Should You Take Facebook Blueprint Certification? (Definitive Guide)

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More than a decade after its inception as a curiosity for Ivy League undergrads, Facebook has developed into an international force that impacts the everyday routines of nearly everyone in the United States. But, of course, advertising has been the driving force behind this remarkable growth. However, should you take Facebook blueprint certification? Is it worth it?

Over less than a decade, Facebook’s advertising income jumped from $765 million in 2009 to about $27 billion in 2016, growing by over 3,400 per cent.

There are a lot of companies advertising on Facebook, and they’re shelling out a lot of money for the privilege. Many companies are advertising on Facebook, but that doesn’t equate to a favourable return on investment for all or even most of them.

Are Facebook ads effective?

Yes, Facebook ads are very effective, but only if you can create a perfect ad, define your audience, and advertise cost-efficiently on Facebook.

Is Facebook advertising truly as successful as it is popular? As every marketing dollar matters, this issue is essential. For any firm, the amount of investment, the kind of industry, and ad quality are all factors that will influence its return on investment.

You’ll need to test it yourself for the most accurate estimate of Facebook advertising’s return on investment (ROI).

If you want to know that you’re getting a decent return on your Facebook advertising expenditure, the ideal place to go for information is accurate figures. So we’ve collated some stats to show how successful Facebook is as an advertising medium. 

  • Facebook is used by 22% of the global total, including 68% of the adult united states population.
  • More than two-thirds of Facebook users (76%) seek out intriguing material, and information consumption has surged by 57% since 2014.
  • 66% of social media users go online to find out about new goods and services.
  • Customers are 79% more inclined to make a fresh order after liking a company on Facebook than after becoming a non-fan.
  • If Facebook influences them, consumers are more likely to make online and physical purchases.
  • As a result of the hyper-targeted Custom Audiences tool on Facebook, marketers have witnessed a 73% decrease in their new client acquisition expenditures.
  • While television advertising might cost upwards of $35 per thousand impressions, Facebook ads only cost approximately $7.29.
  • Seventy-three per cent of individuals claim they engage on Facebook for business reasons, making it a helpful tool in the B2B arena.

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How do I get my Facebook certificate?

To get your Facebook certificate, you have to prepare for the below things:

Take your Blueprint certification test with utmost attention and preparation.

It is essential to review the course content thoroughly. For a timed, proctored test, you’ll need to know all there is to learn about the Facebook advertising ecosystem. The cost of each test is $150. Failure to pass the test on your first attempt will result in the fee payment.

A few things you may do to ensure that you are prepared for the test the first time around are as follows:

1. Choose the appropriate exam for you.

Each Facebook advertising talent is tested in a particular Facebook Blueprint certification exam. Choose the test that best matches your professional level and the abilities you wish to acquire. For example, Facebook advertising beginners should take the associate test (100-101); meanwhile, more experienced marketers could choose the professional level examinations (200-301).

2. Explore the certificate programs offered by Facebook Blueprint.

It’s tough to prepare for the Blueprint certification examinations, but Facebook provides all the tools you require.

Study with Facebook Blueprint has several free online courses that you may take. The classes are categorized into beginning, middle, and advanced levels.

3. You should take a mock test.

Take a mock test on Facebook before you pay for an actual exam. A free 30-question mock test is available for each exam to give you a sense of the breadth and format of the examination. In addition, each exam has a practice test that you may access from the main website.

4. Make Your Certificate Public.

Congratulations on passing the Facebook Blueprint exam! These findings must be made public.

Your professional network will be able to view your hard-earned qualification if you showcase your digital credential on professional networks like LinkedIn.

How long is the Facebook certification valid for?

Associate and Professional credentials are available through Facebook.

The validity of an Associate certification is 24 months. For one year, professionals’ credentials remain valid.

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How do I practice advertising on Facebook?

Practice advertising on Facebook is easy. Just follow our below guidelines:

1. Pick a goal that directly impacts your company’s bottom line.

As previously said, Facebook has a wide selection of advertising options that may assist companies in achieving their aims. Increasingly, Facebook’s advertising goals include “Awareness,” “Consideration,” and “Conversions,” ranging from contemporary to traditional “Page Likes,” “Website Clicks,” and “Engagement” campaigns.

Each of these classifications has its own set of ad units designed to achieve a specific goal.


These things you want people to know about your brand to develop an interest in it.


Goals that encourage consumers to think about and learn more about your brand.


Goals that drive customers to buy or utilize your company products are known as conversions.

2. Make use of positioning optimization.

Our clients often inquire about Facebook ad positions. It’s important to note that the Social Media Feed, Instagram feed, Story posts, Audience Network, and Messenger are all places where you might present an ad.

3. Adjust your campaign’s budget.

To maximize the amount of money spent on a campaign, Facebook utilizes a Campaign Budget Optimization procedure.

An advertiser typically specifies ad set budgets. However, Facebook’s Campaign Spending Optimization will continually and automatically locate the most incredible possibilities to reach your defined aim throughout your ad groups and prioritize expenditure to the ad groups doing the best.

In this way, you have less control over your budget as an advertiser, but the system has greater control over how to spend it.

4. Make use of mobile creativity.

Is it a surprise that social media is now primarily a mobile-first experience? Make sure to bear that in mind while designing your Facebook advertising efforts.

Advertising on Facebook and Instagram means that you’ll want to make sure your ad creative is appealing, engaging, and works well on mobile devices. Banners should be eye-catching, and video advertising should be no more than 15 seconds.

5. Recognize the advantages of both wide and narrow targeting.

I was shocked by this recommended practice when I spoke with our Facebook partners.

Facebook ad target marketing used to be as precise as possible. However, due to rising competition and the growth of Facebook marketing, being very particular in targeting may sometimes result in more expensive outcomes.