10 Shocking Methods to Build Powerful Backlinks for Your Website

10 shocking methods to build powerful backlinks for your site
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Last Updated on January 3, 2021 by Arif Chowdhury

Since the beginning of the internet, backlink plays a vital role to filter out a high-quality webpage. It is so obvious when a website content becomes popular people will start to share it in their blog, website, social media & email. It’s like a vote. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing measure it on their algorithm to judge the quality of a webpage.

Though it seems like an easy way to measure the quality of a website. However, back then before 2005 dishonest webmasters tried to manipulate this algorithm by buying & selling backlinks & also flood forums & blog comment sections with spam links. Which eventually massacre the whole system of finding authentic websites.

Few years after that, search engines implemented do-follow & no-follow backlinks to fight against it. Also, they gradually developed their algorithm to find the most authentic backlinks to measure website quality & popularity.

Nowadays getting high-quality backlinks from high authority sites is not that easy rather very competitive. However, with the right approach, anyone can build powerful backlinks. In this article, I will walk you through 10 shocking ways to get backlinks for your website quickly & easily.

Method 1: Broken Link Building Approach

It is probably one of the fastest & safest ways to build authentic backlinks. When a website gets bigger the site owner doesn’t have much time to find individual broken links from hundreds of pages. Thus, it can be a golden opportunity for you to siege. Find a relevant broken link that matches your site content then contacts the site owner. Politely & briefly tell him about the broken link and also suggest to him an alternate live link from your site.

If your content is a good alternative, then there is a high chance that he will accept your offer.

Now, how are you supposed to find broken links? Well, without any type of software it’s almost impossible. To begin with, I suggest you below online applications to try out.

use broken link building method to get valuable & authentic backlinks easily & fast

All of these are free. Maybe some features are locked with a premium subscription. But, you can do your work without any issue.

Now, the question is how are you supposed to find relevant websites within your niche? Simple, use Google. You can try some keywords to find relevant websites.

  • Keywords + links
  • Keywords + resource
  • Keywords + blogs
  • Keywords + articles

Method 2: Leverage Infographic

The second method is self-explanatory. You will move smartly, so your audience will give you backlinks automatically. Infographic is a powerful visual message that can easily attract audience eyes, thus increasing the chance of sharing across the internet. Besides, you can easily share your infographic to various sites i.e. Pinterest, Imgur, Reddit, etc.

Now, how should you create an infographic? Without proper software, an infographic is impossible to create. Some may advise you to use Illustrator, however, this software is for advanced users like photographers. And, also do not waste your money on Fiverr or Upwork. Unless money is not an issue for you.

Resource Box: I suggest you Piktochart & Canva both are free websites you can utilize & create professional-like infographics by yourself.

use Piktochart to create professional looking infographic by yourself. No need to hire expensive content creator.

Both of them have a free & paid option. Though free features should be enough for you to create a professional infographic.

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Method 3: Guest Blogging

This is the most popular & safest way just like the broken link building approach. However, unlike broken link building, in guest blogging, you have to write content according to others will. Let me clear this out for you.

In guest blogging, you will offer an article to a webmaster with full copy-write ownership. Therefore, he can publish it & not even you can copy it, as you are already given him full ownership of that content. However, in exchange for this charity, you will get 1-2 contextual backlinks for your website.

As you can see, it is a give & take relationship. You offer them content & in exchange, they offer you a backlink.

Simple yet complex. Why? Because sometimes website owners will not accept your offer or ask you to create content way beyond your capability. Let’s say you usually publish a 500-1,000 words article on your site. But, they will ask you to create a 3,000+ words content. On top of that, there is no guarantee they will accept it. Of course, you are free to publish it on your site after they reject it.

do email outreach to other bloggers & website owners to build powerful backlinks

Therefore, the problem with guest blogging is – It is highly time-consuming & sometimes frustrating. Of course, you can use a content writing service to create high-quality large content for this purpose, if money is not an issue for you. Below are some content writing services you should check out.

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Method 4: Spy on your Competitors Activities

This is a very useful & effective advance method. Always try to spy on your main competitor’s activities. Track how they are performing, thus you can replicate the process. Let’s say your primary niche is SEO, now search for SEO related websites & blogs. Now use a site explorer tool to track their activities.

you can easily spy on your competitors to get valuable useful insights

I suggest you, use Ahrefs. You can easily track their backlinks, domain rating, authority, keyword analysis, etc.

Method 5: Internal Link Building Approach

Not just backlinks from another website, but also the internal link building approach can provide a powerful boost in SEO & engagement from your audience will also increase. If you connect relevant blog posts through proper internal linking, then your audience can easily navigate within your site thus bounce rate will reduce & site engagement will increase drastically.

It’s obvious if your audiences’ engagement increases then you will get lots of valuable backlinks naturally. For example, take a look at this article, I have included an internal link to my relevant blog post “400+ High Authority Sites for Guest Blogging”. My audience will certainly visit that blog post as it is highly relevant to that topic.

Method 6: Smartly Connect with Other Websites

This is a completely different approach to get valuable backlinks from high authority sites. Your goal should be to do outreach to other relevant websites or bloggers. 

Approach 1: Find a blog post, which highly relevant to one of your articles. Then do email outreach to site owners & ask them to add your article link to their blog. If your content is high quality, then chances are they will accept your offer.

Approach 2: Find a relevant site that is within your niche, then connect with the site owner. Send them your most relevant & high-quality blog post, and ask for their valuable advice or review. However, do not ask them for a backlink directly as it will ruin the entire process.

Approach 3: Do a Google search “Keyword + roundup” & set the search setting no more than 3 months. For example, if your niche is SEO then do a Google search with “SEO roundup” with a result no more than 3 months old. You will get plenty of websites & blogs that are doing weekly/monthly roundups on SEO topics. 

do some email outreach to other bloggers & convince them to feature your blog on their website to build powerful backlink profile

This should be a great opportunity for you to feature on their site. Do an email outreach & share your best blog post with them. Hopefully, they may feature your article next week or month.

Method 7: Leverage Client Testimonials

Another exceptional method, you may never hear before. You could get a backlink from a high authority website homepage, just by writing a short yet engaging positive testimonial. For example, you may use the SEMRush service for your SEO & site audit purposes. Try to write an excellent testimonial for SEMRush and contact them. If you are a VIP customer, then chances are high that they will accept your offer.

Method 8: Email Outreach

This is another excellent & smart way to get limitless backlinks. However, this method is very time consuming but very powerful. To begin with, I suggest you start a competitor backlink analysis using Ahrefs. As they have the largest backlink database.

use Ahrefs to find out thousands of potential backlink source

Search for your competitor’s backlinks and download in excel sheet. For example, if your niche is SEO then you should audit Neil Patel’s website, as his website is linked with thousands of other website. Thus, you will be able to get millions of potential backlink sources.

Now download all backlinks in an excel sheet & start searching for the site owner’s email address. To do this, you may use an email finder tool. You can also search on LinkedIn & connect with them. This way you will get a chance to build a relationship with them.

use email finder tool to extract emails of the site owners & other important person to do email outreach
  • Hunter – for an email address
  • SalesQL – for an email address from LinkedIn

Method 9: Donation

This is not a weird rather surprising method to get cheap backlinks for your site. Try to find a relevant website within your niche that accepts a donation. Contact them beforehand to offer a donation in exchange for a backlink. If they assure you, only then donate to get a backlink. Repeat this process with only high authority websites.

While doing this, you are supposed to find mostly charity websites. To make it easy for you, I suggest you use the below search queries in Google.

  • Donate us + contribute + keywords
  • Donation + contributor page + keywords

Method 10: Take Interview of Influencers

This is a trending method nowadays. You take an interview of an influencer & get valuable backlinks & exposure to your site. For example, let’s say your niche is SEO. Now connect with Neil Patel & try to convince him to allow you to take an interview with him.

If he accepts your offer. There is no surprise that you are about to take a giant leap from your current position especially if your site authority is low.

taking interview of influencers from within your niche is a smart way to get backlinks & exposer to your site

How is this going to happen? Simple, after you take an interview, Neil Patel will share it on his website, social media & to his connections. Just think, how much backlinks & exposure you will get from a single interview. Of course, taking an interview with Neil Patel won’t be easy. But, you can try your luck with other influencers from within your niche.

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Building backlinks is not just bound with these 10 methods. You may find other ways around. However, doing it right is the ultimate goal. If you spam the process, then not only you are going to be blacklisted by search engines but also your audience will reject you.

It is far better to get 1 backlink from an authority & relevant source rather than 100 backlinks from irrelevant & low authority sites. And, one more piece of advice before I end this article.

Do not ever bother to purchase backlinks from various services out there. You are not only going to waste your hard-earned money but also permanently ruin your website reputation. Follow my methods & safely build a powerful backlink profile for your site.