How to Build and Promote a Blog on Social Media? (Practical Guide)

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Last Updated on June 25, 2022 by Arif Chowdhury

Millions of individuals throughout the globe utilize social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to promote their blogs. Yet, many new bloggers do not know how to build and promote a blog on social media?

As a result, companies have been able to better engage with their consumers, enabling them to increase their profits by producing high-quality blog posts and sharing them on social media channels. In addition, using social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, you may earn extra cash as a side hustle.

You don’t even have to sell anything to generate money with social networking. This guide will teach you how to generate money using social media.

How to start a blog on Facebook and earn money?

No, Facebook does not provide a mechanism for creating a blog.

So you can’t build a blog on this social media platform, but you can advertise your website on Facebook. And it’s a good source of traffic for your blog promotion.

There is, however, a way to begin blogging on this platform.

On Facebook, how do I create a blog? This is the most often asked question.

As I said before, starting a blog is not easy, but there are many ways to promote and make money simultaneously. For example, promoting blog content on social media also helps to increase exposure on search engines. All you have to do is share your content link on different social media platforms.

Let’s have a look at the process of setting up a blog. Then, I’ll walk you through the process step-by-step, so stick around until the finish of this guide.

1. Open a Facebook account.

I assume you already have a profile here, don’t you? Then go ahead and log in to your account now.

2. Create an official page.

The next step is to set up an official page, a simple process.

Create a new page by clicking on the “Create a new page” button. You may find your page’s title, category, and description here.

Want to learn how to build and promote a blog on social media? Let’s start by creating a new Facebook page.

You must give your page a proper name and description to attract more people.

3. Complete your page.

Complete your page all tasks, i.e., name, description, cover image, logo, etc. In addition, you may find page photos, cover images, descriptions, and other information requested inside your page panel.

Complete all the details when creating a new Facebook page.

Attempt to include all relevant tags and keywords in your description. Also, make sure you’re logging in with the correct user name. Usernames are sometimes not permitted on newly created pages.

Quick Note: Do you know you can integrate your email marketing campaign with social media marketing strategy? Whenever you publish a new blog post and want to drive traffic to your blog, promote that new content on the Facebook group and other social networks. Also, do not forget to add a subscription box on your blog so your audience will provide their email whenever they visit your site.

4. Craft an engaging piece of content.

Writing well-researched and SEO-optimized content requires extensive keyword research. If you want to rank your content on search results, then keyword optimization is a mandatory task.

And after you’ve finished writing, it’s time to publish. Again, the post must be relevant to the subject and target audience. Otherwise, your audience and search engines will both neglect your content.

Thus, you may increase the number of visitors to your website by creating a high-quality blog. The more engaging your content is to the people who follow you, the more likely they will browse and enjoy your page.

What’s the best way to make money on social media platforms?

To begin advertising affiliate goods, selling your products, or even displaying third-party sponsored posts for money, you need at least 5,000 active followers.

Not only that, you need to analyze your blog traffic by installing Google Analytics on your site. It is a very effective tool for understanding whether your marketing campaign is effective or not?

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How to promote your blog on social media?

If you want to promote your blog on different platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram, then follow our detailed guidelines below:

1. Useful and engaging content.

Even though it isn’t directly linked to social media marketing, this is the first and most crucial step that has to be taken to ensure the success of the rest of the advice provided today.

Your social platforms’ audience looks for this when sharing your content. As a result, they will like your content and hang to it.

Your material must be both exciting and informative and include unique information that is hard to come by. It doesn’t matter whether you can access the material elsewhere on the web; what matters is that your media-savvy social viewers find your presentation of the subject interesting.

If you have a small business or even a large brand and want to promote your content to drive a targeted audience to your site, producing quality content is the key. However, if you want to sell your products or service through content marketing, you must add a relevant call-to-action button. Otherwise, it will significantly reduce your content marketing efforts.

2. Setup social sharing buttons.

Using social media sharing buttons in your blog can bridge the gap between your content and the world’s most popular social media networks. Social networking components should be implemented into your blog so visitors can easily connect with and share your blog material.

Social networking buttons, such as LinkedIn likes and Twitter followers, share buttons, social media logins, and so on, may be integrated into your blog to make it easier for visitors to interact with your material.

3. Share on different social networking sites.

Go to the people who aren’t coming to your site. Distribute your blog entries over as many social networking sites as possible.

You’re probably already doing it yourself because it’s not a difficult task. It will, however, aid your efforts if you get some things correctly.

4. Build a network with other bloggers.

You should be conscious of competitors in your field, but how can you use that knowledge to further your blog’s visibility and traffic?

A guest post is one of the easiest methods for using other bloggers’ social media impact on your site. Try to write content and publish it on other relevant sites to get massive exposure to your blog.

Quick Note: There are many ways to promote your blog content besides social network sites. Such as mentioning your blog link in the email signature to receive automatic exposure, as you do not have to market your blog actively.

5. Utilize social bookmarks.

High-profile social bookmarking sites like Digg, Delicious, and Reddit have sizable followings. However, be aware that this tactic has been overdone in the past, making social bookmarking less useful than it was.

You’ll need to put in more effort to be noticed on bookmarking sites by liking, commenting, or sharing other blogs. Increased engagement on your post bookmarks will be encouraged by this.

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How to promote your blog on Facebook?

There are many ways you may promote your blog on Facebook; here are some excellent ways to do it. Follow our details below:

1. Share blog posts on your page and profile.

Free advertising on Facebook is the easiest method to start marketing your content. First, incorporate a reference to the article into the social media status of your company. Copying the URL of your post and pasting it into the sharing box is an easy way to achieve this.

2. Promote a Facebook post.

Using boosted posts is the quickest and most convenient approach to getting your content in front of more people. First, you must set a budget, specify the demographic, and click “Promote Post.”

3. Attractive headlines.

Eighty percent of readers never get beyond the headline, according to Copyblogger. So if your title doesn’t grab the reader’s attention, they will not click on the ad.

4. Engaging images and videos.

The picture you choose in your social media advertising is also essential for potential customers.

Stock photographs, particularly the free ones, should be avoided at all costs since consumers have grown tired of repeatedly seeing the same images in advertisements.

Quick Note: If you haven’t decided already on which platform to start your blog, we strongly suggest you try the WordPress platform, as it is the most popular and flexible blogging platform. Most WordPress blogs are easy to start and maintain, even for a newbie blogger without prior experience.

5. High-quality content.

It is possible to write an appealing Facebook post title and choose an eye-catching picture to accompany it. People are still unlikely to click on your ad, though.

Your readers will read your ad content before going through your post now that you’ve captured their interest with an intriguing picture.

Your ad wording or boosted post description must be perfect to be effective on Facebook. However, these are some of the most effective ways to write compelling promotional content.

How to promote your blog on Reddit?

Reddit is a powerful social media platform for promoting your blog content. However, you need to adhere to some rules before you do it.

1. Open an account.

Do not use your blog name or your real name as your username.

2. Find out relevant subreddit.

There are many subreddit you may find, but when promoting your blog post, you must have to find the most relevant one.

For example, if your blog is all about SEO, search on Reddit with the “SEO” keyword and find a relevant subreddit about SEO topics.

3. Build a reputation.

Anyone may access your profile and activity history. So every post and comment you’ve made and your upvotes and downvotes for other material may be seen by other users.

This is why it is so essential to build a reputation. Of course, there’s much more work ahead of us, but it’s an important first step.

4. Regularly engage with the community.

At least 30 minutes a week should be devoted to subscribing to and commenting on your favorite subreddit.

5. Share your blog post.

Focus on sharing your work when ready, but proceed cautiously. People will recognize and knock you out if you start sharing your blog material on numerous Subreddit.

Before posting anything, ensure you’re not breaking any of the subreddit’s community rules.

One of the best features is the ability to immediately publish media to the site.