Digital Marketing 101: A Definitive Guide for Newbie Marketers

Arif Chowdhury
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A digital marketing strategy uses internet-based digital technology, such as desktop or smartphones and other online media platforms, to promote the products and services of brands and businesses. Many firms use digital marketing to promote their goods and services.

Who is father of digital marketing?

The truth is there is no father of digital marketing. In my opinion, this is a dishonest question. An early digital marketer has been identified as Gugliemo Marconi, often credited with developing the radio in 1896.

Digital marketing may have its origins in the first email sent by computer inventor Ray Tomlinson in 1971, according to some analysts.

Only Philip Kotler has had the same long-term influence on the marketing industry as the other marketing powerhouses.

This well-known professor in the United States has popularized marketing as a field and has written more than 60 books on the topic.

According to Kotler’s economic theory, several elements affect consumer demand for products and services. These include product or service prices but also the methods of marketing and distribution used by retailers and other businesses, such as advertising and direct mail.

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Which topic is best for marketing?

A current trending topic is best for digital marketing, such as artificial intelligence, content marketing, video marketing, conversational marketing, PPC marketing, influencer marketing, etc.

Digital marketing has evolved at an incredible pace over the last several decades. So it’s not unexpected that several digital marketing trends will emerge by 2020.

Those who arrive and go with breakneck speed are contrasted with those who choose to stay. To succeed in today’s digital marketing industry, you must stay up with the ever-changing terrain.

1. Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence helps organizations in improving the effectiveness of their staff. Digital computers or robots operated by computers are called AI when they can do jobs usually performed by human beings.

Because of its expected prominence in global commerce, artificial intelligence (AI) is an ideal digital marketing research subject.

2. Conversational marketing

Rather than the exception, word-of-mouth advertising has become the norm these days. More and more manufacturers realize that customers want to associate with well-known brands.

Digital marketing has made it possible for consumers and marketers to communicate in real-time and one-on-one.

3. Video marketing

A considerable portion of all marketing will use video content by 2020. Customers all across the globe can relate to brand videos, and company owners should take note of this digital marketing tactic.

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

To guarantee that your business website ranks high without the need to spend a lot on advertising, it is vital to grasp an effective SEO strategy. This digital marketing course teaches web admins how to improve their search engine ranks.

5. Influencer marketing

By enlisting the help of well-known people, you can get the word out about your product or service. 63% of customers prefer brand-sponsored advertising over influencer marketing, proving that the latter has fallen behind.

6. PPC Advertising

Get the word out about your website as soon as it is online with this digital marketing strategy. When a user clicks on an advertiser’s ad, they are charged a fee.

7. Image search

Uploading a picture of yourself is all it takes for customers to find a company using this marketing technique. Google Lens, YouTube, and Instagram are examples of visual search engines.

The visual search enhances the user experience by allowing users to find the catalog using items relevant to everyday life.

8. Social media marketing

You need to know how to utilize social media to be a successful digital marketer. The importance of online and social media public relations is increasing for businesses.

9. Content marketing and copywriting

We can never overstate the importance of content in today’s digital marketing landscape. It’s a marketing strategy used to get products in front of potential customers.

The fundamentals of copywriting and digital marketing and more advanced topics are covered in this course.

10. Email marketing campaign

This is critical in today’s world of digital marketing. There are many topics discussed regarding crafting efficient emails to prospective consumers.

As an internet user, you may benefit from solid knowledge of this technique.

11. Web push notifications

Online merchants are increasingly using push notifications as a marketing tool to reach new consumers.

12. Augmented Reading (AR)

In e-commerce, augmented reality (AR) has surpassed virtual reality (VR) as the most often used marketing tactic. Brands often use this strategy to increase sales and improve the customer experience.

Which digital marketing is best?

Content marketing is the best digital marketing; as they said, content is the king of marketing.

Why do you need to focus on content marketing?

To enhance conversions and produce leads, you need to use content marketing to develop trust and connections. Customers have come to expect high-quality content from the businesses they love.

What are the benefits of content marketing?

1. Audience retention rate increase.

Well-written content is valuable. Customers are more likely to return if they have had a positive experience. To be successful, you need to have a good brand image and attract the attention of your target audience.

2. More organic reach on social media.

Achieving a more significant following on social media is one thing, but getting your content seen by a larger audience is another ballgame. Even if you’ve got a sizable audience, your company isn’t getting the attention it deserves. High-quality content may help your company’s social media success.

You can track the success of your content marketing efforts using HubSpot’s analytics tools.

3. Build up authority.

Connecting with your target market is simpler to create when you provide interesting and helpful information. If you’d want to talk to consumers and answer their queries, you can. Giving something of value without expecting anything in return increases the credibility of your counsel and thoughts with your audience.

As a final point, if the appropriate people view your information at the right time, your brand’s reputation will increase. Customers are more likely to associate your organization with good content if they see it more often.

4. More leads and more sales.

You may generate leads by using content marketing. Customers are more inclined to purchase from you if they see your content. In addition, your sales staff may be able to generate more leads if your content incorporates calls to action.

As a result, how can content be used to create leads?

Manager of the HubSpot Academy’s Acquisition Content Team, Lindsay Kolowich, says: “By using content, you may direct customers to a specific landing page. Many times, you develop content to give consumers free and valuable information.

Your call-to-action (CTAs) may be placed in your content, from the bottom of the page to the headline to the side panel. Create material that will pique the attention of your visitors so that they will be more likely to follow through with your call to action.”

What are the disadvantages of digital marketing?

There are several disadvantages of digital marketing, such as being highly competitive and purely technology-driven. Let me tell you more about this subject:

1. Sever competition

Given the recent increase in the competition, digital marketing strategies must be well-thought-out, stand out, attract attention, and influence the target customer. Repeating the same plan or method will quickly put the brand out of business.

Customers expect firms to be sensitive to their requirements and act quickly in the digital marketing space because of the heightened competition.

2. Cannot do anything without technology

Digital marketing depends solely on technology since the internet is susceptible. For example, there could be a time when links don’t function, landing pages don’t load, and CTR buttons don’t perform as expected.

Consumers are more likely to move to a different brand due to this problem. However, you may avoid this by doing a website test, changing the content, and ensuring that the campaigns are effective in the target market.

3. Need to invest more time

Digital marketing campaigns take a long time to complete. As a result of poor preparation and organization, it may not be easy to spend sufficient time on the campaign. ‘ In the long term, this will have catastrophic effects.

Therefore, it is advised that you concentrate on the essential strategy of the firm and then generate or choose content by it. Utilizing Ahrefs and other posting platforms like HootSuite and other digital marketing tools can help you overcome the challenges you may face.