How Do I Stop Social Media Stalking? (Physiological and Practical Guide)

How Do I Stop Social Media Stalking? (Physiological and Practical Guide)
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It is a common physiological question. How do I stop social media stalking?

Sometimes we prefer to envision darker eras when lovers were separated and had to compose a very deliberate letter to be addressed and hoped to arrive at its intended destination if they feel love and connection for each other. Ah, those were simpler days.

The modern world has cursed us. We’re disturbed by the extreme openness of everyone we’ve ever met, connected with, or made romance via little gadgets; we maintain a connection with our loved ones at all times (even when we sleep, we keep it close to us).

It’s no surprise that we’ve developed a habit of monitoring our exes, their exes’ exes, their new partners, friends, coworkers, and so on a daily or even hourly basis. It’s not constructive, it’s not assisting us in moving forward, and it’s all much too easy.

We’re determined to be done with him or her. We want to start our day and not go for our smartphones to head right to their social media profile. True, we don’t want to, but we do. So, the question is – how can we get rid of this dirty habit? 

Mark Groves, the creator of a Love and Breakup Recovery Course, seemed like the appropriate person to help us resolve this internal struggle.

With social media out of the way, he gets directly to the heart of the past affair. “During the separation process, we must be kind with ourselves. When a relationship ends abruptly, our affection for the individual does not just go away.

We frequently feel even more connection with our previous love than we did while we were together because of the biochemical reaction to the end of a partnership. Isolation sorrows are very common in this case.

Learn how to let it go

It’s common to feel rejected when love ends because one partner departs or deceives the other.

When you’re left, it may be a painful experience that makes you feeling furious, unhappy, and valueless as you reflect on what happened, but is it necessary to pursue them? Let them go on their new adventure. Why do you care? Why do you end up hurting yourself?

How do I stop social media stalking? Just let it go and accept what happened.

It’s important to understand that giving yourself a vacation from all kinds of communication with your past love. At the same time, your recovery is a natural aspect of mourning and letting go after a breakup.

Looking at their ‘happy postings’ on different social media channels will not help you recover or move on; in fact, it will take down your regular activity, life, self-respect, and capacity to move on.

What were you supposed to do right now?

I want you to explore these six techniques to keep yourself from tracking your ex on social media if it becomes an issue:

Remove all the information about your past love.

You don’t want to be enticed to peek in on them or be informed of them accidentally when browsing your social media newsfeed.

Keep yourself occupied.

Be positive as much as you can, be with your old friends, go to the gym, and achieve goals that will help you happy, go out for a long trip.

Find a new habit to replace it.

Do you know that you can’t stop smoking until you replace it with a new habit, such as knitting or weightlifting? This principle holds for all harmful behaviors. Don’t waste your precious time stalking someone who doesn’t want you anymore. Instead, do some laundry, trim the grass, join in social work, or enjoy mobile or PC games.

Start a new relationship.

If you have another relationship hanging around, you will not dwell on your ex. I am not talking about running around and being involved in an intimate relationship with the first person you meet. Still, it would help if you become used to the notion of dating and being with another person. It will aid you in forgetting your ex while also keeping you occupied. And why punish yourself? You could enjoy another good company in the process. Who knows, maybe this new guy is your true love.

It’s better to block his social account.

If your spying has gone out of control, you may need the assistance of Google (or a techy buddy if you’re fortunate enough to have one). Consider it as if you were putting parental restrictions on yourself since everyone needs limits from time to time.

Why not leave social media for two months?

You may break this harmful habit by taking a break from social media. It’s a perfect opportunity to absorb the gap up and return to social media appropriately, without stalking, if you give yourself some time.

Moving forth with a fresh perspective.

Accept that having an emotional spike after you lost a loved one is natural. They’ve most likely been there for a long time and have grown even stronger feelings throughout the separation. Recognize self-acceptance. Realize your value as an individual. Do not allow a relationship status to define who you are. 

No one can make you whole, so cultivate the mentality of recognizing yourself better. Keep an open mind to explore new things such as hobbies or special abilities that you didn’t explore with your past loved one. Develop supportive connections with individuals who easily accept you since this may assist in alleviating rejection emotions. Awake again by the opportunities that await you.


Give yourself value then you won’t have to ask this question, how do I stop social media stalking?

Examine how emotions of disappointment may be influencing your actions. Are you ignoring your health, hobbies, family members, or even old friends resulting from losing someone who doesn’t care about you? Seeing a therapist, joining a club, or hiring a divorce coach may assist with the healing process. Love and respect yourself, and don’t succumb to the victim mindset.

Recognize and understand your mind and body. It influences how you react to others in the world as part of the healing process after a breakup. Your emotions of rejection will fade if you happily accept what occurred and let it go because you have to believe that the best always comes in the end.

You have more capacity and ability to be with great people in meaningful ways when linked to self-worth sentiments. You don’t have to define yourself by your breakup. A fresh perspective might assist you in healing and moving on in life.

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