8 Best Business Intelligence Tools for 2022 (Tested & Reviewed)

Best Business Intelligence Software
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First of all, what is a business intelligence tool? To make it short, this software enables you to analyze all sorts of business-related data & helps you to make complex decisions easily. In other words, it makes your life a lot easier than before.

When it comes to a small business, you may not need it right away. However, when a business grows too large to handle, then surely you have to look for something similar to it.

For example, when your business makes millions of dollar sales in a single month with millions of inventories to count as well as hundreds of different types of customer segments then taking a simple decision is very hard unless you know exactly what’s going on around your organization. Honestly speaking, without software to analyze all the data from a single platform, it is quite impossible to know what’s happening.

If you already have a large organization, then you know what I mean. And this is where BI (Business Intelligence) tools are coming to rescue you from a dire situation. If you are not familiar with this software then don’t worry, just keep reading the entire guide from top to bottom & you will know.

What are the best business intelligence tools?

If you search in Google, you will find lots of it. To make it easy for you, I have hand-picked several of my favorite BI tools that I used in my business & also for my client’s business. In this guide, I will walk you through detailed information about each software, however, which one is best, you have to decide for yourself.

So, why are we waiting? Let’s dig in.

1. Charito                                        

Create a Visualization of Your Business Data – Free Run for 14-days

With Charito BI tool you can visualize your business data. Start with a free 14-days trial run.

One of the leading business intelligence tools used by many well-known brands around the globe i.e. Squarespace, Optimizely, Wepay, Udacity, etc.

The good news is – if you want to try out their software before purchase then you can do it for 14-days without disclosing any sort of financial information like debit/credit card.

One of the main advantages of this software is – you do not need to have years of experience or degree to build a professional-level business performance report. Just feed appropriate data to the software & you are done.

No need to hire experts to generate lengthy reports, BI software can do it within minutes. Build, track & update performance reports every day to keep your team focused on their target.

Smart Dashboard will Help You to Identify Strength & Weakness

With powerful dashboard you can get a 360-degree view of your business performance.

Even a decade ago, almost all businesses generally used MS Excel to prepare various reports. Even today most 3rd world organizations are still using MS Excel. However, the 1st world is slowly turning its head towards various types of BI software to get ahead of its competitors.

As you can see in the above example of the Charito dashboard, here it shows the yearly performance report of a business. You can see vital information at a glance. Most importantly it’s a live update, which means every action will change the report & you will see it instantly.

Unlike a usual excel report prepared by the account manager where every new update will reflect on the next report perhaps in the next month. But, if you use BI software, you will get it in the next hour. Thus, whenever you want to make an informed decision you can do it.

Another powerful feature is – you can visualize according to your imagination. For instance, if your data is geographical then you can visualize it with a global map. An excellent way to pinpoint your next strategic movement.

Easily Compare against Previous Performance to Measure the Growth

Compare your data with previous year to judge the performance.

You can also compare your business performance based on the previous year, month, or even days. Everything is visual therefore, it is very easy to identify a business’s strengths & weaknesses.

Now let’s talk about their pricing model. If you have a small business then a Starter plan should be enough for your needs. As you will get up to 50 charts per user. This plan costs you $40 per month per user (if you choose the annual subscription option).

For more features, when you have a mid to large-level organization, I suggest you check their Professional plan or Organization plan. You will get 100 charts per user & in an Organization plan, there is no limitation at all. Best suited for a large business.

Besides, if you are not sure about it, then try their no-risk 14-days trial (no debit/credit card required).

Charito paid plan start with a $40 per user per month.

2. Sisense

A Web-based, end-to-end BI Tools for Your Business

Sisense business intelligence software empower you with tools to manage your business data easily.

Sisense is one of the leading BI tools using by the world’s largest organizations i.e. Fujitsu, Motorola, Philips, Expedia, etc. The best practice is – follow the leaders & you won’t be wrong.

Before you start you have several options to test them out. First, try their demo to watch everything in detail. Second, test their trial plan. Nothing to lose from your end. After you are satisfied, choose to purchase their product.

They are offering you two ways to install this system. One, you can start using this software online. No hassle, from your end, no IT expert is needed for it.

The second is – you can install it on your business premises. You will have full control over your software, however, to operate it you may need an IT expert, as this software will run from your server.

Upon installation, you can access it through the usual web browser from your desktop or laptop, or you may use it from your handheld device like a smartphone or tablet.

Quick & Smart analysis based on A.I powered technology

A.I powered technology will help you to analyze & visualize your business data within a mater of moments.

One of the best parts is – it has almost zero learning curve. A self-explanatory software will teach you on the go. No training is needed.

If you have an inventory-based business i.e. factory, production house, warehouse, etc. It can handle it perfectly. If you have a service-related business, still no problem at all. Honestly speaking, no matter which type of business you have, as long as you have meaningful data you can use this BI tool to analyze it within minutes.

With a smart call center management dashboard, you can control this department’s efficiency & effectiveness from a single platform. No more maintaining several supporting officers to handle it. Let alone this BI tool can handle it with smart A.I powered the analytic system.

Search engine marketing & PPC dashboard will let you analyze how your every dollar is spending & what outcome you are getting in return. By utilizing this tool, you can increase your efficiency in online marketing.

World Re-known Brands are using them – So, why not?

World largest companies are using this BI tool. So why you are waiting for?

When it comes to the pricing model, I already stated above. You will get the chance to check out their software by either watching a demo or using their free trial plan.

If you are satisfied, I suggest you head to their pricing tab, here you will see some information they are asking to provide you a better custom pricing quote than a flat one.

Call them for a custom discounted pricing quote for your own business intelligence tool.

3. Microsoft Power BI

World Leading Brand Business Intelligence Software – Free Forever

Microsoft Power BI offers you completely free business intelligence tool for your business (desktop version).

One of the best & one of my personal favorite BI tools presented by Microsoft itself. You can use other Microsoft software like Office 365, Azure.

Get a 30-day free trial for a cloud-based solution. Otherwise, you may use its desktop version completely free from your computer. Yes, you heard right, it’s completely free to download & use without spending any single dime.

It’s a web-based application thus it allows you to use it with any devices you like mobile, tablet, etc. However, the desktop version (free) can only be accessible from a desktop or laptop.

One of the main reasons I like it most, that is – It has powerful data-driven technology to analyze any amount of data within a short period. Besides anyone at any level of knowledge can use it. If you do not have professional-level skills don’t even bother. You can use it perfectly.

If you know how to use MS Office then it’s enough for you

If you know how to use MS Office then this BI tool will be a piece of cake to you.

In a business, you have to have up-to-date knowledge about your business-related information. Most of the time traditional business reporting takes days to weeks to complete. So your decision-making speed won’t be any faster than that. However, using this BI tool you can take any emergency decision up to the minutes with a fully analyzed business report.

On top of that, smart A.I powered analytic features enable you to take the optimized decision. Just think about it, if you do not have the proper skill, it doesn’t matter. All you have to do is – feed the software with the right amount of related data & that’s it.

How about some free stuff? It offers you a library of 120+ connectors. You can easily connect with almost everyone on board. You can easily connect with hundreds of other 3rd party software like MS Office, Azure SQL database, Excel, Salesforce, etc.

One of the amazing features is – integrating with Azure will let you analyze even petabytes of data within a short amount of time. Excellent for big data events.

The world is at your fingertips, see everything in the birds-eye view

Visualize your business market area to make precious strategic decision.

By utilizing power pivot, you can import different sets of data from various sources to create a single platform database.

Innovation Q&A tools allow you to use a pre-designed template that will professionally showcase your data in case you do not have prior experience on that. Very useful for beginners, no need to hire experts, you alone can do it with the help of this BI tool.

Now, let me tell you something about its pricing model. First of all, you can use their standalone desktop version for free. However, you can use “Power BI Pro” a cloud-based & Microsoft-managed version, you can use it for only $9.99 per month. This plan is best for small businesses.

For a large organization, you may choose “Power BI Premium” for additional cloud-computing resources & many more for $4,995 per month (annual subscription).

Microsoft Power BI offers you Pro & Premium option to choose.

4. MicroStrategy

Best for Large Level Organization – Start with 30-day Free Trial

MicroStrategy BI tool is best for large organization. You can start with their no risk 30-days free trial.

How about a system that is embedded within your regular day-to-day application & makes your life a lot easier than before? Yes, MicroStrategy will simplify your organizational task this way.

Want to test out before a purchase? They are offering a 30-day trial plan to test out.

With this BI tool, you can visualize your organizational data to make it simple to understand even for an unprofessional or inexperienced person. Well, this is the beauty of digitalization, don’t you think?

The self-service dashboard can be utilized to set up different visualizations, for example, a geographically based visualization can help you to understand what’s going on all around your market area. Where a paper-based report makes it a lot harder, isn’t it?

By using this software, you can easily eliminate the need for expensive IT infrastructure. Besides, no need to hire an IT expert, as you don’t need any sort of coding to set up.

Make it Simple & Easy to use by everyone within an organization

Embed within your regular software & app to make your life a lot easier than before.

There are two options for you when it comes to setting up this BI tool. You can either use their “cloud-based no installation” solution or you can set it up on your server on a business premise.

For a cloud-based solution, you won’t have to face the maintenance hassle & no need to know anything about the installation process, while on the premise set up, require IT knowledge as it will be on your server.

It’s easy to drag & drop feature enables even the most inexperienced person to handle it easily. Just like an MS Office template you can save your work in a file & later on load it back. A pre-made template will help you to create a professional report. Just fill in all the data for analysis, that’s it.

Apart from all the excellent features, they have an exclusive education platform to let you learn how to analyze complex data, data design architecture, administration skills & more by one-on-one teaching course.

All-in-one powerful dashboard & feature-rich software

MicroStrategy has various types of pre-designed reporting template to get the desired result instantly.

Their pricing model is expensive compared to other BI tools. For web-based & mobile-based versions, you have to pay $600 per month per user. However, you can also pay for a cloud-computing CPU-based plan. This will cost you $300,000 per CPU core.

Finally, if you are not sure about purchasing, then don’t hesitate to test their 30-days risk-free trial plan. There is nothing to lose from your end.

5. Izenda

Powerful & Lightweight BI Tool for Your Business – Start with a Free Trial

Izenda is a powerful as well as lightweight business intelligence software. Start with their no risk trial plan.

One of the most expensive & lightweight business intelligence tools out there. Best suited for a large organization.

You can test their software with a no-risk free trial. My suggestion, first test them out, if it suits your business need only then make a purchase.

If your organization is still using only MS Excel for data analysis & reporting then it is time to transform into something that will make your organization several times faster & efficient. With the self-serving analytic & reporting feature, all you have to do is “feed software with data”, that’s it. It will provide you with a powerful & smart analytic report within minutes not hours.

Hiring expensive managers to prepare a lengthy report, those days are long gone. Izenda will embed within your organization regular software to analyze automatically & will provide you with a live report.

No longer waste your time & efforts on reporting rather focus on customers & your organization’s goals.

Convert complex data to a meaningful real-time report

Transform your business intelligence data to instant professional report without any prior knowledge or experience.

Smart integration with most essential 3rd party software like MS Office 365, Salesforce, Google analytics, etc. to make your life a lot easier than before.

No need to have a professional degree to operate this software, as it requires no coding skill from your end. Powerful web-based software enables you to leverage virtually any type of meaningful data to build a professional report.

No more pre-packed software where there is very little modification you can do. Yes, with Izenda you can add, remove, mold any components you like to make on your own, thus it will be easy for you & your team members to handle complex business tasks in your way.

Military-grade security is the essential element for a business intelligence task. Protecting your classified data is their utmost priority. So, no worries, they have foolproof data security for your business.

Hard & complex to understand? Use visualization to make it simple

Data visualization tool can make very complex data in to a easy to understand visual picture.

Unlike other BI tools where you can start with only 1 user, however in Izenda their first pricing plan “Growth” started with up to 50 users. Thus, you will have no choice but to accept their expensive paid plan that starts with $999 per month.

The 2nd paid plan “Professional” started with $1,999 per month. And if you need more options then you can choose their Enterprise plan. Contact them for custom quotes.

All plans from “Growth to Enterprise” have some general features available i.e. real-time analytics & interactive reporting, easy data importing, integration with 3rd party software, quick & easy deployment, etc.

Finally, if you are not sure about purchasing, then I suggest you test their free trial plan. There is no loss from your end.

Izenda is expensive BI software compared to other brands. Started from $999 per month for up to 50 users.

6. ClicData

Award Winner Business Intelligence Tool – Start with 15-day Free Run

ClicData is one of the best BI tool, you can try them for 15-days without any debit/credit card.

Make your business procedures in complete automation by implementing a powerful BI tool that can automatically connect with your other software & apps to gather intelligence data to analyze & prepare live reports.

Start with their 15-day free trial without giving any sort of debit/credit card information. No risk from your end to test out.

Traditionally, there are hundreds of manual procedures that exist in a business. Even if you use an advanced system like booking, scheduling, CRM, etc. Still, those are not a complete system for your business. You still need to gather data from each source & compile it as one report to make a decision.

By using ClicData BI tools you can erase those hassles & make the whole process in automation. Thus, it will effectively reduce your expense, time & effort. You can focus more on immediate human-related matters i.e. customer relationships, stakeholders, etc.

Automate the whole business procedures

Make your business data processing 100% faster & easier than before.

How about making your business procedures several times faster & easier by embedding this BI tool within almost all other 3rd party software to gather data fully automatic? This way your team or employees won’t have to waste time on storing & importing data from different software like MS Office, CRM software, financial reports, purchase invoice, etc.

By embedding within other software it will make your process a lot easier & faster than before. Chances of error also reduce by many times. As there is no human interaction.

Powerful security will provide industry-level encryption to protect your business’s classified information.

Your business won’t have to invest in expensive employees as by using this software you can analyze data & build a professional report without having a professional degree or skill. All you have to do is connect the ClicData BI tool to your regular 3rd party software to feed business data. That’s it.

Good thing is – no matter which type of business you have, the ClicData BI tool has a solution for you, marketing agencies, eCommerce businesses, hospitals, law, food & beverage, etc. As long as you can provide authentic data it can provide you a solution.

Connect with hundreds of other 3rd party software to make it faster & efficient

Connect with other hundreds of 3rd party apps.

ClicData is a bit expensive compared to other BI tools. Their starter paid plan “Premium” will cost you $71 per month (if billed annually). This plan has 10 user limitations & 5GB of online storage. Thus, it is best suited for small businesses.

For medium enterprise “Team or Enterprise” plans should be a perfect fit. Started from $238 to $450 per month. For up to 50 users.

Enterprise plan allows you to gather data from 250+ different sources. Which is enough for even a large organization’s needs. However, there is not much difference between Enterprise & Dedicated plan except from large online storage & an additional 50+ users.

Anyway, if you need to decide before purchase then try their 15-days free trial plan. No credit/debit card is needed therefore, it is completely safe.

ClicData Premium plan started from $71 per month.

7. Domo

Excellent BI Software that can embed within your existing platform

There is no complexity. Domo provide you seamless integration with your other apps & software.

Not just another BI tool but one of the best & effective BI software that can embed within your existing technology & help you to collaborate almost without any effort.

Why not try them out with their free trial version? Just signup with a business email & setup can be done within a few minutes if you choose their cloud-based installation system.

It is always better to have a single source of data. However, it’s not possible, because in business we have hundreds of different sources to collect data. Thus, it makes it very complex to maintain this huge source effectively. Domo BI tools will make it just one. Yes, by utilizing this BI tool you can extract data from almost any type of source into a single highly secure database. Remove complexity by maintaining one source.

Collection & maintaining your data from a different source is getting easier

Build a powerful data driven modern business platform to make your organization task faster & easier than before.

It’s obvious, your business uses MS Office for regular data storage from a different source, right? For example, customer communication using Gmail, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Phone, etc.

No need to manually input those data into your MS Office database anymore, just integrate with the Domo BI tool & it will automatically do it for you. You just have to take a 360-degree look from its dashboard.

It has more than 1,000+ pre-built connectors to integrate with thousands of different 3rd party software & apps. It’s just a plug & play.

No more waiting for days to get a full analytic report. Using Domo A.I powered technology it can show you a live report instantly, can be viewable from all devices from desktop to smartphone. You can make a fully informed decision no matter where you are, the only thing you need is an internet connection, that’s it.

One software to rule them all, build one to maintain everything

Maintain only Demo BI tool & it will control all of your other source of data.

Just like I said before, they are offering you a free trial option to test out their service for completely free. There is nothing to lose from your end. If you are not satisfied, you can terminate the trial plan any time you want.

If you choose to purchase their software, then I suggest you contact them using “Talk to Domo”. They have a custom pricing model based on your industry type & needs. Therefore, I cannot give you an exact figure right now, it’s completely based on their decision.

Demo BI tool subscription option.

8. Cognos

One of the most well-known brand IBM represented – Start with 30 days’ free run

Cognos BI tool presented by IBM one of the oldest & reputed brand world wide.

Why do I recommend this BI tool? It provides you an A.I powered technology to analyze all the business data from a single platform to get you the final answer. And this BI tool is represented by the world-famous IBM brand. Savvy?

I tell you what, just head to their site & start using their software for 30-days without paying a single penny from your pocket. If you are not satisfied afterward, just leave. Nothing to lose from your end, am I right?

First of all, it supports all types of devices you have ever seen before, from desktop to smartphone. Very flexible to use & access from anywhere around the world, if you have a proper internet connection.

Second, it can import data from almost any source, including MS Office, Google, Gmail, Skype, social media apps, SQL database, Amazon, Redshift, etc.

One intelligent A.I powered dashboard reflect your all data

Perfect visualization of your raw business data can help you to clarify many hidden things that you never seen before.

This BI tool is packed with lots of features. One of the best features is A.I powered the dashboard. It enables you to connect all your data sources in one single platform to visualize & analyze. You can check all of your metrics from one viewpoint.

An A.I-powered virtual assistant will help you to analyze within minutes to get you the final answer fast & easy. No need to wait for your analytic expert to finish the report. Use this BI tool & you can get the report within almost instant. Make your business decision faster than before.

This visual dashboard is highly customizable & sharable thus you can easily configure it according to your need. Share it instantly with your employees & partners to make the decision quickly & easily. They can get access to this report from their device using a secure military-grade encryption channel. Therefore, no need to fear data leaking.

Get the virtual assistant for 24/7 to help you find the hidden pattern

Cognos offer you a virtual assistant that can be effective more than hundreds of professional business & finance experts.

They have various types of pricing models to choose from. On-demand, Cloud-hosted & Client-hosted solution.

One of the cheapest is a client-hosted solution. If you want to install this BI tool to your business server then choose this pricing model. Started from $40 per month per user to $450 per month per user. If you have a small business, then my suggestion is, try their client-hosted solution.

You may use their cloud-hosted solution, starting from $40 to $80 per month per user. Though, you have to use the $80 per month option. While the $40 option has very limited capabilities, that only suited for 3rd party viewers.

Lastly, you may check out their “on-demand” plan starting from $15 to $70 per month per user. The best would be the $35 per month per user option.

My suggestion is – If you have a small business then you should use their client-hosted solution. And for a large organization, it is also the best option. Your BI software will be on your server. You will maintain it, therefore, no compromise in security.

Cognos BI tool has several paid plan options to choose from. The cheapest option is client hosted plan.

Executive Summary

Managing your business with a paper-based solution is long gone. Even using modern technology like MS Office for data storage & analysis, business communication with Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc. is still outdated. The new emerging technology is to collaborate all of these sources in a single platform to maintain & analyze more effectively & faster than before.

If you want to outlast your competitors, then you have no other choice but to utilize this business intelligence tool. It will not only help you to collaborate all the data in one platform but also will help you to analyze it with the latest A.I powered technology. Thus, you can make any business report within a matter of moments instead of days or weeks.

Just think carefully, any human is prone to make errors. However, an A.I have no such thing & also it has a lot faster processing power than any number of human teams. Therefore, logically it is the best decision to use a B.I tool in your business data maintaining and processing. It will make your business process a lot faster, accurate & cost-efficient than before. You can take an informed decision almost instantly. And can see your entire business position from a 360-degree viewpoint. Just tell me, isn’t it great?

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