Bengoo Gaming Mouse Review: A Wireless Wonder for Gamers

Bengoo Gaming Mouse Review: A Wireless Wonder for Gamers

Nusrat Tanji

Last Updated on September 24, 2023 by Arif Chowdhury

Attention, fellow gamers! Let’s dive into the thrilling world of gaming gear. You, the savvy gamer, know the absolute must-have for your gaming arsenal: a slick, dependable, and comfy Bengoo gaming mouse that can handle your lightning-fast, pinpoint moves. But, oh boy, the hassle of snarled wires, drained batteries, and those infuriating lags can ruin your gaming groove. Fear not, for the solution beckons: a wireless gaming mouse that blends the sweet taste of freedom with sheer functionality.


Behold, as we venture into this article, dissecting one of the mightiest wireless gaming mice prowling the market: the Bengoo gaming mouse. We shall dissect its snazzy design, performance prowess, and all-important price tag, unraveling whether it’s a worthy catch for your gaming cravings.

Design: A Honeycomb Shell that Breathes

The first sight of the Bengoo gaming mouse sends your eyes spiraling into a whirlwind of awe. The mouse flaunts a funky, honeycomb-patterned exterior that’s as light as a feather and as breezy as an open field. Say goodbye to sweaty paws and aching wrists during marathon gaming bouts – this mouse is like a breath of fresh air for your gaming quests. Tipping the scales at a mere 65 grams, it’s one of the fluffiest and lightest wireless gaming mice dancing in the arena.

Marrying style with ergonomic mastery, the Bengoo gaming mouse boasts a shape that plays nicely with all sorts of hands and grips. Palms, claws, and fingertips unite – everyone’s invited to the party! With dimensions of 128 x 67 x 38 mm, it cozies up to both petite and medium-sized mitts.

Now, let’s talk about customization galore. This mouse struts its stuff with RGB backlighting and a snazzy 6-button lineup, ready for your command. The RGB wizardry here spans 16.8 million hues and flaunts 7 dazzling modes. Like an artist, you can paint your gaming space with colors that match your mood. The 6 programmable buttons, a splendid collection including the trusty left and right clicks, the wheel for scrolling magic, the DPI changer, and a pair of side buttons, are your canvas. With the accompanying software, you’ll craft unique functions and macros that only your creative gaming mind can concoct.

Hold your horses, for the Bengoo gaming mouse’s design pumps up your gaming escapades in ways unimaginable. Flick the DPI switch for rapid sensitivity shifts mid-game. Seamlessly, those side buttons await your nimble digits for rapid maneuvers, all without letting go of the mouse’s grip. Of course, the pièce de résistance, the luminous RGB light show, whisks you away into a universe of dazzling visuals and ultimate immersion.

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Bengoo Gaming Mouse Performance: A Wireless Technology that Delivers

Next stop, performance central! Let’s take this Bengal tiger of a mouse for a spin and see how it stacks against the wireless gaming competition. What’s the scoop on its connection mojo, tracking talents, and the all-important juice levels?

The Bengoo gaming mouse rocks a wireless tech that defies the norm, serving up a solid connection and pinpoint precision. Behold the humble USB receiver that slips into your PC or laptop, connecting with the mouse via a snappy 2.4 GHz wireless signal. Don’t be shy – roam up to 10 meters, unhindered and unhurried. The star of the show? An optical sensor and trusty switches, make every click and flick a precise dance of digital delight.

Dial in your gaming mood with the 3 adjustable DPI levels – 800, 1600, and 3200. That’s the trifecta of sensitivity settings, covering all your gaming bases. A quick tap on the DPI button, perched high and mighty, changes the level in a jiffy, and the RGB backlight changes hue in solidarity.

Fueling this wireless wonder is a rechargeable battery that packs up to 15 hours of continuous action on a single charge. Hook it up via the USB cable that’s hand-in-hand with the mouse, and feel the power! If the wires beckon, plug in and use it as a wired companion. When the juice dips below 20%, the red warning light blinks – a gentle nudge to recharge before the gaming marathon.

Buckle up, for the Bengoo gaming mouse isn’t just a companion; it’s your secret weapon. In wireless mode, there’s no cable clutter to weigh you down – roam like a majestic gamer, untethered and unstoppable. The optical sensor traces your moves on any surface, from soft mouse pads to hardy desks. And, oh the glory, the extended battery life ensures that your gaming nirvana goes unbroken, without any pesky power hiccups.

Price: A Reasonable Price for Quality and Features

Hold onto your hats, folks! We’re diving into the twilight zone of mouse mysteries. Strap in as we unravel the third enigma – the price tag on the Bengoo gaming mouse. Brace yourselves – is it a match for other mystical gadgets in the market? Can it dance with the big shots in the quality and features parade?

Picture this – the Bengoo gaming mouse isn’t just about looks. It’s got a tag that makes sense. A mere $16.99 gets you the magic on Amazon. That’s a steal, considering the crowd it hangs out with.

Let’s play spot-the-difference, shall we?

The BENGOO M1 Wired Gaming Mouse swings by at $10.99, but it’s a different beast, boasting a lower DPI range (capped at 3600) and waving goodbye to the wireless charm.

Moving along, the BENGOO KM-2 Wireless Gaming Mouse steps up at $19.99, but hold up – its battery life takes a short nap (maxing out at 10 hours), and it’s got no wired tricks up its sleeve.

Hold up, the Bengoo gaming mouse is more than a pretty face.

Feast your eyes on these perks:

  • Behold the rock-solid build, built to survive the daily chaos and wear and tear.
  • Let’s chat about ergonomic awesomeness, wiping away hand fatigue, and boosting the comfort and control factor.
  • Wireless wizardry enters the fray, flaunting a connection like a rock and precision that’s like your gaming sage – no lag, no fuss.
  • The battery life? It’s the marathon runner of mice – 15 hours of non-stop gaming. USB charging? You got it.
  • Oh, the RGB spectacle! 16.8 million shades, backed up by a gang of 6 programmable buttons. Customize your world, folks.
  • Hello, sensitivity switch! 3 levels of DPI (that’s sensitivity levels) for your gaming pleasure. Adjust on the fly – the mood changes color, too.

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But wait, not everything is sugar and spice. The cons make an entrance, too:

  • Feeling the need for speed? The DPI (think super-fine cursor control) doesn’t hit the skies – maxing out at 3200. Might be a downer for hyper-speedy gamers.
  • Fancy a light show customization? Sorry, no software for that. What you see is what you get – RGB without the fanfare.
  • Oh dear, no warranty or helpline to call upon. If things go haywire, good luck wrangling a refund or replacement.

Dive into the treasure hunt for deals with these clues:

  • Hit up Bengoo’s official corner of the web (it’s like their home base, you know?). They spill all the beans about this mouse and more gaming goodies.
  • Amazon’s Bengoo Corner is a treasure trove of tales from other explorers. Scores, reviews, and parallel goodies await your perusal.
  • Social media, folks! Bengoo’s on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – tap in and ride the wave of updates, deals, and contests.


To sum up, we have reviewed the Bengoo gaming mouse and its features, such as its design, performance, and price. We have seen that it is a wireless gaming mouse that offers freedom and functionality, without compromising on quality and features. It is a lightweight and ergonomic mouse that has a honeycomb shell, an RGB backlit, and 6 programmable buttons.

It is a wireless mouse that has a stable connection, an optical sensor, and 3 adjustable DPI levels. Check this out – a mouse that recharges itself, lasting a whole lot and flashing a sign when it’s sputtering! Hold your breath – it won’t make your wallet run and hide. Just $16.99 on the big A.

Imagine this: you’re on the prowl for a gaming mouse that plays catch with your lightning moves, no wires tripping you, no battery blues, and no sluggish hitches. Enter stage left – the Bengoo gaming mouse! A wireless champ that’s here for gamers who demand a comfy, cool gaming journey, totally under their thumb.

What’s the word on this Bengoo star? Yay or nay, my friend? Got questions or tales to spin? Spill it! Tapping into the game or nabbing this gem? Check out the magical link1, it’s Amazon o’clock! Kudos for tagging along, and here’s to endless gaming fun!