Discover the Top 10 Online Learning Platforms with Validated Certifications (Reviewed)

Discover the Top 10 Online Learning Platforms with Validated Certifications (Reviewed)

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Last Updated on February 3, 2023 by Arif Chowdhury

It is a technology era; now, people are teaching and learning over the internet. You may already use or know some of the online course platforms. It is estimated that by 2025 online learning platforms will be worth $325 billion.

Nowadays, people tend to stick with their tablets or laptops to accomplish most of their daily tasks, so the online course platform is just another edition.

Online course platforms use a “learning management system” (LMS) that enables teachers and students to collaborate in a digital classroom with all the necessary tools they require, i.e., video, image, text, audio, and pdf file.

If you are a teacher or have the knowledge to share among people, then an online course platform would be the best solution. However, it is better to teach people through online courses and earn a lot of money while you can stay at home in comfort.

Anyway, if you are looking for top-rated online learning platforms with validated certification, then here is a list for you:

  1. Thinkific.
  2. Teachable.
  3. Learnworlds.
  4. Kajabi.
  5. LearnDash.
  6. Podia.
  7. Ruzuku.
  8. Academy of Mine.
  9. WizIQ.
  10. Skillshare.

We have tested these above online learning platforms, and from our viewpoint, these are among the best you should try.

So, let’s dive into the details.

What are the best online learning platforms with certification?

There is a massive collection of online education platforms, and almost all are good. But finding the right one that serves your purpose might be challenging.

In this guide, I have selected some online course platforms that may serve your purpose, as they are well-versed in almost all subjects.

Let’s dig in, and let me show you the best online learning platforms with a certification option.

But, before we start – there are two types of Online Course platforms.

1st – You will be able to create a new online course and host it on your website to reach students and make a profit (no competition whatsoever, as You are the only one-course provider here).

2nd – You will be able to create an online course but host it on their platform and showcase it in their marketplace, and you will make a profit (high competition, as you are in the market now).

The 1st one we should call White-labeled Online Course Provider.

2nd one we should call – is Marketplace Online Course Provider.

Both have strengths and weaknesses; in the 1st one, you can make lots of money, but you have to reach people through marketing.

However, the 2nd one provides you with a marketplace but with lots of competition, and you might not be able to make lots of money at the beginning, but when you become famous, that’s a different story.

1. Thinkific.

Create Your Course & Sell Online – Start for FREE.

Thikific best online learning platforms with certification.

First, it is easy to get started without a second thought when it is FREE. Thinkific gives you the option to get started right away with a completely free account.

What can you do with it? Things you are meant to do, transform your knowledge into a beautiful stunning online course, and Thinkific will do the rest.

They want you to focus on what you are good at; it’s so apparent that you are not here to build a course using coding. That’s right; they offer an easy drag-and-drop featured online platform to create your course and publish it quickly.

Fast drag and drop Online Course Builder.

Thinkific drag and drop online class builder.

No matter how complex your imagination can be, they are providing you with a simple and powerful tool to make it happen. With text, images, and video, you can build an attractive course and add download options, quizzes, surveys, discussion boards, etc.

You can host these supplementary documents on the Thinkific website for free.

Many exclusive other features can add more value to your online course. For example, you can offer a new free class to add more value or reputation-building purposes; thus, you have available public and private course options. In addition, almost all courses have certification options available.

You can add a prerequisite course, multiple instructions, drip schedule content, cohort analysis, and a membership site.

Quick Note: If you would like to learn new skills in different subjects such as computer science, mobile app, marketing, graphic design, etc., through a wide range of high-quality courses with a certificate of completion, then Thinkific should be your best choice.

Pre-designed Website Building Templates.

Hundreds of pre-designed templates for online learning platforms.

As I said, you are not a website developer and have no skills. You are a course instructor; you don’t have to waste time developing a website for your course. Instead, they have a pre-designed & SEO-optimized ready-made website built for you to start with.

All you have to do is edit some text and add your prepared course within it, and that’s it; you are good to go. Even this editing can be done quickly with their easy-to-use, powerful drag-and-drop option. You can teach any subject, from digital marketing to data science; you have no limit.

Now, how about the subscription plan? They have four subscription plans, including a $0 cost per month; thus, you can enroll in their free courses. Other paid plans range from $39 to $399 per month.

There are some limitations in the free plan, though, but it is designed to fill your initial need. So my advice is to open a trial account and see what they offer; there is nothing to lose except gain, trust me.

Thinkific pricing plans.

2. Teachable.

Share Your Knowledge – Try is FREE.

Teachable online class platform.

Teachable is another well-known knowledge-sharing online course platform. You have the knowledge you want to share; teachable is right here for you, type your email and get started for FREE.

They are not just encouraging you to act like a teacher; instead more like a brand of a business. So, again, the teachable saying – is, “build a course, build a brand and a business.”

Sounds perfect to me. You are not a charity; you want to profit from teaching and to share your knowledge.

Sold over $500 million in the online course.

Teachable sold $500 million in online courses.

Yap, that’s what I was talking about. Make money by building a course and distributing it through a friendly and beautiful website.

But, in other cases, you are not a developer, as I am guessing you are not from the programming department. How are you supposed to build a course and website?

Here comes Teachable Technology!

Teachable has an easy-to-use e-learning builder.

It doesn’t matter who you are; if you know how to operate a computer, you will probably be able to build a stunningly beautiful course along with a website to showcase it.

Even a modern kid can do this with their easy drag-and-drop feature.

You can do anything necessary to build your course using their built-in online course platform. For example, images, videos, text, pdf maker, downloadable options, online quizzes, surveys, discussion forums for your students, and this list goes on.

They might even sponsor your course on their website if you become famous so that you will get even more students and more profit.

Teachable will sponsor your online class.

Do they have any subscription plan apart from the FREE plan? Yes, of course, they also meant to do business!

Okay, they have three paid plans – Basic, Pro, and Business ranging from $29 to $249 per month. With some additional features and benefits to make your life a lot easier.

But, if you want to test their service first, type your email and start the trial plan.

Teachable pricing model.

3. Learnworlds.

Overwhelming Features to Create Your School – Get 30 days FREE.

Create and sell online courses from your website.

Learnworlds has overwhelming features to create your virtual online class. You probably won’t even use all the features they provide, but having all the options at your disposal is like being on the safe side.

First, you can test their excellent platform for 30 days for FREE without needing any credit card.

Before you even sign-up, when you visit their site, they will offer you 6 PDF guides at a $0 cost to help you get started.

Learnworlds offers six free eBooks for an online class.

And creating content for your online course is just as easy as you imagine. They have drag-and-drop block system websites and content builders; even if you don’t have time, you can edit their pre-made templates to make it 10x faster.

There is another beautiful and innovative design system I couldn’t find in any other platform – all you have to do is write your lectures and content. Their platform automatically builds a website for you from pre-designed SEO-friendly templates.

Quick Note: Just like Udemy, Coursera, or LinkedIn learning, you can use Learnworlds to acquire new skills. With their high-quality video lectures, you can learn from home, which is excellent online entrainment for your professional development.

Build high converting online school.

Creating content and building your website are just half the stairs; we need to market our website to the right audience to make sales.

Things about marketing are also made easy by Learnworlds; with their in-built eCommerce platform, everything can be done automatically with all the features you want, i.e., discount offers, event offers, coupons, digital certificates, etc.

You may use your domain and imprint your brand; thus, your website won’t be bound with Learnworlds, as you will ultimately control it. You may also offer certification to your students after the course competition. Again, it will boost your course credibility.

Set up profitable marketing funnels.

Though they provide you with a free 30-day trial, you should consider their paid subscription plans from Starter to High Volume & Corporate plans ranging from $24 to $249 per month. High volume & corporate plan is for prominent institutes & it has a custom rate; the institute has to call them to settle a tailored price.

If you are unsure about any of it, start their 30-day FREE NO credit card plan, no risk, and no hassle.

Learnworlds online class pricing model.

4. Kajabi.

All-in-One platform for Online Class – Start FREE.

Kajabi's best online learning platforms with certification.

It has been one of the oldest and most renowned online knowledge distribution platforms for nine years. Therefore, staying with the most experienced and well-known platform is always the best bet.

Kajabi collaborates with everything you ever need to craft and distribute online courses among worldwide students. It is an all-in-one solution, and you can start with a FREE 14-days trial.

You have knowledge and expertise, but achieving success will be challenging without a distributed platform. And not just that, you have to maintain – your course (virtual asset), distribute it, protect it from unauthorized use, need a website, need a payment solution, need an email marketing platform, need webinar software, need a powerful hosting provider for all of these above.

But again, if you do all these hassles by yourself, you won’t be able to give lectures, as 95% of your time and stamina are gone.

That’s right, and here comes the Kajabi to combine all the hassles into one platform and everything it will do for you automatically.

Build Online course with ease – drag and drop easy tool.

Kajabi offers a professional online class builder.

First, you need to transform your knowledge into a high-value product, which is an online course, customize it to give it a professional look, design the delivery method, and finally, the pricing model.

And all can be done with a few clicks using their pre-designed SEO-optimized templates.

Okay, you have done it. Now, you will need a website to showcase it.

A powerful website Connects all you need to make a profit.

All-in-one platform for online tuition.

Kajabi will combine everything you need to settle it down on your website. It will allow you to do live classes, distribution of lectures, email marketing, and payment with a few clicks using pre-designed templates.

All you have to do is – “Focus on what you do best, while Kajabi will do the rest.”

Now let’s move on to pricing plans; Kajabi has three paid plans. Basic, Growth, and Pro plan range from $119 to $319 per month.

There is nothing to hide; if you do not want to invest in their online courses, try their 14-day trial plan.

Kajabi subscription plans.

5. LearnDash.

Most Advance LMS Platform – FREE 30-days Run.

Learndash offers an online learning free trial for 30 days.

One of the most advanced LMS (learning management systems) platforms are utilized by major universities and training organizations worldwide.

It allows you to try them out for a 30-day trial run.

Sounds great. With LearnDash, you can easily convert your expertise and knowledge into an engaging and stunning online course, just like LinkedIn learning and the Udemy platform. In addition, you will be able to take quizzes, manage students, publish results, award graduation certificates, and many more on that list.

Drag and Drop Powerful Course Builder.

Learndash powerful course builder.

With this course builder, you can design your course’s entire time frame and content. No matter how long it is. And you can make it automatic as well. With this unique feature, you can automate distributing the suitable lecture at the right time, even when you are sleeping or on a world tour.

Advance Quizzes Making Platform – Flexible and easy to use.

Advanced quizzes-making platform.

Imagine if you want to test your students, and Learndash’s advanced quizzing feature will do even better.

You have another automatic process called “Drip-feed Content” this advanced feature enables you to handle thousands of lecture distributions on time. First, you have to set specific rules for each lesson, and Drip-feed will do the rest automatically.

Award Fully Customizable Graduation Certificate.

Award customizable graduation certificate.

It’s time to learn about their subscription plans; they won’t give you everything for FREE, right?

They have three paid plans – Basic, Plus Package & Pro Package ranging from $159 to $329 per month. If you are a single lecturer or personally teaching others to make money, then Basic would do it. However, a Plus or Pro package would require prominent institutes or universities.

In any case, anyone can try their 30-day trial plan to test out.

Learndash pricing model.

6. Podia.

Monetize Your Passion & Knowledge – Start FREE.

Podia's best online learning platform with certification to turn your passion into income.

Podia provides LMS service and allows you to distribute anything you like, i.e., you are good at singing, then start selling audio files, particularly good at a webinar, and start broadcasting your live lectures.

Thus it is a platform for distributing your passion for making a profit. The good thing is – you have a 14-day FREE trial period.

You first need a website, and Podia has a great feature. You do not need to worry about coding; with seamless drag-and-drop features, you can create a beautiful website with their unlimited hosting plan.

Second – You must create what you are good at, lecture, webinar, audio, video, whatever you need & Podia will publish that to your audience.

Everything you need to build an online course.

With Podia, you will be able to create your course the way you imagine it. In addition, they offer you a drip-content feature that will publish your course, section by section, over time, even when you are busy with other work.

You can offer students a payment plan that suits your & their needs, i.e., monthly installment or a one-time payment.

You can even schedule your upcoming course before it finishes to create publicity. To test your students, you have access to create powerful, innovative quizzes that can be scheduled as well.

You can award a graduation certificate to your students to build a reputation and value for your course. In addition, you will get many features like Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, and Coursera platforms.

And other extra features like – online marketing, email marketing, follow-ups, pop-ups, and subscription forms can be done within a single platform that Podia offers.

Podia pricing model.

Now, what about their pricing? Podia offers two simple plans, Mover & Shaker ranging from $39 to $79 per month. Mover plan for starter and Shaker for a large organization.

If you are unsure which will suit your needs, start their FREE 14-days plan and see for yourself.

7. Ruzuku.

Simple & Powerful Course Creation Platform – Start 14 days FREE.

Ruzuku online e-learning platform.

Ruzuku makes it simple for you; they offer you the course creation platform, and you will do what you are good at.

And you will get a 14-day FREE trial without needing any credit card.

Thus, no hassle about technology sites, website making, distribution, or even digital course creation. You are good at teaching people, so they are providing you with a simple drag-and-drop solution to create a highly engaging and digitized course creation platform.

Not just creating a course, with the Ruzuku platform, you can manage everything from A-Z. Students will be able to find you through the website, able to participate, form a discussion group, take quizzes, and many more.

Automation process for your online class.

First, transform your knowledge into a digitalized, stunning-looking course using text, audio, video, pdf guide, webinar, or anything you need to make it perfect.

Second, Ruzuku offers you to showcase your online course on a website; no coding is required; with their powerful drag-and-drop editors, you can customize everything necessary.

Finally, Ruzuku has three monthly subscription plans ranging from $74.75 to $125. You can try their FREE 14-days trial before you decide.

Ruzuku subscription plans.

8. Academy of Mine.

White-labeled Academy of your own – FREE 30-days Trial.

Advanced white-labeled e-learning platform.

Do you want to start your online institute? Then, you can do it with a complete white-labeled, one-stop solution that the Academy of Mine provides.

The Academy of Mine will be the perfect solution if you do not have a budget problem.

Highly advanced in LMS and website technology, it provides you with all the features you ever ask for.

Academy of Mine is very popular, and many big organizations are currently using their service, making them even more trustworthy.

World Largest Brands using AOM Service with Trust.

One of the largest online class platforms.

Key Features:

  • 100% white labeled – thus, you have your brand under your domain
  • Online & Self-paced course – build a powerful online course with audio, text, video, pdf anything necessary, and AOM will combine them perfectly
  • In-person & Virtual live course – as explained, you can teach in-person offline or even take live virtual online classes, whichever you prefer.
  • Extensive eCommerce – accept payment from your favorite payment provider, PayPal, Stripe, etc.
  • Email Marketing – integrate with any external third-party software for your marketing purpose. 
  • Detailed Reporting – ability to get a detailed report of each student
  • Drip-feed content – you can schedule course distribution at a later time with a fully automatic process

And this list will go on unless you try it by yourself.

Academy of my subscription plans.

Now, what about pricing plans? As I said, it will suit you best if you do not have a budget problem. Of course, they have a costlier subscription plan than any other platform; however, a good thing always comes with a price.

If you are a small institute, then the Essential plan might suit your need; it will cost you $499 per month. However, the Enterprise plan is for a prominent institute like a university, and you have to call them for a custom rate.

Don’t forget to try their FREE 14-day trial plan if you are unsure about risking money.

9. WizIQ.

Easy & Affordable Virtual Classroom – FREE 14-days Run.

WizIQ offers an online virtual classroom.

WizIQ has one of the best-featured platforms with an affordable price to create an online course with easy-to-use building software and distributing automation.

You can quickly get all the tools you need to teach your students. And, of course, you will be given a 14-day FREE test run option.

WizIQ will equip you with hundreds of features you will need to create a powerful and engaging online course.

Hundreds of Pre-designed SEO Optimized Templates.

SEO-optimized pre-built templates.

Key Features:

  • Virtual Classroom: You can take the live class using an HD video conference or online whiteboard and can participate in an online discussion with all your students at once.
  • Course Builder: with an easy, self-paced course builder, you can create a flexible course within a minute.
  • Test and Assessment: you can take quizzes, tests, and assignments using nine different formats.
  • Reports and Analytics: ability to track the progress of every student in your virtual class.
  • Mobile Learning: on-the-go, flexible access to your virtual classroom no matter where you are.
  • LMS eCommerce: ability to take payment with your favorite third-party payment processors.
  • Create MOOCs: expand your reach with a website to students worldwide and become popular worldwide.

Self-Paced Course Builder – Innovative Technology.

Self-paced course builder.

Now let’s move on to pricing plans. WizIQ has two different types of pricing structures. One for a live classroom and the other for a self-paced LMS (learning management system).

If you want to start a live classroom with heavily direct interaction with your student, then the Live classroom will be your selection. And it has three plans.

In other cases, if you are more comfortable with self-paced LMS, you have two plans to choose from.

In any case, you have to contact them for a custom rate; otherwise, start their FREE 14-days trial if you are unsure what to do.

WizIQ pricing model.

10. Skillshare.

Showcase Your Expertise & Make Profits.

Skillshare is the best online learning platform.

First of all, this is a marketplace that connects Knowledge givers and Knowledge takers; in simple terms – you may sign-up to learn numerous things from many experts, or you may sign-up to share your expertise with other learners.

If you are here to learn, they offer you a 14-day FREE trial and a premium membership that gives you unlimited access to their entire catalog of premium classes.

And, if you are here to share your expertise, then registration is FREE; you may create any course you like as long as they abide by the community guidelines.

For Learners – A Huge Collection, of course, to Learn from Experts.

Learn from an online expert at your home.

If you want to learn, visit their category and select from a vast collection. You will get all the details there, including the price and timeframe.

And, if you want to make money by sharing expertise, register as a teacher, and they will provide you with all the tools you need to craft a beautiful course.

They even provide a Teacher Handbook with all the guidelines required to succeed in this field.

Teacher handbook on how to build a virtual class.

And how will you get paid? Well, there are two ways to earn money as an expert.

1st, you will get paid as royalty based on the number of minutes students watch every month.

2nd, you will get paid $10 for every student you refer to Skillshare who sign-up for a premium membership.

Ultimately, it is a marketplace for teachers, and students & Skillshare offers you 28,000+ online classes and 60,000+ student projects.

As a student, you may start to learn for 14 days FREE, but they have two premium plans ranging from $8.25 to $15 per month.

Skillshare subscription plans.

Executive Summary.

It is the digital era; we are becoming more digital every year & so are our teaching methods. Learn & teach from home comfort.

In the above guide, I have tried to display my favorite collections of online course platforms to help to get started with your digital teaching—Course-making and building a powerful website to showcase that in front of your audience.

If you need further help regarding the online course platform, do not hesitate to contact us. I will try my best to help you out.

Recommended reading: if you are going to start teaching online, then video editing software can be beneficial for you; in that case, I urge you to read my other guide – “Best Video Editing Software,” & also photo editing might be needed in your digital course, then read – “Best Photo Editing Software.”

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