120+ High DA Forum List for Backlinks in 2023 (Massive List)

120+ High DA Forum List for Backlinks in 2023 (Massive List)

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Last Updated on September 29, 2022 by Arif Chowdhury

A forum is an ancient way to collaborate with similar-minded people. A web-based forum started in 1994. Since then, it has become trendy among internet users. However, upon the arrival of social media like Facebook, its popularity slowly reduced. Though even after that, nowadays, there are millions of users still using forums for personal or business purposes. The USA alone has more than 550 million active forum users.

In this article, I will talk about forum backlinks & will give you a massive forum list. But, the question is, what can you do with “forum backlinks”? Before we begin, remember that forum backlink is not “do-follow.” It means it will not pass any link juice to your targeted website.

However, a link is a link. You are supposed to get thousands to millions of targeted referral traffic from it. It doesn’t matter whether it is a no-follow; if you can place a link in the correct forum & among the targeted audience, you will get a stream of visitors. Yes, this is it. Your target is referral traffic, not a do-follow backlink. If you are okay with it, then let’s continue.

How did you suppose to use the forum to get massive backlinks?

It is a tricky part. You cannot just visit a forum & suddenly post a link from your site. If you do, it will count as a spam thread or comment & most probably; the forum admin will remove that link and ban you from the forum temporarily or permanently.

If this is the case, how are you supposed to do it? Simple, you must familiarize yourself with that forum’s rules & regulations. First, open an account by reading their terms & conditions. It will take some time, but do it. They will send you an email confirmation upon activating your account.

High DA forum list for backlinks in 2023. First, read forum rules before posting anything to get a forum backlink.

Now, visit every section & read how they communicate with each other. Every section has its own rules. You will find it at the top of every section. Read it thoroughly. You cannot post a link to your first thread or comment most of the time. You may have to post at least 30-50 comments before you are eligible to do that. However, even after that, without any reason, you may not post a link.

Read all forum rules to familiarize yourself before posting.

Golden Rule: When building forum backlinks, do not chase for high domain authority (DA), as you will not get any link juice from forum backlinks. Thus, check how many visitors a forum receives, as you target high referral traffic.

My advice is – to use our free forum submission sites list first, try to start a conversation & then, when people ask, post your link. It will be better & looks natural. Also, search other discussions & see how other people post links on the forum thread. It will help you to understand their way of acting.

So, let me show you the high da forum list for backlinks in 2023.

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120+ High DA forum list (verified)

List Forum Name DA Monthly Traffic Link
1 Microsoft Answers 99 1.10 Billion answers.microsoft.com/en-us
2 Google Webmaster Community 99 92 Billion support.google.com/webmasters/community
3 Cpanel 94 2 Million forums.cpanel.net
4 Oracle Communities 93 30 Million community.oracle.com/hub
5 Shopify 93 62 Million community.shopify.com/c/Shopify-Community/ct-p/en
6 Stack Overflow 93 274 Million stackoverflow.com
7 Cprogramming 61 979K cboard.cprogramming.com
8 OVH 93 125K forum.ovh.co.uk
9 Parallels 92 2 Million forum.parallels.com
10 MySQL 93 5 Million forums.mysql.com
11 000Webhost 93 2.4 Million 000webhost.com/forum
12 Republic of Gamers (Asus) 93 104 Million rog.asus.com/forum/forum.php
13 The Verge 93 56 Million theverge.com/forums
14 The Guru of 3D 80 4.7 Million forums.guru3d.com
15 Hawk Host 47 613K forums.hawkhost.com
16 Mac OS X Hints 86 3.4 Million hints.macworld.com
17 AMD 91 19.4 Million community.amd.com
18 Ubuntu 79 1.1 Million ubuntuforums.org
19 Gentoo 77 627K forums.gentoo.org
20 Skyscraper City 86 8.4 Million skyscrapercity.com
21 Host Gator 91 4.8 Million forums.hostgator.com
22 Dynamic Drive 69 120K dynamicdrive.com
23 ASP Net 84 2.1 Million forums.asp.net
24 Caspio 58 625K forums.caspio.com
25 Web Developer 56 81K webdeveloper.com
26 Webmaster World 82 152K webmasterworld.com
27 Video Lan 90 7.3 Million forum.videolan.org
28 Mozilla Zine 74 371K forums.mozillazine.org
29 Digital Point 74 205K forums.digitalpoint.com
30 Web Hosting Talk 67 266K webhostingtalk.com
31 Sitepoint 87 4.1 Million sitepoint.com/community
32 Ultimate Guitar 89 62 Million ultimate-guitar.com
33 Utorrent 91 28.7 Million forum.utorrent.com
34 XDA 92 22.8 Million forum.xda-developers.com
35 World of Warcraft 91 29 Million us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow
36 Kaspersky 91 11 Million community.kaspersky.com
37 Stat Counter 88 3.4 Million forum.statcounter.com
38 Warrior Forum 68 333K warriorforum.com
39 Wicked Fire 50 42K wickedfire.com
40 Black Hat World 59 2 Million blackhatworld.com
41 Audacity Team 83 3.2 Million forum.audacityteam.org
42 Techsmith 79 2.7 Million support.techsmith.com/hc/en-us/community/topics
43 Moz Q&A 91 3 Million moz.com/community/q
44 BitDefender 87 6.1 Million community.bitdefender.com/en
45 Foxit Software 85 3.5 Million forums.foxitsoftware.com
46 Whatismyip 84 3.9 Million whatismyip.com/questions
47 AVS 76 3.4 Million avsforum.com
48 MikroTik 80 2.7 Million forum.mikrotik.com
49 Apache Friends 91 1.3 Million community.apachefriends.org/f
50 Pagalguy 53 1.1 Million pagalguy.com
51 Filezilla 87 1.5 Million forum.filezilla-project.org
52 Notebook Review 82 866K forum.notebookreview.com
53 Daniweb 70 814K daniweb.com
54 Daemon Tools 76 1.3 Million forum.daemon-tools.cc
55 Mtbr 68 2.5 Million forums.mtbr.com/forum.php
56 Adblockplus 88 76 Million adblockplus.org/forum
57 Blenderartists 64 1.4 Million blenderartists.org
58 Hockeydb 66 1.7 Million hockeydb.com/vb
59 VB Forum 56 663K vbforums.com
60 Superherohype 80 1.3 Million forums.superherohype.com
61 Thai Visa 76 2.3 Million thaivisa.com
62 Purseblog 71 2 Million forum.purseblog.com
63 Tech Support 67 284K techsupportforum.com
64 XAT 85 1.3 Million forum.xat.com
65 RPG 68 845K forum.rpg.net/index.php
66 After Dawn 74 1.1 Million forums.afterdawn.com
67 Core77 82 1.2 Million boards.core77.com
68 Maxthon 77 482K forum.maxthon.com
69 Omnigroup 78 330K discourse.omnigroup.com
70 Lawnsite 46 495K lawnsite.com
71 Vtiger 57 308K discussions.vtiger.com
72 Caspio 58 625K forums.caspio.com
73 Quora 93 544 Million quora.com
74 Forex Factory 60 8.9 Million forexfactory.com
75 Delphi Forum 61 1.1 Million delphiforums.com
76 CBR Community 87 46 Million community.cbr.com
77 Garden Web 67 514K gardenweb.com
78 Media Monkey 70 335K mediamonkey.com/forum
79 Sanparks 71 279K sanparks.org/forums
80 Luminous Landscape 68 198K forum.luminous-landscape.com
81 Ummah 54 230K ummah.com/forum
82 Free Website Templates 50 46K freewebsitetemplates.com/forums
83 Axis History 57 249K forum.axishistory.com
84 Wilders Security 68 510K wilderssecurity.com
85 Kirupa 57 174K kirupa.com
86 Ask About Money 39 238K askaboutmoney.com
87 Wysiwyg Web Builder 57 125K wysiwygwebbuilder.com/forum/index.php
88 Chef Talk 53 299K cheftalk.com
89 Devx 73 57K forums.devx.com
90 UK Business Forums 59 167K ukbusinessforums.co.uk
91 vBulletin 79 75K forum.vbulletin.com
92 Discourse 76 268K meta.discourse.org
93 phpbb 89 317K phpbb.com
94 Simple Machines 74 143K simplemachines.org/community/index.php
95 Xenforo 83 346K xenforo.com/community
96 Mybb 60 279K community.mybb.com
97 Flarum 47 68K discuss.flarum.org/t/blog
98 Invision Community 67 148K invisioncommunity.com/forums
99 Tech Republic 88 7.5 Million techrepublic.com/forums/software
100 Patient Info 75 7.6 Million patient.info/forums
101 Health 24 90 21 Million news24.com/health24/Experts
102 eHealth 60 76K healthboards.com/boards/index.php
103 Medhelp 65 564K medhelp.org/forums/list
104 Growth Hackers 65 219K growthhackers.com/posts
105 Affiliate Fix 37 71K affiliatefix.com
106 Afflift 35 105K afflift.com/f/
107 Affilorama 51 68K affilorama.com/forum/
108 Dream Team Money 41 70K dreamteammoney.com
109 SEO Forum 57 213K seo-forum.link-assistant.com
110 dbPoweramp 67 144K forum.dbpoweramp.com
111 Forumosa 47 167K tw.forumosa.com
112 Dpreview 88 8.9 Million dpreview.com/forums
113 Photography Talk 54 329K photographytalk.com/forum
114 Flickr 91 56 Million flickr.com/help/forum/en-us
115 Fredmiranda 58 703K fredmiranda.com/forum
116 Talk Photography 44 181K talkphotography.co.uk/forums
117 Amateur Photographer 66 213K amateurphotographer.co.uk/forums
118 The Photo Forum 49 84K thephotoforum.com
119 Photo 82 605K photo.net/discuss/
120 Discuss Cooking 45 145K discusscooking.com/forums
121 ChowHound 79 3.3 Million chowhound.com/community
122 eGullet 60 303K forums.egullet.org

What is the difference between blog & forum backlinks?

Unlike other backlink generating methods, i.e., guest posts, article submission, broken link building, link swap, blog commenting, social bookmarking, etc., you will not get any do-follow backlinks from forums. And also, search engines like Google give little value to even high-quality backlinks from forums. However, you will get at least 500% more traffic than any other backlink-generating method.

Do you know why? Because in the forum, people are highly engaging in conversation. Thus, posting a relevant link at the right moment will give you an instant boost in referral traffic, which is kind of impossible on a blog or website.

For example, let’s say you have a backlink from a blog post on the X.com website. This website has high organic traffic, let’s say over 1 million. Now let’s say that blog post where you have a backlink gets around 100K visitors per month. So the possibility of getting traffic from this backlink is a maximum of 500-1,000 per month. Or even less.

Don’t believe me? Use a tracker in your blog post link, then test this out. You will be surprised by how much less traffic you get from links. It is because people are not likely to read the entire article/blog post. Most of the time, they simply skim your article for specific information. Then, when they get it, they will simply leave.

According to research, 55% of your visitors spend less than 15 secs on your page. Another study shows that only 20% of your visitors read the entire article while 80% simply pass it by reading only the headlines.

Quick Note: If you are looking for referral traffic, build a strong forum backlink profile for your site. Or, if you want organic traffic, create a strong backlink profile from your blog & website.

As you can see, the truth is – you are not supposed to get lots of traffic from blog or website backlinks. So then, what are you supposed to get? Well, backlinks from relevant blogs or websites will increase your website authority, allowing you to rank higher on search engine result pages (SERP). Therefore, getting backlinks from those places will give you a permanent boost in ranking & you are supposed to get lots of organic traffic from search engines.

Now the opposite things will happen when you get backlinks from forums. As you are not going to rank in search engines, you are supposed to get lots of referral traffic instantly. However, ensure your page SEO is optimized correctly; otherwise, even after all the hard work, you won’t be able to rank in search engines.

Quick Note: Forum posting is still marvelous for acquiring referral traffic but do not bother to chase for directory submission or article submission site lists. A small business usually does not have enough budget for an expensive link-building campaign; in that case, use the guest post option to acquire quality backlinks.

Why are forum backlinks cheap & effective?

You already understand the difference between forum & blog/website backlinks. Now, let me tell you why forum backlinks are much cheaper & effective than blogs/websites.

When you want to generate backlinks from a blog/website, you must be ready for lots of patience. If you have started your backlink generating campaign, perhaps you already know about it. You often have to wait for days to months to get a single backlink from a high-authority website. If you send an email to 1,000 people, only 50-60 of them will reply. Still, there is no guarantee that they will give you a backlink. Some might ask you to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars to get a backlink.

How do I get a forum backlink? Using a forum signature is a very effective way to showcase your link without breaking any rules.

It is a frustrating & long waiting task. However, getting a backlink from a forum is relatively easier & cheaper. All you have to do is – open an account & post your link at the right time. If they have some requirements for a new account, i.e., at least 50 threads must have to post. Then upon completing this task, you are free to start your backlink campaign.

Let me recap what you have learned here:

How to get backlinks from a forum?

  • First, open an account using email.
  • Then, read forum requirements before posting anything.
  • Read other threads & comments to familiarize yourself
  • Start a conversation before posting your link
  • When someone asks, only then post your link (safest way)
  • Use signature to showcase your link in every comment & thread

What should you expect from forum backlinks? 

  • Mostly no-follow backlinks
  • Even if some forum gives you a do-follow backlink, it won’t pass link juice.
  • Much easier & cheaper to get backlinks (instant)
  • You will not get rank in search engines from forum backlinks
  • You will get lots of referral traffic (instant)
  • Irrelevant link posting will cause your account to be a temporary or permanent ban from the forum.

One more piece of advice I want to give you – among the best forum submission sites list, hand-pick some and make a list based on your business niche. Now participate in those forums regularly and build a reputation in those communities; thus, promoting your business products will be easier.

I hope you have learned something valuable by reading this guide. The difference between blog & forum backlinks. Why is it cheaper & effective? Why should you use it? When should you use it? And what you should expect from it.

Executive Summary.

Most of the time, people are wrong about forum link building. Some think it will give them many backlinks, increasing their website authority. Others believe it will provide them with nothing. Instead, it will jeopardize their overall authority ranking.

All of them are wrong. Many people once used forum backlinks to get rank higher in SERP. And that’s why search engines implemented no-follow backlinks in the forum to prevent it. And that’s why you are not supposed to rank higher in authority. So even if some forums provide you with do-follow, it doesn’t matter.

Therefore, your task is to use forum backlinks to receive thousands to millions of referral traffic. The good news is – it is relatively easier & cheaper than general blog & website backlinks. However, if you want long-term growth in search engines by increasing your rank, do not waste time in forum link building.

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