High Career Potential as a Digital Marketer (Definitive Guide)

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According to recent research, the most sought-after marketing expertise now is in content and digital advertising. Quality content, online project planning, data management, brand management, SEO, site design and implementation, and eCommerce are highly demanded. That’s fantastic news for marketing practitioners and students familiar with the latest technology.

How much does digital marketing earn?

A digital marketer usually earns from $39,000 to $163,000 based on their job position and the organization they are working for.

Online marketers are in great demand, and their pay generally reflects this demand. Even if you have a lot of expertise, several things determine how much money you’ll make. Its size, location, and industry influence a company’s overall revenue.

So, to give you a sense of what to anticipate, we’ve gathered compensation statistics for various positions, from entry positions to the highest level.

Entry-level salary ranges in the United States

Newcomers to digital marketing are best suited for positions such as digital marketing experts or analysts. According to the experts, these professions may expect to earn an annual salary of:

Payscale: A digital marketing professional can expect to make a starting salary of $50,478 annually.

Starting salaries for digital marketing positions, based on all available data: The range is between $39,185 – $55,274

Mid-level salary ranges in the United States

Mid-level marketing roles, such as digital marketing managers, are better suited to someone with years of job experience. The following is a typical salary range:

Payscale: For a digital advertising manager, the starting pay is $68,544.

Average range: $60,856 – $121,475

High-level salary ranges in the United States

Senior-level positions are available to those who have worked in the profession for a long time but haven’t yet achieved director rank. Although the designation “senior” in a senior-level position may or may not be included in the company’s title, your pay should reflect that fact!

According to Glassdoor, a senior online marketing manager can expect a basic pay of $133,965 per year.

Average range: $133,000 – $92,841

Director level salary ranges in the United States

Congratulations! With years of experience, you’ll have the opportunity to become an executive in the digital marketing field: director. In terms of remuneration, you may count on receiving the following:

The basic pay for a director position in online marketing is $103,856.

Average range: $103,785 – $163,214

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What does a digital marketer do daily?

Digital marketer daily maintains official website, manager social media marketing campaign, paid advertising campaign, email marketing, and communication with clients.  

In another way, an online marketer is tasked with exploiting various digital platforms to create leads and develop brand recognition. The following are examples of digital media:

  • Maintain official website
  • Operate social media platforms, i.e., Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Search engines marketing
  • Email marketing campaign
  • Mobile communication, i.e., WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.
  • Paid advertisement
  • Maintain blogs

Digital marketers must also utilize analytics to discover areas of weakness and enhance performance across all of these channels. In this position, you have the option of overseeing a company’s whole digital strategy or narrowing your attention to a single area.

There are both advantages and disadvantages to being a marketing professional or expert. For example, smaller businesses are more likely to have a single manager or expert, but large firms may employ a team of specialists or split responsibility for numerous divisions.

With a profession in digital marketing, you may either specialize or be a generalist, depending on your preferences. It’s a field where a solid internship or years of experience count for a lot.

Certifications have become the new degree to show your talents and build your reputation. In addition to enhancing your employability, a certification in digital marketing as a specialist or in one specific sector can help you get advancement prospects so you may command a better income.

What are 4 general ways to increase sales?

There are just four general ways to increase the business sales that may surprise you:

  • Increase customer acquisition
  • Increase the order volume
  • Increase customer retention rate
  • Balance product price

Think of it as if you’re running a restaurant, and you’d want to boost the amount of money it comes in. So how to use these techniques?

It signifies that you’re aiming to get more people into the store. Increasing the number of patrons at your restaurant will save more money, providing the average sale size remains the same.

There is a correlation between growing average sale size and increasing the number of customers. An upsell is a standard method of doing this. For example, when a client orders an entrée, you provide them with appetizers, beverages, and dessert. If your customers buy more of these goods, they’ll spend more money, which means you’ll make more money.

Increasing the number of times a consumer purchase implies enticing them to do so more often. For example, if your typical client only gets around once a month, you may raise your income by persuading them to come in once a week.

You’ll make more money if your customers return more often, providing the average order size remains the same.

Increasing your pricing implies that you’ll earn more money from each consumer that buys anything from your store. If your quantity, average order length, and frequency do not change, then boosting your rates will result in more significant profit for the same volume of effort put in.

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What are the 3 skill qualities of a digital marketer?

The three skills of a digital marketer are the ability to solve a critical problem, analytics abilities, and excellent communication skills. Unfortunately, when it comes to digital marketing, it might take a while for your efforts to yield fruit. To succeed as a digital marketer, you need to have the following skills:

1. Flexibility and Ingenuity in Solving Problems.

Every day brings a new challenge for digital marketers. There are always new difficulties, trends, and tools in digital marketing, no matter what kind of business you’re working in.

To be successful, they must be flexible and receptive to new ideas.

2. Analytical abilities.

Although they may be responsible for overseeing content marketing initiatives, digital marketing managers function at a distance from the actual generation of the material. Instead, it’s their job to gather and analyze the information that will guide strategy and then communicate that plan to the rest of the organization.

This position requires a thorough understanding of existing and future analytics technologies and the capability to sift through data with precision.

3. Excellent communication skills.

Most of what they do is provide a very focused message to an interested customer. They need to be able to tell a tale about a business or product that emotionally connects with consumers. This requires a mastery of all forms of communication, including textual, graphic, and even nonverbal.

The rest of the advertising department, as well as, presumably, product management, must be able to understand and utilize the data that digital marketers collect on customer satisfaction and pain points to drive product strategy.