10 Free Social Media Marketing Courses with Certificate (Reviewed)

10 Free Social Media Marketing Courses with Certificate (Reviewed)

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Last Updated on February 16, 2023 by Arif Chowdhury

Social platforms are one of the most potent collaborators, allowing people to discover new services and try exciting concepts. Identifying how to handle the different social platforms is critical to effectively building a robust and powerful brand image online when presenting to the new media.

Since social media is a valuable and versatile medium, understanding social media content and the various aspects of social media management is critical to influencing online marketing. The massive number of online branding and marketing classes offered since I first checked out in internet marketing astounded me.

There are many free social media courses for beginners, with certificates that you can use to enhance your skills.

Here is a list of free social media marketing courses with the certificate:

  1. Social Media Certification.
  2. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing.
  3. PPC 101.
  4. Social Media Training for Beginners.
  5. Diploma in E-Business.
  6. Social Media Marketing Course.
  7. Introduction to Social Media Advertising.
  8. Social Media Monitoring.
  9. Social Media Ethics.
  10. Social Media Marketing by Northwestern University.

These are just a list, now let me give you more details about them.

Best free social media marketing courses.

I have selected some of my favorite marketing courses in this guide. Most of these are freely available and certified courses.

1. Social Media Certification

Want to know the best social media marketing course? Read this review guide.

Cost: $0

Brand: HubSpot Academy.

What’s in it for you: Course on inbound marketing.

HubSpot’s Social Networking Certificate program is a comprehensive curriculum that can help retain clients and partners while increasing brand loyalty; this certificate will boost your content marketing and marketing skills. Since social media is crucial to inbound advertising, this course connects the two topics effortlessly.

I took it during my final year in university. This course is just about 5 hours long. Because of this short course duration, It was easy for me to cope with my busy life. It goes through essential topics like calculating ROI, expanding scope, creating content on social media, and marketing techniques.

2. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Learn digital marketing and also get certified from Google.

Cost: $0

Brand: Google.

Benefits: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Online Certificate.

Google specially designs them. This course, Google’s social media credential program, offers classes in social media marketing, mobile advertising, SEO, and site optimization and has over 300,000 learners. The workshops will include detailed paying and organic searches and creating the best-personalized websites so consumers can access ads more efficiently.

It is a win-win situation to discover how to customize sites for search engines on competitive keywords (for free). In addition, you’ll get an online certificate that you can apply to your Social network and resume after you’ve completed the course.

3. PPC 101

Learn everything about PPC advertisement. Get a certificate as well.

Cost: $0

Brand: Wordstream.

Why it could be great for you: Advertising and social media marketing training.

Wordstream does have a big deal going on here: their PPC 101 program is entirely free, and it includes modules designed to educate learners about online marketing. PPC, keyword research, ad classes, text advertising, conversion rate enhancement, and a Google AdWords tutorial are all included.

This curriculum also includes a marketing segment that teaches you how to use social media marketing and digital advertising together. In addition, they provide advertisement tools with access to hundreds of accounts that spend billions of dollars on PPC advertisements. Wordstream created the course after discovering that small businesses needed help handling social media advertising efficiently.

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4. Social Media Training for Beginners

Free social media marketing course with certificate. Check out our review. Free course available online.

Cost: $0

Brand: Constant Contact.

What you will learn: It provides basic social media instruction.

Newcomers can take advantage of Constant Contact’s multimedia social media education. In addition, the platform provides ten related blog post tools to return to after each class.

Constant Contact’s course, an email marketing program, reflects on combining email with online marketing. Instagram, Pinterest, etc., and almost all major social media platforms are covered.

5. Diploma in E-Business

Completely free SEO training course, approved by Google.

Cost: $0

Brand: Alison.

Benefits: SEO training that is Google-approved.

Alison is a website that offers a variety of complimentary classes, including the Certification mentioned above in E-Business. It should take less than ten hours to finish, and you may concentrate on developing a solid e-commerce approach as well as how to refine the content for Google.

The course credentials can be included in your LinkedIn profile upon completion, and there are currently 80,000 students enrolled. In addition, you’ll learn to create an online marketing strategy, incorporate keyword optimization techniques into a social post, and utilize Google Ads.

6. Social Media Marketing Course

Perfect if you plan to use Hootsuite social media managing app.

Cost: $0

Brand: Hootsuite Academy.

Benefits: Social networking instruction for beginners.

Hootsuite’s social media marketing curriculum is guided by the company’s top marketing managers and executives. In addition, Pfizer and P&G are clients of the site, which provides scheduling software for businesses. This program will walk you through modules that will teach you how to build a complete social media plan.

Hootsuite also focuses on building a social network and creating content that will attract users. Furthermore, since this course is just six hours long and self-learning, you can quickly learn this course even if you have a busy schedule.

7. Introduction to Social Media Advertising

Learn about social media advertising from Skillshare.

Brand: Skillshare.

Creator: Buffer.

Knowledge module:

  • Simplifying keywords and vocabulary.
  • Defining campaign objectives.
  • Segmenting the crowd.
  • Creating eye-catching copy and graphics.
  • Long-term sustainability requires iterating and refining strategies.

Skill required: Newbie to advanced marketers.

They announce the launch of their completely new Skillshare program on social media ads. This course extends their previous Skillshare class and will include all advertisers and entrepreneurs who need to learn about using social media advertising to their advantage.

This intro course is ideal for advertisers, companies, small businesses, freelancers, and anybody interested in using paid social media to their advantage. In conclusion, you’ll be able to launch your social media marketing campaign, allowing you to engage with clients, turn thoughts into actions, and generate influence for long-term market growth.

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8. Social Media Monitoring

Free course about Social media monitoring. Learn how to analyze your audience.

Cost: $0

Brand: Coursera.

Creator: Eric Schwartzman.

Knowledge module:

  • Keywords detection.
  • Google searches.
  • The advantages of using Google Analytics.
  • Consider key content curators and influencers.
  • Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media monitoring techniques.

Skill required: from newbie to advance.

For advertisers who want to keep an eye on the heart of their culture, this free marketing lesson on tracking what the followers and consumers are doing online is for you. This program has implementable social monitoring tips and advice for people at all experience levels. So either you’re just getting started in social platforms, or you are a true professional.

The course includes comprehensive monitoring demonstrations in motion, explaining the various social media tracking resources you may use, and tips for applying how much you’ve discovered to your social media platform.

9. Social Media Ethics

What is the best social media marketing course? Social media ethics offers a free course that may suit you.

Brand: Coursera.

Creator: Eric Schwartzman.

Knowledge module:

  • When using digital platforms for business, how to use sound judgment.
  • What does it mean to act ethically on social media?
  • On social networks, showing empathy for others.

Skill required: Beginner.

Do you know what it takes to efficiently and ethically use social networks? This comprehensive course offers social communication and participation in ethical discussions online for both practitioners and staff. It covers municipal and state rules, removing the guesswork from the confusion of legal or not on social networks for company employees.

10. Social Media Marketing by Northwestern University

Social media marketing specialization course offered by Northwestern University.

Northwestern University offers a program on social media advertising through Coursera. Lecturer Randy Hlavac, now the CEO of Marketing Synergy, Inc., is still the instructor for this program, which is split into six sessions. This curriculum is quite well, but it is also presented by a seasoned businessman who understands marketing techniques.

Furthermore, the class breakdown, by Professor Hlavac’s skills, allows for an excellent learning environment. The program started with social media marketing fundamentals and then moved on to sustain a social media community active. The last few lessons examine content development and social networking sites to cater to market audiences.


By reading this guide, I hope you find your answer to this question: what is the best social media marketing course?

Suppose you want to succeed in social media marketing or as a professional marketing manager. In that case, learning and gaining skills and knowledge about social media marketing strategy is essential.

If you want to build a career as a professional social media manager, these certificates will help you get your dream job. Or, if you create a successful social media marketing campaign for your organization, it will ensure your triumph.