Ask A Freelance Blogger: How to Increase Blog Traffic for Free?

Ask A Freelance Blogger: How to Increase Blog Traffic for Free?

Arif Chowdhury
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Last Updated on June 26, 2022 by Arif Chowdhury

There are many blogs on the internet nowadays, and many of them provide high-quality, helpful material that readers like. But, do only a tiny amount of blogs receive organic traffic from search engines? And I tell you what: they do not focus on SEO.

Nowadays, it is not tough to create a blog and write content; however, becoming a famous blogger or making money from it requires skills and expertise to drive traffic to your blog. And most newbies do not have any idea how to increase blog traffic for free?

So, to be an influential blog writer, you must be concerned about your blog’s reputation. There are various options available to get the word out about your posts. In this guide, we will show you how to do it correctly.

How can I advertise my blog for free?

You can market your blog for free, which is a very effective marketing method. However, you need to spend lots of time and effort to make it work. For example, content marketing is an excellent way to increase blog traffic; however, it requires a lot of time and effort from your end, and it takes a considerable amount of time to work.

Don’t know how to increase blog traffic for free? Social media is a goldmine for your free blog promotion.

A simple yet effective method of how to increase blog traffic for free?

So, let me show you how to market your blog for free using social media platforms.

1. Facebook.

Social media is the first instrument that springs to mind. As far as social media networks go, Facebook is unquestionably the most popular. So, why aren’t we making better use of this tool to increase the visibility of our blog posts?

In addition to your own Facebook profile, it’s a good idea to expose your blog post and pictures to the relevant groups you’re a member of. Remember, not only Google but Facebook also has its own search engine, and you need to carefully optimize your content for SEO if you want to get an impression on your post.

2. Twitter.

Aside from Facebook, Twitter is another excellent method for the free promotion of your site. Make sure to tweet every time you publish a new post.

You’ll want to keep tweeting about your blog for the next week. But, even if you’re tweeting about the same site often, switch up the language you use in your tweets.

This will save you from being labeled a “spammer” and help you find new readers.

3. LinkedIn.

Having a LinkedIn profile is essential for people who want to hire new employees or promote their business products and service formally. In addition, your contributions will be seen by other experts interested in the topics you cover and will provide you with valuable feedback.

4. Pinterest.

Set up a Pinterest board for your content and keep adding new pins as you publish recent articles. When posting to Pinterest, don’t forget about your blog’s visual contents and give them extra attention.

Because you may pin your blog articles to a Pinterest board based on their images, be sure the pictures you choose accurately represent the topic of your posts.

5. StumbleUpon.

You may look for others who share your interests, qualifications, pastimes, and occupations in this online community.

As a result, you’ll have a better chance of getting views from people who are genuinely interested in your content if you share it on this social network. With their support, your material will be seen by many more people.

Is using StumbleUpon to promote your business something you’ve never done before? Then you should give it a try.

Quick Note: Don’t forget to use Google Analytics to check traffic to your website. It is one of the free tools out there. Every time you conduct page SEO or promote your blog posts, check regularly with this tool to see how much traffic has been increased.

6. Reddit.

We’ve already spoken about Reddit on our other blog post, which has an excellent voting system to rank a post, so you may want to check this out. However, check out Reddit regulations before using the site since they might be challenging if you are new.

One more thing, only Reddit posts are directly indexed by Google and get ranked; therefore, don’t forget to optimize your content for SEO whenever you publish it.

7. Email marketing campaign.

Email marketing is still an effective technique to market your content despite the rise of social media. Just add a “subscribe” button to your blog’s page to make it happen.

Send a weekly (but not more often) email to your subscribers informing them of any new material you’ve added to your website.

Remember, combine both social media marketing with SEO, these are very effective ways to increase traffic to your blog.

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How do I announce my blog on Instagram?

Announcing your blog on Instagram is easy, and it’s a powerhouse of highly targeted traffic. Here we have shown you some clever tactics to make it happen.

1. Create a unique and high-quality bio.

Let’s get started creating your Instagram bio. Take your time and make it as engaging as possible.

The worst-case scenario is that you leave it blank. You should never do this. Your bio should inform readers about yourself, what you’re interested in, and how you do it on your site. Short and simple is all that’s required; avoid posting a large text.

Including a link to your business website or blog is also recommended. However, unless you are marketing your content via Ads, you will not be able to include a hyperlink on your Instagram profile, including your posts.

2. Relevant and quality content.

Make sure you read this before you start uploading photographs and videos to your account. It’s all about quality and relevance.

Generate a checklist of all the sorts of posts you want to publish that are relevant to your topic before you begin promoting your blog.

It’s important to share only high-quality and SEO-optimized blog posts and do it in a manner consistent with your blog’s or online business’s aims. If you do, then your website will rank higher in search results.

3. Showcase your content screenshots.

You may take a screenshot of your blog post links and share it with your followers using your smartphone.

You may also edit the image to make it more appealing; however, make sure it is relevant to your post.

How do I get 1000 visitors to my blog?

Getting 1,000 visitors to your blog is not that hard; it is easy. You have to write high-quality content and share it on social media platforms. Then, follow our below guidelines to make it happen.

High-quality and relevant content is the key.

Great content is the most critical factor in driving visitors to your website. Remember, only quality and engaging content have the power to draw visitors to your site.

Writing quality content requires me to keep two things in mind: First and foremost, I want to make things as easy as possible for someone to comprehend. Second, I would like to create it as helpful as possible for the reader.

With this in mind, how much fantastic material do you need to attract 1000 visitors a day?

It entirely depends on your content quality. I suggest you write at least a 1,000+ words article with 2-3 relevant visual elements to make it attractive.

Quick Note: Do you know a landing page is like a hook for your loyal readers. You can sell your products or collect email addresses from your readers.

Smart keyword research.

The great information is linked to often social networking sites and websites, but unless people can discover that in the first instance.

You may improve your search engine rankings by gaining backlinks.

What’s the use of all this if no one can see your blog article because it’s not optimized for Google searches?

Keyword research is the answer to this problem, and it is the smart way to get quality traffic to your blog.

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How can I promote my blog without social media?

Though social media is an excellent platform to promote your blog content yet, you can do it without it; here, we have shown you some of the tricks you may follow:

1. Keyword optimization.

Search engines will locate your content and promote it for free if you use the right keywords and link-building techniques.

2. Mention your blog content on your business site.

Recognize that the visibility of your advertising will have an impact on your outcomes. Consider your website’s main page and menu options. Also, link to relevant product pages in suitable postings.

3. Use an email marketing campaign.

Share your content with your loyal readers in the email newsletter.

4. Provide a blog link to the product description.

If you’re going to be providing product-related information, don’t forget to share relevant content from your blog post.

5. Share blog links on different platforms.

Like guest blogging, you may increase your readership by getting introduced to a new group of people who have similar interests. Inquire about a connection to your website. It’s even better if your blog is mentioned and linked to on an author page.