If You View Someone's Instagram Story and Block Them Can They See It?

If You View Someone’s Instagram Story and Block Them Can They See It?

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Last Updated on March 16, 2024 by Arif Chowdhury

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Let’s face it, we’ve all been there. You’re scrolling through Instagram, casually checking out Stories, and then… oops!

You accidentally land on the story of that one person you maybe, kind of, don’t want to know you were creeping on.

But wait!

Can they still see your view if you quickly block them? This has definitely happened to me more than once, and let me tell you, it’s a real head-scratcher.

The answer is: They likely still saw you viewed it as blocking cuts off future interactions but doesn’t erase past views.

In this blog, we’ll dive deep into the world of Instagram Stories and answer the burning question: if you view someone’s story and then block them, can they still see it?

Buckle up, because we’re about to clear the confusion!

The Answer: They Got You (Probably)

Alright, so the big question: did your sneaky story-peeking go unnoticed? Here’s the deal: blocking someone on Instagram cuts things off for the future.

They won’t be able to see your stuff anymore, message you, or anything like that. Think of it like putting a giant “STOP” sign on your online connection.

But (and this is the important part!), blocking someone doesn’t erase what already happened.

Imagine Instagram is like a giant filing cabinet for all your online actions. When you view someone’s story, it’s like putting a little note in their file that says “Hey, [Your Username] saw your story!”

Instagram story seeing anonymously

Now, if you block them right after, it’s kind of like slamming the cabinet shut. They can’t see anything new that you do, but that little note about your story view?

It’s probably still there.

Here’s the tricky part: Instagram itself hasn’t exactly come out and said for sure whether blocking someone wipes away your past view or not.

In my experience (and trust me, I’ve definitely peeked at a story or two before!), it seems pretty likely that the person will still see you viewed it.

Think of it this way: information travels fast on the internet, even faster than you can hit that block button.

There’s a good chance Instagram’s servers already registered your view before you blocked them, and that note is probably stuck in their file forever (well, at least until Instagram decides to do some major digital spring cleaning!).

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The Maybe Pile: Glitches and the Gram

Alright, so we talked about how blocking someone likely won’t hide your story view, but hold on a second!

There’s always a twist, right?

Here’s the thing: Instagram, like any other app, isn’t perfect. Sometimes things get wonky, updates take a while to roll out, or there might be a glitch in the system.

What does this mean for our sneaky story-viewing situation?

Well, it’s possible (but not guaranteed!) that a delayed update or some tech hiccup could mean your view doesn’t get registered right away.

Maybe you block them so fast, that it throws a wrench into Instagram’s filing system, and that little note about your view never makes it to their file.

Let’s be honest, who hasn’t experienced that weird app moment where things take a beat to catch up?

Here’s the thing though, I wouldn’t bet on this happening all the time.

It’s kind of like catching a lucky break – it might happen once in a blue moon, but don’t make a habit of relying on it! Plus, Instagram is constantly working on improvements, so these glitches might become even rarer over time.

The bottom line?

While there’s a tiny chance a tech hiccup might save you, it’s best to assume the person will see your view – especially if you block them right after peeking at their story.

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Undercover Squad: How to REALLY Stay Hidden (Maybe)

So, what if you absolutely, positively don’t want someone to know you peeked at their story?

Look, I get it. We’ve all been there.

There are a few ways people try to go incognito on Instagram Stories, but let’s be honest, none of them are perfect.

Option 1: The Secret Agent Approach (Second Account)

This involves creating a whole new, secret Instagram account just for watching stories anonymously. Think of it like a spy mission!

Now, this can work – if you’re careful. But there are downsides.

  • First, it’s a bit of a hassle to set up and manage another account.
  • Second, if the person you’re trying to avoid has their privacy settings tight (which many people do these days!), they might need to approve you as a follower before you can even see their stories.

Not exactly the cloak-and-dagger move you were hoping for, right?

Option 2: Operation Borrow a Friend

Another tactic is to use a friend’s Instagram account to watch the story. This can be a good option if your friend is cool with it (and you trust them to keep it quiet!).

But again, there are risks.

Borrow a Friend If you want to see an Instagram story without them knowing

What if your friend accidentally likes the story?


Plus, borrowing someone else’s account can feel a little iffy, and it might put a strain on your friendship if things go south.

The Bottom Line on Incognito-ish Viewing

Look, while there are ways to try and see stories anonymously, they all come with risks and limitations.

Think about it: if you wouldn’t feel comfortable with someone else doing it to you, maybe it’s best to skip the whole sneaking around business.

There are always other ways to deal with a situation, and being honest (even with yourself) is usually the best policy in the long run.

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Block Button: Hit It or Leave It?

Alright, so we’ve covered the whole “blocking and stories” thing, but before you go ninja-finger on that block button, let’s talk about when it’s actually the right move.

Blocking someone is a serious step. It cuts off all communication, and there’s no going back (well, not easily).

Here’s the thing: blocking is a great tool for safety and privacy. If someone is making you uncomfortable, harassing you, or posting things that are upsetting, hitting block is absolutely the way to go.

You don’t owe anyone the right to make you feel bad online.

But what if you’re just not a huge fan of someone’s stories?

Maybe they post a million times a day, or their content just isn’t your vibe.

Luckily, Instagram has other options that might be a better fit!

Option 1: Hit the Hide Button

This is a good choice if you want to take a break from someone’s stories without completely cutting them off. When you hide someone’s story, it just disappears from your feed.

They won’t know you did it, and you can always unhide it later if you change your mind.

Option 2: The Mute Option

This is like hitting the snooze button on someone’s account. You’ll still see their posts in your feed, but their stories won’t show up.

It’s a good way to keep an eye on someone without being bombarded by their daily adventures (or misadventures!).

The final option is Blocking

Blocking is a powerful tool, but it should be used wisely. If someone’s bothering you or making you feel unsafe, don’t hesitate to block them.

But for situations where you just want to manage what you see, explore the other options Instagram offers first.

Trust me, your social media life will be much smoother (and less drama-filled) that way!

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Key Takeaways

So, there you have it!

We’ve cracked the code on blocking and story views. Remember, blocking cuts off future connections, but the person likely saw your view. When in doubt, honesty (even with yourself) is usually the best policy.

But hey, we’ve all been there – curiosity can be a powerful force! If you do decide to peek anonymously, be aware of the limitations and tread carefully.

The good news?

Instagram offers plenty of other ways to manage what you see without resorting to ninja tactics. Hopefully, this blog helped clear things up!

Now you can go forth and conquer your Instagram stories with confidence (and maybe a little less sneaking around)!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I unblock someone and still not see their story?

Absolutely! Blocking someone cuts them off, but it doesn’t affect your own settings. So, if you unblock them and you previously hid their story or muted their account, their stories will still be hidden from your feed.

Think of it like a switch on your end – you control what you see, not what they post.

What if I accidentally block someone while trying to view their story anonymously?

We’ve all been there! Don’t worry, blocking someone can be reversed. If you unblock them straight away, there’s a chance they might not even notice.

But remember, blocking takes time to process, so they might see a notification for a brief moment before it disappears.

Is there a way to see if someone has viewed my story after I blocked them?

Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t give you a list of viewers after you block someone. It’s a one-way street!

Once they’re blocked, you won’t see any information about their activity in your story.

Will someone know if I watch their story multiple times?

Instagram doesn’t show the number of times someone views your story, so rest assured!

You can stalk (I mean, watch) someone’s story on repeat to your heart’s content without them knowing exactly how many times you’ve seen it.

What are some good alternatives to blocking if someone’s stories are annoying?

Blocking is a big step. If someone’s stories are just getting on your nerves a bit, there are other options!

You can try hiding their story, which removes it from your feed, or muting their account, which hides their stories but keeps their posts visible. It’s all about finding the right balance for you.

Is there a 100% guaranteed way to view a story anonymously?

Honestly, not really. While there are methods like using a friend’s account, they all come with risks.

The best way to avoid drama is to be upfront about what content you want to see. Trust me, a little honesty can go a long way on social media!