How to Download and Use the Onn Gaming Mouse Software? (Tested by Real Gamer)

How to Download and Use the Onn Gaming Mouse Software? (Tested by Real Gamer)

Nusrat Tanji

Last Updated on March 19, 2024 by Arif Chowdhury

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Let’s talk gaming! I’ve been a PC gamer for literally ages – ever since I saved up for my first computer back in 1999.

You know that feeling of pure excitement when you finally boot up a brand-new game?

I still get that rush, even today. Over the years, I’ve played pretty much everything – from epic battles in Rome Total War 2 to stylish demon slaying in Devil May Cry 5. (We can geek out over our favorite games another time!)

Recently, I decided to upgrade my setup with a new gaming mouse.

And guess what?

It came with its own special software – the Onn Gaming Mouse Software.

Now, I’m a big believer in tweaking things to get the most out of your gear, so I dug right in and tested it out on a bunch of different games.

Let me tell you, it has some really cool features that can seriously up your game! We’re talking smooth moves, killer combos, and sneaky tactics – all thanks to this software. But it’s not perfect.

Just like any good teammate, I’m here to tell you the whole story – the good, the bad, and everything in between.

So, buckle up and get ready to dive into the world of the Onn Gaming Mouse Software, from a gamer’s perspective!

Trust me, we’re on the same page when it comes to wanting that winning edge.

How to Set Up Your Onn Wireless Mouse?

Okay brother and sister, so before we unleash the full power of this software, gotta get your wireless Onn mouse talking to your computer.

This is super easy, no worries!

There are two things you need to find: the receiver, which is that small USB thing, and the connect button on the bottom of your mouse, usually near the power switch.

How to Download and Use the Onn Gaming Mouse Software

We’ll use that receiver to plug into any free USB slot on your computer, and then press that connect button. I have done it before, so, I know it works.

To bring your mouse and computer into harmony, follow these steps:

  • Plug that receiver into a USB slot on your computer.
  • Flip the mouse’s power switch ON – just slide it over.
  • Now, press and hold that connect button for a few seconds, until the little LED light on the mouse starts to blink.
  • When you see that blink, let go of the connect button and wait. The LED light will stop blinking in a jiffy.
  • And presto, your mouse is now pals with your computer and raring to go.

Why go wireless, you ask? Well, let me tell you. It’s all about the perks:

  • No more hassle of tangled wires or feeling tied down.
  • Think portability – you can carry your trusty mouse wherever you wander.

And the icing on the cake? Battery life.

Long gaming sessions without the nagging worry of a drained battery. You’re in control, and you’re ready to conquer!

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How to Program Your Onn Mouse Buttons?

Here’s the next part: it’s like going into your mouse’s control center and giving all those buttons special powers!

We’re talking about customizing what each button does – wanna make one button copy and paste stuff for you?

Sure thing! How about going back and forth through web pages in a flash?

Easy peasy!

Let’s see how this works…

  • Start things off by clicking that trusty Start button, and then tap to Control Panel.
  • Look for Mouse and give it a double click.
  • Once you’re in, spot the Buttons tab and give it a click.
  • Right under Button Assignment, find the button you’re aiming to spice up. Give its box a click.
  • Now, here’s the fun part. Pick a function you want that button to perform – be it copying, pasting, or any other trick in the book.
  • Once you’ve made your choice, hit Apply to lock it in, and then seal the deal with an OK click.

And guess what? There’s a silver lining to all this button-bossing:

  • Your productivity’s set to soar, thanks to these newly powered-up buttons.
  • Efficiency is the name of the game – common tasks become a breeze with a single tap.
  • And to top it all off, your mouse gets tailored to your style, like a custom-made suit for your hand. It’s all about you, all the way.

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How to Reprogram Your Mouse DPI Button?

And now, for the grand finale: let’s fine-tune that DPI (dots per inch) of your mouse, either by dancing with the pointer options slider in Windows or by harnessing the mighty Onn gaming software.

Why does this matter?

Well, the DPI is like your mouse’s sensitivity dial – turning it up or down impacts how smoothly and accurately it dances across the screen.

Ready to nail it?

Follow these steps:

  • Start things off with a click on that trusty Start button, and then navigate to the Control Panel.
  • Find Mouse and give it a double click.
  • Tap into the Pointer Options tab.
  • There’s that slider you’re after. Move it left to tone down the DPI, or push it right to crank up the DPI for a speedier cursor.
  • When you’re happy with your choice, lock it in by clicking Apply, and then seal the deal with an OK.

But that’s not all! Here’s another route: The Onn gaming software can also lend a hand. Check it out:

  • Pop over to the Onn website.
  • Hunt down the Onn Gaming Mouse on their list of goodies.
  • Snag that mouse software from the download page.
  • Once it’s downloaded, give it a warm welcome onto your computer with an install and a run.
  • You’ll spot that DPI Setting slider – give it a nudge to the left or the right. Feeling fancy? Try those preset DPI levels too.

And here’s some food for thought on picking the right DPI for your games and scenarios:

  • If you’re diving into first-person shooters (FPS), consider going low on the DPI for those bullseye shots.
  • For real-time strategy (RTS) or multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games, a high DPI could be your ticket to lightning-fast moves.
  • When it’s time for casual browsing or work, a middle-of-the-road DPI strikes a balance between comfy scrolling and precise control.

But guess what? There’s no one-size-fits-all.

So, play around with the DPI settings until you find the sweet spot that clicks with your style. You’re the master of your mouse!

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Software Breakdown: What are Good?

Macro Mania in DMC5

Let’s talk about Devil May Cry 5, or DMC5 for short. You know that feeling when you absolutely nail a stylish attack combo in this game?

It’s like pure magic, racking up damage and looking good while doing it.

But sometimes, pulling off those crazy moves can feel like juggling chainsaws, you know what I mean?

This is where the Onn software’s macro programming comes in clutch (believe me, it’s a lifesaver).

I programmed a special multi-button macro to unleash Dante’s infamous “Royal Revenge” attack sequence – the one with the gunshot, Rebellion swing, and the sweet slow-mo with High Time.

It used to take perfect timing and button mashing, but with the macro, I could unleash it with a single click! During those intense boss fights against Vergil (talk about crazy attacks!), it felt amazing.

Suddenly, I could focus on dodging his moves instead of worrying about my fingers fumbling over the buttons.

Trust me, if you’re a DMC5 fan, this macro feature is a game-changer!

DPI Clutch: Your Secret Weapon in Rome Total War 2

Ever played a strategy game like Rome Total War 2, where commanding your army feels like a giant chess match?

You gotta move your troops around perfectly to outsmart your opponent, right? Well, that’s where DPI (Dots Per Inch) comes in.

It basically controls how sensitive your mouse is. A high DPI lets you zip the cursor across the screen super fast, which is great for scouting the battlefield.

But when you need to be super precise, like clicking on a single unit to flank the enemy, a high DPI can make things tricky.

This is where the Onn software’s DPI clutch shines! It’s a special button that lets you temporarily lower the DPI with a single press.

Let me tell you, in the heat of battle, this feature is a godsend.

I can hold down the clutch button whenever I need to carefully select individual units for those sneaky flanking maneuvers.

Once I’ve got my troops in position, I just let go of the button and BAM! My mouse is back to its super-fast mode, perfect for issuing quick commands during a cavalry charge.

It’s like having the best of both worlds – pinpoint accuracy when you need it, and lightning-fast clicks for those clutch moments.

Well, I must say, strategy game fans, the DPI clutch is a game-changer!

Side Button Customization: Become a Silent Assassin in Dying Light 2

Anyone who’s played Dying Light 2 knows the heart-pounding terror of creeping through a dark hallway filled with infected.

One wrong move and you’re surrounded by a horde!

That’s why silent movement is key.

This is where the magic of the Onn software’s side button customization comes into play. These buttons are like blank slates, just waiting to be programmed with your favorite moves. For Dying Light 2, I turned them into my silent takedown dream team!

One button?

Crouching, of course. Gotta stay low and out of sight. The other button? Throwing knives! Perfect for silently eliminating threats before they even know I’m there.

Let me tell you, this setup is a game-changer.

Instead of fumbling around with the keyboard in the middle of a tense situation, I can crouch and take down enemies with lightning speed, all thanks to those handy side buttons. Navigating dark corridors becomes a breeze, and eliminating threats feels smooth and intuitive.

It’s like I became a silent predator, taking down the infected without raising an alarm.

Believe me, if you’re a fan of stealthy gameplay, this button customization is a must-have!

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Software Breakdown: What are Bad?

Not Everything’s Perfect: A Glitch in the Matrix

Listen, I told you the whole story – good and bad.

While the Onn software has some awesome features, there’s one thing that bugged me a bit (pun intended!).

In Rome Total War 2, especially during those epic large-scale battles, the software sometimes caused stuttering. It’s like the game hit the brakes for a second, which can be super frustrating in the middle of a fight.

Now, for casual players, it might not be a huge deal. But for competitive multiplayer matches? This stuttering could be a game-changer – the difference between victory and defeat.

Imagine lining up a perfect flanking maneuver, only to have the game stutter right as you click. Ugh, trust me, it’s not fun!

Here’s the good news: The software is still pretty new. There’s a chance that future updates might iron out these kinks.

But for now, just something to keep in mind, especially if you’re a hardcore Rome Total War 2 player.

Limited Customization Options: Less Shiny, But Still Functional

Alright, so the software isn’t the fanciest on the block. Compared to some of those high-end gaming mice out there, the Onn software feels a bit more basic.

You can remap buttons easily enough, but that’s kind of where it stops. I would have loved to see some more bells and whistles, you know what I mean?

Like maybe different lighting effects for your mouse (who doesn’t love a little customization?), or even profiles for different games.

Imagine having a specific button layout for your favorite shooter and another for your strategy games – that would be pretty cool!

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The Verdict – Is the Onn Software Right for You?

Okay virtual warriors, let’s wrap this up.

After spending some quality time with the Onn Gaming Mouse Software, here’s my honest take. This software is a solid fit for casual gamers on a budget.

It won’t break the bank, and it packs some features that can seriously up your game.

Remember those crazy combos I pulled off in Devil May Cry 5?

That was all thanks to the macro programming. And the DPI clutch in Rome Total War 2?

A lifesaver when you need pinpoint accuracy for those flanking maneuvers. Plus, being able to remap buttons to your liking is always a plus.

Now, it’s not perfect. The occasional stutter in Rome Total War 2 can be annoying, and compared to some high-end options, the customization features are a bit bare-bones. No fancy lighting effects here!

But hey, if you’re a casual gamer looking to get a little more out of your mouse without spending a fortune, the Onn Gaming Mouse Software is definitely worth checking out.

Trust me, it can add a whole new level of fun to your favorite games!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Onn Gaming Mouse good without the software?

Sure! Even without the software, the Onn Gaming Mouse is a decent wired/wireless (depending on which model you got) mouse for casual gaming.

It’s comfortable to hold, has the basic buttons you need (left click, right click, scroll wheel), and a DPI button to switch between sensitivity levels on-the-fly.

Here’s my experience: I found the basic functionality to be solid. It worked perfectly for browsing the web and even some casual rounds of Quake III Arena.

However, if you’re into fast-paced games like Call of Duty or MOBAs, you might want the extra edge the software provides.

Does the Onn software work with other gaming mice?

No, the Onn Gaming Mouse Software is specifically designed to work only with the Onn Gaming Mouse.

Other gaming mice typically have their own proprietary software that needs to be downloaded and installed.

Are there any other features of the Onn Gaming Mouse Software I should know about?

While the software focuses on macros, button remapping, and DPI control, there are a couple of other neat features:

  • Polling Rate: You can adjust the polling rate, which is how often the mouse reports its position to your computer. A higher polling rate can lead to smoother cursor movement, but it can also use more battery power (if it’s a wireless mouse).
  • Lighting Effects (on some models): While the software may not be the most flashy, some Onn mice have RGB lighting effects. You can use the software to customize these lighting effects to your liking with different colors and patterns. I wasn’t a huge fan of all the blinking options, but setting it to a steady blue light looked pretty cool.

I’m a competitive gamer. Should I get the Onn Gaming Mouse Software?

This depends on the type of competitive games you play and your budget. The software offers some advantages, like macros and DPI clutch, but it also has limitations.

My advice: If you’re a hardcore competitive gamer playing at a professional level, you might want to consider a high-end gaming mouse with more advanced software features and customization options.

However, if you’re a casual competitive gamer or play less demanding games, the Onn Gaming Mouse Software can definitely be a helpful tool.

Just be aware of the occasional stuttering issue, especially in strategy games.

Where can I download the Onn Gaming Mouse Software?

The Onn Gaming Mouse Software can be downloaded from the Onn website. The exact location may vary depending on when you purchased your mouse, but it should be under the support section for your specific mouse model.

In my case, I had to dig a little to find it, but the download itself was quick and easy.

I’m not that tech-savvy. Is the Onn Gaming Mouse Software difficult to use?

Not at all! The software is designed to be user-friendly, even for those who aren’t tech gurus. It has a clean interface and straightforward menus.

Most of the customization options are just a matter of clicking and selecting.

In fact, the hardest part for me was figuring out how to connect the wireless mouse initially (it’s a tiny button on the bottom!), but the software itself was a breeze.

I hope this extra information helps you decide if the Onn Gaming Mouse Software is right for you!