Master the Art of Angry Customer Management with these 6 Secrets

Master the Art of Angry Customer Management with these 6 Secrets

Arif Chowdhury
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Managing an angry customer is the hardest thing you have ever faced in your business career. The problem is – you cannot even skip this part. There is no way around it. Am I right?

So, you must learn the best way to handle angry customers.

It’s because the customer is the primary source of your revenue. Therefore, you must manage them properly to gain success in the long run.

So how to handle a situation with an angry customer? Ask yourself first. What do you think?

Okay, let me help you a bit. Most of the time, anger is directly related to strong emotions. Yes, exactly; this is why it is tough to control. We shouldn’t bring emotions into a business because emotion is just a barrier that hampers our brain from properly making the most logical decision. And this is where mistakes come in.

So? How do you suppose to deal with this embarrassing situation under your control? No need to hurry. In this guide, I am about to reveal some secrets that will help you to control this situation smoothly. However, just reading this guide won’t make you master it immediately. It will take time & patience.

Okay, let’s get started then.

What is the reason behind an angry customer?

Before I teach you the secrets of how to handle angry customers? You need to know why a customer may get angry. It is always best to learn what is happening behind the scenes before you try to solve the problem.

In this case, demanding customers may get angry for many reasons. However, whatever the reason is – anger is always based on emotion. Always remember that.

Handling an angry customer is probably the hardest thing you have ever done in your career.

Let’s point out some apparent reasons behind anger:

  • Family stress (kids, wife, house, relatives, etc.)
  • Financial stress (short in budget, economic crisis, loan, etc.)
  • Personal pressure (break up, falling in love with the wrong person, etc.)

Do you see? There could be limitless possibilities why a customer gets angry. So, an organization’s customer service department’s target is not to find out why they get mad but instead try to cooperate with them to control the situation.

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Secret 1: Remain calm, just like a robot.

How to handle an angry customer in a call center? Be like an emotionless robot. But act like a human.

Unlike a robot, you must control your anger when facing an angry customer who might shout right in front of your face or on the phone. Managing your own emotion is an entirely physiological feat. You cannot do it right away, especially if you have a short temper issue on your own.

Customer experience is directly related to how you act with them. So, to give them a pleasant experience, you must stay calm and actively listen. You also have to recognize customer pain points.

Keep calm, not only when you face off an angry customer but every other time it acts like a charm.

Here are some tips to remain calm in a difficult situation:

First, take a steady deep breath: this is the most powerful 1st method to help yourself to stay calm in a difficult situation. For example, taking long, steady breaths will help your brain to slow down.

Admit yourself: let yourself know that you are getting angry & you need to say it. It will help you to cool down.

Relax: if you are in a standing position, then try to sit & get yourself relaxed.

Quick Note: If you want to handle an angry customer, then 1st, you must know how to control yourself. Customer support may face bad experiences from angry customers through live chat or direct communication. In these scenarios, customer service staff must have to stay calm.

Secret 2: Be on their shoe to feel how they feel.

The 2nd secret is to try to understand them as much as possible rather than trying to make them calm at the very beginning of the conversation. For example, when an angry customer confronts a service person, they try to calm themselves. But they weren’t able to do this & that’s why they are mad in the first place.

So, trying to make them calm is somewhat impossible right away. So, instead, your best practice is to merge with them. Showing sympathy, shock, surprise, and frustration just like them.

Surprised right? I know, but it is a secret. Let me give you an example regarding this one.

When a customer buys a PS4 from your showroom & called you the following day about some faults in the controller, do not try to make them calm. Instead, try to show the same emotions as them.

For example, if they say, “I am shocked; I never thought that I have to call you within less than 24h. What kind of PS4 are you selling in your store?”

The usual response should be, “I understand; please try to relax.” However, in this response, you didn’t show any sympathy; instead only said, “you understand.” This type of response won’t work; maybe 50 years ago, it worked, but nowadays, people have goosebumps repeatedly listening to the exact words.

So, what should your response be? “OMG, I am shocked as well hearing it from you. Could you please bring it to our showroom today?”

Here, you didn’t try to make him calm at all. Instead, you also get shocked, just like him. This type of response will automatically manage your customer.

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Secret 3: Make them ensure that you acknowledge their concern.

It is another vital part of managing an angry customer. Just like a child, what do we usually do when they ask for something like chocolate? Whether we want to give him or not, to make him calm, we first let him know that we acknowledge his needs. It helps him to calm down.

However, what we are dealing with here is not a child; it’s a full-grown adult human & much more intelligent & experienced as well. So, how are we supposed to deal with that?

The best practice is – first closely listen to them & understand what they are saying. Then assure them by repeating the exact keywords they have used. For example, just like the previous PS4 customer said, “I am shocked,” & you also replied with the exact keywords, “OMG, I am shocked as well.”

This way, you can participate with them by showing the same emotions. However, when they explain the details, you should repeat the main issue just like this – “Okay, so the issue is this…” am I right? By doing so, you assure them that you fully acknowledge their problem.

Secret 4: Spread the positive vibes.

How did you suppose to battle with fire? With water, right? Yes, this is secret no 4. As your angry customer spreads negative vibes, you will fight it with positive vibes.

Now the question is, how can you do that? Well, smiling & saying, “thanks a lot for pointing this out to us; we will try to improve our service.”

Say thank you even when you do not need to say it. Do you know why? Because it is beneficial to build strong bonding between persons.

If I have to drag my previous example, when your customer brings the PS4 to your showroom, you should thank him with a smile. It is proven that when someone is shouting & getting angry, if you smile & apologize, then it will be like pouring water on the fire.

However, remember to start your conversation using the last secrets I taught you; otherwise, this might not work well.

Quick Note: It’s always better to smile & say thanks in every course of action. Remember, this is a physiological battle, do not try to fight them with logic; instead, do it with emotions.

Secret 5: Let them know how you will solve their issue.

In secret 3, I mentioned that you should inform your customer that their issue has been appropriately acknowledged. It will assure them. However, it is always a good idea to describe how you will solve their problem in detail. Detailed information always gives assurance rather than only saying that you will solve it.

So, when you are talking to your customer about a faulty controller of PS4. You should mention how you are going to solve it. If it has a warranty card, you will send it to your factory & they will check it. Then after a specific time, maybe 10 days or 30 days, they will return a brand new controller if they can’t fix it.

That’s it. Whatever you are going to do, tell them properly. Be honest & crystal clear in front of your customer.

Quick Note: To make it easy, show them a checklist of procedures you will follow. It will be easy for them to catch.

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Secret 6: Following up from time to time is the key.

You have already managed your angry customer by now. However, it is professional behavior to follow up & keep them updated about the issue. For example, you already mentioned to them that it would take 30 days until they receive a brand-new PS4 controller. Yet, you should keep following up after every 7 days to know the update from the factory. And let your customer know about the updated information.

It will show responsibility towards your customer. They will realize that their case is a priority to you. It will build a good strong relationship. And do you know that a good relationship always brings good fortune?


These six secrets are more than enough to manage an angry customer. But you must have to practice & have patience. Always remember that human psychology is the most complex thing in this world. Far more complex than any business issue. Therefore, only knowing some secrets won’t let you go anywhere.

Try to formally educate your employees & encourage them to practice among themselves, just like we always try the demo account first. It’s better to practice within your business premise.

However, whatever you do, always remember one simple rule. Take care of your customer; then they will take care of your business.