How to Go Live on Facebook Business Page? (Practical Guide)

How to Go Live on Facebook Business Page? (Practical Guide)
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Last Updated on July 8, 2021 by Arif Chowdhury

If you have a business website and social media page then you should know how to go live on Facebook business page?

You could imagine the celebrations of social media experts all across the world on Dec. 8, 2016.

Facebook’s live-streaming function, Facebook Live, became available to the general public on that day.

The popularity of live footage has never been higher. On the other hand, live video streaming is a development that has social media marketers leaping with joy. Social media marketers are developing their business model to include this new potential into their more extensive plans using different social media live streams.

Many businesses have already created a Facebook company page and adopted Facebook marketing tactics; Facebook Live appears to be a logical approach to experiment with live streaming video.

I will go over all you need to know about Facebook Live throughout this how-to so that you can start live broadcasting with comfort. We’ll go through the features, advantages, and how to do a Facebook live stream. Let’s begin.

How can you live on Facebook?

I will show you how you can go live from your smartphone. But, first, open and log in to your Facebook app from your smartphone.

1. Log in to your Facebook and click on the status box

Go to your Facebook account and sign in.

You can start a live video from your personal or company Facebook business page. To start, first, click on the status box and find the live video option.

How to Go Live on Facebook Business Page? Read this guide to learn more.

You’ll be asked if you want to allow Facebook to use your microphone and camera. You have to enable this option; otherwise, it won’t work. However, I guess it is not unknown to you.

Don’t worry; once you’ve approved it, you won’t see these questions again.

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2. Craft attractive title and description to draw attention

Facebook live is all about video content.

Not entirely, at least. While the content type such as “video” is essential, it is only valuable when your audience views it. That implies you’ll need a great description to get visitors to watch the video.

Ensure the description catches people’s attention because it will appear above the video on Facebook users’ timelines. Your title should clearly state the benefit that your film will bring while providing just enough information to pique people’s interests.

You may include your geolocation, use emoji, and tag others in your description. If you’re publishing from a unique area, want to highlight a specific individual, or wish to have some fun.

3. Don’t forget to change privacy settings

A Facebook Live video immediately becomes public if you’re uploading from a Facebook business page. You’d probably choose this choice anyhow because live video should be all about interacting with your fans and being noticed. You may, however, use Facebook’s audience limitations to limit your audience by geography.

Change your privacy settings before you start recording your Facebook live.

To do so, go to the bottom right corner and click the ellipsis button—select Audience Restrictions from the drop-down menu. Then turn on “Geo Controls” and pick the locations you wish to include or omit using the Locations Tab. Depending on the option you choose, make sure to modify those location rules.

You can change your geolocation restriction before you go to live.

If you’re uploading from a personal Facebook account, you may change the privacy settings to ensure that only the audience you want to watch your live stream can see it.

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4. Utilize Facebook filters to make it unique and attractive

Wisely use filters on your live streaming videos, as they can represent formally or informally. If you are a business, then choose wisely. You may navigate through the many choices that lie directly beneath the “Start Live Video” button — it’s hard to miss.

While they are undoubtedly quirky and enjoyable, make sure you don’t use a filter that detracts from the substance of your movie. If you decide to use a filter or lens, make sure it complements the image rather than detracts from it.

5. Launch your live video

Make sure to focus your camera the right way once you’ve chosen a filter. First, make sure your object is in the right place and click the blue “Start Live Video” button.

Once you’ve completed this, you’re ready to go. Your video will start to appear on the news feed of your followers. You can check the duration of your live video in the top left corner. Facebook Live broadcasts may last up to 90 minutes.

Make sure to devote at least 2-3 hours daily to interact with your target audience on Facebook. Keep in mind that the quality and length of your live stream are crucial. The better you are at these, the more likely someone may come onto and view your video. However, don’t go crazy, or you’ll undoubtedly experience a decrease in views.

During the live stream, make sure to communicate with your audience. Take use of the fact that you may react to inquiries and comments live.

Click the “Finish” button after you’re done with live broadcasting. You may then choose whether to upload the recorded video to publish just like a standard video or delete it. Consider publishing it so that people who didn’t see it may still check it out.

Congratulations. You’ve just finished filming your very first live video on Facebook. And now you have learned how to go live on Facebook business page?


Facebook live streaming is an excellent way to interact with your target audience. If you want to build an engaging community, this live video is an essential option. However, you have to be smart when going on a live video as it is a real-time video; you cannot alter anything whatever you say. Unlike the article, you can double-check to fix it, but you cannot do it here in live video. So, prepare yourself before you go to live-streaming.