Facebook Post Boost and Promotion Questions and Answers

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Page promos are Facebook ads that you post directly from your company’s Page instead of the ads you can make in Advertising Manager.

One of the most efficient methods to construct an advert on Facebook is using auto-suggested text and graphics. First, learn the basics of running an ad and choose your photos, videos, and text.

What is a promoted post?

With Facebook’s promoted posts advertising option, you can ensure that the posts you wish to advertise are seen by more people in their News Feeds.

You may quickly increase the number of people who view your Facebook posts using promoted posts. You may consider sponsored ads as social media’s version of native advertising or sponsored content.

When a user sees a sponsored post in their news feed, it appears like every other post. While it may seem like other posts in a user’s newsfeed, promoted content should be clearly labelled as “sponsored” under the FTC’s rules.

What are the advantages of promoting a post?

Brands may use promoted posts in two ways.

First, they may promote the Facebook and Instagram posts that the company creates. You may reach new demographics, exercise creative freedom, try out various product ideas for different target groups and develop leads. You can even boost the likelihood of attaining brand recognition by doing this.

They may share and publicize user-generated material on various social media platforms as a second option. Compared to advertising your own brand’s postings, user-generated content provides at least a better level of interaction.

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What is a boosted post on Facebook?

A Facebook post that has been paid for to increase its visibility is known as a “promoted” or “boosted” post. It is common practice to “boost” a post to increase its visibility. Twitter uses the term “promoted tweets” for these adverts.

In other words, you’re increasing the post’s visibility so that more people may view it. It’s possible to set some of the below parameters depending on your platform:

Specified group of people.

Make a list of the individuals you want to target with your content. For example, followers, page likes, and followers’ friends may all be included in your audience. In addition to demographics, you may also segment by demographics such as age, gender, geography, interest, etc.

Focusing point.

Decide on a location where you want it to be seen. It’s possible to target specific countries and individuals who have specified them as their home countries if you are running a campaign. You can increase your ROI and save money on marketing by selecting the proper demographic.


Is there a time limit on how long you should promote the content? You’re likely holding a deal and want to attract as many customers as possible. The post will no longer be displayed after the sale is ended.


How much are you willing to spend? A project will impact more individuals with a larger budget.

You may either increase the visibility of an organic post with a high level of performance or construct an ad out of a current position by using boosted or promoted posts.

What posts should be boosted?

To get the most outstanding results, you should focus on boosting posts that have previously received much attention. Engagement rates indicate that the material was appealing to the audience.

According to a study, a Facebook post with hundreds of likes and comments is more likely to be clicked on by followers than a post with only three likes. The Facebook Insights site is a great place to see what content is doing effectively.

Using the Boost Post tool, you can customize your post’s targeting. For example, people who presently like your brand or your followers and friends may be selected by default.

It’s also possible to choose a specific group of people to whom your promoted posts will be seen. Your audience should be as detailed as possible because you already know so much about them. With the custom audience option, you may choose a particular group of people based on their region, gender, age, or hobbies.

You may, for example, restrict your targeting to locations where the majority of your customers reside or where your services are provided.

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Can you boost a regular Facebook post?

Yes, of course, you can easily boost a regular Facebook post. One dollar a day is all it takes to ‘boost’ a Facebook post. You’ll reach more individuals with your advertisement if you spend more money.

You may choose your boosted post expenditure using a scale that displays how many users you will approach for your selected cost, as we discuss in the comprehensive instructions below.

You may make an educated choice regarding how much to spend on your boosted post due to this.

With only a few clicks, you may build a basic Facebook ad with the help of Facebook’s boost post tool.

In this manner:

Make sure you’re on your Facebook business page. Don’t have one? To learn how to establish a Page on Facebook, check out our full guidelines. You can use the Facebook website or the Facebook app on a mobile device.

You may boost a post by clicking on the blue Promote button underneath it.

Identify what you want to achieve with your promoted content. Want some assistance? Set SMART social media objectives by reading our article on the subject. As a newbie, you may not know which goal to pick. Therefore Facebook will choose the perfect one for you.

Your Facebook ad’s call-to-action button should say what you want it to say. Depending on the objective you choose in the previous phase, the alternatives will change.

  • Select a target audience for your promoted content. Facebook’s targeting choices allow you to select a demographic of those who currently like your business page, Facebook page, connections, or a new bespoke audience.
  • Gender, geography, and age are just a few of the broad groups that are targeted. You may further focus on your target audience by using specific targeting choices.
  • Decide how long and when you want to do it. Select the number of days you want your post to be promoted.
  • Adjust your budget using the slider. For the length of the boost, you will pay this sum. The daily rate is $1.
  • Select the ad location and the payment method of your choice. Then, using the toggle switch, you can link your Facebook Pixel to your advertisement for more granular data.
  • You should check your advert preview and predicted outcomes. The Boost Post Now button is located at the end of the screen if you’re satisfied with the results.

Finally, your Facebook post has been boosted and is ready to go live.

Though the number of steps here is daunting at first glance, you may complete them all from a single screen.