What are the 5 Most Applied Practices on Social Media? (Practical Guide)

What are the 5 Most Applied Practices on Social Media? (Practical Guide)

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Last Updated on January 15, 2023 by Arif Chowdhury

In social media marketing strategy, the most crucial goal is to convert your target audience to loyal, paid customers. However, most marketers do not know the social media best practices for small businesses to make their marketing efforts more effective.

Today’s marketers would agree that social media, including social media accounts such as Twitter and Instagram, is a popular and effective marketing platform for increasing brand awareness and driving social media management.

As a positive thing, several intelligent social media applied practices, such as social listening, can be used to optimize their marketing campaigns and efforts.

You will limit your social media outcomes if you cannot make an effective marketing plan because this kind of marketing requires a smart strategy to be effective.

Most of the current generation audiences feel that social media is the most effective method of communication.

Five most applied practices on social media.

No one has ever claimed that becoming successful in a social media marketing campaign on every platform is easy. However, if you put in the time, effort, and strategy, your social media followers will believe in your business.

We’ve put up a list of five social media applied practices to help your small business reach its objectives.

Practice #1: Identify the best-suited social channel for your brand.

Your target audience will be at a different location, depending on the network you pick. Social media themes may give viewers a sense of what content they should expect from your channels.

Several well-known firms have a unique social media brand identity.

Identifying the most suitable social media platform is one of the most applied practices on social media.

Is it essential for all of the target’s social media outlets to have the same appearance and feel? In reality, things are quite the opposite.

Many companies use Twitter to engage with their consumers, but Instagram is a more successful platform for attracting new customers via unique audience development strategies.

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What best practices are big brands doing in social media?

No worries if you don’t understand what we’re saying. Check out the below examples, and you will get the idea.

Casper uses a unique theme in their social media platform to boost their brand image.
  • It is one of Casper’s favorite pastimes on Twitter to publish humorous and insightful tweets on sleep. The mattress company’s postings keep existing and future consumers amused on Twitter. They also keep an eye on the latest social media trends to ensure they use the most effective social channels for their content strategy.
  • AskPlaystation, a subsidiary of Sony’s Playstation, is another Twitter specialty. The firm uses many Twitter accounts for various reasons. For example, customer service channels like AskPlaystation cut through the marketing clutter to let consumers repair problems, fix network difficulties, and download new software upgrades directly. They also use social media analytics to track their performance and make data-driven decisions for their content strategy.
Airbnb promotes its products using the Instagram platform.
  • With the help of Instagram, Airbnb showcases some of the world’s most abundant holiday rental properties. In addition, it is possible to access any listing’s landing page through the Airbnb profile. They also use Instagram to stay up-to-date with the latest social media trends to create an effective content strategy.

Quick Note: The main idea is – to make a unique appearance in front of your audience. A theme that only you represent, thus it will boost your brand image to a new height.

Innovative content themes.

Without entirely replicating the notion of the firms you just learned about, how to come up with an idea like them?

To your advantage, a broad range of content genres may increase your exposure and engage your audience.

By keeping an eye on the latest social media trends and using social media analytics to track your performance, you can create a content strategy that is unique to your brand and resonates with your audience.

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite social media content themes for you, the marketer.

Proper use of UGC (User Generated Content).

Your Instagram feed should allow users to post their photos and videos. For example, on Twitter, Coca-Cola posts a wide variety of content from its followers daily.

Coca-Cola use UGC content to boost its marketing efforts, it is one of the best-applied practices in social media platform.

Because it demonstrates that a genuine person is running the account, the community is more likely to trust it.

Don’t get serious; make fun.

Businesses like Casper, Denny’s, and others depend on being the most popular comic on Twitter to be successful.

Using humor in social media content is another excellent practice.

Look at Wendy’s response to a fan’s request for a year’s supply of free products as an illustration of this behavior. However, approach this topic with caution since there are several potential dangers.

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Encourage your audience to get focused.

To elicit engagement from your visitors, what strategy do you recommend? Then, it’s time to investigate. Social media networks like Facebook and Twitter make it straightforward to get started.

Encourage your audience to participate in your content.

To inspire replies from your audience, you must remain attentive and provide them with helpful information.

Practice #2: Keep up the excellent work.

Having a clear social media presence would be best, but you must stick to it. Maintaining a consistent brand image to generate trust, engagement, and a feeling of familiarity with your company is essential.

If your brand’s communication with consumers isn’t consistent, there is a lot of chance for mistakes.

Brand consistency is one of the vital elements you should care about.

Many individuals exclusively interact with companies on social media platforms like Facebook to quickly answer their inquiries or issues.

Since clients are more inclined to approach you with an uncomplicated query or complaint, they are more likely to contact you. The goal is to maintain a consistent voice and message.

Do you know what it is about your brand that makes customers wary of purchasing from you? The fact is so many individuals have been duped or cheated by false or misleading material on the internet.

Based on research, 66% of online customers have been misled by a company through promotional content or social media posts.

It is not a good idea to alter your brand message because you’ll lose your audience’s trust, thus hampering your overall performance.

Users often ignore social media pages because they generate content irrelevant to their interests. Therefore, your advertising materials should include a range of formats and mediums.

Quick Note: Keeping consistency is the most challenging yet vital component of your success. Most online marketing campaigns failed in the long run because they couldn’t maintain quality content consistency.

Practice #3: Focus on your language.

As previously said, an internet brand may simultaneously be both amusing and unpleasant. Therefore, before you get involved in a new trend, do your research first; otherwise, your time and efforts will be wasted.

You should refrain from utilizing current terminology and online terms as a social media or online marketer. It gives the impression that you are unconcerned and detached.

Be careful when using slang words in your social media post, based on your customer mentality, think carefully.

Your faith in us hasn’t changed. Around half of the social media users we surveyed said they were turned off by companies’ use of lingo or technical language.

Most respondents indicated they avoid a company on social media if they use slang words in their posts.

Practice #4: Spy on your competitors.

Your rivals’ data might help you make better decisions and strategize more effectively. You get an advantage over your competitors by conducting competitive research and analysis.

Find your competitor’s marketing tactics.

All it takes is the correct equipment to make a significant impact. Social media tools deliver comprehensive competition research options for your most important social networks.

Use competitor analysis to get an idea of their marketing tactics.

To understand your industry, you need to know which brand has the most audiences within your area.

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Vital metrics you should focus on.

Tracking and measuring your material’s success might help you create more effective marketing campaigns.

Here are some essential metrics you may monitor through social media.

  • Content published: how much content you have posted in a given period.
  • Which hashtags get most favored and used by you?
  • Total likes from the different posts you published.
  • Total comments you receive from your audiences.
  • Engagements metric: how many engagements have been done from your audiences?
  • Total followers: how many followers you are receiving within a specific time.
  • Growth of audience: a percentage of how quickly your fan base grows.

Practice #5: Interact with your audiences as much as possible.

Finally, essential social media applied practice is a desire to interact with others. People don’t enjoy receiving social media messages from robots and don’t want to have a conversation with one.

Replying to your customer inquiry as quickly as possible is one of the best-applied practices in social media marketing.

You may personalize and engage with consumers by responding to their inquiries and comments in a genuine manner.

Just ask yourself how much your family members currently use social media in their leisure time.

More and more young people realize the value of engaging with companies on social media. But additionally, you must ensure that they get a response.

Even if your customer insults you, it is your responsibility to answer their inquiry professionally.

You’ll be out of pocket if you don’t react. If you disregard the messages of over 30% of your social media followers, you should expect their support to dwindle.

It is critical since 34.5% of individuals prefer to contact customer service through social media.

Best practice of improving engagements.

Is it possible you don’t know how to boost your social media strategy? It’s easy to engage with customers and customize your company with these five simple tips:

  • In a discussion, don’t simply give people what they want; make it more interesting.
  • Ensure you don’t go over the top with your audience’s attention.
  • It is your job as a speaker to get your audience involved with one another.
  • You should evaluate your reputation in light of what others say about you.
  • Make sure your articles are filled with helpful information for your audience.


Social media is perfect for a cheap and effective marketing strategy; however, knowing how to do it correctly will lead you to waste time, money, and effort.

I hope our guide on the five most applied practices on social media helps you get the idea.

Always focus on your audience’s needs and be steady in your marketing efforts.