Start and Promote an Online Business on Facebook (Practical Guide)

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Facebook’s targeting mechanism enables you to target a specific individual or group of people depending on your marketing goals rather than merely a broad audience.

Businesses may create adverts that target a specific demographic by segmenting their audience.

How do I start an online business on Facebook?

To start an online business on Facebook, you have to create an official page, and the good thing is that it is entirely free of charge.

It’s a good idea to set up a Facebook page to get your company ahead of over 2 billion Facebook users. It’s easy and free to create a company Page, and it looks fantastic on desktop and mobile devices.

Perhaps this is why over 250 million companies use Facebook’s free services. So yes, you may advertise your business for free on Facebook by establishing a Page for your company.

Step 1. Create Page.


Enter your company’s details on the left-hand side. The page preview on the right will change in real-time as you make changes.

Step 2. Include images.

Next, you’ll create your Facebook page’s profile and cover photographs. Again, it’s critical to stand out from the crowd, so choose cautiously here. Remember that the pictures you pick should be consistent in style and brand recognition.

Initially, you’ll post a profile picture. Then, when you engage with customers, your company name is accompanied by this picture in search queries. It also shows up in the upper left corner of your Facebook profile page.

If you’re a well-known brand, it’s generally best to use your logo. However, a photo of your face can work wonders if you’re a famous public personality.

For local businesses, use a well-photographed picture of your most popular product. What matters most is that a prospective consumer or follower recognizes your page right from the bat.

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Step 3. Include WhatsApp.

You’ll be prompted to link your company to WhatsApp after clicking Save. If you want to do so, you will be able to include a WhatsApp icon on your official page and use Facebook advertisements to direct visitors to WhatsApp.

Step 4. Branded Username.

Your personalized URL is the best way to direct Facebook users to your profile by utilizing a username.

The maximum length of your username is up to 50 characters, but don’t go overboard. You would like it to be simple to write and simple to recall. It’s okay to use your company name or a clear version.

Step 5. Include business details.

Even though you may be tempted to put off filling up your Facebook Page’s About section until later, you must do it immediately away.

It’s critical to have all of your pertinent information on Facebook, as that’s where many potential customers will start their search for you. People seeking businesses open till 9 PM may want to verify these details on your Facebook page.

If they cannot locate it, they will continue their search until they come across another more accommodating location.

Step 6. Craft the first post.

To gain the trust of potential customers, you must first provide them with helpful material. Whether you write your pieces or share useful material from industry experts, it’s up to you.

Step 7. Invite potential customers.

Now that you have a well-established Facebook Business Page, you’ll be able to engage with more consumers and followers online.

Are Facebook Ads Free?

No, Facebook ads are not free. However, you may use Facebook to promote your business organically for free.

The apparent approach is to spend a lot more money on Facebook advertisements, but organic postings have a chance. In addition, you may use Facebook as a distribution network for your quality material if you use the algorithm.

How can I promote my business on Facebook without paying?

To promote your business on Facebook for entirely free, you must have to follow below guidelines:

1. Publish various posts.

To broaden your organic traffic on Facebook, we recommend experimenting with various posts.

If you’ve recently seen a drop in your social media audience, consider making a few clips and seeing how they do. Link postings are a great way to get your videos back on track if they’re not receiving the attention they used to.

2. Go live frequently.

Collaborating with live video and Story content are two of the best ways to experiment with new Facebook posts.

With live video, users feel a genuine connection in the comment area. In addition, it’s easy to connect with others since everyone is going through the same thing simultaneously.

3. Relevant images and video content.

Standing out amongst the ever-increasing number of posts in people’s News Feeds requires aesthetically attractive material. According to a recent poll, more than 60% of marketers believe that visual content is essential to their marketing strategy for social media.

4. Optimize the posting time.

It is almost as important as the material you share on Facebook when you post it. If you post a great piece at 4 AM, your intended audience will have already missed it, and it will be buried in their News Feeds when they wake up.

5. Play and customize.

Next, you must select how often to publish on Facebook. The best practice is – to keep posting and researching to get the idea.

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What are the challenges in Facebook?

When promoting your business on Facebook, you will encounter a few formidable challenges, and you must prepare for them.

1. Identify the right audience.

Targeting consumers interested in the product or service is essential for any effective social media promotion and advertising strategy.

Brands often miss their intended audience because their criteria are too broad and their targeting too general.

2. Maintain activity on the Facebook group.

Businesses may develop a tight network of like-minded individuals by creating a Facebook group. Here, members may interact with one other often, exchange ideas and knowledge, and unite around a shared goal or cause.

Facebook groups are excellent for promoting participation, but it’s hard to maintain the group active. It may take considerable time and work, but the payoff is worth it.

3. Engaging video content.

Engaging films entice viewers, elicit feelings and encourage action. They then affect purchasing choices. Videos are more popular than other types of material because they are more visually appealing.

Wyzowl research statistics 2021 found that 69 per cent of customers prefer watching a video, whereas just 18 per cent prefer reading an article or blog post, according to the study.

4. Proper moderation.

Trolls and other organizations that send unwelcome messages, post improper remarks, and use insulting, disparaging, or discriminatory language are not unheard of in the corporate world.

5. Retarget potential customers.

Companies can target consumers who have visited in the past their Facebook official page, eCommerce shop, or webpage and left without purchasing. In the right hands, retargeting and remarketing may be a powerful tool for bringing consumers back.

It’s important to avoid bringing up sensitive themes, delivering the same information repetitively, and attracting customers who have already purchased to keep clients engaged.