7 Best Marketplaces to Buy & Sell An Online Business (Review)

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Last Updated on October 2, 2020 by Arif Chowdhury

Before we entered modern computer technology we used to buy and sell lands, brick & mortar stores, shops, business, etc. But, now in this new era, we started to buy & sell digital products & services i.e. SEO service, email marketing service, online advertising service, etc. And even more interesting now we buy & sell the online business as well. This trend is getting popular day by day. Experts believe online business will surpass physical business soon.

In the recent outbreak of COVID-19, every physical business suffers. However, the complete opposite happened to online businesses. Their business just started to boom within this period. It seems like this pandemic crisis accelerated the growth of the online business. Why did this happen? The reason is simple, the pandemic crisis forced people to maintain a social distance which directly hampers physical business as people didn’t visit their shops. Nonetheless, this “stay at home” works like a charm for online business. Because people started to visit online stores more than usual.

Best Place to Buy & Sell Online Business

So as you can see, online business is a rising trend and it is the future of mankind. It’s no longer a science fiction movie. Buying and selling an online business is also getting popular for this reason. In this guide, I will walk you through the below topics.

  • Best online sites where you can look for an online business that is ready to buy or sell.
  • How you should checkup vital things when buying or selling an online business
  • Which type of online business is best for buying or selling?

There are many more things to learn. Anyway, let’s get started.

1. Flippa

Buy & Sell Online Business/Service in Large Marketplace

#1 marketplace to buy & sell digital asset

A perfect place to buy or sell the digital online asset. There are no ongoing fees. First, register then validates your online asset. There are two types of fees. The first one is listing fees and the second one is success fees. Later we will discuss it.

In Flippa you can see & buy any type of digital asset i.e. domain, website, service, blogs, affiliate sites, SaaS business, etc. It is the most trusted place to buy & sell an online asset. As every website validated by experts to assure every information is accurate including, website traffics, financial analysis, demographics information, etc. There is an advanced reporting option available in Flippa that is called “Due Diligence”.

You have to purchase this service for $1,500. In this report, you will get Initial consultation, Seller analysis, Traffic & Financial analysis, Sales and Marketing analysis & Risk assessment analysis.

Get a Due Diligence Report with Advance Statistics

flippa due diligence - a new online business verification service

There is a service called “Flippa Finder” for first-time buyers to help them to go in the right direction. It will cost you a flat $50. The buyer will receive a personal consultation about how to find the right deal, understand how to analyze the listing.

Besides, when you check the open marketing listing you will see lots of useful details about traffics, net earnings of the business, monetization procedures, type of asset, age of business, etc. To get assurance, sellers can verify their claim with Google analytics, therefore the buyer can check out traffics and other valuable metrics like bounce rate, profit, unique visitors, demographic information, etc.

There are some additional features I want to point out. If you have a small business then you may be eligible for SBA loans. The minimum requirement is a $50,000 & 690 credit score to become eligible for this.

The buyer receives advance security from Escrow. They ensure buyers review the asset and validate before releasing funds to the seller. Protecting both sides at the same time with a secure transaction.

A Marketplace Where Every Detail are Crystal Clear

flippa online business but & sell marketplace

There are two types of listing in Flippa. You could use auction listing or classified listing. In auction listing there is a time limit of 30 business days, however, in the classified listing, there is no such limit. There is a service called “Website Broker” you can take their service to list your site in a professional way handled by the broker. To get the most profit from selling your business these brokers can be a good option.

Finally, to list your business in the marketplace you have to pay a fixed price. 

  • Domain: $10
  • Starter Website: $15
  • Apps: $15
  • Established Website: $49

And when you successfully sell your website you have to pay fees depending on the selling price. 

Success Fees:

  • From $0 to $50K: 10% fees
  • From $50K to $100K: 7.5% fees
  • More than $100K: 5%
  • Sell through Brokers: 15%

For example, if a business is worth over $100,000 you have to pay 5% fees.

flippa pricing model

2. Exchange Marketplace

A Marketplace Especially for Shopify Platform

digital asset buy & sell especially for Shopify Platform

Exchange Marketplace is specially designed for Shopify hosted business. It’s very simple & has a crystal clear view of the marketplace. If you visit their site, at the homepage you may see their listing of verities of websites. From the browse section, you can select industry type (automotive, books, construction, food & restaurants, etc.), business type (drop shipping, established business, inventory, etc.), location of business & so on.

They have created a beautiful & secure place for both buyers and sellers. Find the list of your desired category business and check their status. You can get the full profile of a specific business. In the business story section, you can read the entire history from A to Z. In the performance section, you will get the idea of average unique visitors per month, average revenue & profit per month, average sales per month, profit margin, etc. These data are verified by Shopify to give you extra assurance.  

Easy 1-2-3 Steps to Buy Your First Online Business

easy 1-2-3 buy & sell digital asset platform

When it comes to selling your site, you get the same advantage and benefits as a buyer. It’s just easy to create a listing to showcase your business in front of thousands of buyers. You can make it public or private listing. There is a secure transaction by Escrow, no worries about getting paid and securely transferring digital assets. 

There are many digital assets from starter to established business. Starting from $100, just pick one or use “editor’s choice” to find the most suitable one. Exchange Marketplace also provides you a free course/guide containing six chapters from A to Z knowledge about buying and selling a digital asset on their website.

Listing Fees:

  • Initial listing fees: $0
  • Success fees: Based on the sold price

They have flexible listing fees based on a digital asset sold price. Thus, your initial listing is completely free. You only pay when your asset is sold.

exchange market place pricing model

3. Empire Flippers

Secure & Advance Digital Asset Marketplace for Buying & Selling

Unlike other buying & selling sites, Empire Flippa has a small listing. However, in my opinion, they mean serious business. Even the lowest listing price is $14K. They have almost all types of digital businesses including, cryptocurrency, apparels, food, technology, entertainment, etc. Sold around $150 million valued digital assets to date.

At the homepage, you may see a search box where you can type any keyword to find your relevant business listing. Click on a listing to open its business profile. Full of valuable details you can see at a glance, including monthly revenue, expenditure & net profit. Domain, social media accounts, trademarks, backup files, etc.

What I find interesting here, that is you will see an interview of a seller conducted by Empire Flippers, with useful insights about the business.

Crystal Clear Marketplace with Proven Data to Verify a Business

a clear guide how to buy digital business

When you want to buy a digital asset, there are many things you need to assure. Empire Flippa offering you all the details, how much unique visitors this business is getting since the beginning of incorporated. How much expenditure it had & still has. How much revenue and profit it’s making. 

There is an advanced option they call “Unlock listing”. It’s offering you instant access to business URL, detailed proof of earning & traffics through Google analytics & you can directly connect with the seller for additional inquiry of yours. Empire Flippa offers you the security of transaction and business migration from the seller to the buyer after purchase. 

Refundable Deposit: Before you purchase an initial 5% value you have to pay based on the digital asset price. This will however give the option to check the proof of business profit and traffic with Google analytics.

Listing Fees:

  • First time listing fees: $297
  • Repeat Seller: $97

Additional 2-15% fees may apply when successfully sold.

complete profile of digital asset

4. FE International

Build for Serious Investors – Buy & Sell Digital Asset Globally

FE International Buy & Sell Digital Asset Globally

Though at first look you may not like their website. Because it’s a very simple website, however, they mean serious business. They have a few but established businesses on their list. The lowest one asking price is $45K which a yearly revenue is $22.9K. The highest value business is a SaaS company whose asking price is $20 million & yearly revenue is over $6 million.

FE International provides advisory service to its clients to match a buyer and seller who are looking for buying and selling digital business. With their expertise in this field, they assure you high-quality service, qualified investors, and data verified sellers.

Get a Business Valuation from Professional Financial Analysts

Get a Business Valuation from Professional Financial Analysts

If you want to sell your online business then just head to their “Sell a website” section and type your website URL & email address, that’s it. They will come back to you with a 409A valuation report on your website.

Don’t worry they are award winners of M&A Advisor. More than $500 million worth online business sold through them since 2010. 

Why Should You Choose FE International?

  • Global Network: Around the globe more than 32 countries & 50,000 qualified investors.
  • Verified Data: In business profile, you will get all valuable data including the history of a business transaction, profit & expenditures.  
  • Private Listing: Sometimes sellers want to protect their business information from theft during showcasing in an open marketplace. In that case, you have the option to classify your business information and only be available to serious buyers verified by the broker themselves.
  • Professional Broker: No leaking of information nor fake details. All information is verified by professional experts. Website traffic, revenue, profit margin all is verified and proven with Google analytics. 

Listing Fees:

There are no listing fees. A 2.5% fee will apply to the final price of digital assets. However, if you choose their valuation service a fee may apply by broker.

All detailed information can be found in digital asset profile section

5. Side Projectors

Not for Established Business – Unfinished Project Marketplace

Best digital marketplace for unfinished or small project

If you are looking for side projects or unfinished business that you may have to work with to make it whole. Then this marketplace is for you. Here, almost all businesses are small & unfinished. Perhaps 1-3 months old. The owner just registers a domain then builds a website within 20 days then submit it for sale.

Though they have a huge listing of projects to sell, including SaaS business, eCommerce store, blog, website, mobile app, browser extension, domain, etc. In the search box, there are few filters to narrow the search i.e. price range, submission date, programming language, tools, etc.

Every listing has detailed information:

  • Full details of the project
  • History of the project
  • Assets also included in the project
  • Why does the owner want to sell?
  • Some valuable tips to make this project more worthy

The reason you should use this marketplace is to sell off your unfinished or unwanted business or project and recover some funds from it. The good thing is the “Side Project Marketplace” offers you this flexibility while you may not find this opportunity in another marketplace where they only accept established business.

All Information can be found in Online Business Profile

All Information can be found in Online Business Profile

Some Best Features of Side Projects:

  • Partnership: This is perhaps unique, as some projects are looking for a co-founder, not directly selling their business. Which could be a great opportunity for you to start a partnership business.
  • Paid Membership: With only $3 per month, you can become their VIP member. Comes with some additional benefit of customization alerts in project buying and selling, direct messaging to owners or buyers & no more ads.
  • Sponsorship: With only $10 per day you can showcase your listing on their homepage to get guaranteed views from thousands of buyers. Only 2 sponsorship listings will be shown every day thus it will help you get out from the crowd.

Listing Fees:

There are no listing fees nor transaction fees from the Side Projects marketplace. As they do not handle any transaction from their site. All payments are made through Stripe.

6. Digital Exits

Best Marketplace for Large Technology Online Business

Best Marketplace for Large Technology Online Business

Digital Exits specially designed to handle large tech businesses within $250K to $5 million yearly profit. Besides, they have an expert team specialized to maximize the value of your digital asset and present it to the right buyer so you will get a selling price above the market value.

They have sold more than 100 online businesses to date. The average sale price is above $3 million.

Selling your online business is as easy as 1-2-3. Head to their “Sell your business” section. Fill up some information regarding your business. Gross revenue lasts 12 months, net profit lasts 12 months & when you want to sell it. After you have submitted a valuation request, an expert team will contact you for further inquiry.

To validate your claim, you may have to present additional information & documents related to business. Revenue, profit, expenditure, traffic, etc. Google Analytics may be used to validate your claim.

Experts will Evaluate Your Online Business to Get the Best Value

Business analysis experts will evaluate your online business to get the best value

Factors for Business Valuation:

  • Revenue
  • Expenditure
  • Traffic (Unique & Page view)
  • Age of domain
  • Backlinks Profile
  • Business Model
  • Niche

How does it work?

  • Submit for Valuation: You fill out the form with all details and submit for business valuation. One of the team members will call you within 24h to consult with you about your business details. Then they will ask you for some documents i.e. last 2 years’ tax returns, current year profit-loss statement, and balance sheet to complete the final valuation.
  • Business Valuation: After receiving the required documents within the next 48h they will call you back to consult with you about the price range of your business. There are 13 factors, they will use to evaluate your business.
  • Agreement with Broker: Within the next 1-5 days brokers will talk with you about the agreement and a percentage of fees that apply on the final price.
  • Building Business Profile: After the agreement, you will submit all necessary documents to brokers so they can build a professional business profile for your digital asset that will be presented in front of buyers.

Complete Digital Asset Profile to Get the Clear Idea before Purchase

Full online business profile to get the clear Idea before purchase

Listing Fees:

There are no upfront fees. A percentage of fees will apply to the final price.

7. Latona’s

An Open Marketplace for Established & Profitable Business

An Open Marketplace for Established & Profitable Business

Latona’s is a perfect marketplace for established and profitable online business. They have few listings however, all are profitable and established. On the homepage, you can check their exclusive listing. You may use different filters to check your desired listing. Price range, revenue, visitors, Profit, content site, domain portfolio, eCommerce, lead generation, etc. 

They have large varieties of online business i.e. eCommerce store, software business, fashion boutique, toys, books, personal care, amazon store, etc. Just pick one that suits your desire then open their business profile to check everything from visitors, revenue, profit, domain age, etc. Though, you may have to register an account first to see that valuable information. 

Some Key Features:

  • Revenue Steam Filters: It offers you an option to filter how businesses are generating revenue. Let’s say you want to purchase a business that solely generates its revenue from content not from thousands of ads. 
  • Fee Business Evaluation: Unlike other sites, Latona’s offering you a free business valuation. Just fill out a form with some details of your business including website domain. An expert will contact you soon to consult about your business valuation.
  • Latona’s InteLend: This is completely a different opportunity than Latona’s offering to digital asset owners. As with the right approach, you may be able to get a loan for your existing online business.
clear digital asset profile including profit, revenue, expenditure, monthly traffic, etc.

Listing Fees:

There are no listing fees. However, a percentage of fees will apply to your final price when the asset is sold.


What is an Online Business Marketplace?

Just like a physical business (brick & mortar store), an online business can make thousands or even millions of dollars per month. People now buy and sell their existing online business for many reasons. It doesn’t matter though, all you should care is that you can purchase any type of established business or starter business and start making a profit right away. Or, sell your existing business to others to recover your capital and start a new one. 

What Kind of Digital Asset You May Buy & Sell?

The answer is almost any kind unless it is illegal. There are many types of online businesses out there and people are transforming their existing business to an online business as well for greater benefit and flexibility. Let me give you some ideas about online business that you can buy & sell in the online marketplace.

Content Rich Website/Blog

Content is the king, and you probably already heard about it. The first type of online business I want to talk about is a blog or content-rich website. In general, a blog is a part of a website where a company discusses its products and provides useful information for free to their clients. For example, an apparel business website can open a blog section and share useful information about the apparel industry to its clients.

Therefore, as you can see a blog is a source of information or a free open library. That’s why it is content-rich. If you look at my website, it is mainly focused on the blog section. And I provided lots of free information and guidance about SEO, keyword optimization, website building, photo & video editing, eCommerce business, etc.

Benefits of Blog

As a blog always contains lots of articles (free information) therefore, it naturally pulls a massive amount of traffic from all over the internet that no other business can do it. Mainly because of “words”. Google love “words” more than any other content type. Indeed, image, videos are also content. However, the word is the oldest form of content that drives the most traffic.

Thus, creating a blog and generating a massive amount of traffic is quite easier than other business types. Of course, you have to have vast knowledge about those particular topics to write content.

By getting a massive amount of traffic to a blog can easily generate thousands of dollars per month from advertising, affiliate marketing, sponsor article publishing, consultancy, etc.

Evaluation Factors of a Blog

  • Monthly Unique Traffic (major factor)
  • Contents & Niches

Hosting Service: Shared Hosting to Medium VPS hosting should be enough.

Ecommerce Website

This type of website usually focuses on product selling through their online stores. For example, Amazon is an eCommerce website. However, you need a powerful server to maintain this type of business. This is not a blog where there are no activities. On an eCommerce website, people will check on your products and purchase them through a secure online transaction.

You are going to use lots of powerful scripts and plugins for this business. Therefore, considering the huge expenditure thus profit margin will be much less than a blog.

Evaluation Factors of an Ecommerce Business

  • Profit Margin (major factor)
  • Niche/Product types

Hosting Service: Powerful Dedicated Server required.

SaaS Business

Unlike an eCommerce & blog, you may not hear about the SaaS business. Well, it’s software however, it cannot be downloaded to your computer or laptop rather you have to log in to their website to use it. It may be a free or paid subscription.

The Benefit of SaaS Business

Highly profitable business if you can scale it perfectly. Let me give you a simple example. When suddenly you required resizing your image or compressing it, what would you do? You hit the search button to find out an online image resize or compressor.

You see it is a demanding & popular service but they do not give you the software instead let you use it either free or paid. There is another benefit that when you distribute a software hacker can crack it eventually then you lose thousands of revenue. In that case, the SaaS business can be a lucrative solution as well. 

Evaluation Factors of an Ecommerce Business

  • Profit Margin (major factor)
  • Monthly Unique traffic

Hosting Service: Medium VPS to Powerful dedicated server (based on traffic)

Mobile Apps

Nothing to tell about mobile apps. As we all know about it. It’s a new digital era and people can download any type of app to their mobile phone with a single click. Maybe it is a game, business software, health & fitness course, etc.

Evaluation Factors of an Ecommerce Business

  • Profit Margin (major factor)
  • Monthly Unique traffic

Hosting Service: A medium VPS server should be enough.


This is not a business selling or buying. After a while (5-6 years) when a business becomes profitable, however, going to shut down (not interested to sell) that domain remains the same. It cannot be shut down. Therefore, a business owner or domain provider looking for a new owner of that domain name. Don’t think it is useless. Sometimes a domain name can become so popular, pulling millions of traffic per month can be worth millions of dollars in the open marketplace.

Yes, this is exactly a domain name that can also become a commodity to sell or purchase in the marketplace.

Evaluation Factors of an Ecommerce Business

  • Monthly Unique traffic (only major factor)

Hosting Service: Business already shutdown hence no server is needed unless they are selling the business as well.

Executive Summary

Whether you want to start a new online business or want to sell your old one you can use this service. Sometimes it’s even easier to purchase a readymade starter business rather than building on your own. Think about it, you have to purchase a domain name, build a professional website, set up all the contents or products (if eCommerce business), setup payment process, build social media pages, etc. All can be a real hassle unless you hire someone to do this for you.

But when you hire an expert to build a professional website for your business, writing content, and setting up all other tasks, it will be very expensive. While buying a readymade starter business is rather cheap & effective. 

In other cases, if you want to make a profit right away then there is no other alternative than purchasing an established business. It’s obvious, building a website is one thing but making it established is a very lengthy process. Therefore, if you can buy an established business & make a profit from the next month, then why not?

Further Reading on Cliobra: I assume, soon you are going to start a new business either by purchasing or making a new one from scratch. In any case, I am suggesting you read my guide about CRM software. It will be a handy tool to take care of your sales and marketing department. “Best CRM System to Manage Business for 2020 (Review)”. And also read my other guide about project management “Best Project Management Tools for 2020 (Review)”.