What are SEO Tools and What are they Used for? (Review)

Best SEO Tools to Improve Rank
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Last Updated on May 16, 2021 by Arif Chowdhury

If you are new in SEO then you may wonder, what are SEO tools and what are they used for?

There are many SEO tools out there from free to paid service. You can get more or less benefit from most of them. However, a serious marketer always tries to find out the best marketing tools to maximize performance. 

There are some factors related to finding out “Best SEO tools”, for big organizations paying thousands of dollars per month won’t affect their revenue much, but for a small organization, this is a serious issue to consider.

What are the Best SEO Tools you can use?

SEO means “Search Engine Optimization”, ever since search engines have become the most popular tool to find a website by typing a keyword, website and blog owner trying to get on the top by any means necessary. SEO is one of the most common tongues since then.

By doing SEO on your website you help search engines to find your website content and by doing so, your website will rank higher to get even more organic visitors.

In other words, SEO is a free way to get most of the high-quality traffic/visitors on your website, thus increasing your revenue.

In this guide, I have handpicked some of my favorite low-budget and self-learning SEO tools that you can use to maximize your SEO ranking and grow your revenue exponentially.

Now let’s see what best option we have to get the most benefit from SEO tools.

1. SEMrush

All-in-One SEO Solution for Small or Large Organization

What are SEO tools and what are they used for? SEMrush is all in one SEO solution.

SEMrush is one of the SEO tools that you can use almost any of your marketing needs to get the most benefit out of it.

It has a free plan available for an indefinite time for trial purposes, but you might be able to get some basic benefits from it.

First of all, SEMrush is for your SEO needs, with a few clicks you can get a full SEO audit report in your dashboard for not only your website but all visible websites over the internet, in this way you have a great chance to gather some valuable SEO data from your competitors.

Though you can use the “Google Keyword Planner” to get an idea of keywords and monthly search volume, however, with the SEMrush keyword finder tool, you will able to get millions of keyword ideas with hundreds of new advanced features that you won’t get in any freebies plan. Advance keyword research is going to be very helpful.

Virtual Assistance for SEO Professionals

Virtual Assistance for SEO Professionals.

Getting errors and warnings reported while examining your website is always helpful. You are not a master by default otherwise you wouldn’t be here, therefore, getting advice on what you did wrong and where you should improve is helpful to improve your website optimization.

The next thing is beyond your website’s internal optimization, now it is PPC campaign marketing or social media marketing. For the PPC campaign every dollar is counted, as if you target the wrong keywords, your whole campaign might get ruined with waves of wrong visitors. Thus finding the right keyword and search volume is vital if you want to get success in this competitive market.

With the SEO tool, you can get hundreds of results within a second.

Quick Note: to identify keyword difficulty SEMrush is far better than other free tools

Find the best possible keywords for your niche

Find the best possible keywords for your niche using one of the best SEO tools

Now, what about pricing? They have 3 subscription plans from Pro to Business ranging from $83 to $333 per month if billed annually as you will get a 16% discount automatically. There is another plan for a large organization and that is the Enterprise plan, you have to contact them directly for a custom rate.

In any case, if you are not sure then just sign-up for a free account, and the good thing is, it has no trial period, you can test as long as you like.

SEMrush pricing model

2. Ahrefs

Advance SEO Tools for your Website – Free 7-days Trial

advance seo tools for your website & keyword research

Ahrefs is one of the leading and popular SEO tools out there, it provides you all the necessary information and insight you need to optimize your website for organic search.

It has a FREE 7-days trial available for you to try its service.

Just like SEMrush after you log in to your account you will get a dashboard full of information and valuable insight for a selected domain, including backlinks, referring domains, organic keywords, organic traffic, paid traffics, and much more useful information. All of these combined features help you a lot in your technical SEO.

Organic traffic is the gold mine for all types of businesses no matter how small or big an organization they are. Tapping on that gold mine can bring millions of free traffic to their business thus increasing revenue exponentially.

All useful information is one dashboard

All useful information is one dashboard for your keyword research

An internal site audit is another backbone of overall SEO. It is called on-page SEO. By using site audit you will get a full report of the on-page performance of your website, if any errors are found within your website it will show in reports and will give recommendations on how to solve them.

You will receive a visual data analysis of your website with useful graphs containing SEO health score, crawl issues found, internal broken links, unnecessary keyword stuffing, and many more.

If your website is old and becoming huge then it is almost impossible to find out internal broken links or broken pages, unless site visitors report it. By using SEO tools you can get all these reports within a minute and fix them.

Quick Note: Ahrefs broken links feature is perfect for the link building campaign. You can find broken links of almost any site on the internet within an instant. It is by far the best link analysis tool.

Analyze your website with powerful SEO dashboard

Ahrefs is a little bit costly compared to other SEO tools out there, however, they have many advanced features that you won’t find in other SEO tools.

They have 4 subscription plans Lite, Standard, Advanced, and Agency ranging from $82 to $832 per month. You will get 2 months free if billed annually and also save $1,998 per year. If you are a small business owner then should start with the Lite plan otherwise go for an advance or Agency plan according to your needs.

There is a FREE 7-days plan available, however, they require you to submit your credit card information.

Ahrefs subscription plans

3. GrowthBar

Flexible Free Tool for SEO Growth

flexible powerful SEO tool GrowthBar

It’s a Google Chrome extension just like other free SEO tools. It also has a paid plan of $29 per month. Using this extension, you can check on search results and get suggestions on millions of keyword ideas on your favorite chrome browser.

For example, just type in Google search anything you like and you will see search results as usual, but this time using this extension you will see additional information regarding that keyword, DA score of a specific website, how difficult it will be to rank for a specific keyword.

On top of that, you will get relevant millions of keyword suggestions, search volumes, ranking scores, based on your searched keyword. It’s really helpful when you are researching long keywords.

You can examine any website page using this extension like how many words they have written within that page to figure out the standard article length range.

Maybe the most amazing part is this – You can even spy on their Facebook ads, see how they created their ads and which keywords they have targeted to get a clear idea about their social media marketing. It’s probably one of the best SEO toolbars out there.

Quick Note: they have a unique content planner in their paid plans. It provides you an easy content management system i.e. automated content outline, suggested keywords, word count, headings, etc.

GrowthBar pricing model

4. Advanced Web Ranking

Professional SEO for Advance Users – Free 30-days Run

Professional SEO for Advance Users – Free 30-days Run

Advance Web Ranking (AWR) is more like a professional SEO service rather than an application, they provide you custom and advance SEO service on-demand rather than a report from automated software.

They have a FREE 30-days trial plan for you to test their service, no credit card required whatsoever.

You will receive keywords ranking data based on locations and devices, the ability to compare your ranking with competitors.

AWR can track an unlimited keyword and project based on your subscription plan. You can even have separate users for AWR accounts if it is a large organization or team.

Customized Advance On-Demand SEO Reports

What are SEO tools and what are they used for? You can use it to create Customized Advance On-Demand SEO Reports

AWR can be used as a white label SEO service. If you want to provide SEO service to your clients then use a white label feature to erase any trace of AWR from the application interface to get fully customizable SEO reports for your client.

They have a powerful drag and drop user-friendly interface to make your custom-made report, you can use your template, and can edit graphs and columns the way you want.

Monitor your website rankings on any type of search engine out there from Google, Yahoo, Yandex, Baidu, Amazon or YouTube, etc. And, if any search engine is not listed there, then contact them they will add immediately.

Custom SEO report for your clients

AWR has 4 subscription options available from Starter to Enterprise ranging from $44 to $449 per month if billed annually, as you will receive a 10% discount immediately.

For small organizations or teams, the Starter package should be great however, for large organizations Agency or Enterprise should be the best. And of course, they always offer a 30-days FREE trial without any credit card for you to try out.

Advance Web Ranking pricing model

5. Sitechecker

All-in-One SEO Solution – Enough Free Features

Sitechecker all-in-One SEO Solution – Enough Free Features

Sitechecker is one of the most well featured and best free SEO tools available online, capable of dealing with small or large organization SEO needs.

The most basic part of SEO checking is completely free, you don’t even have to register for an account, just type your website URL and get the free SEO report.

There are some free tools called One-time checks you can use right away, website health checker, website rank checker, free backlink checker, on-page SEO checker and website traffic checker. However, if you try to use it more than once then, they will offer you to open a paid account for further use of their application.

Website health checking is one of the most helpful and powerful free tools they have.

Free On-page SEO Reports – Advance but free feature

Free On-page SEO Reports – Advance but free feature

Their on-page SEO checks are highly advanced and very useful, as they will show you almost all the available errors and warnings that would affect your SEO progress.

It will check your website URL, titles, descriptions, from H1 to H6 tags, also the size of the pages. It will show you a warning for big-size images without any tags or titles and descriptions that would otherwise negatively affect your SEO performance.

For a large website, it is sometimes impossible to check HTTP status codes to find every broken link and redirect. And, the same goes for every internal or external link to your website whether all of them are active or broken.

By finding these issues within a minute, you can fix and improve your overall SEO performance with minimal time.

Audit for Errors and Issues of a website within minutes

Audit for Errors & Issues of a website within minutes

Though they are providing you the most useful and basic features for free, however, you cannot use them frequently. And here comes the paid plans, they have 3 subscription plans from Lite to Growing and Startup plan ranging from $6 to $55 per month if billed annually as you will get a 20% instant discount.

For a single website SEO feature, the Lite plan is okay however, for a large team or organization a Startup or Growing plan would be necessary when you need to track more than one website and a few keywords.

Sitechecker pricing model

6. Authority Labs

One-Step Solution for SEO – Free 14-days Test Run

Authority Lab best SEO service around

Track your website SEO performance with ease by adding a domain name, provide a location, and keywords you want to track and that’s it, let it run in automation.

A FREE 14-days trial run can be a test drive to decide whether you should rely on them or not.

First of all, they have two types of service at the beginning, Authority labs rank tracker and Authority labs data service. Authority labs rank tracker will enable you to monitor your SEO performance with reliable and accurate keyword data. You will receive a daily tracking report based on your local ranking and mobile device ranking in search results.

Rank Tracker for SEO Performance Monitoring

Rank Tracker for SEO Performance Monitoring

You will gain the ability to track your competitor’s ranking based on a set of related keywords or locations and devices side by side with your website to get a better understanding.

You can even provide custom SEO service using a white-label solution for your clients by adding your logo and domain to the reports.

For an organization, a large team can have separate user login options and reporting features to get custom reports for their department without spending an extra subscription charge.

Authority labs have specific locational-based tracking as well, just provide location and zip code to find out specific location-based SEO ranking. Track based on search engines, language, or even devices across globally.

A Research Center of SEO to track performance of Website

A Research Center of SEO to track performance of Website

They have 4 subscription plans ranging from $49 to $450 per month. Started from Plus subscription plan then Pro, Pro Plus, and finally Enterprise for a large organization.

If you are a small team or business and have one or a few websites then start with the Plus plan, you can track 50 domains along with 250 keywords. While Enterprise plans are not limited to domain tracking and have 5000+ keyword tracking features.

In the end, if you are not sure just start a 14-days free trial, it will not ask you for any credit card information.

Authority Lab pricing model

7. Serpstat

Advance SEO Tools with Free User Option

Serpstat Advance SEO Tools with Free User Option

Serpstat has a huge and renowned customer base like Shopify, Loreal, and Lenovo, and more, it has powerful and advanced SEO growth hacking features for small to large businesses.

Its FREE user option is enough for demonstration purposes and no time limit boundaries, unlike other keyword research tools.

Start using their service by typing your website domain or a specific keyword. It will open a new window with a free signup option either by using a Gmail account or Facebook account whichever you like.

Then continue using their free service for an indefinite time, however, advance options are not available to use until you choose one of the paid plans.

All-in-One SEO Solution for Your Website

Powerful SEO suite for your website

Serpstat has almost all SEO features you probably needed and maybe some features you don’t even know to exist at all.

They have the usual keyword research tool to find out the most valuable and relevant keyword available to your niche, you have the option to track your website along with competitor’s website SEO ranking based on those keywords.

Tap into your competitor’s keyword and search term to find out which keywords are searched by their visitors to get a full insight to understand their SEO approach, thus it will help you to identify their strengths and weaknesses to find out competitors untapped valuable keywords for your website ranking.  

You can get a full insight into your competitor’s advertising campaign whether it is social media ads or Google search engine ads to find out keywords they are using to maximize your ROI by leveraging their advertising knowledge.

Flexible and Handy Browser Extension

Flexible and Handy Browser Extension SEO tools

Now let’s talk about their subscription plans, they have both monthly and annual billing options available, however, if you choose to pay annually then you will receive a 20% flat discount instantly.

Their plans started from $55 to $399 per month, their last quoted subscription plan is Enterprise but if you need more features then contact them for a custom plan that might suit your needs.

Serpstat pricing model

8. Long Tail Pro

Advance Hands-On SEO Training – Start 7-days Trial Run

Advance Hands-On SEO Training – Start 7-days Trial Run

Long Tail Pro is not just an SEO application, it also provides you a personal hands-on free 7-days training for your existing website with some guaranteed practical return.

After you complete only the first 1-hour training session, they guarantee you to have 3 long tail low-competitive keywords for your website to get ranked within a few weeks.

You will be able to master a simple system to find profitable and low competitive keywords repeatedly and a systematic SEO approach to get a minimum of 200% organic traffic than before.

Apart from hands-on training, their website provides you with a self-service SEO feature with a few clicks of your mouse.

Get Valuable Insight from Master SEO Planners

Get Valuable Insight from Master SEO Planners

Just enter a keyword that is relevant to your niche and receive thousands of suggestion keywords from short to a long tail, from high to low competition. You can run an analysis for your website along with competitor’s websites based on 13 different SEO metrics to get a full understanding of your overall marketing approach.

As you may already know that, the short tail keyword is getting harder to compete with nowadays. Instead tapping into long-tail keywords is the most effective approach especially for new websites. Say goodbye to your spreadsheet that is full of keyword listings, just create a filter based on your desired criteria and hit the search button, and receive hundreds of custom and profitable long-tail keywords at your hands within a minute. 

They are offering you a new and innovative feature they call “Competitors Keywords Mode” it let you spy on your competitors’ website and pages to get detailed analytics report of which type of keywords they are using, their social media and search engine marketing keyword list to get you a complete advantage in your SEO approach. Use this feature along with your Google search console to maximize the impact.

Spy on your competitors and get the advantage

What are SEO tools and what are they used for? Use it to spy on your competitors and get the advantage

Finally, let’s see how their subscription plan works? They have 3 different plans available from Starter Pro then Agency ranging from $25 to $98 per month only if you choose to be billed annually as you will be able to save up to $1177 per year.

For a small SEO approach, you may not be needed more than a Starter plan that will cost you only $25 per month, however for a large organization bigger SEO approach needed and an Agency plan should be your goal, and make a note of it – You will get 10-days money-back guarantee for all of their plans.

And, if you are not sure about any of it, then start using their service for free and justify by yourself.

Long Tail Pro pricing model

9. SEObility

Advance SEO Platform for Experts – Free Forever Plan

Advance SEO Platform for Experts – Free Forever Plan

SEObility is your SEO expert to audit your site within a couple of minutes to find out issues that would be harmful to your overall SEO ranking.

They have a FREE Forever plan available for infinite time, enough features to test out their service.

It has the ability called “On-Site Audit” to crawl your website’s every single linked page to find out any errors whether it is technical or visible. For example, you might have forgotten to write down meta tags, page titles, or even descriptions. Your 2 years old blog post might have one broken external link that is harmful to SEO ranking. You have 3 large images without any title or description.

When your site is getting large finding these technical or visible errors is sometimes very difficult or maybe impossible, but using an On-site audit you will receive a report of errors and all issues within minutes.

Quick Note: Screaming frog is another SEO tool but it is standalone software, not a web-based application. If you have a budget issue then do not forget to check this out.

Your SEO needs from one single platform

All you ever need for SEO service

You will also be able to track your targeted niche keywords daily based on targeted locations, country or cities, devices, and search engines.

Combining those all information from website errors, warning messages, issues, broken links, inactive links, redirecting pages, etc. making it harder to analyze.

But you don’t have to worry about that, SEObility gives you a beautiful and powerful dashboard full of insight regarding your website SEO rankings, on-site audit reports, number of backlinks you have, all in one place, in a single dashboard.

In the dashboard, they have a unique feature, an individual visibility value by combining all 100+ metrics to get a single SEO result, whether your website is doing great or not by showing its visibility score based on your specified search terms. By checking this single visibility score, you will realize whether your website is progressing or not.

Powerful Featured Rich SEO Dashboard

Excellent SEO dashboard to track keywords & website ranking performance

SEObility has lots of other unique features but if you choose their free plan you might only get a very basic plan that is enough for demonstration purposes not for serious business.

In that case, they have 2 other plans Premium and Agency ranging from $480 to $1,920 per annum, and if you choose to pay annually then you will automatically get a 20% discount. For small organizations, a Premium plan should be sufficient and large organizations should go for an Agency plan where you will be able to track a total of 15 domains and the maximum crawl pages will be 100K.

SEObility pricing model

How to get the most out of SEO tools?

Almost all of these SEO tools are somewhat helpful for your SEO needs. But, the question is – how to use this software to maximize your results?

There are few things you can do:

Google Search Console: This is the most basic part of your SEO campaign. I want you to check the search console every day.

Log in and check how many impressions and clicks your site receives every day and week. Here you can also see which keywords your site ranked. Thus it is helpful to find out whether your SEO campaign is paying off.

Google Analytics: Apart from the search console, do not forget to use Google analytics as well. It will provide you a wide range of data to get an idea of your direct, referral, and organic traffic.

Quick Note: Select an SEO tool based on your marketing needs then check Google search console and Analytics to measure the performance of your campaign.

Executive Summary

“What are SEO tools and what are they used for?” This is a broad topic, yet I tried to write a useful guide for you with the best tools available out there.

SEO is a vital part of online marketing, in more simple terms – “It is your website heart” without a heart a human can’t survive. The same goes for your website if you never did any SEO for your site then it won’t survive in a competitive market unless it is a private site.

If you have read the above SEO tools guide then you might already realize that these tools are an essential part of your SEO strategy. Systematically it will help you to find an exact method to optimize your site.

What do you think? After reading which tool is best you think? You must have some questions in your mind, do not hesitate, we are all gentlemen here, let’s start a discussion. I might be able to guide you further. Just put a comment below and let’s talk about it.

Further readings on I highly recommend you to read my guide about website hosting – “Best Website Hosting Service for 2021” some of my favorite collection of hosting sites. And also you should check this out – “Best Website Builder for 2021

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