Glorious Model O vs. Model D - Which Gaming Mouse Wins? (Real Gamer's Experience)

Glorious Model O vs. Model D – Which Gaming Mouse Wins? (Real Gamer’s Experience)

Nusrat Tanji

Last Updated on March 19, 2024 by Arif Chowdhury

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Let me tell you, I’ve been a serious gamer for ages – like, since childhood ages! (Think 1999, blasting away on Quake 2).

You name it, I’ve played it: epic adventures in Skyrim, chaotic battles in Overwatch 2, and strategic clashes in Rome Total War 2.

You could say PC gaming is basically in my blood.

But hey, even a seasoned warrior needs to upgrade their gear sometimes, you know what I mean?

And lately, my trusty gaming mouse has been feeling a bit, well, tired.

So, I decided to embark on a quest to find the ultimate champion – a new mouse that would take my gaming to the next level.

Enter the glorious duo: The Model O and Model D from Glorious. These two caught my eye because they seemed to offer something for everyone.

Here is a comparison table for you to take a look at a glance:

FeatureGlorious Model OGlorious Model D
ShapeSymmetrical, ambidextrousErgonomic, right-handed
Dimensions (mm)128 x 66 x 37128 x 61 x 42
Weight (g)67 (matte) or 68 (glossy)68 (matte) or 69 (glossy)
Suitable hand sizeMedium to largeMedium to large
Smaller version availableYes (Model O-)Yes (Model D-)
Grip styleVersatilePalm/claw grip
SensorPixart PMW3360Pixart PMW3360
CPI Range400 to 12,000400 to 12,000
Tracking SpeedUp to 250 IPSUp to 250 IPS
AccelerationUp to 50 GUp to 50 G
Polling RateUp to 1000 HzUp to 1000 Hz
Click LatencyAround 4 msAround 4 ms
Lift-Off DistanceAround 0.7 mmAround 0.7 mm
CPI VariationLess than 1%Less than 1%
Programmable Buttons66
SwitchesOmron mechanical (20 million clicks)Omron mechanical (20 million clicks)
Warranty1 year2 year
Build QualitySturdy, fingerprint-resistant coatingThick cable, thick mouse feet

Let’s just say, I was pretty excited to put them to the test!

Believe me, as a gamer who’s seen it all (and clicked it all!), I was ready to see which mouse would truly reign supreme.

Putting Them Through the Paces: How I Tested These Glorious Mice?

This is it, so I couldn’t just pick a champion blindly, right? To truly find the best fit, I needed to put these mice through their paces.

To do this, I grabbed three of my favorite games: the super-fast shooter DOOM (think blasting hordes of demons at lightning speed), the teamwork-focused Destiny 2 (where pinpoint aiming can mean the difference between victory and defeat) & finally the legendary and my favorite RPG games of all time Skyrim Special Edition.

We’re talking three totally different styles of gameplay, so it was the perfect test to see how each mouse handled itself.

Now, some gamers might only play on a desktop PC, but like many of us, I like to switch things up and play on my laptop sometimes too.

So, you can trust me when I say I tested these Glorious mice on both my main PC and my trusty laptop to see how they performed on different setups.

After all, comfort and control shouldn’t change just because you’re on the go, right?

Hence, by testing them in these different ways, I hoped to get a well-rounded picture of each mouse’s strengths and weaknesses.

You know, the kind of info that can help you decide which one will truly elevate your own gaming experience. Because hey, between you and me, a good gaming mouse can make all the difference in the heat of battle!

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Glorious Model O: The Lightweight Champion

Alright, let’s dive into the first contender: The Model O.

What are Pros?

Now, this mouse is all about being super lightweight – we’re talking a feather-light 67 grams!

Believe me, the difference is real. In a fast-paced shooter like DOOM, where you’re constantly whipping your mouse around to track down demons and switch weapons on the fly, the Model O felt amazing.

It was like an extension of my hand, letting me flick-shot those pesky Cacodemons with ease.

Juggling between the Super Shotgun and Plasma Rifle to take down priority targets became a breeze – no sluggish movements here!

Glorious Model O

But the Model O surprised me with its versatility too. See, this mouse is ambidextrous, meaning it works just as well for lefties like me as it does for righties.

That came in super handy during Destiny 2 raids, where precise aiming is key.

No matter which hand I used to snipe down a boss from afar, the Model O felt balanced and comfortable. Those critical headshot chains became way smoother, and trust me, that’s the difference between victory and a revive for your teammates!

We’ve all been there, right?

Here’s the cool thing: The Model O can adapt to different grip styles too. Depending on the situation, I could easily switch between a claw grip for those fast movements in Destiny 2’s Crucible matches, or a relaxed palm grip for those extended sniping sessions in raids.

It’s like having a mouse that can adjust to your playstyle, which is pretty awesome.

What are the Cons?

Now, no mouse is perfect, and the Model O has a couple of things to consider.

First, that super lightweight design, while amazing for fast-paced games, can be a bit of a double-edged sword. Infiltrating enemy camps in DOOM often requires slow, deliberate movements, and the Model O felt a tad light for those situations.

Pinpoint cursor control became a little trickier without a bit more weight for stability.

The other thing I noticed – and this might just be me – is that the side buttons on the Model O are positioned a bit higher than I would’ve liked.

During those intense firefights in DOOM, my thumb would sometimes brush against them accidentally.

Let me tell you, throwing a grenade when you’re trying to line up a perfect shotgun blast can be a real mood killer!

Overall, the Model O is a fantastic choice for gamers who prioritize lightning-fast reflexes and precise aiming. Just keep in mind the weight factor if you also play games that require slow, deliberate movements.

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Glorious Model D: The Comfort King

Now, let’s talk about the Model D – the complete opposite of the Model O in terms of design.

What are Pros?

This one’s all about comfort, especially for those marathon gaming sessions. Trust me, after hours of exploring dungeons and battling dragons in Skyrim, my hand felt amazing thanks to the Model D’s ergonomic design.

It’s like the mouse was sculpted specifically for my right hand, cradling it perfectly and preventing any aches or pains.

No more cramping during those epic adventures – just pure gaming bliss!

Glorious Model D

This focus on comfort also translates beautifully to competitive games like Destiny 2’s PvP.

The Model D is built for palm grip users, and the wider base with a pronounced thumb rest creates a rock-solid platform for your hand. It felt super stable during intense sniper duels, letting me line up those pixel-perfect headshots with ease.

No more jittery aiming – just pure precision when it mattered most. We’ve all been there in the Crucible, where a single missed shot can mean defeat, and the Model D definitely helped me up my game.

What are Cons?

But the Model D isn’t just about comfort; it also strikes a great balance between weight and control.

While it’s slightly heavier than the Model O at 68 grams, it still feels light enough for quick movements.

Remember those tight spaces and tricky jumping puzzles in Skyrim?

The Model D navigated them like a champ, letting me maneuver with confidence without feeling sluggish. It’s like having the best of both worlds – comfort for long sessions and control for those intense moments.

Here’s the thing to keep in mind with the Model D: because it’s designed for comfort, it’s also a bit bigger than the Model O.

This might be a concern for gamers with smaller hands or limited space, especially when carrying it around in a laptop bag.

So, size is definitely something to consider before you choose this champion.

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The Verdict: Finding Your Glorious Champion

So, after putting these Glorious mice through the paces, let’s break down their strengths.

The Model O is all about being lightweight and ambidextrous. It’s perfect for gamers who love fast-paced action and need a mouse that feels like an extension of their hand.

Think lightning-fast flick shots and switching weapons in a blink in games like DOOM! Plus, lefties rejoice – this mouse works for both hands.

The Model D, on the other hand, is the king of comfort. This ergonomic design is a dream for those long gaming sessions. Your hand will thank you after hours of exploring vast worlds or intense PvP battles in Destiny 2.

Plus, the wider base and pronounced thumb rest make it perfect for palm grip users who prioritize pinpoint aiming.

But here’s the key takeaway: the best choice depends on you.

Are you a fast-paced gamer who values lightweight maneuverability?

Then the Model O might be your perfect match. Do you prefer comfort and precise aiming for those marathon sessions? Then the Model D could be your new best friend.

Remember, hand size is also a factor. If you have smaller hands, the Model O might be a better fit. Ultimately, the best way to choose is to try them both out if you can.

But trust me, no matter which Glorious champion you pick, you’re getting a top-notch gaming mouse that will elevate your gameplay!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the GLORIOUS Model D better than O?

There’s no simple answer here, because it really depends on your gaming style. The Model O is a feather-light champion (perfect for fast-paced games like DOOM where you need lightning-fast reflexes). It’s also ambidextrous, which is a big plus for lefties like me.

The Model D, on the other hand, is the king of comfort. Those long Minecraft sessions won’t leave your hand feeling cramped thanks to its ergonomic design. Plus, the wider base with a pronounced thumb rest is fantastic for precise aiming in games like Destiny 2’s PvP.

Is the GLORIOUS Model O or D better for Minecraft?

Honestly, both mice could work well for Minecraft. If you spend a lot of time building and exploring, the Model D’s comfort might be a better choice for those long sessions.

But if you’re more into fast-paced PvP battles, the Model O’s lightweight design could give you a bit of an edge. In the end, it depends on your personal preference!

Is a GLORIOUS Model D or O better for drag-clicking?

Neither mouse is specifically designed for drag-clicking, but the Model O’s lighter weight might make it a better fit for some gamers.

However, drag-clicking can put a lot of strain on your mouse buttons, so keep that in mind whichever model you choose.

There are other clicking techniques that might be better for your mouse’s health in the long run!

Is Model D good for gaming?

Absolutely! The Model D’s ergonomic design makes it super comfortable for extended gaming sessions.

Besides, the precise aiming and balanced weight make it a great all-around choice for many different games.

Is a GLORIOUS Model O or D bigger?

The Model D is a bit larger than the Model O. This shouldn’t be a huge deal for most gamers, but if you have smaller hands, the Model O might feel like a more natural fit.

Also, the Model D might be a tighter squeeze in a laptop bag compared to the slimmer Model O.