10 Best Podcast Hosting Platform for 2021 (Review)

Best Podcast Hosting Platform
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Last Updated on March 9, 2021 by Arif Chowdhury

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What is Podcast Hosting?

Those who do not know what is a Podcast hosting. It is a new way to share your music, audio, radio globally to billions of listeners. Without getting any hassle of publishers, sponsors, etc.

Podcast hosting is a kind of website hosting however, they are specially designed for an audio file, music sharing, and displaying.

The USA has more than 100+ million podcast listeners, and globally there are millions of more audiences. Generally, if you search for Podcast hosting provider you will find plenty of them and most of them provide kind of similar features. Finding the best is subjective, as you need to look for which is going to suit your need.

I have handpicked several podcast hosting service for you from hundreds out there. My ranking factors always based on some basic needs.

  • Affordable service
  • Have all basic and advance feature
  • Accessible from any device

Of course, there are some other factors like monetization, easy to use, reliability, technical support, etc.

Let us get started to track down best Podcast Hosting for 2020

1. Buzzsprout

Trusted by 100K Podcaster – Free Forever Plan

Buzzsprout is a renown podcast hosting platform, trusted by 100K Podcaster – Free Forever Plan

Buzzsprout has started its business since 2009 and now trusted by over 100,000 podcaster and millions of listeners.

They have a Free Plan for you to get started. However, each of your audio files will be stored on their website for 90 days period.

You can reach even more audiences by listing your podcast to other popular directories like Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, etc.

Moreover, just like a website they have advance podcast statistics, so you will able to see your total performance worldwide by how many peoples are listening and from which country.

Distribute to Other Popular Podcast Directories

Distribute to Other Popular Podcast Directories

One of the best features of Buzzsprout probably is “Magic Mastering”. You do not have to edit, tune, or retouch your music manually using expensive software. Instead, this unique feature has advanced technology to automatically adjust your raw music and transform it into a professional industry standard.

Another feature is “Automatic Episode Optimization”, no more bothering to manually take care of file types, bitrate or ID3 tags, just upload your audio files set the publish schedule date and Buzzsprout will take care the rest.

You can also make your audio files more SEO optimized by transcribing the entire episodes inside the Buzzsprout, more organic traffic, and more profit.

Become Master of Music by Transforming Raw Music

Become Master of Music by Transforming Raw Music

What about their subscription plan? Alongside a Free account, they have three other plans. There is a drawback in their free plan, as your audio files will not be stored in their clouds after 90 days have passed. However, in the other three paid plans you can store your files for an indefinite period.

Besides, it is best to try out their Free plan first, you do not need to show credit card information, no risk only gain.

Buzzsprout subscription plans

2. PodBean

Simple Podcast Hosting with One of the Best Free Plan Available

Simple Podcast Hosting with One of the Best Free Plan Available

Why is PodBean getting popular day by day? Simply because they are, take caring their creators and audience with respect. For 10 years, they have served more than 450K podcasters and over 10 million episodes worldwide.

Their Free plan is not just for display, it is useful.

Their paid plans have no limitation in storage or bandwidth, so podcasters have access to limitless freedom.

Publishing podcast does not require much technical knowledge with PodBean, it is like writing an MS Word file, create your audio file, publish and share.

Moreover, every podcaster has access to their website provided free from PodBean. There are hundreds of professional website templates for you, just pick and edit whichever you like.

Live Streaming – Become Popular is now Easy

Live Streaming – Become Popular is now Easy

You can even set up your domain and become a fully professional podcaster. PodBean also provides you fully-featured “Status Dashboard” to track your performance.

Live Streaming is now becoming a trend, PodBean offering you this feature to go on air and interact with your audience in real-time. You can take the listener’s call and chat with them directly.

Next, I should talk about the Monetization of your podcast. They are offering you a full array of the dynamic advertising system. You can give your audience a chance to become your Patron. You may also offer Premium podcast service to your audience.

Advance Monetization – Let them become your Patron

Advance Monetization – Let them become your Patron

Now let us talk about the subscription plan of PodBean. They have Unlimited Audio and Unlimited Plus available and these two plans are popular among podcaster based on their affordable price and unlimited storage, bandwidth features.

Unlimited Audio cost is $9 per month while Unlimited Plus costs $29 per month. The last one is the Business plan, which is actually for large businesses or teams.

If you are not sure about choosing a paid plan, then go for the Free plan.

Podbean podcast hosting service pricing plans

3. Transistor

Create Unlimited Podcast with Built-in Website

Create Unlimited Podcast with Built-in Website

The transistor is known among the podcaster for its best services including unlimited podcast creation and excellent customer support.

Try Transistor Free 14-days, no-risk investment so far.

Hosting an unlimited podcast is one of the popular feature Transistor offerings within a single account as long as your monthly download limit is not crossing.

This gives you an advantage as the different audience has a different appetite about podcast duration. Some group of podcast listeners usually like 1-2h duration while some other like 5-10 minutes highlights. Therefore, you have no problem satisfying your audience.

No limit in publishing your podcast

No limit in publishing your podcast

Transistor has a built-in website and status analytics, thus all you have to do is share your RSS feed to other popular podcast directories i.e. Apple podcast, Spotify, etc.

With status analytics, you can track your podcast performance on how many people listens or downloads.

Talking about the website, you can build awesome looking stylish websites according to your genre and host your podcast within it.

Moreover, if you are using another hosting provider then you can easily import existing feed to Transistor using a simple migration tool.

Podcast is not only for singer – It is for everyone

Podcast is not only for singer - It is for everyone

Now let us see their subscription plan. They are offering three plans ranging from $19 to $99. The starter plan is for casual podcaster and Business plan for an organization or large team. The only difference between these three plans are Business plan has bigger download limit and they will operate under their brand.

If you are a serious podcaster then consider choosing a business plan otherwise Starter and Professional would be great for you.

Moreover, if you want to test their service first before purchasing one of their plans, then choose a 14-days Free trial.

Transistor pricing model

4. Simplecast

One-Click Publishing Podcast – Free 14-days Run

One-Click Publishing Podcast – Free 14-days Run

The name suggests itself, Simplecast is one of the most simple and easy to publish and manage podcast-hosting service around.

Always safe to know there is a 14-days Free Run available to try out.

Unlimited storage and uploads are a big features for every podcaster, with no limit and ultimate freedom with only $15 per month. It is cheap, compared to other podcasts hosting services except for PodBean they have $9 per month.

One-click easy publishing podcast to share around the globe like Apple podcast, Spotify, or whatever out there your audience listens.

Built-in Powerhouse for Podcaster & Listeners

Built-in Powerhouse for Podcaster & Listeners

Simplecast is a powerful framework specially build for audio, thus it is robust for audio streaming infrastructure with industry-leading technology. Whatever your business with podcast casual or serious organization, Simplecast can easily handle it.

They are providing to their podcaster with powerful built-in analytics tools to track performance like how many downloads, how many listens, or even from where they are listening. With this tracking feature, you can easily get an idea of where your audience coming from and which location you are doing great or not.

Moving from other podcasts hosting service is also easy 1-2-3 with their flexible migration tool.

Modern or Classic Website for Podcast – Choice is yours

Modern or Classic Website for Podcast – Choice is yours

Simplecast has three different subscription plans available from Basic to Essential and Growth ranging from $15 to $35 and $85 per month.

A team of two members can easily get the job done with a basic plan where four team members needed an essential plan. The growth plan is for a serious big team with all the features of basic and essential plans and more.

If you want to test them out before any purchase then go for their 14-days Free trial.

Simplecast subscription plans

5. Captivate

Shockingly Awesome Podcast Hosting – 7 days Free Run

Shockingly Awesome Podcast Hosting – 7 days Free Run

Why I said shockingly awesome? Because Captivate has some stunning features build-in, that only a few other podcasts hosting service have at a much higher price.

What is even better? Their Free 7-days trial has it all, nothing holding back.

Do what you do best and Captivate will take care of the rest. With their powerful website feature, you will able to build a professional website with ease. No coding no-hassle all is done by them.

And, not just that you will have your dashboard full of detailed analytics reports to track your podcast performance.

Built-in Website for Podcaster – Become Professional

Built-in Website for Podcaster – Become Professional

If you already hosted your podcast somewhere else, then you can easily migrate to Captivate within a moment.

Now, what if I tell you, that you will get your podcast player and not only that it will change itself automatically based on your podcast theme or cover. Sound stunningly awesome, right? Yes, it is.

Your intelligent podcast player has its link to promote, just copy-paste to social media or email to let everyone know.

It can also be embedded anywhere with just a few simple codes.

Powerful & Intelligent Podcast Player

Powerful & Intelligent Podcast Player

There are so many other features that I did not cover in this article, better go there and see action for yourself. Now let me show you their subscription plan. There are three plans available, Podcaster, Audio Influencer, and Podcast Brand.

If you just started with 1-2 members then the Podcaster plan should be sufficient for you, while a big organization or teams needed a much bigger plan and Podcast Band would be best.

Why don’t you try their 7-days Free test run and see for yourself?

Captivate subscription plans

6. Spreaker

A Marketplace of Podcaster & Listeners – Free Forever

A Marketplace of Podcaster & Listeners – Free Forever

Spreaker is a little bit different from other podcasts hosting providers, as it has a marketplace for both podcasters and listeners.

Free Forever plan has the limitation but enough for demonstration their feature.

It is so obvious if it a marketplace then podcasters getting a chance of free promotion and free audiences in their hosting ground.

If you are an excellent podcaster then your podcast will even feature on their homepage. Enough boost to get started from zero.

Easily organize your all podcast using CMS

Easily organize your all podcast using CMS

Have the ability to go live with a live streaming feature, chat with your audience, and become more popular. You have the option to manage all of your podcast using a single tool called Content Management System (CMS). With a few clicks of your mouse, you can upload and schedule a podcast.

Easy to use marketing tool can share your podcast directly to social media automatically.

With RSS feed you can share with other popular podcast directories like Apple podcast, Spotify, etc.

Monetization option is even more flexible, as they have given you full control over ads and an analytics tool to track the performance of your podcast.

Podcast hosting platform offers you freedom in monetization

Spreaker has three subscription plans apart from the free plan. The Free plan has limitations, only able to upload multiple podcasts without getting other features.

They have an On-Air Talent plan started from $6 per month, Broadcaster has $18 per month and Anchorman cost is $45 per month. If you are serious about podcasting and need all available features then Anchorman should be best.

If you want to try out before any purchase then go for the Free plan, it has no trial period.

Spreaker susbcription plans

7. Castos

Unlimited Podcasting with Castos – Free 14-days Trial

Unlimited Podcasting with Castos – Free 14-days Trial

Castos has an unlimited option for upload, download, and the number of podcasts you can create. Podcaster has unlimited freedom as they can create the way they want without any limit.

Test out Castos with their 14-days Free trial, no credit card, no string attached.

More than 20,000 podcasters using WordPress plugin to build a truly professional and boundary-less website to display their podcast.

You can upload podcast episodes just like a simple WordPress post, if you are already familiar with WordPress then it will be a piece of cake for you.

WordPress Plugin makes it even simpler for you

WordPress Podcast Plugin makes it even simpler for you

You can create multiple RSS feeds for other popular podcast directories like Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, and Spotify, etc.

With WordPress built-in dashboard traffic analysis you can easily measure your podcast performance, how much listener and from where they are listening, how much they are downloading.

Your audience can share your podcast in social media by embedding a simple sharing button. And, you can even have a personal podcast player to embed on your website to make it even more professional. 

Castos plugin can simplify many other heavy workloads for you, like automated YouTube Republishing and podcast transcription.

You can set the whole process in automation thus, it will transcribe your podcast, publish in YouTube publication, create multiple shows, and finally distribute to other popular channels in an autopilot mode.

Automate the whole process even when you sleep

Automate Podcast publishing makes it easy for you

Let’s go to see their subscription plan next. They have 3 plans, Starter, Growth, and Pro ranging from $19 to $99 per month. You can select for annual payment option and get a 20% automatic discount.

All of the plans have unlimited features for download, upload, and no limit in podcast creation. Finally, if you are unsure, then test a 14-days Free Run, no risk whatsoever.

Castos susbcriptino plans

8. Fusebox

Ultimate Solution All-in-One Podcasting – Free Plan

Ultimate Solution All-in-One Podcasting – Free Plan

Fusebox is not just a podcast hosting service, behind the scene it has all the modern professional website building tools to make a Podcast Powerhouse.

On top of that – It has a Forever Free plan with some limitations, of course for you to try out risk-free.

Just like other websites you can capture subscribers and send them email newsletters however, your podcast will be embedded in the newsletter.

Unique Podcast Player – Embedded & Customizable

Unique Podcast Player – Embedded & Customizable

Maybe the strong feature of all is SPP (Smart Podcast Player). It is uniquely designed to meet your needs. Has 3 options available, it can act as a full-featured podcast player with a cover photo of the track.

It can be embedded in blog posts or notes to display in blog feeds.

Finally, it can be a floating podcast player all over the website, so visitors can access while they are searching or reading your post.

It not just a podcast player but you may use it to leverage your marketing by inviting them directly to your player to build more reputation.

Transcription plugin is another beautiful feature, with their innovative technology you won’t have to worry about accuracy.

Make more SEO friendly post with your automated transcription plugin.

With Transcript Plugin – Make it Automate

With Podcast Transcript Plugin – Make it Automate

How about we take a look at their subscription plan? They have simple 2 plans, One is free forever with some limitation in features, and the other is Pro plan with all the features available with it.

Pro Plan cost you $12 per month, it is cheaper than most of the podcast hosting services given the fact that they have many useful features.

If you don’t want to purchase their Pro plan right away, then my suggestion is – try their free plan and test it out.

Fusebox pricing model

9. Podcast Websites

Full Solution of Podcast Career with 7-days Money Back

Full Solution of Podcast Career with 7-days Money Back

Podcast Websites is a One-Stop solution for your podcast career. You need a powerful podcast hosting service along with a good looking and well-designed website to display your podcast, and they have your back.

Though they do not have any Free trial plan, yet you can test their service and they have a 7-days money-back guarantee.

Now, what benefit you can get from them? They have already pre-designed website templates for you to get started, all you have to do is edit them with a simple easy to use drag and drop editor and upload your podcast. That’s it, your professional podcast website is ready for action.

Learn from Legend – Become part of Podcast Academy

Learn from Legend – Become part of Podcast Academy

I have never actually seen other podcast hosting service, providing any Academy like learning feature. It’s amazing, it’s not just a community you will learn from podcasters who became successful in real life.

As a new podcaster, you have so many questions to ask, but the grim truth is nobody around you to help you. It’s a very common issue for any new online start-up.

You want to build a podcast brand from day-1, want to increase your website rank in various search engines like Google by optimizing SEO, you want to know how to increase your reach and influence among podcast audience, you want to get thousands of subscribers.

Yes, whatever you want regarding podcasting career they have it all. And, it is completely Free to join. Do you need anything more? I don’t think so.

Ever-Expanding Pre-designed of Website Templates

Ever-Expanding Pre-designed of Podcast Website Templates

They have many useful features but how about their subscription plans? Is it affordable? Yes, it is competitive and featured rich. However, for a casual podcaster who need to start with a cheap subscription plan might not satisfy here. Because their starter plan is $77 per month, where other podcasts hosting service has a much cheaper rate for a beginner (see above reviews).

Their advance plan is Popular and cost is $97 per month for experienced users. And you get a 7-days money-back guarantee in case of disappointment.

Podcast website subscription plans

10. Audioboom

Simple Cheap Podcast Hosting for Starter

Simple Cheap Podcast Hosting for Starter

Audioboom is a relatively cheap and simple platform for podcast starter with some powerful features along the journey.

There is NO free trial option, a bad impression for the whole brand.

Apart from this disappointment, they have simple podcast upload and hosting solutions for you but no website building option.

If you already have a website then you can embed your podcast there.

Simple & Easy Podcast Hosting and Distribution

Simple & Easy Podcast Hosting and Distribution

You can distribute your podcast among popular channels like Google podcast, Apple podcast as usual no problem with that.

You will also have a detailed analytics report from inside your Audioboom account, to learn and track your performance.

Now let’s go to a subscription plan. They have only 2 plans, for a beginner that is Podcasters plan cost you $9.99 per month while Podcast Pros is for established podcasters & for pricing you have to contact with them.

As they have no free trial option, therefore you have no way to test their service without any investment.

Audioboom subscription plans

Executive Summary

If you are a singer, YouTuber, audio episode maker then podcasting can be the best option for you. But things have changed a lot now, today even a singer has a beautiful & professionally designed website that even outclassed the large organization website back then in early 2000.  

Don’t believe it? Just Google it – “early 2000 web design” and see for yourself.

More digitalized we become more competitive it gets. Because in early 2000 making a website would require hiring web developers and cost would be more than thousands of dollars while now you can easily do it within 10 minutes & few clicks.

Recording software also becomes available and cheap thus anyone can start podcasting with a professional-looking website.

So, you have been blessed with today’s technology, why waiting and wasting time? Back then maybe, if your grandfather would try to start a podcasting business they had to invest thousands of dollars and it would take more than 1-2 months to finally get started, while you can do it now within 10 minutes.

So what do you think about it? After reading my guide do you have any questions or suggestions? Or perhaps you might be needing more help regarding podcasting services. In any case, just ask me in the comments section below I will try my best to help you out.

Further reading on Cliobra: if you are going to start podcasting soon then my advise, start marketing your new business in social media first & in that case, I think you should read my other guide – “Best Social Media Management Tools for 2020” & also this guide – “Best Photo Editing Software for 2020” because after you start your new business soon you will start to look for this, trust me.