How Do You Get a Verified Blue Tick on Instagram for Free?

Arif Chowdhury
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Despite its name, Instagram is not just a place to upload pictures and share them with friends. This platform has more than a billion active users monthly, making it a formidable marketing tool.

Instagram has opened up many new opportunities for content producers, company owners, and marketers alike in the last few years.

Having a blue checkmark on Instagram gives you even more visibility on the site, which may help you build your company. But, on the other hand, the prestige symbol is not an easy thing to get.

Who gets a blue tick on Instagram?

You must satisfy the following requirements for verification before you can register for the blue checkmark:

Authenticity is a must.

If you want your Instagram account to be verified, it must represent a recognized company or a genuine person.

The profile must be individual.

To be effective, an Instagram account must reflect the personality of the company or individual it represents. It implies that a person or company may only have one verified account.

The exception to this rule is for linguistic profiles, but generic purpose profiles will not be screened for verification. This category includes fan pages, feature pages, and meme pages.

The profile must be accessible to the general public at all times.

You can’t have a private Instagram account if you want the blue Instagram badge. As it is reserved for only public accounts.

The account must be complete.

There should be a profile picture, a biography, and a single post in the newsfeed to be eligible. In addition, you are not permitted to include “add me” to your other social media accounts in your Instagram profile.

There must be a record of the account.

Your Instagram account must represent a well-known person or business to be verified. Many people will find it if it’s widely publicized in various media. When Instagram reviews an account, it doesn’t consider any promotional or sponsored material.

You must also follow Instagram’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines and the requirements mentioned above.

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Not to be overlooked:

Instagram may revoke your verified badge if you offer fraudulent or misleading information during the verification procedure. Additionally, they have the option to delete your account if necessary.

As a result, you must be truthful in your application.

Only provide accurate, relevant, and factual information during the account verification procedure.

  • Don’t use a pseudonym.
  • Select the most appropriate account type.
  • You should be able to confirm your identity by using actual documents and photographs.

How is Instagram verified?

Instagram’s verification process is open to the public. To receive the blue badge next to your profile on Instagram, you must meet the following requirements.

Step 1: To begin, go to Your Account.

Enter your Instagram username and password. If you have several accounts, ensure that you sign into the one you wish to get verified.

Step 2: Ask for confirmation.

Tap the Menu button at the upper right of your Instagram profile, and then choose Settings.

To access your account, click on the Account button.

Tap the Request Verification button at the bottom of the screen.

Step 3: Verify yourself.

You must provide your full name and professional name and the appropriate category.

The full name.

Enter the name from your national ID card.

Instagram account name.

Provide the name of your business or the name by which your target audience is familiar with you here. The information that goes here includes, for example, a nickname or a middle name in place of your given the word.


You must choose the most appropriate category for your Instagram profile from many options.

A wide range of subcategories can be found there, choose the appropriate one.

Make sure to include formal company documentation or a government-issued picture ID. Passports, ID cards, and driver’s licenses are all acceptable forms of documentation.

Have a utility bill with your firm’s name, the documents of the organization, or a tax file for enterprises. It’s very important so, double-check your spelling before you hit “submit.”

When you’ve finished your application, use the Send button.

That’s it.

Once Instagram has examined your application, they will email you whether it has been accepted or rejected. Within a few days, you’ll get an official response.

Don’t quit after your first attempt if you fail.

Instagram may refuse your request for the verified account badge for various reasons.

If your first registration is turned down, spend some time figuring out how to enhance your online presence, broaden your circle of followers, and solidify your place in the online community.

Reapply after you’ve made the necessary modifications. If your first request is refused, you have 30 days to reapply.

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Can anyone get a blue tick on Instagram?

You must follow Instagram Rules and Regulations to become a verified user. In addition, the following items must be submitted as part of the application process:

  • You must be an actual person, corporation, or organization to use your account.
  • A person or company’s social media profile must reflect their identity in every way possible. Pets and newspapers are examples of notable entities that are qualified.
  • Except for accounts unique to a particular language, Instagram may authenticate only one profile per person or company.
  • Having a profile picture, a bio, and a minimum of one post is required.
  • Your account must reflect a well-known, highly sought-after individual, brand, or organization.

Can an ordinary person get a blue tick on Instagram?

You must adhere to Instagram’s Terms and Conditions to get the blue tick on your Instagram profile. Here is a list of Instagram’s official rules. In addition, you must have to provide a user name or email address:


Show that you are an actual person, company, or other legal entity.


Make a statement about the person or company’s individuality. Except for accounts unique to a particular language, Instagram may authenticate only one profile per person or company.


You must have a biography and a profile picture on your account to use it.


This person, brand, or organization must be well-known and often searched for. Instagram looks into accounts that have been mentioned in the media. Sponsored material is not taken into account as a source for reviews.