How to Get a Twitter Verified Account? (Practical Guide)

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When you see a blue tick on Twitter, you know that your account has been verified. A verified profile is a Twitter profile that the social network has validated. Celebrities, politicians, and companies often utilize these accounts to demonstrate who they claim to be.

In addition to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, several other major social networking platforms have adopted the authentication badge.

What is the certification of Twitter?

The certification of Twitter means your account will get officially verified by Twitter, and a blue tick mark badge will place on your Twitter handle.

A scenario in which the dependability of information becomes critical. Social media platforms have created tools to verify the reliability of the information they provide.

For this, Twitter provides account managers with the option of certifying their profiles. The Twitter badge is a visual representation of an approved account.

If you want to get the benefits of Twitter certification, you’ll have to meet specific requirements. “A profile may be authorized if it serves the public interest. User-controlled accounts in the realms of music, culture, fashion, politics, religion, and the media and the sectors of journalism and business are the norms.

Requesting Twitter certification opens up a world of possibilities. Before that, the blue badge certification indication fits into a dependable and straightforward account declaration framework.

However, when studying your case, the transfer of firm records and an official identification certificate is required.

These include:

  • A certified Twitter account has a higher click-through rate and is more visible than an uncertified one.
  • In social networks, identity fraud is a common problem. Using someone else’s identity, such as a corporation or a person, to create a fake account might tarnish your online reputation.
  • Acquiring the bluebird emblem will bolster your brand’s image.

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How do you get a Twitter blue badge?

To get a Twitter blue badge, you have to follow our below guidelines:

With the new Twitter verification program, you can show people that your profile is legitimate and isn’t spammer, troll, or bot by displaying a blue tick next to your name.

You must take many steps to become a verified user on Twitter. These include verifying your identity, having a large following, sustaining a healthy Twitter profile, and submitting a request.

Get recognized on Twitter by following these steps:

  • Your Twitter profile should fulfil the social media site’s activity requirements.
  • Initiate the identity verification by clicking “request verification” in your account settings.
  • They will explain the verification process in a pop-up window, so click “Start Now.”
  • Select the appropriate category to let Twitter know who you are.
  • For example, a link to your webpage, publications about you, or other evidence that you’ve chosen the correct category.
  • Provide proof of your identification, such as a valid government-issued ID or an exact email address or website.
  • Twitter will get an update as soon as possible.

There should be the fourth item in your profile details settings that says “confirmed.” It is possible that your profile does not fulfil Twitter’s eligibility rules if you can see it but do not click on it.

How many followers do you need to be certified on Twitter?

As anybody knows, obtaining Twitter verification does not need a certain number of followers. Many accounts that appear like they’re authenticated aren’t. There are various reasons why assurance is given to multiple types of accounts.

So, what kind of profiles have been approved for use? Music, food, government, religion and “other important interest areas” are among areas where Twitter claims it focuses on “highly desired users.” Despite covering many issues, this book still leaves many questions unanswered.

There is no way to verify a comedy profile like the current Star Wars Emo Kylo Ren and similar. There is no way to verify an account belonging to a person or organization they don’t control. It cannot be authenticated unless the account belongs to a well-known comedy writer or brand, such as Buzzfeed’s staff.

What are the qualifications to be verified on Twitter?

There is no special qualification for verification on Twitter. Thus, anyone may apply for verification starting in May 2021, but they will not accept all.

Profiles from these six types are now eligible for verification on Twitter:

  • Brand, Organization.
  • Entertainment business.
  • The media and reporters.
  • Sports website.
  • Political figure.
  • Influential people in the world of activism, organizing, and advocacy.

According to Twitter, they will expand the verification scheme to include scholars, researchers, and religious leaders in 2022.

How easy is it to get verified on Twitter?

It is not easy, somewhat hard, to get verified on Twitter. It all depends on Twitter and your account.

Following Twitter’s easy online form instructions will allow you to register for verification. No problem, isn’t it?

As if.

Verified accounts are subject to a set of rules. To prevent being rejected, follow these rules.

The following should be present on your Twitter profile before you begin the app:

  • A phone number has been confirmed.
  • An email address that has been verified. Your application for authentication may get refused if you use your Gmail account instead of your work email. Thus, use an email address from your domain such as [email protected].
  • A finished bio.
  • A picture of yourself.
  • A picture for the top of the page.
  • As a person, you may have a birthday (e.g., a celebrity or sports star).
  • Tweets that have been made public in the privacy settings of the Twitter app.
  • A functional website.

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Please provide a copy of your government’s official picture identity when submitting as a single and not as an organization.

By using the Twitter registration form, you’ll take the following steps to complete the verification process:

  • First, don’t misspell the account’s name you’re trying to get confirmed.
  • Your website and any other organizations that have recognized you should include you on this list if you’ve been featured on many sites, including the most prestigious or well-known ones.
  • Using 500 words, explain why you believe you should verify your Twitter handle to the social media platform. Please include details about your brand, such as when it was founded, what it stands for, its supporters, and what media attention it has received.
  • Please double-check your information before clicking the “Confirm” button.
  • Twitter typically responds by email within five business days.

What is the benefit of a verified account on Twitter?

You will get several benefits of a verified account on Twitter; here are some details below:

1. Increased trustworthiness.

Your Twitter account gains greater credibility and trustworthiness if it has a blue tick next to it. You’ll be considered more seriously by your current and potential fans if you have it. Isn’t it great to hear from “reliable” people?

2. Fear of being impersonated has been reduced.

Having a certified Twitter handle lowers the risk of someone misrepresenting you on the social network. In addition, as authenticated profiles are more prone to appear in search results, users may locate your “authentic” account.

Verification also reduces the likelihood of phishing attacks. Anyone who tries to contact you without the blue tick will immediately identify as a different person.

3. More people to follow.

Since the verification badge indicates that this person’s material may be more trustworthy, they are likely to get more followers quickly when they receive it on Twitter.

4. The potential for increased participation.

Because your tweets come from a verified account, other people are far more likely to interact with them. For this reason, tweets from verified accounts are more likely to be retweeted or retweeted than tweets from unverified accounts.

5. Twitter has shown a sign of confidence in this tweet.

The reality that the blue check on your profile is only given to a select few suggests that you have to complete some exam to acquire it, even though Twitter has been explicit that it does not mean an endorsement of your account.