How to Promote Small Business on Instagram Story (Practical Guide)

How to Promote Small Business on Instagram Story (Practical Guide)

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Last Updated on January 19, 2023 by Arif Chowdhury

Do you find taking advantage of the Instagram Stories feature in your marketing activities challenging? Do you like to know how to promote a product on the Instagram story? No worries, you have come to the right place.

Because most audiences become used to avoiding commercials, they sometimes pay to prevent them. Therefore, Instagram Stories are a lifesaver for small and large businesses promoting their products.

Utilizing Instagram story promotion ideas and creating Instagram stories for businesses can be a powerful tool in social media marketing. Instagram advertising, influencer marketing, and audience engagement are all essential elements to consider when using Instagram Stories for business.

It’s like if you accidentally clicked on a snapshot of a friend’s feast, and now you’re trapped in a never-ending loop of overconsumption. Twenty minutes later, you’ve flicked through thirty Instagram stories, checked five commercials, and clicked links from influencers’ outfit posts to see what they’re wearing.

How should you promote small businesses on your Instagram Story?

By utilizing Instagram analytics on an Instagram business account, it could be challenging to get off the loop if you’ve been on it for some time.

We’re lured to Instagram Stories because of its visually appealing design. We can’t stop clicking since we don’t know what will happen next.

My judgments are not just based on what I’ve personally experienced. For example, how many people abandoned your story after clicking on the next one in the feed may be found using Instagram’s Business stats.

Eighty percent of Instagram Stories users “Forward Tap” rather than “Exit,” based on statistics, showing that consumers prefer to remain on board.

Method #1: Utilize announcements.

It’s easy to utilize Instagram Stories to announce new goods, hire new staff, and keep the audience updated on corporate news.

You may show your company’s insider video here if it doesn’t fit on the main page. Then, as they learn more about you and your business, your audience will receive the most up-to-date information possible.

Use an announcement in your Instagram story to promote your small business.

Adding more photographs when posting Instagram stories may be a fun way to keep your followers engaged and interested.

Anything from coming up with a new idea to making an amusing joke about a coworker might qualify as an engaging post or story. By accentuating the human character of your organization, you may enhance brand recognition and engagement.

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Method #2: Collaborate with the team.

Collaboration on Instagram Stories may be very beneficial for both businesses and influencers.

Clients can promote your small business products on their Instagram stories.

Clients that are themselves influencers are an excellent choice for this kind of collaboration, but you may collaborate with any firm you like. Here’s an example to illustrate what I mean.

Another example of a client promoting products on their Instagram post.

Quick Note: Collaboration with others will open the gate for you to receive new opportunities. Besides, consistently creating high-quality content could be a challenge for you alone. And that’s why you need to team up with others.

Method #3: Use story.

Since the launch of Instagram Story Highlights in December 2017, it’s become a powerful marketing tool.

Their function is to serve as the most excellent piece for frequent users. It doesn’t matter whether you want to pin your tales to the home page since it works as additional exposure for your profile for the audience to notice.

You can easily promote your Instagram post on the story.

It’s possible to use highlights to explain to visitors about your organization. However, for your Story Highlights to serve as the front cover of your Instagram profile, they must be visually appealing.

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Method #4: Interact with your audience with polls.

You may get all the information you need from your customers with a simple click.

It’s a terrific technique to get more interaction from your Instagram followers. You may use these questions to do market research or have fun.

Poll on the Instagram story can promote products and interact with the audience.

There are many creative options if you use polls in your marketing campaigns.

Companies may use polls when communicating essential information to their clients and prospects.

There will be a significant rise in the popularity of Instagram Stories during the coming year. In addition, Instagram constantly adds new tools to foster closer relationships between users and brands.

Now let’s move on to the next concept on the list.

Quick Note: To increase engagement with your followers, you need to give them a reason to interact with you. Asking them to give vote on a poll is an interesting idea.

Method #5: Ask questions.

Companies may use the “Ask a Question” sticker to encourage customers to do just that: ask questions about their favorite brand.

This method is fantastic for forming consumer connections and fostering a sense of belonging.

Ask questions to your audience in your Instagram story.

Companies that demonstrate concern for their customer’s opinions and are willing to address queries present themselves as caring and passionate about their audience. As a result, customers become more loyal.

In Stories, you may use the questions sticker to ask open-ended or specific inquiries.

Method #6: Ask for the audience’s reaction.

As part of its Stories update, Instagram allows users to comment on their postings.

Each interaction on Instagram Stories is considered by the algorithm when determining whether or not a user is interested in a piece of content. Therefore, if you want to increase user engagement, consider implementing response sliders.

Companies often use this feature to gauge how much consumers like their items.

Use a reaction slider in your Instagram story to get a response from your audience.

Check the example of using the Instagram Stories slider; the slider is a fantastic example of creativity.

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Method #7: Use the cool countdown feature.

You may use countdown Instagram Stories stickers for advertising contests, sales, and other events.

Tracking the number of users who use reminders from the countdown may help businesses identify how many members of their follower base are actively participating.

Countdown feature on Instagram is a powerful tool to increase engagement from your audience.

A new feature like this one, which helps foster a feeling of belonging among users, expects Instagram to continue rolling out in upcoming years.

Method #8: Utilize links.

Only accounts with at least 10,000 followers are eligible for this functionality.

If your business profile meets the requirements, you’ll be able to post direct links to other websites in your Instagram Stories.

Use the link on an Instagram post so your customer can directly shop from here.

By allowing us to connect directly in our Stories rather than bios, Instagram encourages its audience to stay on its platform. In addition, when a user clicks on a link, Instagram will send them to an internal browser to continue their browsing.

Proper CTA can increase conversion on your Instagram shoppable post and story.

SHOP NOW,” “START FREE TRIAL,” and “BOOK TODAY” are some of the clear calls to action you can include in your Stories to ensure that consumers know what they can expect when they take a look.

Method #9: Different story templates.

Last year, influencers and trendsetting companies on Instagram Stories dramatically increased their Story Templates usage.

Users may fill up these well-designed templates and upload them to their profiles to let their followers learn more about them. Consider the following scenario.

The influencer has established their brand by creating compelling stories with these templates. In addition, because so many individuals share screenshots of other people’s Instagram posts, their followers advertise for them.

You can choose many free and paid Instagram story templates to promote your products.

Brands have an excellent chance to get engaged here. Identify who you’re targeting and what they like before writing your content.

Use your company’s logo to create a Story Template that others can fill out and share. It is an excellent opportunity to tell your followers more about your brand and its culture.

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Method #10: Stunning location stickers.

It is an excellent platform for creating a sense of community by bringing audiences based on their common interests. Adding location tags to your Instagram Stories might help people find your content more easily.

Location sticker is an attractive tool you can use on your Instagram story.

Content will be visible to the public even if you aren’t following them. You may quickly and easily increase the number of people who view your Stories using this method.

Method #11: Use hashtag stickers.

When a hashtag is used on Instagram stories, it creates a single Story that includes all of the tales that use it.

Hashtag stickers are a beautiful and innovative way to tag your post on Instagram.

Include the most popular hashtags your competitors and audiences frequently use in your Instagram Stories and other posts.

Quick Note: Visual element is a powerful tool to attract your audience. A sticker is a visual element; however, use something relevant to your content topic. Otherwise, this tactic may backfire instead of doing any good.

Method #12: Post engagements.

Instagram’s algorithm now favors posts with high interaction rates, so posting often is less effective than it once was.

Thus, increasing number of users are using Instagram Stories to promote their primary content, frequently obscuring the thumbnail to lure viewers to visit their profile and read it.

Post engagement is vital in reaching more audiences on Instagram.

Posts on Instagram can have a “swipe to like” option to promote more and quicker involvement. It would be best to give it a go on your company’s Instagram since so many individuals are doing great with this method.

Method #13: Run contests.

Do you have anything special to offer? Then, hold an Instagram Story contest to promote your company’s offer.

With just 24 hours to run, contests on Stories generate an air of urgency among your fans. You may take a photo or video of the reward and include it in the entry instructions, such as “to enter, respond to our story and submit your email address.” After the contest has concluded, a random winner may be chosen from all entrants.

Contest on Instagram is the best way to drag the audience to your brand.

Another option is using Instagram Stories to advertise a contest on your Instagram account. For example, your followers may not have seen a post that offered a reward; thus, use the story to promote your contest.

Storytelling is a great way to communicate with and guide your audience. For example, #contest and #offer, Hashtags might help people who don’t already follow you on Instagram find your story.


I hope you get the idea of promoting small businesses on Instagram stories.

It’s easy to include Instagram Stories into your Instagram marketing plan, given that it’s used by over 300 million people daily.

Use Stories’ ephemeral and laid-back attitude to showcase your business products.