12 Best CRM Systems to Manage Business for 2021 (Review)

Best CRM software for sales and marketing department
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Last Updated on March 8, 2021 by Arif Chowdhury

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What is CRM System?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is a tool that can collaborate all of your Sales and Marketing department works in one place. Leverage CRM system to make a complex task to simple and coordinated from a single platform.

How can you get a benefit from it?

An organization most vital and complex task is to pursue their clients and nurture them until they become a paid customer. However first capturing a lead from subscription offer then filtering them to bring out a potential customer from hundreds. Then use email marketing, phone call, offering free products and incentives & finally making a paid customer. All of this individual is very complex especially for a large organization. When their customer base is huge. Managing them through this complex process needs large sales and marketing department therefore it is expensive.

To make these complex tasks simple here comes the CRM system. In simple terms it can manage these complex tasks from one platform. Thus an organization can make informed decisions more accurately and efficiently.

Lead Management

Before we start, let me give you some examples. Everything begins with a lead. And using this CRM system, you can easily track all of your leads from inactive to potential. Have the ability score them to filter out potential leads.

Deal Management

Then its Deal Management. Proposing your potential customer a tailor-made offer then following up each deal and finally close the deal by accepting a payment. Pursue customers those who didn’t respond to your first offer.

Several other marketing efforts like Email marketing, call them directly with a recent proposal, building a potential leads report. Then paid customer report, recurring customer report, abandon clients report, sales report, etc.   

Therefore, this this system can reduce your organization’s expense, and heavy workloads, thus reduce time consumption. The result is an increase in revenue & reduction in cost.

However, there are hundreds of CRM system that can be found all over the internet just Google them & you will see. But finding the right one based on your need is tough unless you do not have prior experience.

I have used them before, thus I have enough experience to write it down for you. And here in this guide, I have picked several of my favorite CRM system based on simple factors. For example, is it affordable, feature-rich, and accessible from any device. I have ranked them based on these factors. So, let’s get started.

1. Freshsales

Leading CRM System – Free 21-days Trial Run

free 21 days trial run freshsales

Freshsales is one of the leading CRM system out there. It offering you to manage your A to Z sales and marketing tasks from one spot more accurately and efficiently.

They are offering you a risk-free 21-day trial run, no credit card needed, thus no risk from your end.

Maybe the most beautiful part is not only collaborating all tasks in one place. But also make it automated using built-in A.I. Therefore, lead capturing, phone call, email marketing, etc. these tasks can be monitored and rank automatically.

No matter what type of organization you have from small to large businesses. Their platform can easily manage your departmental task using A.I powered dashboard. No need to analyze and build a list of possible paid clients by searching from thousands of leads. Instead check out the best sales lead from your dashboard as A.I automatically scoring them and presented before you.

All-in-One Management from a single platform

all in one crm system to manage customers

Search potential leads from the database and do not even have to call them individually from the office phone. In the dashboard they have built-in phone call & email marketing function powered by Freshcaller. Making it even faster. Just check them out and click on the link to call them or send them an email.

There is an event history called “Activities” where all the history of a particular client listed by date. You can see individual client relationship history from day 1 until today.

With email marketing plugin, you will receive instant notification of email opens, clicks, or email reply from customers. Then you can reply or follow them up right from here. Using the sales pipeline with a drag-and-drop feature, even a kid can set it & follow up. Do not even have to have a graduation degree to handle it like a professional. The software will do all the heavy lifting for you. And you will check out which deal isn’t closing and which deal needs to follow up closely.

Simple navigation – even a kid can do it

simple drag and drop management

CRM system making a complex task simple by automated almost all functions. And collaborating them in one place to make it manageable. Now, what about their pricing plan?

Freshsales has 4 subscription plans designed to handle small & large organization needs. The first plan is Blossom cost you $12 per month per user if billed annually. It has basic features enabled to meet the demands of a small business. Though you can use some great functions like Bulk email sending to your clients or workflow automation.

And if you dislike holding back your business or it is a gigantic business. Then you have to consider looking at other plans like Estate or Forest plan, which cost you up to $79 per month per user.  If you are not sure which plan to choose. Then try their 21-days free trial, it is safe, as you do not even have to use a credit card.

freshsales pricing model

2. Zoho CRM

Make it Easy with Zoho CRM – Free 15-days Run

Zoho crm system, get a 15 days free trial

Zoho CRM used by over 150,000 businesses worldwide in 180 countries. Award winner of “2019 constellation Research Enterprise” & “PCMag’s Business Choice for CRM”. And used by the top companies globally i.e. Netflix, Amazon, Suzuki, etc.

Get a free 15-day trial instantly just by typing your name & email address.

From small business to a large enterprise no matter what type of business you have. Financial service, real estate, restaurant business, consultancy service, online store, or even non-profit organization all can be managed using Zoho CRM system.

No more bogged down by thousands of excel sheets full of leads. While you have no idea about leads current status, which leading you nowhere.

Let’s started with Zoho advanced sales force automation, with a powerful lead management feature. This system collects leads automatically from a different source like social media, website subscription forms, trade shows, etc. And automatically scoring them to ensure that you won’t miss the right potential lead.

A.I replace even the most genius manager

powerful automation system

Now, how about pursuing a potential lead? With this platform, you won’t have to manage the contact list in a physical notepad or even in an excel sheet. Because those are still a clumsy way to manage. Instead, the software will automatically manage them and you can call or email them with a single click.

Use the automated sales forecasting system to get a prediction report on future sales based on past data. No more hiring a business analyst and expending thousands of dollars to manage them. While prediction report might be faulty & time-consuming. It’s so obvious, using the software you will get different types of sales forecasting reports based on geographical, area-wise, age-wise as many ways as you wish for.

Powerful A.I run your organization in full automation. Using a visual workflow to plan your organization rules and task from lead capture, email marketing, send SMS promotion, and many more in conditional rules. No more missing a lead, the software will take care of everything and present you with reports.

Managing & Tracking Individual client is easily

customer management system

Not just sales force automation there are many more features including Process Management in a visual flowchart and assign a task to team members, Omni-channel a command center to control all types of communication from phone to social media chat & many more. If you want to digitize your entire organization makes everything easily manageable then you should choose them.

Zoho CRM platform has 4 types of subscription plan from Standard to Ultimate plan started from $12 per month per user to $45 only if you choose to billed annually, as you will get a 20% discount automatically.

Choose Standard plan if your business is small and just started otherwise your choice should be Professional or Enterprise with most of the feature unlocked. In any case, don’t forget to try out their 15-days free trial.

zoho crm system pricing model

3. Nimble

Smart Suite to manage business – Free 14-days

nimble crm system

Nimble is a simple and powerful CRM suite for your organization to make it automate and super-fast. Award winner of “Capterra Top 20 CRM software in 2019” & “GetApp Category Leaders of 2019” award for Best Customer Management Software 2019.

Many world-leading online businesses are using their platform like GoDaddy, Upwork, etc.

They are offering a risk-free 14-days trial without needing any credit card to test out their platform. No hassle just enjoy.

Nimble making it easy for you to handle your customer relationship with ease by allowing you to organize customer contacts, pursue with email & SMS marketing, categorized them by scoring, nurturing them on time with right approach & all of these complex and lumbering tasks can be in full automation to reduce your workloads and making it more accurate & effective.

Get a 360-degree view to manage your clients

360 degree view of customers

Integrate with more than 160 apps i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, LinkedIn, etc. and collect all of your potentials leads in one platform to nurture them efficiently.

Thanks to “live profile of customer”, you can easily track them individually from day 1. You can see whether they have responded to your promotional offers, read the last email you have sent, add a note or make a scheduled call after 2 days to follow up with the next offer, etc. Thus in this way no matter how many customer bases you have you won’t miss any of them.

No need to have a third party email marketing application as you can send single to bulk email with a single click within the platform. Manage your entire sales and marketing department from a single dashboard by assigning them individual tasks or group tasks, follow them up, track their current activities & performance.

Systematic ways to manage the organization

smart scheduling system

Surprisingly Nimble has only one subscription plan and it is highly competitive compare to other CRM platforms. If you choose to pay annually then it will cost you only $19 per month per user otherwise $25.

If you want to test their service, then use a 15-days free trial, no risk at all as they won’t ask any credit card info.

nimble pricing model

4. NetHunt CRM

Excellent Performance & Management Tool

nethunt crm system

NetHunt is a flexible and highly professional CRM platform, partnered with Google Cloud & Certified by Google Security Assessment Program. Awarded by Finances Online Great user experience of 2019 & Supreme Software of 2019 award.

Opportunity to test their platform with a risk-free 14-days period, enough time to make an informed purchasing decision.

Nurturing customers effectively is the secret of every successful business & this platform will help you to do that. With a powerful dashboard to manage all of your customers and potential leads to build a better & concentrated relationship to drive more engagements & sales and eventually grow your business.

Automated lead management can be done through this platform, capture leads through the various source from the website, social media, email, etc. and categorize them based on unique behavior analysis and send potential sales-ready leads to the sales department.

Managing a complex task is not boring, it’s fun

systematic way to manage complex task

Managing multiple pipelines through one platform can be very effective for concentrated management. With NetHunt CRM system, you can easily create a new pipeline with drag & drop features for example one sales pipeline for new customers, another for investors or contractors, etc.

Do not have to use third-party software for email marketing, as it has built-in email marketing features or you can integrate with the Gmail platform to send bulk emails to your customers with a few clicks.

Get a 360-degree view of your entire email marketing campaign & track progress with all of your team members by sharing them performance status. Collect leads directly from inquiry email by simply clicking on email and software will do the rest.

Transferring from other CRM platforms is no big deal, as you can easily import data from other CRM platforms, just signup and start using.

Automation Process makes routine task accurate

automation process of routine task

By using the Pipeline management tool you can easily create various reports like sales report, expenditure forecast by structuring sales cycle & define sales states.

Their subscription plan comes with a 20% flat discount only if you choose to be billed annually, for example, choose Professional plan annually for your small business & receive a 20% discount leaving you only $24 per month per user while original cost was $30. With some limitations in the Professional plan, however, it won’t be a problem for a starter.

Choose Professional Plus or Enterprise for a large organization with all features unlocked and cost will be up to $48 per month per user. Do not forget to test their service for 14-days risk-free, it applies to all of their plans from Professional to Enterprise.

nethunt crm system pricing model

5. Engagebay

All-in-One CRM System with Forever Free Plan

Engagebay free forever plan

With Engagebay at your back does not have to look for other services or application to manage your business, from Sales automation, email marketing campaign, landing page building, SMS marketing or even push notification marketing all can be operate and manage from one single platform.

Do you want to test them out with a money-back guarantee for 14-days period? No way, they are offering you a free-forever account for an unlimited period to test out their platform.

Trusted by more than 15,000 businesses worldwide and winner of more than 6 awards from G2 Crowd, Capterra, Sourceforge, etc.

First question – What you can do with their platform? The answer is – almost everything from sales to marketing. Their CRM platform has a marketing automation system that can capture leads from your website using forms and landing pages.

All Digital Marketing features in one platform

visual workflows crm system

Do not have to visit other websites to learn about landing pages or how to build it. They are providing you free guides about it. Just head to their resource section and start reading. And when you need to build a landing page they have an easy drag and drop editors with pre-designed templates to build a landing page for you within minutes.

Online digital marketing is just their specialty, after building a website head to their marketing automation section to start your digital marketing from email marketing, SMS marketing & social media marketing. All can be done it total automation, plan your marketing strategy, and build workflows using their visual workflow automation and it is done. For example, the software will automatically send potential leads with promotional offers after a certain condition is met.

Gain a 360-degree view of your customer relationship based on their historical data from day 1 to understand the right approach for an individual customer. You can share these data with your entire team within a department to assign & distribute tasks among team members.

Automated Customer Relationship Management

build customer relationship software

Engagebay has 3 different subscription plans, you can subscribe for an All-in-one suite or individual one like “Marketing” or “CRM & Sales Bay”. From my point of view, an All-in-one suite is cost-effective rather than subscribing to an individual product.

For example, choose Basic or Growth plan for small to medium organization needs costing will be up to $29.99 per month per user only if you choose to pay them for 2years plan as a flat 40% discount will apply automatically. However, if you choose 1year then a 20% discount will be added.

For a large organization, it would be a good idea to choose a Pro Plan cost will be $47.99 per month per user. In any other case, if you want to try them out use a free plan for an unlimited time until you decide.

Engagebay pricing model

6. Agile CRM

Advance CRM Control Center – Free Plan Included

Agile crm system

Getting your central command center to operate and manage sales and marketing tasks with the Agile CRM platform.

Start without paying a single penny with their Free-forever plan for up to 10 users, enough to handle the most basic task of a small business.

Agile CRM has an all-in-one feature from Sales to Marketing and Service operation. Start with Contact Management system where all of your leads will be stored in one place & scored from 0 to 100 automatically by software based on their priority level using behavior analysis. Therefore, the sales department can easily manage them.

Next, with Deal Management next-generation tool you can make every lead to a potential client. Can create multiple deal tracks using drag and drop editor to handle the complex task easily and never miss out on an opportunity. Using Salesforce automation software will automatically follow-ups a deal and close when a certain predefined condition is met.

Handle it all from a central command center

all in one crm system to handle business complex task

Manage communication easily with automation and script-based process, for example from the contact list you won’t have to call manually using phone, enjoy 1-click calling to your customer directly from CRM platform to reduce workloads, and increase efficiency. The same goes for email automation, set a condition and software will deal with individual customer by sending them emails and follow-ups automatically.

Manage scheduling right from the platform or even synchronize from a desktop calendar or Gmail. Share your schedule with other team members to collaborate and assign a task.

Innovative gamification is a new system that mimic workflows like a game level, every team member within an organization will start from level 0 and gain experience and level, based on their task and goal completion. A completion will make things even more interesting and rewarding. Thus, it takes the organizational operation at a completely new level.

Take Customer Relationship to the next level

single page customer management

Get a 360-degree view of customers based on their relationship with the organization from day 1. All information stored in one page for an individual client i.e. contact info, communication history, social media profiles, etc. Thus tracking an individual client will be easy and less complex.

They have a very competitive subscription plan for every type of business from small to large organizations. If you choose their free plan then you will able to collect up to 1,000 contacts. Maybe enough for a small business however when it grows you will stick with 1,000 contacts cap as you cannot collect more than this limit.

The free plan best for a demonstration, after a while you should choose to have a Starter plan for your small business or Regular plan. And, if your organization is large then it would be a great idea to choose Enterprise plan as it unlocks all features.

7. Pipedrive

Designed to Help Business to Prioritize deals, track performance

Designed to Help Business to Prioritize deals, track performance

More than 90,000 companies worldwide use Pipedrive to close their deals & track performance across the industries.

Get full access to Pipedrive CRM system without needing any credit card for 14 days completely free.

Pipedrive is a complete sales system suite for your organization. No more worrying about missing potential leads. With Pipedrive CRM system you can easily collect & maintain leads by utilizing built-in web forms & auto responding chat bot.

A powerful an innovative feature is that you can filter potential leads among the thousands by using warm, hot or cold tags to differentiate. And by doing so it will be easy for your sales & marketing department to handle leads that are relatively more important.

Make Your Complex Sales Pipeline into Simple One

Make Your Complex Sales Pipeline into Simple One

Pipedrive reduces the needs of hundreds of hours workloads by leveraging its drag and drop easy to use interface to maintain sales pipeline from a single platform. You can manage individual deals by adding it’s information, values, dates of opening. Then all that left is to track it closely within the Pipedrive interface. It’s as easy as following up clients through email.

When your organization is large, you may have to spend thousands of dollars on staff salaries just to track and find out potential contracts among the thousands. By utilizing Pipedrive you won’t have to spend a huge amount of dollars anymore. Its unique chatbot can differentiate and filter from spam to potential leads and collect them in a secure folder. Later on, your employees can track them and contact them from the CRM system.

More than 90,000 Companies Worldwide Rely on Pipedrive

More than 90,000 Companies Worldwide Rely on Pipedrive

It is glorious that more than $24 billion worth deals had been closed by 90,000+ companies all over the globe using Pipedrive. So as you can see, Pipedrive is a powerful CRM system for your organization.

How about their subscription plan? Well, first of all, you can test their service for 14-days completely free without even needing any credit card information. If you are satisfied by using their service then you should try out their Essential plan which would cost you $12.50 per month per user only if billed annually. It’s best suited for small business needs. However, if your organization is large then I suggest checking out their Professional & Enterprise plan starting from $49.90 to $99 per user per month.

Pipedrive CRM system pricing model

8. vCita

A Powerful Bundle of Suites to Manage Your Business

A Powerful Bundle of Suites to Manage Your Business

vCita is not just a CRM system instead it offers your organization a powerful bundle of suites to take care of everything from beginning a contract to close it perfectly.

Do you want to test out before risking your money? No worries, you can try the vCita CRM system and all it functions for 14-days without even have to show your credit card information.

Now let’s talk about the vCita CRM system. It has 3 different modules to handle your customer contract. Contact management, team-scheduling app, automated reminders. Within this CRM system, you can manage all of your contacts from calling them to sending a message even store their individual files therefore, never have to waste time finding valuable contact information in the time of need.

No More Holding Thousands of Contacts, CRM System will Handle All

No More Holding Thousands of Contacts, CRM System will Handle All

When it comes to team management from a single hub you can count the vCita CRM system. Within this platform you can assign tasks to your team members, track their performance, call them, sending them SMS, group conversation and more can be done to increase your organization performance.

Finally, let me tell you what can be done with the A.I powered automation system. It is so obvious, none of your team members can stay online 24/7. But, if you utilize an automation system you can get a powerful virtual assistant who can follow-up your contract 24/7 without missing a single data.

Do not need to look for additional email software. vCita offering you all form of email marketing within this CRM system. From email marketing, SMS marketing to Lead generation you can get access to all. Besides, they also offering you a Billing & Invoicing software package to handle all types of credit card processing and online payment.

All-in-One CRM System to Manage from A to Z

All-in-One CRM System to Manage from A to Z

vCita offering their clients a smart way to handle customers & all type of deals in the business. But what about their subscription plan. If you have a sole proprietorship business that you can handle by yourself. In that case, you could use Solo Essential, Business & Platinum subscription package starting from $19 to $75 per month if billed annually.

However, if you have a large organization where you & your team going to use the CRM system. In that case, you may use Team Business to Platinum 20 subscription package starting from $45 to $196 per month. Team Business package should be enough for a 2 members team while 20+ members should use the Platinum 20 package with additional benefits.

vCita CRM system subscription model

9. Pipeliner

Digitalize Your Entire Organization with a Powerful CRM System

Digitalize Your Entire Organization with a Powerful CRM System

Pipeliner is one of the most elaborated & powerful CRM systems out there. If you want to digitalize your entire organization then utilizing the Pipeliner CRM system can be a revolutionary idea.

If you do not want to invest right away, then you could use their 14-days free trial option. You do not need to submit any credit card information. Just type your name, email, organization details and you are good to go.

Now let me describe why you should use this CRM system for your organization. First of all, it will reduce your expenditure significantly. Why? Simple, if you generally needed 20 employees in your sales & marketing department, by utilizing the CRM system now you can reduce employees to less than only 3.

CRM system has it’s own built-in functionality that can manage the complex task on its own. Therefore, your 3 employees can work much faster & effectively without any error than your previous 20 employees.

Increase Your ROI by Utilizing Powerful Automation Procedures

Increase Your ROI by Utilizing Powerful Automation Procedures

No need to hire high-tech I.T specialists for your organization to manage CRM software. Even a kid can handle it. It has easy to use drag and drop interface that can easily handle complex deals opening, tracking, editing, follow-ups, and closing. It’s A.I powered automation procedures can handle 24/7 customer contact and follow-ups. Can filter potential leads from the thousands.

No need to hire 20+ years of experienced manager, who is also an expert in reporting. This CRM system can provide you 100% error-free live reports whenever you want. It doesn’t matter if it is a holiday or 3 AM at midnight. With this powerful reporting, you can easily take informative & right decisions within a moment.

You can get all details and reports of your organization even from your home laptop or smartphone. Manage your entire team no matter how many of them within this single platform. Assign tasks to the individual member and track their performance in real-time. Live collaboration with your entire team. Forget about third party email, you can share files, images, videos, send messages to your team instantly & securely.

No High-tech Programming Knowledge Required

No High-tech Programming Knowledge Required

What about their subscription plan? Well, comparing to what you can do with the CRM system, I think it is cheap.

If you do not want to invest right away then start their trial option. And when you are satisfied with their service, you could check out their starter plan $25 per user per month for basic sales management, tracking & collaboration. It would be best for a small business. However, for a large organization, you may need more features, in that case, I suggest you to use their Business or Enterprise plan starting from $65 to $85 per user per month. Both of these plans offer you full functionality with some little difference.

Pipeliner CRM system subscription model

10. Less Annoying CRM

A Simple yet Excellent Capability to Handle Your Business

A Simple yet Excellent Capability to Handle Your Business

Award winner “Less Annoying CRM” is truly less annoying because of its less complexity and simple subscription plan yet complete CRM suite to handle all business functions.

They have an excellent option to call “Live Demo”. You can check their software instantly without needing any registration. If you are satisfied with that, you can try their 30-days free trial where you able to do everything as a paid subscription plan without showing your credit card information.

Probably the most amazing part of this CRM system is, they are offering you live demo instantly. This is great for a businessperson who is busy & no time for registration just for checking.

What you can do with the CRM system? The answer is almost anything your organization desires. Start with contact management, Calendar & Scheduling management, Leads & Pipeline management, Collaboration with entire team members, Easy customization without needing any I.T experts, Mobile access from anywhere in the world.

No More Bogged Down with Hundreds of Files

No More bogged down with Hundreds of Files

Contact management probably the most vital part of organizational success. Your clients are your business lifeblood. Without them, no revenue will come. In general, even with an excel sheet managing all the information of thousands of clients is somewhat impossible. On top of that, an organization requires several employees to handle this. However, by utilizing a CRM system your organization not only handle all of these complex tasks with ease but also reduce expenditure significantly. Because only 2-3 employees can manage these entire tasks if they properly utilize the CRM system.

Though I only talked about contact management. With this system, your organization can handle other complex tasks like scheduling, leads, and sales pipeline management with ease. Your entire team members can collaborate with each other’s & send messages, files, images, videos with a secure line without having to worry about information leaking.  

With a simple drag & drop feature, even a 7-year kid can manage sales pipeline to open and close a deal with clients. There is nothing complex about tracking deals as they automatically filtered with A.I powered system. You can even customize the entire CRM system to your needs for better understanding and efficiency.

You Can Do It All by Yourself – No I.T Specialist Require

You Can Do It All by Yourself – No I.T Specialist Require

I already said before, Less Annoying CRM has a less annoying pricing model. There is no lengthy and complex thing in their monthly cost. With just $15 per month per user & that’s it.

On top of that, you have a 30-days free trial option without having to show off your credit card. If you have 10+ members within your team then they are offering you free personalized help.

less annoying crm system pricing model

11. NetShell

Make Complex Task Simple with the Power of CRM System

Make Complex Task Simple with the Power of CRM System

NetShell CRM has its unique feature to customize the sales & marketing department for your organization to increase revenue & reduce expenditure.

If you want to take a look at their CRM system before investment, you could try their 14-days free trial. Good thing is – you won’t have to provide credit card information for that.

Why do I like the NetShell CRM system? Because they have a unique customizable option for you before you even start. You can choose which type of business model suits your organization’s needs. For example, maybe your organization has an inbound sales model. You attract customers and convert them to a paid one. Perhaps your sales model is outbound sales. No matter which type of business you have team sales, relationship-based sales, account-based sales, etc. They have a unique customizable model for you to get started. All you have to do is describe it.

Smart Sales Pipeline by Leveraging A.I Powered Automation

Smart Sales Pipeline by Leveraging A.I Powered Automation

Now let me tell you, why your organization needs a powerful CRM system like NetShell. For an organization minimizing expenditure and maximizing revenue is the ultimate target. However, if you invest a huge amount for employees and managers then you won’t able to keep up with your competitors. Because they already leverage the power of the CRM system to reduce the need for extra employees and managers.

How? NetShell CRM system has unique automation procedures to make routine tasks several times faster and 100% accurate. Additionally, none of your employees can work 24/7. But the CRM system can take care of your client’s inquiry, replying to emails, following ups, filtering out potential clients from thousands of leads in a complete automation 24/7. While you may need 20 employees in your sales department but now with the CRM system, you may only need 3 employees maximum, thus reducing the cost significantly.

Now, what about organization daily, monthly & yearly financial & performance reports. Just to get those reports accurately you may have to hire several managers in every department in your organization. Even after that, making a report could take 2-3 days beforehand. However, if you use a CRM system you will get all of these reports instantly. Just think about it, whenever you want & how you want it, you will get your desire report. And it will help you to make an informed decision faster than ever.

State of Art Professional Live Reporting

State of Art Professional Live Reporting

It’s completely up to you, whether you want to run your organization with a horde of employees or use next-generation technology to run it faster and accurately.

If you want to test their software before investing then I suggest you take a 14-days free trial. No credit card needed, just register an account and start using their service. And if you decide to use the CRM system then there are 2 subscription plans for you. Starter and Pro starting from $19 to $35 per month per user.

Netshell crm system pricing model

12. Insightly

All-in-One CRM Platform to Manage Organizational Task

All-in-One CRM Platform to Manage Organizational Task

Managing your clients from an insignificant lead to a loyal premium client need smart relationship and timely follow-ups. Insightly CRM offering you just that.

Before you start deciding whether to use Insightly or not. You may request a demo, it will take only 1 minute to do. They will walk you through the overall CRM system that Insightly has to offer. Additionally, you may try their free trial. No commitment & no credit card needed.

Insightly offering you both a CRM system as well as a Marketing suite for your organization. Therefore, you do not need to look for another email marketing service. If you plan to purchase Insightly then you get it as well. By utilizing their marketing suite you can send promotional offers, follow-ups emails, reply to your client’s inquiry, call clients, record call logs, all from a single platform. With A.I powered automation process, all of these can be done even faster. Hence, it will reduce complexity and cost at the same time.

Smart Client Relationship to Make Long-lasting Bond

Smart Client Relationship to Make Long-lasting Bond

Building up a loyal client base can be the greatest asset an organization can ever make. Without loyal clients, no business sustain long. Always remember, your clients are the key to your success. Nurturing them well to develop a strong bond and your success will come automatically. With Insightly you can easily track every client’s information, their history with your organization, every event log, all the deals your organization opened and closed with them, etc. By tracking this valuable information, your organization can easily maintain a strong bond with clients.

With an automatic performance report by A.I powered software you can get a clear 360-degree view of your organization. Thus, it will help you to make better decisions.

Easily maintain collaboration with your entire team from lower-level assistants to Directors within a single hub. Therefore, all communication can be recorded automatically with an exact timestamp. You can do live communication with your employees within a secure channel. Share files, folders, images. Synchronize with G-suite, Google Calendar, Gmail & other several apps seamlessly.

Extreme Freedom to Manage Your Organizational Task

Extreme Freedom to Manage Your Organizational Task

Now let me show you their subscription plan. They have 3 subscription plans starting from Plus to Professional. If you have a small business then the Plus plan would be great for you with only $29 per month per user if billed annually. However, for medium and large organizations Professional and Enterprise plan would be great. There are some additional features like “Insightly voice” that may charge you the additional cost. You can check that out from their Pricing page.

Finally, my suggestion is – try their free trial to test out their service before you decide what to do. Alternatively, you may request for a demo to take a quick look.

Insightly crm pricing model

Executive Summary

CRM system is a complete suite for an entire organization function. An individual task like lead management, email marketing, scoring potential leads, pursuing a valuable customer, closing a deal on time can be complex when they are not organized systematically from a central command center.

It’s like having a group of sheep but no shepherd to lead them.

Therefore, nowadays organization is getting vast, and managing them in traditional paper and file folder systems would be hard, complex, and time-consuming.

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