Trustpilot with a 4.8 rating out of 5.0. And received the Award of 2019 ProPrivacy.

They have a total of 15-years of experience in VPN service. Providing anonymous Streaming for gamers. And secure browsing for the businessperson with limitless freedom.

Unlocked any website previously blocked because of country restriction. Now you can get access to that no matter where you are by changing your IP address and country.

Get limitless access to websites – enjoy the freedom

Get limitless access to websites – enjoy the freedom

By using a secure VPN, you will not only able to change your location and be anonymous. But also protect your digital identity and asset with military-grade encrypting connections & stay safe from hackers.

With a no logs policy, your personal information will be hidden from the third party. Even if you use public Wi-Fi networks. As none of your surfing histories will be recorded, therefore no need to be worried about personal information theft.

Just one click and you will be able to jump from server to server. And can switch the country to country IP address easily and seamlessly.

Easy One-click connection & become anonymous

Easy One-click connection & become anonymous

With only one subscription plan, you are allowed to use VPN for up to 7 devices simultaneously. You will be able to get the most benefit if you purchase their 3-years plan as it will cost you only $2.75 per month while a single-month subscription plan will cost you $12.99 per month. Purchasing a one-year subscription plan will also save you almost 50% cost as per month will be only $5.99

Finally, you have a guarantee of risk-free 45-days money back if you are not satisfied with them.

CyberGhost VPN service pricing plans

3. ExpressVPN

Anonymous your entire network – 30days Money Back

Anonymous your entire network – 30days Money Back

ExpressVPN has high technology to adjust with modern web infrastructure and the ability to provide you with ironclad protection and anonymous connection.

They are offering you a risk-free 30-days money-back guarantee to test their service.

You will enjoy unrestricted web surfing like never before, no matter where your location is you will have limitless access to every web resource by switching your location continuously.

You will get access to more than 160 different locations and 94 different countries, switching your location can be done within a second. And, not only that, whenever you surf online you will get a military-grade encrypting connection to save your valuable identity and information from hackers.

Military-grade encryption connection & with stay hidden

Military-grade encryption connection & with stay hidden

You are allowed to use ExpressVPN on all of your devices simultaneously, grab your iPhone, Android, Mac, or Windows and use a Wi-Fi connection and connect VPN with their easy-to-use application to secure your entire Wi-Fi connections.

They are proving you a safe Network Lock security they call is “ExpressVPN Kill Switch” Its specialty is – It will keep your data safe even when VPN connections drop, by blocking all internet connections until a secure VPN connection returns.

They are giving you access to almost all countries over the world from the USA to Russia by giving you access to more than 3,000 VPN servers globally. And like other free VPN services they are not giving you limited bandwidth or slow connections, instead, you will get the ultra-fast speed with unlimited bandwidth.

Global networks to make you access from anywhere

Global networks to make you access from anywhere

ExpressVPN has excellent service with awesome subscription plans, all of their plans cover a 100% money-back guarantee with 30-days of service.

If you choose their 12 months package then you will get a huge discount, yes 35% saving, and the total cost will be $99.95 per annum, therefore your monthly charge will be only $8.32 where single month subscription cost is $12.95 per month.

So, it’s a good idea to purchase a full-year subscription plan rather than a single month. However, you should consider looking at other VPN services in this guide, like CyberGhost VPN offering you 2 months of free service with only $2.75 per month if you purchase their 3 years subscription plan.

Cheap ExpressVPN subscription plans

4. NordVPN

Most Popular VPN with High-tech Online Security

NordVPN is the Most Popular VPN service with High-tech Online Security

NordVPN is one of the most oldest and popular VPN services out there with excellent performance and customer service.

Test their service for a 30-days risk-free money-back guarantee, enough for demonstration purposes.

NordVPN is exclusively featured in Forbes, The Huffington Post, and BBC for their ultra-fast speed connection, military-grade security and 100% go anonymous.

First of all, they have more than 5,000 VPN servers all over the world in 59 different countries worldwide, which means you can be anywhere you want and access any website resource you want by changing your IP address whichever suits you within a sec.

Secure your Desktop to SmartPhone all through one VPN

Secure your Desktop to SmartPhone all through one VPN

Unblocking all the resources of the internet and bypassing country restrictions is only the first part. Using VPN service you will get a military-grade secure connection, thus it will save your identity and personal information completely hidden from hackers and their zero lag policy will erase every record and footprint of online surfing, which means no one can even trace your activities.

Leverage their ultra-fast speed connection for watching movies online or downloading at your regular full speed without any interruption. Game streamers can do the same at full speed with no problem whatsoever.

Their Kill Switch technology will prevent data hijacking when VPN connections drop by blocking all incoming and outgoing connections and restoring them when a secure connection returns.

No limitation in Speed & No limitation in Anonymous

No limitation in Speed & No limitation in Anonymous

NordVPN is financially affordable with their competitive subscription plans, their regular one-month subscription plan cost you $11.95 while 3 years package will save you a total of 70%, and per month cost will be only $3.49

On top of their competitive price you still have a 30-days money-back guarantee, don’t forget that.

NordVPN subscription plans

5. StrongVPN

Excellent Secure VPN Service – Risk-Free 30days

Excellent Secure VPN Service – Risk Free 30 days

One of the oldest VPN providers started in 1994. With their high-tech security and blazing fast speed connection, they are still among the top-grade VPN service out there.

You should try out their service for 30-days with no risk money guaranteed.

They have an enormous amount of IP addresses more than 59,500 for you to jump in within 9,500+ servers and 35 different countries and 59 cities. Enough location for you to go random and become anonymous.

They are introducing you with WireGuard, a Next-Generation VPN protocol with excellent speed, military-grade security, and no lagging performance.  

Not only secure your desktop or laptop computer but also by connecting to your router you will create a highly secure military-grade encrypted Wi-Fi network for all of your devices.

Stay Secured with Next-Generation VPN Protocol

Stay Secured with Next-Generation VPN Protocol

With their zero-logging connection policy, all of your activities through their VPN servers will be erased immediately thus not even your VPN provider can trace your activities.

Now, they have excellent subscription plans & well affordable. For a one-month subscription, the cost is only $10 per month with 250GB of secure cloud storage. But If you choose 12 months package they will offer you a huge 42% discount by charging you only $5.83 per month.

The choice is yours. Do not forget to take advantage of a 30-days money-back guarantee, with no risk from your end at all.

StrongVPN subscription plans

6. PureVPN

Trusted by Millions of User Worldwide – Start with $0.99

Trusted by Millions of User Worldwide - Start with $0.99 VPN service

PureVPN offers you ironclad security with the high-class anonymous ability for all of your devices or even your entire organization, with their simple and powerful network.

Test their awesome service with a completely risk-free & 31-days money-back guarantee.

Stay with them and get access to over 2,000+ servers worldwide in 180+ different locations and an enormous 300,000 shared IP addresses. Switching your original IP address with that huge collection of random servers makes you completely untraceable and hidden in shadow.

They have a powerful security function called “Internet Kill Switch” to eliminate all incoming and outgoing connections from your devices if something goes wrong and you accidentally dropped from their VPN lines.

Support nearly limitless devices and operating systems

Support nearly limitless devices and operating systems - VPN service

Then you have the access to their powerful individual split-tunneling VPN function, which allows you to address which connection will go through the VPN server and which through your local internet provider, this way you won’t have to switch off VPN lines and able to work simultaneously from all connections you want.

What about your other devices from desktops to the laptop even handheld smartphone devices? You can connect them all to secure the VPN server by attaching it to your home router and making an anonymous and secure Wi-Fi network.

And, when it comes to organization classified files and communication, PureVPN can also provide the same level of military-grade security in a business premise for your entire team or whole organization network. Therefore, even some of your team members who go outside can still be in your business secure connection. They are able to share secret files of your organization’s projects and can communicate with an end-to-end encrypting channel.

Organization-wide Anonymous and High-tech security

Organization-wide Anonymous and High-tech security

Now let’s get the PureVPN. They have a competitive subscription plan for you to get up and running. If you want a discount offer then choose 6 months plan and receive a 24% off from the regular price and it is $8.33 per month. And, if you want more then choose their full 1-year plan and receive a flat 40% discount thus monthly charge will be $6.49 per month. Or you can choose their single month plan and the cost will be $10.95

The choice is yours. Do not forget to use the 31-days money-back guarantee offer, you have nothing to lose.

PureVPN pricing model

7. Surfshark VPN

Highly Secure & Feature Rich Anonymous VPN Service

Highly Secure & Feature Rich Anonymous VPN Service

Surfshark VPN is probably one of the cheapest and feature-rich VPN services out there, giving you the most generous limited-time offer 82% discount to $1.99 per month.

Not only that, you still have their 30-days Risk free money-back guarantee.

Irritated so many times because you were blocked from a favorite website or videos only because your country is restricted by their cold regulation or policy or whatever it was. Now use VPN to bypass all of those restrictions and get access to any public website or content you want, no limitation nothing.

With their 1,700+ servers worldwide in 63 different countries, you can switch to any of those you want & virtually be anywhere. For example, if your original location is in New York City you can jump in Europe or Asia server whenever you want with a single click of your mouse button, thus by doing so you can effectively hide your identity and location IP address and secure your internet surf.

No Blocking & No Restriction – Open Internet for you

No Blocking & No Restriction – Open Internet for you

What about security? You are not only changing your location IP address but also your VPN connection is highly secure with military-grade encryption technology, therefore you are not only hiding but also protecting yourself from hackers. This opportunity gives you the chance to visit a dangerous website completely anonymously and highly secured way.

While surfing different websites you may frequently face some annoying advertisements either from google or from other advertising sources directly in front of your nose. By using a VPN service you can easily block those annoying ads with a single click and done, you are free from ads.

Then you have the option to tag your other devices along with your laptop or desktop by channeling the entire Wi-Fi connection through the VPN server. Now your whole house is protected and anonymous.

Certified Military Grade Security & No Logging Policy

Certified Military Grade Security & No Logging Policy

Along with their 30-days risk-free money-back guarantee, they have a very competitive subscription plan, probably the cheapest you may ever find. Start with their 1-month regular subscription plan costs you $11.95 per month & no discount.

Choose a 6-months plan & you are subject to receive a flat 50% discount leaving you $5.99 per month & if you choose their recommended 24-months plan then you will receive a huge 82% discount offer giving you a cost of only $1.99 per month.

Surf Shark VPN subscription plans

8. Hotspot Shield

One of the Fastest VPN Service – Free Forever Plan

Hotspot Shield, One of the Fastest VPN Service – Free Forever Plan

Hotspot Shield is one of the most popular VPN services mainly for their Forever Free plan with $0 cost & they provide one of the fastest VPN connections worldwide.

Hotspot Shield rated as World’s Fastest VPN in 2019 and 2020.

First, by using their service you will be able to camouflage your identity from third-party by hiding yourself behind thousands of random servers located in different cities in the world. Maybe you are accessing the internet from Germany but using a VPN they will locate you in Alaska, this technology will effectively hide your original IP address by masking it with other servers around the world.

Opening a gate of ultimate freedom for you, as now you have no problem with country restrictions.

Open the gate of limitless freedom – No restriction

Open the gate of limitless freedom – No restriction in internet access

Not only gaining access to the internet from random servers worldwide, but Hotspot Shield also provides military-grade encrypting security to make sure you are safe from hackers, thus now you have no problem visiting dangerous websites that would otherwise compromise your security.

Securing your identity, information, location, and becoming anonymous can be done with Hotspot Shield, but what about your other security you may not think right now, but after a while, you might be needed.

They have a full security suite that is included in their Hotspot Shield Premium plan. With Robo Shield all of your unwanted spam calls with being blocked automatically, with 1Passowrd manager all of your passwords will be stored in highly secured sandbox cloud storage, just remember 1 master password to access all. Finally, with an identity guard, your valuable personal information including your banking details, credit card info will be safe behind ironclad security.

Get All-in-One Security Solution for your home network

Get All-in-One Security Solution for your home network

Talking about a simple subscription plan with no complexity, yes they have 2 subscription plans one is free with $0 cost with some limitation in feature, for example, you can access with only one server & that is US-based, your speed is limited to 2Mbps and you have 500MB bandwidth limit monthly. Apart from these limitations, the free plan is good to test out their service.

And, their other plan is Premium plan with all the features loaded within it, the cost is only $7.99 per month and it’s billed annually, comes with an additional feature of a risk-free 45-days money-back guarantee.

Hotspot Shield subscription plans

Executive Summary

The more we advance in technology the more new way our security being compromised. In the earlier era, we had to protect ourselves from the thief by hardening our security system of the home, that was physical but now everything has changed, we need to harden our online security more than our home.

Why? Because thief can easily access your bank account by stealing your password & within a day all of your money is gone. Not only your money though, but the hijacker can even steal your identity and become of you. Then they can contact your families by using your social media account or even using your smartphone.

Yes, this is frightening in many ways. But thanks to our heroes we have anti-theft technology as well with VPN service. It can encrypt our communication channel and making it impossible for hackers to intercept it. If you have read my above guide about VPN then you already have some idea about it.

Which VPN service you think would be best for your security? Or perhaps for your entire business networks. Do let us know by commenting below so we may able to discuss it.

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